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Michael Camac

Position: Behavior Teacher
School: Maurice River Township School
School District: Maurice River Township School District
City, State: Port Elizabeth, NJ

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Michael Camac was nominated by his superintendent, Walter Kappeler.

Mr. Camac is a LifeChanger for so many of the students at Maurice River Township School. As a teacher focusing on students with behavioral issues, Mr. Camac is constantly shaping the minds of at-risk youth. Every child that walks through his door is treated with respect and courtesy; he helps them deal with their behaviors as well as figuring out the root cause. His compassion is one of the reasons he's a community favorite. 

Mr. Camac works tirelessly to ensure that students are attending school regularly. When students develop habits of truancy, he develops plans with their families to ensure student success. He even provides rides and breakfast for students in need.

His love for children goes far beyond students with behavioral concerns and the school walls. One student in particular entered foster care and had no place to go. Mr. Camac contacted the authorities, qualified for an emergency placement certification, and housed this student for months until a stable home could be found. His entire family welcomed the young child with open arms and to this day, the young student considers Mr. Camac like family.  

"While Mr. Camac made a life changing difference for this child in a tangible way, his impact is felt community wide," Kappeler said. "He is without a doubt, a rock for our school."

Comments (7)

William Kern Posted over a year ago

All about the well being of children. A tremendous heart, always willing to put others ahead of himself. Great choice for this honor.

Crystal devlin Posted over a year ago

I have interacted with Mike for over 15 years. Have 4 girls going through the MRT school system. All staff is amazing with the kids but Mike stands out as being a super star. I can say enough about him. He helps kids become better, stronger, more confident adults. I thank him for countless conversations and resolutions. He is the best of the best!

Veronica English Posted over a year ago

Me. Cormac has my vote 100%. He was there for my kids when needed him most. When their dad last. He is passionate about helping kids in many ways and I couldn’t thank him enough. MRT has a lot of wonderful staff and I am glad my kids have gotten to be a part of such a Wonderful school!

Kerrie Marrone Posted over a year ago

An outstanding nomination, incredibly deserving of this award!

Chris Camac Posted over a year ago

It comes as no surprise that Michael has been given this nomination! When he took in this student he showed his true spirit as well as set an example to not only his own family but also to the rest of us. He is, without a doubt, a rock for our family too!

Lydia Gajtkowski Posted over a year ago

Mike is one of the sweetest, most kind guy i know. He always has time to talk and is a very caring, compassionate man. I’m sure the kids love him! His enthusiasm for life is contagious! Love him to little pieces!!!

Laura buonadonna Posted over a year ago

All three of my boys have attended Maurice River and my middle son who has ADHD would not be where he is today without Mr Comac. Middle school can be very challenging with peers. MR. comac always listened to him and he knew he could always go to him. He believed in our son when others might not have and for being ‘his person’ I will be forever grateful.