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Beth Charan

Position: Music Teacher
School: Cottage Grove Elementary School
School District: South Washington County Schools
City, State: Cottage Grove, MN

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Beth Charan was nominated by her colleague, Gina Tester.

Mrs. Charan has been the school choir director and music teacher for nearly 30 years. She goes above and beyond, directing two beautiful choir concerts for the entire school. She is an outstanding educator who teaches music to all K-5 students. Mrs. Charan goes out of her way to make sure that everybody has a fair opportunity and feels valued. She encourages students to do their best to perform, to be confident, and get out of their comfort zone. She even goes the extra mile, helping with the kindergarten Christmas program and the first-grade parent program, as well as the school talent show.

Mrs. Charan helps the staff sing Christmas carols to the students. She is a valuable staff member who is always there to handle union or retirement questions. She is one of the most positive and fun people to be around. Mrs. Charan puts in many extra hours to ensure her music program is the very best it can be. She has a very positive and can-do attitude, and never forgets a name or face over her many years of teaching thousands of students. She works so hard and does so many wonderful things for the kids, the school, and the community. Mrs. Charan is a LifeChanger!

Comments (36)

Theresa Blume Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Beth! Thank you for your contributions to the students and staff at CGE! We are lucky!

Janene Zavoral Posted over a year ago

Beth Is an amazing music teacher. She is passionate about music and children and we are so lucky to have her here at CGE.

Michael Utell Posted over a year ago

I have had the absolute pleasure to work with Beth for the past three years and she is highly deserved of this nomination. She has been teaching for a very long time and has a wealth of experience in the classroom, with music and working with students. She knows every single child in her school, knows their name, knows their strengths and what they need to continue working onto grow and children in our school love making music with her. They sing at the top of their lungs whenever they sing and enjoy it so much, which to me is a big part of a great music teacher. Many teachers will not give their students the opportunity to LOVE singing and Beth is one of the few that gets them to LOVE singing. And she makes sure everyone is included in her classroom and is participating in all activities. She also runs our school's choir program which mainly features fourth and fifth graders. Many students participate in her choir and enjoy it so much that they continue to participate in choirs beyond elementary school and her choir always sounds fantastic. She has high expectations for her music program, and especially her choir while still making it a fun music making atmosphere. She changes lives on an hourly basis with working with the children at our school and Cottage Grove Elementary School is a better place to learn because of it.

Jo Posted over a year ago

Beth is really a wonderful teacher.I love the way she Makes learning music so much fun.She is a great co-worker.

Karen Martin Posted over a year ago

Beth does a wonderful job at CGE. As a special education teacher in the building I see her daily make sure that ALL her students are able to enjoy participating in her music classes.

Mary Kroiss Posted over a year ago

I worked in Beth's classroom as a sign language interpreter for 5 years. I was able to witness first hand her incredible musical talent and her ability to pass her knowledge on to the students. In addition to teaching music, Beth took the time to listen to her students making them feel valued as individuals. I have no doubt that she has changed many lives in a positive way.

Beth Sprouls Posted over a year ago

As both a parent of former students and a former coworker of Beth Charan, I have to strongly second her nomination. She is knowledgeable, encouraging and my kids and I remember her fondly -- great choice!

Ilisa Posted over a year ago

Beth is an amazing person, it does not take more than meeting her briefly to see she has a heart of gold!

Kari Slominski Posted over a year ago

Beth is a great colleague, and excellent teacher! She utilizes her incredible singing talent and training to inspire young singers, and is a team player with the orchestra teacher (me) and band teacher to encourage all students to discover what they love to do. She goes above and beyond to help kids one-on-one before and after school. Three cheers for Beth!!

Norma May Posted over a year ago

Second! I worked with Beth for 30 plus years as a fellow music teacher in District 833 and believe that this is a well deserved nomination. She is a caring teacher that brings a lot of expertise, energy and joy to her music program.

Lori Bilgrien Posted over a year ago

Beth has been a great teacher to collaborate with. She works with all the students in our school. She is always willing to help with our assemblies. I am a special education teacher and she goes out of her way to welcome all our students to see in the choir. It has been great to work with her.

Karyn Posted over a year ago

Beth is an amazing music teacher! My own personal children, along with my classroom students, are incredibly lucky to have her as a teacher at Cottage Grove Elementary!

Amanda Posted over a year ago

I worked with Beth for several years at Cottage Grove Elementary. She is a true champion for students, a great co-worker and changes lives daily! She is extremely deserving of this award!

Stephanie Hoyt Posted over a year ago

Beth is a wonderful teacher. I love that she makes learning music so much fun. She includes everyone including those with disabilities. She comes up with different ways for them to be part of the group. She is a great teacher and fun co-worker.

Jean Aimonetti Posted over a year ago

Beth has been a colleague and friend for over 25 years. She has a gregarious personality that makes her students feel welcomed and valued. Her music expertise, dedication, and professionalism are second to none. Beth is so deserving of this honor and recognition! Congratulations my friend!

Kay Youngstrom Posted over a year ago

My fourth graders are lucky to have Beth as their music teacher and choir director. I enjoy listening to the two choir performances each year that are always fantastic and upbeat. The students enjoy her very much!

Catherine Feltes Posted over a year ago

I am the PreK teacher at Cottage Grove Elementary. At this time, PreK students do not visit Mrs. Charan. Each and every time I pass her in the hall, she asks how I am, in the most genuine way. She always gives our PreK students the "thumbs up" on how they are walking down the hall. These types of things, to me, really make everyone feel like a part of the school community.

Austen Kruzeski Posted over a year ago

As a past student, I can honestly say one of my favorite teachers. She brought such passion to what she does that it rubbed off on to me. Because of her I pursued choir throughout my schooling and can honestly say she was one of my few teachers I had that influenced me to be a teacher. A wonderful role model and person!

Julie Petersen Posted over a year ago

Beth has a great personal connection with her students; I always hear her talking to individual students about topics beyond the school day and keeping up with their outside of school activities/lives.

Jeanne Nelson Posted over a year ago

Beth is a kind and caring person. She is an excellent educator and really brings out the best in her choirs. She provides the students with a variety of music and challenges their abilities while also providing music that is at the developmental skill level for each grade. As a staff member I always enjoy hearing the school choir!

Cindy Posted over a year ago

Beth is one amazing teacher. She goes above and beyond her duties as a music teacher. She is always happy and excited to teach her students. She puts on amazing choir performances.

Jade Hibbard Posted over a year ago

Beth is an incredible music teacher and role model. She encourages her students and helps them set goals and achieve them. She runs an incredible choir program for fourth and fifth graders that has a waiting list. Students enjoy working with her and love going to music class. She is truly a LifeChanger, with students, colleagues and the community.

Linnea Gamache Posted over a year ago

A well deserved nomination for a wonderful music teacher and colleague!

Mallory Martin Posted over a year ago

I had the opportunity to work with Beth a few years back and it was a wonderful experience. She is so generous and caring. She truly tries to make everyone feel comfortable in her classroom and at the school, whether it is students, colleagues, or parents. She takes the extra time to learn about her coworkers and students so they truly feel cared about. Her concerts are always masterfully done and bring students back to sign up for a second year of choir. Her organization of the annual Veteran's Day program is unparalleled. I was lucky to work with Beth and she would be an excellent choice for this award.

Kris Posted over a year ago

She is an excellent teacher! Her student performances are a delight to see and hear!

Gina Posted over a year ago

Well deserved Beth, and long overdue. You are wonderful, congratulations .

Michelle Beaulieu Posted over a year ago

I worked with Beth for 6 years. Her talent and dedication to teaching music are paramount!

Jaquelyn Miller Posted over a year ago

Beth is definitely a great teacher! I love watching her in action. She loves teaching and does an excellent job connecting with the kids. The students always have fun learning about music. She is also a great coworker, very friendly and positive attitude.

Suela Sullivan Posted over a year ago

Beth has touched the lives of so many children and staff at her school. Her value as an educator and highly respected teacher reaches far past her schools walls, however. She is respected by her music colleagues throughout the district, and is a valuable resource at these meetings. She has insight and a history with the district that is helpful to new and veteran teachers alike.

Nina DeKock Posted over a year ago

I second the nomination of Beth Charan for Life Changer! I first got to know Beth while at Simpson College and more recently, when we caught up with each other through FB. I enjoyed reading Gina Tester's nomination and agree that Beth is well deserving of the Life Changer award. Nina Hanson DeKock

Karen schlaefer Posted over a year ago

Well said! Kindest most dedicated teacher really deserves this award.

Rachel Wallace Posted over a year ago

Mrs Charan is a fantastic teacher and the nomination is well deserved!

Anil Posted over a year ago

A wonderful caring human being whose interaction with whoever can be a life changer! God Bless her endeavours!

Allyse Dunnigan Posted over a year ago

I student taught with Mrs. Charan and was very fortunate to see her work with students up close. She was and continues to be a wonderful example of what it is to be an excellent educator. Her passion for music and students is evident in all of her lessons as well as the extra programs she does throughout the year. As a supervising teacher she was incredibly supportive. She let me try new things and lead me through thoughtful self-reflection. Student teaching with her was a highlight of my education and I know I wouldn’t be the teacher I am today without her help. I couldn’t agree with Mrs. Tester more—Mrs. Charan is a life changer!

Christine Posted over a year ago

Beth makes music fun and accessible for all the kids. She works hard and cares about each student. She's a supportive co-worker. You rock, Beth!!!

Cassie Armstrong Posted over a year ago

Second! Beth is a great teacher & colleague!