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Stacey Fischler

Position: CBO Program Director
School: Brooklyn HS for Leadership and Community Service
School District: NYC Department of Education District 13
City, State: Brooklyn, NY

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Stacey Fischler was nominated by her principal, Georgia Serves.

Every month, Ms. Fischler facilitates the Speaker's Bureau, recruiting speakers to the school to talk with the students about their careers, life journeys, and struggles to overcome adversity. She works with an attorney twice a month to bring in successful people from the community for at-risk students ages 16-21. She oversees students in group homes and shelters, making sure they go to school every day. Ms. Fischler supports school events and coordinates the attendance program as well. She makes sure every student receives support from one caring adult, and provides resources, food, and a college/career plan.

Comments (9)

Francisco Pucciarello Posted over a year ago

I am an Advocate Counselor at Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service. Stacey is my Program Director and has hands down been the best boss I've ever had. Her number one trait is her ability to empathize with our students while supporting her staff fully. When it comes to logistic needs (i.e. leaving early, mental health days, etc.) Stacey understands. During supervisions and reviews, I leave feeling empowered and equipped to improve. Her dedication to our work inspires me to do better for my students and for myself. Her leadership has given me concrete goals as to the development of my own leadership styles and my approach to working with young adults. My learning curve has been exponential since I started working under Stacey. I strongly advocate for her being your top pic as a Life Changer of the Year award as her work may be some of the most valuable work in the nation and the way she does it is impeccable.

Eric Smith Posted over a year ago

My name is Eric Smith, a student at Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service. Stacey Fischler was the first person I met at Leadership. She did my intake as a new student. Stacey gave me a warm welcome and second chance at graduating high school. We have been cool since and always respect each other. She caught me being a knucklehead sometimes, but she always stayed positive with me.

Shaniya Greats Posted over a year ago

Stacey, if you read this, thank you for rewarding my accomplishments with gift cards! It definitely boosted my motivation and thank you for the snacks everyday! You are the bomb!

Jason Aristide Posted over a year ago

I am a 19 year old student at Brooklyn Leadership High School. Stacey has been extremely supportive for me as a student. She helps by keeping me focused and always giving me snacks literally everyday. I would love to have her win this award as a thank you for putting up with me and always having patience with me especially when she gives me snacks! One time she gave me two snacks!

Cyaire Howard Posted over a year ago

Stacey is a loving and enjoyable person. This last year of high school Stacey pushed me to get my college application handed in on time. She also gave me money for my first interview clothing after showing me what I needed in order to present myself appropriately. She is always willing to help me when its hard to find help elsewhere. Shes great at understanding my problems and always gives time to listen to what I have to say. She goes above and beyond to make sure that myself and others succeed in and outside of school. Stacey is a warm-hearted individual who is great at communicating.

Stephanie Gomez Posted over a year ago

My name is Stephanie. I am a student at Leadership. I am a student of Stacey's who is my school counselor. Stacey is someone who I can always rely on and ask for anything. Its easy to tell that Stacey loves me and her other students.

Amadou Sy Posted over a year ago

I am 19 year old transfer student at Brooklyn High school for Leadership. Stacey has been helping me with citizenship paperwork. I would love to thank her and the other staff at my high school who have helped me get through school. Stacey in particular has been a huge source of support for me especially in becoming a better student, passing tests and becoming a citizen of the United States.

Cynthia Brown Posted over a year ago

My name is Cynthia, I'm 17 year old student at Brooklyn High school for Leadership and Community Service. My relationship with Stacey gave me another chance at staying in school. She understood me to a degree that helped me stay out of trouble. Stacey motivates me to do better almost everyday. Oh! and Stacey's daily snacks are what keeps me alive in school!

Lanaya Townsend Posted over a year ago

I'm a 17 year old student and Stacey is a counselor at BK Highschool for Leadership and Community Service. She is the person I speak to most about my problems. She is my go to person at school... the only reason I'm still in school at all.