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Tobey Bennett-Eugenio

Position: Visual Arts and STEAM Teacher
School: Our Sisters' School
School District: Our Sisters' School
City, State: New Bedford, MA

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Tobey Eugenio was nominated by her friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

Mrs. Eugenio is truly remarkable, and her educational career has taken a variety of twists and turns. Over the past twenty years, she has gone from being a middle school art teacher, to an educational consultant, to a learning consultant at a children's museum, and then back to a middle school art teacher. In her current role, Mrs. Eugenio not only teaches art, but collaborates with other teachers to integrate the various STEAM disciplines. She is equally comfortable teaching reading, STEM concepts, or simply teaching the students in this all-girls school how to be confident young women.

Our Sisters' School is a private school that receives no state funding. Consequently, it relies on hiring teachers who are willing, or who can afford, to work for reduced wages. The school also relies on teachers from AmericaCorp coming to work with students. While Mrs. Eugenio would be an exceptional public school teacher, she values the unique opportunity afforded to her to be a school leader and integral part of the school culture, as well as pass on her high standards and positive life perspective to the young girls of New Bedford. 

"I have known Tobey Bennet-Eugenio for more than 20 years," the nominator said. "I was her middle school principal when we opened a brand new middle school in Franklin, Massachusetts. In addition to teaching art at that school, two years into the school's evolution, Tobey accepted the challenge to teach TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More), which was a STEM class before STEM and STEAM were even classes taught in public school. In addition to her exemplary teaching skills, Tobey was the heart and soul of RMS. She was the student council advisor, the art club advisor, the come to my classroom and hang out for an hour after school advisor, and so much more."

In the short time that Mrs. Eugenio has been at Our Sisters' School, she has worked collaboratively with the Head of School to support many school initiatives. In addition, while working on an outside project in October, she asked a few girls to go back into the school to get their coats. When the girls told Mrs. Eugenio that they didn't have jackets, she immediately began calling on her extended list of family, friends, and colleagues to donate gently used winter gear to the school. This is just one example of the many ways Mrs. Eugenio makes an impact on the daily lives of the girls she works with. She has a positive academic, social and spiritual impact on her students.  

"Tobey challenged me daily as it relates to what constitutes high quality education for middle school students," the nominator said. "I loved those daily challenges, and those daily conversations, and I was heartbroken when Tobey left RMS to begin raising her family. Even though I knew she needed to grow in this new phase of her life, it was still a tremendous loss to our school, and I was sorry for future students who would experience RMS without Mrs. Eugenio."

It has been 15+ years since the nominator has worked directly with Mrs. Eugenio, but during that time, they have remained in contact and have made a point to see each other when time allows.

"In my experience I have observed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of teachers, and I have yet to observe anyone who is as talented as Tobey Eugenio," the nominator said. "She is a natural educator who understands the nuances and intricacies of the various disciplines, and she is able to integrate and make natural connections among the disciplines with ease."

"As a result of my recent retirement, I was lucky enough to have a dear friend invite me to a Sunday brunch at which Tobey and her two daughters were also guests," the nominator continued. "It was at that Sunday brunch that Tobey enthralled me with tales of passion and success at Our Sisters' School.  I listened to her stories intently, and I remember thinking that even though twenty years have passed since we first met, she has come full circle and is as committed to early adolescent education today as she was in the mid to late-90's. Now, however, she has added the unique twist of working exclusively with girls and helping these girls to realize their own, true voices."

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Gretchen Posted over a year ago

Wherever Tobey lands, she leaves her mark. I first met Tobey when she was working @ Heritage Museums and Gardens. Her professional development sessions were always hands-on, engaging and thought provoking. She is an incredible educator and a role model to all. The young women who are her students are very blessed to have Tobey in their lives. Bravo, Tobey--the life changer of the year award is well-deserved!

Caroline Bertozzi Posted over a year ago

Tobey is a force of Nature, full of all good things like caring and enthusiasm and joy. She really does improve the world just by being in it. We have not seen one another in several years but interacting with her leaves a lasting impression. As I read all the comments from those currently in her life, praising her as role model and teacher, I cannot help but smile. She is all these things and more and deserves this accolade and any others that may be bestowed upon her. Congrats my friend on your nomination. <3

Tobey Eugenio Posted over a year ago

Reading these comments are humbling, heartfelt, overwhelming and precious… I am reminded of the importance of the human connection, spirit, and passion for living a meaningful life! Being truly moved beyond words, I worked to create a comment to try to demonstrate my deep love and appreciation for all the wonderful people who have positively impacted my life; some who have taken the time to write a comment here! My ability to make a difference is simply, a beautiful amplification of the communities in which I am fortunate to be a part of, a reflection of my family, friends, students, classmates, colleagues, acquaintance, and community members! The joy of life can at times be complicated with challenges and obstacles, but it is with love, support, and a positive mindset that empowers humans to stretch, reach, embrace, grow, and thrive! Possessing a powerful sense of wonder, a passions for engaging in life, the drive to take action, willingness to share our voices and loving with fierceness are some of the qualities of those that have been an active part of my life and it is these people who have helped me continue to become the person I am today! I’d like to extend my gratitude to my daughters who remind me every day that life is meant for hugs and laughter, to my husband who has been by my side for over 25 years and is truly my best friend- even if he can’t tell jokes. To my family who holds me up and envelops me with love. To my family, friends, and community who stood by my side through two cancer diagnosis, the same community that jumped into volunteer in our outdoor classroom, the community that continues to work together to make the world a better place. To my classmates who have taken the learning journey with me, wondering, questioning and creating.To my colleagues who help me be a better educator every day as we work to collaborate, inspire and challenge our students. To my students who bring me immense joy and teach me! To my nature design family, who work tirelessly to connect children and their families to nature. To people who I have yet to meet who will touch my life and allow me to touch their... It has been and continues to be an honor to play, explore, learn, love, and embrace life with you all! Thank you for taking a moment from your life to share stories of our powerful connections! Much love and appreciation! :) Tobey

Stephanie Moore Posted over a year ago

This nomination couldn't go to a more deserved Human. Tobey was an instant friend to me. 2 years ago I met Tobey ... our girls play volleyball together... her oldest daughter got hurt during an away game that I was at.... Although not knowing her, but realizing that mom wasn't at that away game, I without hesitation, offered to bring her to ER and stay with her until Mom got there. Tobey was more than grateful for my willingness in taking my time and stepping in to be "Mom" to her daughter until she could get there. That day I was blessed... we instantly connected. Ill have a forever friend in Tobey. She truly is an amazing lady who has been a "Team Mom" as well for the MHS girls volleyball team. Her leadership carries out even on the sidelines of the court. I'm honored to know her and I nominate her as well. Love you Tobey. ????

Toby Baker Posted over a year ago

Tobey Eugenio is truly a Life Changer in all respects. Starting with her own life, and continuing to all whom she works with (students and peers) and touches, her infectious, innovative, continuously upbeat style and personality fill her communities. As a retired teacher and Founding Board member of OSS, I appreciate her affect on me as well!

Heidi Posted over a year ago

My fist interactions with Tobey was at Mary Goode School as an unwavering volunteer. She always brought passion and enthusiasm to making school a better place for all. Her creativity and vision was always about integrating the arts and science across all disciplines. She donated endless hours of her time to create an interactive outdoor classroom, which had rave reviews from teachers and most importantly our students. Tobey is always thinking of others, thinking outside the box and puts teaching and learning at the top of her list. She is an innovative leader and teacher and know s how to inspire and engage students and adults. She so deserves this honor on so many levels.

Tricia Posted over a year ago

OSS is so blessed to have Tobey as a teacher. I also feel blessed to know her through my time volunteering with her and the Middleborough Public Schools outdoor classroom. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her leadership is exceptional. I am so happy to hear that she has been nominated for this award. She is a true light on this earth and I am so proud to call her a friend and so happy to hear she continues to share her talents and light with others.

Stephanie Ignazio Posted over a year ago

I have the privilege and honor of not only knowing Tobey as a professional but also as a friend. We attended Lesley University together and I witnessed first hand her passion for teaching, children and education as a whole. I had the pleasure of working with her on many team teaching projects and not only was she an incredible asset to our team, but she was incredibly gifted at creating thought provoking additions to our work. It is no surprise to me that Tobey has been nominated for this award...she is an incredibly gifted teacher and an amazing leader. The children that Tobey teaches are incredibly lucky to have someone so passionate in their corner!

Nia Rodrigues Posted over a year ago

I am a student at OSS and Mrs. Eugenio is amazing. She teaches all grades art and steam so we can be creative thinkers. Mrs. Eugenio is so caring and loving she is a great teacher for sure.

Cindy DiStefano Posted over a year ago

You have nominated the perfect person for this award! I’ve known Tobey for over 10 years through the Middleborough Public Schools. She volunteered in the schools for many years for her daughters. I have never met anybody that cared about all the children like they were her own. Tobey would be in the schools all day and then go home and plan for the next day. She helped implement an Outdoor Classroom at the Mary K. Goode School where students and staff could learn or just gather outdoors during the day. I believe she was a huge part of starting Earth Day at the Kindrgarten along with one of the elementary schools. She is such an inspiration to everyone that knows her! Besides volunteering, she was also on the School Committee where she made a difference for all the students. I could go on forever with the things she did for the children, staff and community in Middleborough. So glad was I able to work with Tobey for many years. We miss her in Middleborough but know she is making a difference where she is.

Pam Kelliher Posted over a year ago

I worked with Tobey in the schools as volunteers. She is the kind of person who goes out of her way to say hello, offer a smile and a kind word. She gives much of her time and enormous creativity into our schools, helping provide services and spaces that still are used many years later. Tobey motivates and partners with those around her to help not only the cause/outcome but the person. I know that she inspired me to want to do more and be more both professionally and personally. I recently saw Tobey and had the opportunity to hear her speak of her position at OSS. She shared her stories of the amazing girls she has the joy to work with, to hear her say how lucky she is to be with these people, when we who get work with Tobey know we too are the lucky ones.

Helena Allen Posted over a year ago

I have been a friend of Mrs. Eugenio for a short time, but have heard about her talent and dedication to the children of our school system for years. She was a great advocate when the children needed one, very passionate about helping the kids and making the system better to improve their learning opportunities. I have seen her personally take charge of projects to help the girls at her current school and have been honored to help her whenever possible in gathering supplies and clothing items for the girls she greatly cares about. She is a wonderful person inside and out and I believe it to be well justified to have her nominated for this award.

Betsy Pottey Posted over a year ago

I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award! Tobey puts her heart and soul into everything she does and inspires those around her to do the same! I have had the pleasure of working with her in her museum position and her accomplishements were amazing. I am proud to call her a friend.

Carrie Hawthorne Posted over a year ago

I first learned of Tobey's talents at the Heritage Museum and Gardens where she was instrumental in the Hidden Hollow play space, and was so glad when our paths crossed in New Bedford. As a zoo educator across the street from Our Sisters' School I love collaborating with Tobey. She puts so much heart and thought into everything she does. Tobey Eugenio is such an inspiration and talent, and New Bedford is lucky to have her!

Heather Skrutski Posted over a year ago

Love Mrs. Eugenio!!! Beautiful inside and out!!!

Kristen mendes Posted over a year ago

Me. Eugenia was such a blessing and inspirational role model for my daughter Olivia...her love and passion for her job as well as the students shines through in everything she does!!

Pam Lewis Posted over a year ago

Mrs Eugenio is a wonderful mentor, role model and teacher. She encourages her students and always finds the positive qualities in them. She's caring, kind and always thoughtful. She has done so much for our school and I can't say it enough that we are so lucky to have a teacher of this caliber! She wears many hats and it's obvious that she loves her work. Truly special!

Martha Sullivan Posted over a year ago

Tobey Eugenio is a remarkable teacher, leader and role model. As an OSS Board member and a passionate advocate for STEAM education for girls, I am grateful for her unrelenting commitment to our girls and to our mission. She compassionately holds her students to high expectations and shows them the way with her unfailing commitment to make our school and community a better place. She demonstrates the art of the possible by embracing new challenges with a spirit of adventure and curiosity that is contagious. I highly endorse this nomination.

Meghan Burdett Posted over a year ago

Tobey Eugenio is a remarkable teacher. I haven been lucky to have known her for over 20 years; first as my middle school art teacher and role model at RMS and now as my friend (and of course, still an exceptional role model). Tobey is that person who everyone wants to be around. She’s that teacher who brings out the best in all her students. She’s respectful and inspiring to all of her students and in return holds everyone’s utmost respect. Her passion for art and teaching is contagious and anyone who has been lucky enough to cross her path is a better person for it. No one deserves this award more than the one and only Tobey Eugenio.

jaliyah Posted over a year ago

Ms Eugenio is a great teacher, she has helped me power through almost everything! when I am feeling down or not myself she checks me back into place. she is always on her game making peoples day with her smile! Ms.Eugenio deserves every award there is for being an amazing teacher, friend, and peer. I love Ms.Eugenio! shes a positive leader and really does make a big difference in this school. OSS loves Ms.Eugenio to the moon and back!

Ashlyn Guerreiro Posted over a year ago

As a student of Ms.Euginio, I have been taught to be more creative and think!critically and more! She is a life changer and is so helpful, kind, and caring! She is such a great teacher!!

Cali Correia Posted over a year ago

I am student at Our Sisters’ School and Mrs Eugenio has been my art teacher for three years. Ever since I’ve been with her, she has brought a new world into my life. The world of art. She taught me that art is basically everything. She pushed me to do my best and always believed in me. I now feel proud and love my artwork because of the feedback she gives me in a kind presentable way and the time she has put in to help me. I not only have her for art, but I also have her for STEAM. I’m not a person that’s love solving problems or using technology to create certain things. Mrs Eugenio puts a smile on her face, with some enthusiasm to make everything seem way more fun. She takes time out of her day to plan wonderful lessons that are not just there to teach but so we can visually see what she is teaching. When we play games on our chrome books related to STEAM or solve problems, she doesn’t just watch us but she also challenges herself to figure things out. Mrs Eugenio has made a huge impact on my life and I know on many others. This nomination is well deserved!

Summer Daniels Posted over a year ago

Ms.Egunio has helped me to challenge myself and try new things. I am part of the Student Council team and this wouldn't of happened if Ms.Egunio hadn't believed in me

Candislee Acevedo Posted over a year ago

This being my first year with Mrs. Eugenio she has does so much for not just me but for all students at OSS.Mrs. Eugenio motivates me to achieve my full potential. She helps our community to the best of her abilities. My art skills have improved from her suggestions and will keep growing. Whomever nominated Mrs.Eugenio made the best decision they could ever make. Congratulations Mrs.Eugenio.

Susan Perry Posted over a year ago

I am a long- time Board member and supporter of Our Sisters' School. I love Tobey. Her youthful enthusiasm, which belies her years of experience as a teacher, and her spirit of adventure has infused OSS with a sense that anything is possible. Several times I have given her a bag full of miscellaneous odds and ends that normally I would throw away because I thought she and her students would use them creatively in the classroom; each time she received my cast off "junk" with excitement and appreciation. I was blown away by her presentation about the outdoor classroom that she had designed for the school. Although that project is only partly complete because it's winter in New England, I have been thrilled to see the students in their coats, hats and gloves taking great advantage of that space. Tobey - thanks for everything you have done for OSS.

Ava Silva Posted over a year ago

I have had the joy of having Mrs. Eugenio as my art teacher, student council director and, STEAM teacher. She also surports my school(Our Sisters School) in so many other ways. Mrs. Eugenio is constantly helping my school with whatever she sees needs to be done. She always puts others before herself. I am truly grateful to have Mrs. Eugenio in my life.

Janiya Posted over a year ago

I love you, thank you so much;] you have done A LOT of work for OSS I thankyou.

Elyse Long Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Eugenio is an AMAZING teacher! She does so, so,so much for the OSS community! Mrs. Eugenio takes on many tasks besides just being OSS's art teacher such as Student Council Leader, Robotics Coach, Advisory teacher, and SO many other jobs that she does an amazing job at approaching with a positive attitude, and getting the job done right! Mrs. Eugenio is a an amazing person, and I know the OSS community greatly appreciates her for all she does. Mrs. Eugenio is a role model to me everyday! Thank you again, Mrs. Eugenio!

Felicia S. Posted over a year ago

I am so delighted that Toby is nominated for the Life Changer of the Year Award! I really hope she wins! #Eugenio_for_the_WIN

Ella Poe Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Eugenio is a kind, thoughtful, supportive, and encouraging art and STEAM teacher. Her efforts to improve our artistic ability, mindset, attitude, and STEAM knowledge have helped me through all three years I have spent at this school. She has changed my attitude and perspective towards art, and has encouraged me to think positively about the art projects I create. The projects we create in art and STEAM provide safe and enjoyable learning. I am thankful to have her as a teacher.

Rabiet Dasher Posted over a year ago

I am a volunteer at Our Sisters' School and I assist Mrs. Eugenio on Thursdays during 5th grade art class. Mrs. Eugenio is passionate about what she does and it shows! Her passion spreads towards the students and their excitement is visible. She encourages them to speak kindly to their peers and provide each other with constructive criticism. As a result of her positivity, her class is filled with productivity. I believe that these students are learning valuable life skills, while also learning the principles of art.

Alani Almeida Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Eugenio is an amazing soul and helps when needed. She is a helping hand and will support you when needed. Mrs. Eugenio will see something wrong and tackle it right away. I am so happy I have the privilege to see her work in person.

Breanna Couto Posted over a year ago

Ms. E is an amazing teacher and a inspiring teacher ! I love her so much and she always is willing to help her students with artwork and steam projects . Ms E's small acts of kindness around the school really makes an impact, You are very energetic during dendrites and you love talking about the brain and strategies to know about . I am a our sister school student and I am extremely pleased that I met you in 5th grade and now I am a 7th grader!You have really helped me become more confident and proud about myself. Our Sister School loves you !! thanks so much for teaching me . And living wax museum this year is going to be great. I love you so so much! -Breanna Couto

Elyse Long Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Eugenio is an AMAZING teacher! She does so, so,so much for the OSS community! Mrs. Eugenio takes on many tasks besides just being OSS's art teacher such as Student Council Leader, Robotics Coach, Advisory teacher, and SO many other jobs that she does an amazing job at approaching with a positive attitude, and getting the job done right! Mrs. Eugenio is a an amazing person, and I know the OSS community greatly appreciates her for all she does. Mrs. Eugenio is a role model to me everyday! Thank you again, Mrs. Eugenio!

Lauren Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Eugenio for 20+ years, and it has been a true pleasure! Mrs. Eugenio helped shape my middle school experience into a positive one. Her drive and passion for teaching, developing and getting people involved in numerous new programs and ideas was tremendous. I had the enjoyment of working on many of these new projects with her in middle school and as her career continued past RMS. I am blessed to have her and her family still be a part of my life and to continue to hear about the great changes that she is still making in so many students lives. Mrs. Eugenio is amazing person, to say the least, and I know she will continue on with her dedication and passion to helping others.

Roger Trahan Posted over a year ago

I first met Tobey Bennett Eugenio when I went to Remington Middle School in Franklin to pick up my daughter who was at an after school art project which Tobey was over seeing. When walking into the classroom what first impressed me was how a group of young adults were acting as adults with little supervision from Tobey. It was evident to me that because she treated them as adults they acted as adults. Shortly after meeting her and seeing her enthusiasm I was a volunteer in several of her projects enjoying each one. I have assisted Tobey in several art projects as well as out door classroom projects and each one has showed me a greater respect for her and her teaching abilities. Tobey has a way to bring out the best in both students and adults involved in school systems. Being an involved father of four grown children I can honestly say I have never seen a teacher who can excite, motivate, and guide students to be their best both in school and out. Tobey is highly deserving of this award and will always have my respect and a helping hand whenever she needs it.

Regan Harrold Posted over a year ago

Tobey, (or really, Ms. Bennett is how I will forever think of her!) is one of the most remarkable people I have met in my life. I first had the pleasure of knowing her over 22 years ago when I was lucky enough to have her as my 7th and 8th grade art teacher. My class was one of her earliest classes in her teaching career. I remember Tobey was young but confident. She treated her students with respect and not like children, but instead had higher expectations of the young adults we were becoming, which in turn raised the bar for all of us. She inspired and encouraged creativity and individuality. She was much more than just an "art teacher". If asked who my favorite teacher was, Ms. Bennett would always be the response, without skipping a beat. And over 20 years later I have had the pleasure of reconnecting with her. What is awe-inspiring is that Tobey has the exact same enthusiasm and confidence as her first year teaching, if not more! Meeting her two daughters, who are beautiful versions of her (both inside and out) anyone can see that she absolutely practices what she preaches. She makes people around her want to be better. I am thankful she was part of my life and am so excited for her current and future students to have the opportunity to know and learn from such an inspiring woman! I cannot think of a more deserving person for this award.

Melissa Azevedo Posted over a year ago

I'm immeasurably grateful too known Mrs. Eugenio! !! She's been a huge part of my daughters life and mine. Her spiritual guidance is demonstated in every area of these kids lives, creating a masterpieces through art, discipline love, character building, equipping the girls with tools of life that will carry them through their journey. She brings out the future leadership in these young ladies and without a doubt trust her with the life of my daughter. Mrs. Eugenio teaches these girls too hold themselves highly accountable, strategies, problem solves with them , coaches them too reach their highest potential and doesn't accept anything less and she does this with her highest vibration. My daughter feels heard, understood, supported by her wa of navigating through the toughest situations; and celebrates their every progress. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always sharing the best of yourself. Much much love.

Kelsey Posted over a year ago

One of the best at Our Sister School. A great asset. The girls love her and so do I. The work that she has the girls do is breath taking .

Lainie Fermino Posted over a year ago

I am a student from Our Sisters' School. Mrs.Eugenio is truly remarkable, she is very creative, insightful, and just an amazing person. She does whatever she can to help her community and the people outside of it. I really don't know the person I would be if she hadn't joined our community. I found my passion of art and being creative because of Mrs.Eugenio. She brings up everyone who might feel they are not feeling their best. I know I am not the only one who feels as if she is not only our teacher but a friend, and family. She knows our best and pushes us to that level. She saw something in me that I didn't quite see in myself before, and I will never forget her even when I grow old, I will remember the impact she had on people and on me. #teamEugenio

June Strunk Posted over a year ago

I have been a volunteer at Our Sisters' School, in Mrs. Eugenio's art class, for the past three years. I have learned greatly from my involvement . I watch her first hand,teach, show, sympathize, and encourage the girls with patience and caring, as they work on their daily art projects. She is a "Life Changer" for so many girls and also myself, and is well deserving of this award.

Lauren Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Eugenio for 20+ years, and it has been a true pleasure! Mrs. Eugenio helped shape my middle school experience into a positive one. Her drive and passion for teaching, developing and getting people involved in numerous new programs and ideas was tremendous. I had the enjoyment of working on many of these new projects with her in middle school and as her career continued past RMS. I am blessed to have her and her family still be a part of my life and to continue to hear about the great changes that she is still making in so many students lives. Mrs. Eugenio is amazing person, to say the least, and I know she will continue on with her dedication and passion to helping others.

Jennifer Elisha DeBarros Posted over a year ago

Ms. Eugenio was one of the first faces that greeted my daughter and I as we were being welcomed into the Our Sisters School community. Her positive and vibrant energy matched her high quality teaching performance both inside and outside of the classroom. She is very knowledgeable and experienced and we are lucky to have her. While we are newly exposed to her abilities and talents, they are without a doubt embedded in strong values and creating lasting results. This nomination is well-deserved!

Lauren Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Eugenio for 20+ years, and it has been a true pleasure! Mrs. Eugenio helped shape my middle school experience into a positive one. Her drive and passion for teaching, developing and getting people involved in numerous new programs and ideas was tremendous. I had the enjoyment of working on many of these new projects with her in middle school and as her career continued past RMS. I am blessed to have her and her family still be a part of my life and to continue to hear about the great changes that she is still making in so many students lives. Mrs. Eugenio is amazing person, to say the least, and I know she will continue on with her dedication and passion to helping others.

Alexis Simpkin Posted over a year ago

Ms.Eugenio Is kind and caring. She inspires me everyday to have a happy face and makes me want to enjoy what ever i am doing. She is motivating and helps me no matter what. She puts others needs before hers and I feel like she is like a second mother to every student in this school.

Lori Salotto Posted over a year ago

I have known Tobey both personally and professionally for many years. I met her as a patron at the Middleboro Public library with her two young girls, both of whom are grown up now. Several times, when we were in between Children's Librarian's, Tobey was willing to step in to help with programming during Summer Reading, an especially busy time for the Library. When we needed a new Children's Librarian, myself and our former director thought Tobey would be a great person to apply for the job. At the time, she was unable to commit to the job requirements, however, she did steer us in the direction of a wonderful person who did become our Children's Librarian. Tobey is always looking for ways to help her school. The Library offers her discarded Teen magazines for the girls to read or for art projects. Tobey has such a passion for everything that she becomes involved in and anyone who is fortunate to be part of her world is very lucky indeed!

Autumn Posted over a year ago

Ms.Eugenio is the best teacher ever and she cares about alot of things that happen at OSS. I love her.

William Prescott Posted over a year ago

Our Sisters' School is an extraordinary place that changes the lives of middle school girls and their families. That said, as the School completes its first decade of existence, enter Tobey Eugenio, who raises the bar yet again and changes (again) the lives of middle school girls and their families. As a keen observer/participant of independent school education over a sixty-year career, including twenty-seven as a Head of School, about Our Sisters' School I have often thought (in terms of quality of experience/program), "I've seen it all." Wrong. Tobey Eugenio keeps building the dream.

Deborah Kovacs Posted over a year ago

Tobey Eugenio carries the spark of inspiration everywhere she goes. Having worked with her over the past two years to help secure funding for the initiatives she spearheads at Our Sisters' School, I never stop being amazed at her energy, her ingenuity, and her generosity. The programs she has developed and co-developed at OSS, from Creative and Visual Arts, to Student Council, to STEAM Lab, to the Outdoor Classroom, reflect wisdom gained and lessons learned from a career spent understanding and applying the combined forces of imagination and purpose to result in programs at once ideally suited to reach OSS students right where they are and to show them clear paths forward to becoming their own best selves.

Margaret McSweeny Posted over a year ago

Ms. Eugenio is a force. There is no other way to describe her. Her passion for teaching is evident in all that she does. Working with her is a great privilege.

Lisa Schmid Posted over a year ago

Tobey Is effervescent! Her creativity and passion infuses our school community on every level. Writing on behalf of the board we are all tremendously thankful to have Tobey on our team - she does indeed change lives!

Phoebe Girard Posted over a year ago

I am a volunteer at Our Sisters School teaching girls to sew. When I had a problem with one of my sessions, I asked Ms. Eugenio to help me problem solve. She was generous with her time and expertise. After discussing the problem with me, she joined us in one of our sessions to demonstrate to me and the other volunteers how to creatively help the girls with the assignment. I appreciate her joy and passion for teaching all members of the education community.

Roberta DeBaggis Trahan Posted over a year ago

I have known Tobey Bennett Eugenio for nearly 20 years, having first met her as a new teacher in the Middle School where our daughters were students. She was a dynamic, creative, enthusiastic and nurturing educator for both students AND parents. She was responsible for innovative ideas in curriculum as well as the social aspects of the students. She created programs such as May Mosaic, showcasing students work during a week long expose; breakfast with students highlighting their accomplishments; engaging with parents to promote our Parent Communication Council, to name a few. But perhaps the most incredible attributes are her zest for life and unending energy and ability to connect with her students. I traveled to OSS recently and saw first hand Tobey at work, connecting, encouraging, nurturing, educating and caring for all her students. She is a remarkable educator, mother, wife, woman. She is so very deserving of this award.

Jill Primak Posted over a year ago

I have known Tobey both professionally and personally for many years. She has so much drive, love and talent to share with the world. We have worked together on many design, connecting children and families with the natural world. She puts her hearts and soul in to every project she works on and is truly a "Life Changer"!

Kim Francis Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Ms. Eugenio closely during this school year. Her aptitude for keeping programs and projects moving forward even with tight participation from the students amazes me. She challenges the girls to take on extraordinary duties and sets the bar high for completeness, comprehension and punctuality for those duties. Working with her has encouraged me to approach teaching middle school girls in a whole different way - rather than lecturing and repeating - get them to understand the challenge and to buy-in to creative solutions. In other words - make them think critically! I absolutely love working with this woman and yes, she not only changes the lives of the students, but of her co-workers, family, students families, Board Members and so on, basically everyone she touches! Ms. Eugenio makes a positive difference in the lives of all that she interacts with and is most deserving of this recognition.

Valarie Silva Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Eugenio is truly a one of a kind educator. Not only is she an amazing art and steam teacher, but she also teaches the girls so much more in life. She has led my daughter in many areas including student council and in her robotics team. I have seen my daughter grow and learn in such amazing ways. Mrs. Eugenio helps the girls truly strive for their best excellence and gain confidences in so many areas. Tobey truly puts her all in to every aspect of teaching and leading the girls in so many memorable learning experiences. We are truly grateful to have Mrs. Eugenio as a teacher at Our Sisters' School.

Lauren Ramos Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Eugenio is such an amazing teacher and person! Everyday she shares her skills and talents with the girls at Our Sisters School and it is clear that they all appreciate her. Her patience, sense of humor and genuinely caring personality shine through every time you see her. This is a well deserved nomination!

Carmel Wills Posted over a year ago

Ms. Eugenio is a wonderful teacher! We love her passion for teaching, hard work, and how driven she is to do things the right way! She sets a great example for the girls with her unwavering enthusiasm for learning. In my experience, she does everything with 1000% focus, takes pride in her work, and refuses to let her students fail. I know that when my OSS student has an issue, she can always go to Ms. Eugenio who provides a comfortable venue for her to express her thoughts and opinions with an open mind. Ms. Eugenio frequently makes decisions based on what is best for her students, even if it is at her own expense, and with her own sacrifices (usually lots of time ? ). We also have confidence that she deals with the issues in a logical manner and we trust her to provide valuable insight when our girls have questions about anything. We value her ability to say the unpopular as well as her common sense approach to problem solving. We are so lucky to have her at OSS!

Angie Tavares Posted over a year ago

I am a parent of three Our Sisters' School girls and have seen first hand the impact Mrs. Eugenio has had on our school. She is an amazing force of positive energy that truly brightens the lives of our girls. I am so grateful that Mrs Eugenio is a part of our school and that my daughters look to her as role model. She is a loving, strong, powerful, brilliant,and caring human who empowers our girls!

Martin Geoghegan Posted over a year ago

There is not a finer example of Mrs. Tobey Eugenio as a Life Changer. She exemplifies what it means to inspire and go beyond for her students. Here in Middleborough, she was on the School Committee making sure every decision we made as a district was for the success and achievement of every single student. Congratulations, Tobey; you are a Life Changer and you epitomize what it means to "do good, be good, and make good." It is everything about you and what you do as a teacher, parent, and community member. Again, congratulations; there is no one more deserving.

Michelle Turner Posted over a year ago

As someone who worked closely with Tobey during those first few years in Franklin, this nomination is truly spot-on. She has always been an inspiration; I've always referred to her as my mentor. Even luckier for me, I get to continue working with her through numerous collaborations! Her passion for teaching has not wavered as the years go by and she gets more amazing everyday! The students at OSS are extremely lucky to have her, as am I.

Lizzie Fortin Posted over a year ago

I have known Tobey Eugenio for 2 years. We met at an Arts Educator conference and spoke at length about our shared passions for Student Choice and Voice within education, specifically Arts Education. At the National Conference, I attended Tobey's presentation which has been a source of inspiration and fuel for my own classroom. I have shared her teachings and her work with many of my colleagues. Tobey's hardwork and dedication should be rewarded in many ways and this recognition is well deserved.

Taileigh Hull Posted over a year ago

I am a student at Our Sisters' School. I am very fortunate to have Ms.Eugenio as my Art teacher, STEAM teacher, and Student Council advisor. Ms. Eugenio is a caring, intelligent, and inspiring person who has gone through so much in her life and shares her learned lessons with the people around her. Ms. Eugenio and I started at Our Sisters' School around the same time and I can definitely say that we have grown together and she has impacted my life and the way I perceive things in a positive way. I can't think of any one better who should receive this award! #teameugenio

Brandy Jackson Posted over a year ago

Tobey and I met at a MIT conference for STEM educators. This opportunity was given to only 25 teachers in the world each year. During our time together we quickly realized a common passion for raising proud future leaders. I am so excited to support her receiving this reward.

Crystal Posted over a year ago

Mrs Eugenio has reignited my daughters love for art, encouraged her to take a stand on issues that are important to her through Student Council, and kept her warm for 2 winters in a row with a donated coat from Tobey’s own daughter. A life changer award is exactly what she deserves - and more.

Sarah Herman Posted over a year ago

Ms. Eugenio is a star. She is a joy to work with, a true fountain of positive energy and ideas. She is bold, ground breaking, and always ready to help build up students and their supporting communities. Ms. Eugenio is a blessing on our school in all ways, for everyone in her orbit. She writes lessons plans, unit plans and even grants! She is able to turn the most distant and seemingly far flung ideas into reality- and spreads love and joy and learning as she does it. She is calm in the eye of a storm and always keeps her laser focus on making meaningful memories for those around her. Having her at Our Sisters' School is a stroke of luck that we are so grateful for!