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Jill Anon

Position: Director
School: Global Impact STEM Academy Middle School
School District: Global Impact STEM Academy
City, State: Springfield, OH

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Jill Anon was nominated by her colleague, Kristyn Keriazes.

Ms. Anon serves as the middle school director at Global Impact STEM Academy. GISA began to operate a middle school in the Fall of 2017 with approximately 200 students.

Building a middle school is no easy task. Ms. Anon took on the challenge of becoming an administrator, and building the middle school from the ground up. This involved extensive planning and hours of community outreach to recruit and interview prospective students and staff. In addition, she helped design the curriculum model and the physical space of the middle school building. She has attended many leadership conferences/meetings to represent GISA for the Ohio STEM Learning Network.

GISA aims to incorporate inquiry-based learning into projects and real-world experiences to obtain a strong foundation in mastery learning. The realization and implementation of this vision would not be possible without Ms. Anon's leadership. She works tirelessly to ensure her new students are happy and thriving. In her daily interactions with kids, she builds meaningful and authentic relationships. She continuously goes above and beyond to care for her students and help when a student's family is in need. Ms. Anon has made many, many visits to homes and hospitals when students were involved in tragic situations. She collected donated furniture for a family in need and delivered it herself. She has even offered to help deliver pigs on a student’s family farm.

She encourages students to come up with new ways to build and cultivate the culture of the school and helps them pursue the ideas they generate. Students understand they have a voice, a choice, and the ability to make a positive impact in the building and in the world around them. A variety of new clubs, school activities, science experiments, field trips, and community service projects have all been created and driven by students as a result of the empowered environment Ms. Anon has fostered.  

"Her big heart, selfless nature, and sense of humor creates a culture that allows staff and students to be themselves," Keriazes said. "She is not afraid to share her vulnerabilities and be real. She can admit she may not have all the answers, but will work to find them. Jill encourages the staff to take risks and work as a team, and she gives the support and encouragement needed along the way. The idea of 'failing better' allows teachers to make autonomous choices that benefit students. Jill understands the need for flexibility, and shows that she values each staff member’s role in the middle school."

Between giving tours to prospective students, being on call to assist kids in need, and serving as a pseudo- counselor to students, Ms. Anon is continuously looking to do what is best for kids. When asked about why she would be considered a LifeChanger, a student said, “She is open minded. She asks us how our day is going and cares about us. She wants us to experience success and always fights for us.”

Another student commented, “She motivates us and is the perfect amount of strict. She cares about academics, but she cares about us too. I wasn’t sure whether or not to come to this school, but Mrs. Anon encouraged me, and I am so glad I did.  It’s the best.”

Beyond GISA, Ms. Anon is a very active member within the community that GISA is located in. She has volunteered at the Happy Half Marathon every year, which benefits the Springfield Regional Cancer Center. She has served on the Simon Kenton PTO and on a grief group. She has also organized getting food, furniture, and housewares for student's families living at Project Woman. Ms. Anon has even helped develop a trauma course for educators at Antioch McGregor, and is a former member of the Junior Service League.

"Jill aspires to make sure this world is a better place, both inside and outside GISA," Keriazes said. "She works relentlessly to ensure her staff and students will have an unforgettable, meaningful, unique, and amazing first year experience at the GISA Middle School. She is more than a director- she is a cheerleader, an advocate, an involved community member, a friend, and a true LifeChanger."

Comments (58)

Penny Dixon Posted over a year ago

Jill is one of the most benevolent souls I have ever met. It is an honor to be her friend and colleague. No one is more deserving of this honor. Her selfless nature exceeds any I have known from any other administrator. She goes well above and beyond for each and every student.

Krystal Bradley Posted over a year ago

Jill was one of the first people I met upon moving away from family and friends 5 years ago . She instantly made me feel comfortable, accepted and brave . 5 years later , she still makes me feel that way and encourages me in my parenting. she’s also an amazing , caring , generous friend to everyone she meets .I'm thankful God had our lives cross and our family has the blessing of being impacted by Jill. Jill is most definitely, a life changer .

Heather Davis Posted over a year ago

You are a very special person with a very special heart and you deserve this situation much! So proud and touched to hear so many wonderful things. This was always your destiny.

Brett A. Rudy Posted over a year ago

I worked alongside Jill for years and I know what kind of dedicated educator she is. A great asset to Springfield and Clark County. Constantly striving to improve the young women and men of our community.

Shelley Davis Posted over a year ago

Jill has been a co-wirker throughout the past years No one deserves this as much as Jill!

Jennifer Foudray Posted over a year ago

Jill is a great leader and member of the Global family. Jill is always willing to provide support to her staff members and she helps push creativity and student centered work. It is a pleasure to have worked with Jill for the past two years at Global.

Haylee Acuqah Posted over a year ago

Congrats Mrs. Anon! My school and I think she should win because she may be our director but she has an relationship with every single one of her students. Not only is it a principal relationship, it is a “I’m here for you and you can talk to me about anything” kind of relationship. She is the nicest director I have ever met. Something that she did that if anyone witnessed they would remember is that one of my friends is a lot less fortunate then a lot of students at our school, so she didnt always have enough clothes to be in our dress code. So, Mrs. Anon had gotten her clothes so that she could be in dress code just like us. If that isn’t life changer of the year I do not know what is... Mrs. Anon is such a blessing to have as principal at our school. In my whole 8 years in school I have never met anyone like her. Please have her as #LCOY we love her so much! ??

Kolesen S. McCoy Posted over a year ago

Honestly, I have never met anyone as passionate, caring, and genuinely amazing as Ms. Anon. I originally came into high school somewhat unsure as to what to expect, and GISA was completely different form anything that I was used to and it was because of staff like Mrs. Anon. She is always down to earth with everyone around her and she never fails to leave them with a smile! If there was anyone that deserves an award of recognition it would definitely be her. Not only would she be incredibly humbled by it, she would take it as most things, an opportunity to impact more young lives in and around her own.

Janice Trent Posted over a year ago

Jill is a very special person to me. I was 12 when she was born. Jill is my niece, more like a little sister. Her caring heart and passion for

Jolie Smedley Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Jill on your nomination! You exemplify what it means to be a "Life Changer" in your roll within your school community and also within the community you live. I have witnessed your role as a teacher, counselor, director, mentor and friend. You are there for your students and their families not only during school hours, but also after hours and on the weekends during the good times and difficult times. You hold no judgement to any student and believe all are worthy of a great education to build the foundation to become great students, roll models and leaders in their community. Your encouragement and motivation towards your students and school community shine in all you do. You are deserving of this recognition and I look forward to the many more great opportunities you create for your community!

Amber Hunter Posted over a year ago

Dear Jill, Congratulations on this! I always hear about the good things you do for your students, but more importantly, what you have done for the community! This is amazing! Thank you for being a role model not only for them but also for people like me. It is truly inspiring to read this. I know this award is well deserved and it just goes to show the impact you have made this far. I am in a similar field of work and again, it's an inspiration to read something like this. Thank you so much for helping to build this academy and thank you so much for truly being there for the students! My favorite part was reading the comments made by them. Best wishes to you for the future!

Maurice.R Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Anon is one of the best school directors I have ever had she cares about everyone and listens when you want to talk.

Matthew Mayhan Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Ms. Anon and thank you so much for everything you have done for the entire middle school. You do everything from setting up fun field trips to helping individual students with anything and everything that they need help with. For me personally, you were so willing and happy to help with my application for a summer camp, even when you had so much other work to do. You truly care about each and every one of your students and want the best for them and will help them in any way you can.

Tausha threats Posted over a year ago

Congratulations your awesome thanks for all your help this year.

Karen Camella Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Jill on this nomination! Teaching and education has always been what you wanted to do as an adult. You have never wavered from that dream. Actually, throughout your years in education you continually have grown to new levels always keeping in mind your students as your priority. Never do you shrink from learning, giving, sharing, leading or inspiring. You have always brought to your students ideas that were often foreign to many of them. Here are some of them: School can be enjoyed. You have the ability to succeed. There is good in all. Failure does not mean quitting, it simply means try harder, you can succeed. When I say I am here for you, it is true. Problems can be discussed and they can be solved. Jill's belief in her students and wanting them to become their best was evident in her early years as a teacher. She had developed a trust with her high school students and had encouraged many of them to stay in school, not drop out. She had assured them she would be their teacher the next year. That summer she got married and when the student classes were published her name was not listed. Some of her "special" students reached out to her disappointed she would not be there for them. When she explained her name had changed because she had gotten married that summer and in fact she was still their teacher, the students were very happy. Their teacher who meant so much to them was going to be there for them as she had promised. The thing with Jill is her dedication is constant. All students are "priority one" to her. It does not matter what their grades are, what their financial status is and she is truly color blind on all levels. Taking on the position of principal for the Global Impact Stem Academy Middle School provided her with the opportunity to be part of the school's construction process. Ever mindful of the student's needs was an instrument she could utilize when working with the board, contractor and building crew. This latest step in her education career now allows her to be ever mindful of an entire school of our future adults, not just one specific grade. And along with her students she is always wanting the best for her staff. She knows the importance of caring for your staff and their needs can easily translate into extraordinary teachers. Thank you for the honor of this nomination for Jill. I am sure she is thrilled just be nominated but in my mind she is truly deserving to be selected as your winner.

Ian Spence Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Anon, you are an amazing director. You are an amazing reason to love Global Impact! Congratulations!!!

Susan Kittles Posted over a year ago

Congratulations & thanks for all of your hard work, Ms. Anon! My 7th grade daughter recently told me out of the blue while riding in the car, "Mom, I LOVE school". We are thrilled to get the unique GISA opportunity and could not ask for more than a thriving middle schooler. Can't wait to see all the future experiences & growth with Ms. Anon leading the students!

J'amia Posted over a year ago

I don't know what to say but congratulations. Everyone else has already said their thanks and much more. Well I want to thank you for the things people don't really seem to notice. I'm sure that we would realize the difference without them, and that I appreciate that you still put in a hard and tough effort that may at times seem like no one cares. However I am here to say that if no one else cares just know that I will.The word thank you goes a long way for people who deserve it and you, for the most part you deserve more, and I wish I could find a way to offer or repay for all the overtimes, how you take your own time to understand and really listen to people. No doubt I'm not surprised you have gotten nominated and sure you will win, and if you don't I believe that you will continue to carry your chin high up to the sky setting an example for all. Lastly I say again like the rest thank you for all you've managed to do.

Sana Ahmed Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Anon is wonderful to work! She encourages us to take risks, supports us in our teaching, and is always willing to help. She is great!

Ja’Daya Jefferson Posted over a year ago

Out of all the schools that I’ve been to and all the principles and directors I have met. Ms. Anon is the best director ever. I don’t know what I would do if she wasn’t at GISA. She is a great person. She is wonderful, outstanding, and fun. We get to do alot of things together. I am proud to say she is my director but I will except her as a friend to. If we didn’t have the freedom that she gave us at GISA, some of us wouldn’t even know what to do. She gave us freedom bc she feels we are smart enough and mature enough to do what’s right and I love that about her. She put a lot of belief and trust in us to do what’s right. She is one of the happiest middle school director I have ever met. She encourages us to be the greatest and the best we can be, she encourages us to never give up, she encourages us to do our best, and she supports us. I love Ms. Anon, she is a very special person she deserves this opportunity.

Lauralye Willoughby Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Anon definitely deserves to have this award. She is kind caring and compassionate about what she does. Good Job Mrs. Anon!

Meredith Docena Posted over a year ago

Go Mrs. Anon!! You are a phenomenal leader!

Sana Ahmed Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Anon has been a wonderful director to work for. She encourages us to take risks, supports us in our teaching, and is always there to help us! She is great!

Corwyn Gregory-Brown Posted over a year ago

Ms. Anon is the best middle school director ever.

Corwyn Gregory-Brown Posted over a year ago

Ms. Anon is the best middle school director ever.

Jadon Shaw Posted over a year ago

She listens to you and cares

Jackie Li Posted over a year ago

Ms.Anon is a great director. She helps people when they are having trouble and very funny.

Jaden Larabee Posted over a year ago

Ms.Anon is one of the best school directors I've ever had she's done so much for us and she loves every single one of her students.

Aubree Keener Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Anon is an amazing director but she is not just a director she is an overall amazing person she helps people through their life problems and helps them with academics she is like another mom to me she takes care of everyone.

Brandon Johnson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Anon is the best school principal I've had yet, shes very understand and helpful women altogether.

Noah J Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Anon is one of the most friendly people you will ever meet. She cares about her students.

Damien Lehman Posted over a year ago

really nice. a great principle

Maddie McCutcheon Posted over a year ago

You are truly the best person I have ever meet.

Hope Huffman Posted over a year ago

She's awesome and fun!

Brandon Weathers Posted over a year ago

It's always a pleasure talking to Ms. Anon and she always encourages me to be my best self!

Emily Rhoads Posted over a year ago

My kids are choosy kids, in how they approach adults. They know authentic adults and those who are blowing bubbles their way. Without a doubt, they always mention Mrs. Anon in glowing terms. She is the 'school mom', according to them. Caring, instructive, dedicated, humble, and disciplined.

Lilliana Ramos Posted over a year ago

Good job Mrs. Anon! You totally deserve it!

Emma Moore Posted over a year ago

Mrs Anon is the best principle that I ever had! She listens to all of my problems and helps me with them! She is amazing

Ellie Benson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Anon is probably the best school director I have had yet. She is very funny and nice. She is very flexible about what people do. She has let us go on so many fun field trips!! She makes everyday fun and awesome. We are learning but we have fun while learning with Ms. Anon. She is super fun and she loves all of her students. Thank You, Ms. Anon for being our middle school director.

Edwin Clonch Posted over a year ago

She is a great middle school director

Brian Yontz Posted over a year ago

I've been quite impressed with the work Mrs. Anon has done as the leader of the inaugural middle school at GISA. Being an instructional leader is hard work--but doing it well in a brand new setting with a very different culture than what teachers and learners are used to is voluminous work. I am a parent of a 7th grader, one of Mrs. Anon's students, and my child has found a passion for school that I never thought would occur during middle school. Mrs. Anon has created a school climate that will be the catalyst for success in secondary and post-secondary experiences.

Devon Cleary Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Anon is by far the best school director I have ever had, she is so generous and compassionate for her students and others. She definitely deserves an award. Mrs. Anon has done so much for the middle schoolers like letting us go on awesome field trips and making Global Impact such a nice environment for us students. I know definitely that STEM wouldn't be the same without her.

Emily Washburn Posted over a year ago

I go to the high school portion of Global Impact, but work with Mrs.Anon. She is the main leader of a program called Middle School Mentors which I am a par of. Basically high schoolers mentor middle schoolers and help them through any struggles they might be having. She is a wonderful leader and helper. I don't know what Global Impact would do without her!

Devon Cleary Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Anon is by far the best school director I have ever had, she is so generous and compassionate for her students and others. She definitely deserves an award. Mrs. Anon has done so much for the middle schoolers like letting us go on awesome field trips and making Global Impact such a nice environment for us students. I know definitely that STEM wouldn't be the same without her.

Angel Trimble Posted over a year ago

Good job Mrs.Anon I always knew that you would can someone's life now you are getting an awarded for it.Keep on loving everyone and keep being yourself. Love, Angel Trimble

Patrick.H Posted over a year ago

Nice job mrs anon

Baileigh Rhoads Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Anon encourages us, which I believe that a lot of students need to pursue their dreams and do well. For this I thank her.

Jennifer Shaw Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Anon, Is amazing! She has been to our pig farm to check out how it works. She has also text and called during hard times with the passing of family. My son can now express himself at Gisa. She definitely knows how to get the kiddos going and smiling. My son looks forward to going to school every day. Jill is very kind and compassionate. Always going over and beyond what needs to be done. If anyone deserves this is would be Jill.

Devin Frost Posted over a year ago

She is a WONDERFUl director. I enjoy her presence every day! We have made jokes and she is fine with it. She is a laid back teacher.

Sophia Laird Posted over a year ago

YAY!! GREAT JOB!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! Enjoy being Life changer Of The Year!!

Caleb Bowsman Posted over a year ago

Good job. You genuinely deserve this award and all it entails. I couldn't think of a better person to receive this award.

Richard Dellapina Posted over a year ago

Best pincipal ever!

Emma Benson Posted over a year ago

Congrats Ms. Anon!! You are so deserving of this opportunity, your so kind and are alway checking in. Thank you very much for all your hard work!

Jeannie Seery Posted over a year ago

Congratulations!! We are very blessed to have you!

Ethan Posted over a year ago

fantastic way to go

Miranda Sharp Posted over a year ago

I can not think of a more deserving recipient. I have had the pleasure to have my son attend at her school, and she goes above and beyond for each student. Her heart and passion is poured into everything that she does, and she is gracious and welcoming. Congratulations Mrs. Anon!

Tracy Hixon Posted over a year ago

Jill is kind and compassionate and truly loves her students! She is very approachable and easy to talk to and never judges. You are aware of these qualities within minutes of talking to her! I’m very honored to not only be a co-worker but also a friend! Way to go Jill!!!!!

Lauri McCutcheon Posted over a year ago

Jill does an amazing job supporting her staff and students. She is sincere in helping us all to be successful and getting us the resources needed. She cares deeply and it shows daily in her interactions.