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Deborah Lynch

Position: Social Studies Teacher
School: Highlands Ranch High School
School District: Douglas County School District
City, State: Highlands Ranch, CO

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Deborah Lynch was nominated a her student who wishes to remain anonymous.

When her nominator stumbled across the LifeChanger of the Year award, he immediately thought of Ms. Lynch. Last year, she achieved a 100% pass rate for her AP United States History course. She is committed to education, teaching 6 out of 7 possible periods so that students can explore their passions. She always makes her classes engaging and exciting with debates, simulation, one-on-one meetings and life advice. Ms. Lynch believes in her students and uses her passion to spread the power of education. She contributes to the school by serving as a teacher representative for the school accountability committee and supporting students in a school board forum; all this while continuing her lifelong learning in pursuing her principals license.

"There are people in your life who you know make a difference; she is that person to me and to everyone around her," her nominator said. "She has the support of the entire Highlands Ranch student body and the Highlands Ranch High School community. I can go on for many pages detailing the type of teacher Ms. Lynch is and how she transforms students on a daily basis."

"She is special and a one-of-a-kind educator, inspiring her students, colleagues and her community," her nominator said. "Rather than seeking recognition or the spotlight, Ms. Lynch’s acts typically go unnoticed because everything she does is from her natural character, empathy, and ability to create a sense of community that are unmatched."

Comments (2)

Gina Bernacchi Posted over a year ago

Deborah Lynch was my colleague several years ago when we both taught on a 9th-grade team at an Aurora high school. I was delighted to learn that she was part of the social studies department here at HRHS when I returned to teaching after 20 years. Deborah has always been a very SERIOUS teacher, in that she takes her position and the success of her students to heart. She is passionate about her students and what she teaches. She is intelligent and knowledgeable about her subject matter, which makes her lessons even more interesting. I was a judge in one of her classes when her students presented on the top 10 events during an era. They had to argue why their list was the best. Not only was it fun to listen to the students, but their knowledge and passion about their topic was contagious. They were clearly prepared for the activity. Deborah has an easygoing manner with her students. She gives them lots of responsibility and "lets go," while maintaining clear expectations for each student. She is highly deserving of this award!

Scottie Baer Posted over a year ago

Ms. Lynch creates such a feeling of belonging in her classroom that students love to be there, and they all feel like an integral part of the group. She is also very friendly and supportive to her colleagues outside the classroom. Deb Lynch is collegial and professional and deserves recognition.