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Allison Anderson

Position: Assistant Principal
School: East Hartford High School
School District: East Hartford Public Schools
City, State: East Hartford , CT

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Allison Anderson was nominated by parent of a student, Sheila Harris.


Ms. Anderson is the assistant principal at East Hartford High School, and has been an educator for over 10 years in the East Hartford School system. To her students, she has shown compassion and a willingness to teach to an audience of students. She is dedicated to helping young adults excel and further their education. Ms. Anderson has made an outstanding impact on many students, including Harris's granddaughter who’s in the 11th grade.

Harris's granddaughter has faced many unfortunate incidences throughout her life, and was placed in her care. When some people saw a troubled teen who doubted herself, Ms. Anderson saw a young adult with a lot of potential. As an educator, she took time to get to her granddaughter as a person and a student, who struggled with difficulties throughout her life.

"I have seen my granddaughter open up and become more focused on her academics due to Ms. Anderson spending time with her as an educator and mentor," Harris said. "I can’t begin to express my gratitude for Ms. Anderson, and for believing in a student who had truly given up on her life endeavors."