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Stacee Worthen

Position: School Counselor
School: Copper Hills High School
School District: Jordan School District
City, State: West Jordan, UT

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Stacee Worthen was nominated by an anonymous colleague.    

Ms. Worthen has a proven ability to make a beneficial difference in the lives of her students. Some Copper Hills High School students experience social and emotional struggles, which have led to some unfortunate outcomes in the community. This has put a lot of weight on the school counseling team to find ways to better support their students. On her own time, Ms. Worthen has researched and reached out to other schools to find the most effective ways of helping students through these difficult times.

Her efforts and work have led to the development of the HOPE Squad at Copper Hills High School. The HOPE Squad is a large group of students who have been nominated by their peers to identify and help other students who are struggling emotionally, and refer those students to either a counselor or emergency provider if needed. In her research, Ms. Worthen has found success at other schools, and she hopes to have the same success at Copper Hills High School. She has put countless hours into creating, training and providing support for this team.

Ms. Worthen has the ability to positively add to the development of the school's atmosphere. After attending a conference entitled "Red Shoe Living" by Lonnie Mayne, she was introduced to the five pillars of: Awareness, Gratitude, Everyone has a story, Respect, and Put yourself out there. She has worked to bring these ideas and attitudes to Copper Hills, and has shared them with students, parents, and faculty. She felt that these ideas were so important that she brought Lonnie Mayne to the school to speak about positive ways of living. Ms. Worthen has embraced these philosophies and has already seen the benefits associated with them through her interactions with students, parents, and teachers.

Ms. Worthen is the lead counselor at Copper Hills, taking this position after the previous counselor was diagnosed with cancer about four years ago. When the principal at Copper Hills asked Ms. Worthen to help out, she did so without hesitation and jumped into the role as a leader. She has not only demonstrated exemplary leadership at the school level, but at the district and state levels. She is an advocate for all educators and an intregral team member for the counselors at Copper Hills High School.

There are seven standards set by the State Office of Education on which counseling offices are evaluated and are expected to show evidence of effectiveness. Copper Hills' counseling team, led by Ms. Worthen, has always ranked very high, and they have set a great standard for the district as an outstanding and productive counseling team. The effectiveness of this team is largely due to Ms. Worthen, who is always pushing her team and providing opportunities and evidence that great things are happening at Copper Hills.

Ms. Worthen always consults and collaborates with other professionals to make sure that high standards and best practices are being used. On a weekly basis, she collaborates with administrators, teachers, and other counselors to make sure that her team meets the expectations of the school community. She creates a nurturing atmosphere by running the counseling office with the attitude that family comes first. This has created an environment in which her staff trusts and appretiates her because they know that she supports them.

Ms. Worthen is mindful of her co-workers and will often take time out of her own busy schedule to comfort and listen to those who are stressed or have been dealing with major life issues. The students she works with praise her for her compassion and comforting nature. She has created an environment in the counseling office in which everyone feels supported and appreciated.

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Jaiden Starks Posted 9 months ago

Stacie Worthen was my counselor when I went to CHHS a few years ago. She was always so kind, remembered me, and gave me great advice on my classes and college plans. I remember telling people, after I’d meet with her, that she was SO nice and made me feel important. High school students need that support, so I was grateful for her kindness.

Shakara fox-Basham Posted 9 months ago

you have always helped others. You were there for me when I needed you in school as well. We appreciate and love all the hard work you’ve done and continue to do.

Ethan West Posted 9 months ago

Ms. Worthen knew how to make all of her students feel special. I had her as a counselor in middle school and high school and was blessed to have her that long! One thing I always noticed was everyone would talk about how they thought they were Ms. Worthen’s favorite student because she was so good and creating a one on one relationship with all of us! I remember a time when a buddy of mine passed away, she brought me into the office to make sure that I was okay and let me know that she was someone that I could talk to about anything. She is the definition of going above and beyond for all of her students! In schools with thousands of kids, she takes the time and effort to know and love them all. I even saw her a couple years after I graduated at the store, and she remembered me and asked how I was doing. She’s truly one in a million! Thanks for the positive impact that you have had on my life Ms. Worthen!

Michele Houck Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Worthen is a Great asset to Copper Hills, reaching out to any child who needs a kind word and a loving guidance! She is patient, friendly, caring, & knowledgeable in her field. Stacee tries to help any student at CHHS even if she is not their guidance Counselor. She does amazing work with all the students who she encounters. Copper Hills would Greatly benefit from a donation of monetary contribution to help them combat the problem of social unrest with in so many students. Stacee works hard and helps find solutions to problems the children are going thru in HS. She is kind, considerate and a hard worker in her field! She will get things done when given a task! She will wisely put any funds to the proper use. CHHS needs on going help for the growing number of children in our community that live in silence of their problems. It good to know that we have attentive sensitive staff like Stacee at CHHS! Keep up the Awesome work! CHHS is lucky to have you!

Michelle Szetela Posted over a year ago

I've been working with Stacee at Copper Hills for three years, and I have found her to be a tremendous asset and an excellent resource, as well as a friend. She's has always available to me as a teacher to help me reach students more effectively, and is one of the most professional people with whom I work alongside.

Diane Carpenter Posted over a year ago

I am beyond grateful for Ms. Worthen. My 2 seniors are new to the school this year and she helped us with the transition. She made my kids feel comfortable in their new environment despite it being so completely different from what they had come from. She spent so much time with me making sure I understood the school’s policies and rules. I felt so much better knowing my kids had someone they could go to that I personally trusted to take care of them. She is honestly the best counselor I have had the opportunity to work with in the 20 years I have had children in school. She is so deserving of this award!

Keaton Barrow Posted over a year ago

I was brought to Stacee after a teacher was concerned about my well being. Even though Stacee is one of the busiest people I know, she always took the time out of her busy schedule to see me, because she really cares. She always has been supportive of me, and given me her best advice for me to get through life in the best way possible. She has changed my life in so many different ways. She is one of the reasons I am still here. She does her job exceptionally well, and with any spare second she man manage, goes to the students and faculty. She has made videos in the past that students could just watch and find resources, and help any student with stress. I have been meeting with her for two years, and now that it's my senior year, I am so grateful to have such a huge role model in my life. Even though I'm moving on to college, she continues to make sure I know that I am always welcome back to come visit and talk to her about anything. She is an exceptional person who works hard, smiles a lot, and doe everything she can for the kids at Copper Hills High. She deserves this award more than anything.

Lori Munson Posted over a year ago

I work with Stacee everyday. She is amazing with the students. She truly cares for them and wants the best for them. She follows up with her students, attends numerous meetings and directs our Counseling Center. She has an amazing attitude and people like being around her. She brings so much god to our school. She has a beautiful smile and her laugh brightens the office. She makes my job pleasant. Love this lady and all that she brings to our school.

Anna Burns Posted over a year ago

She’s really amazing!

Lindsey Steyee Posted over a year ago

Stacee is such an inspiration!

Jamie Teel Posted over a year ago

Stacee is a hard working professional and deserves this award. She is a motivated counselor and works hard for her the students. Keep up the good work.

Erica Ball Posted over a year ago

Stacee is very deserving of this award. She works so well with the students at Copper Hills. She is patient and listens to their concerns without passing judgement. Her rapport with her students is one based on trust and genuine concern for the students personal and educational growth.

Nakoa Barker Posted over a year ago

Stacee is the best! She goes out Of her way to help students with what they need and makes sure they are at ease and answers all their questions. She is just as great with parents too! She deserves the recognition! Congrats stacee!

Wendy Brown Posted over a year ago

Stacee is more than a fabulous counselor. She is an example of true professionalism. She approaches students and faculty with a sense of humor and understanding. Students love her, despite the fact that she has high expectations of them. Students sincerely want to please her, and this always works to their advantage. She juggles many responsibilities, but does it with patience and grace. I enjoy working with her and am grateful for her friendship. I can't imagine a better high school guidance counselor anywhere.

Jennifer Posted over a year ago

Ms. Worthen puts students first and actually helps those students who are succeeding too, not just the ones struggling. She takes the time to listen to concerns and then addresses them head on. I'm grateful for all she had done to help my students when other wouldn't.

Barbara Harrison Posted over a year ago

Stacee is one of these special people who sees the best in everyone. She is there for the students of Copper Hills. Her ability of helping to create a great schedule for a student or just being there to listen to them as they are going through a tough moment in time is fantastic. She is positive, uplifting and create a great learning environment. Students love her

Anoynmous Posted over a year ago

To Whom It May Concern, I am sending this comment because I met for the first time with Stacee Worthen recently. I didn't see what many people on here comment to have seen. First of all, there was a miscommunication in sending down my student. I inquired with Stacee several times and she tried to tell me maybe my student was busy and didn't want to come down. Instead of trying to resolve the issue, she found excuses for the miscommunication on the part of the counseling staff and team. Parents know their children and student and finally, Stacee did call the class teacher and so I inquired, "Did [student] get the note?" She responded that she didn't know. So, I mentioned I would inquire with my student. So, after 15 minutes, our student finally came down, once she finally called, the classroom. I inquired, "Did [student] get the note?" She would not tell the truth that there was mistake made and my student did not get the note to come down. When our student came down, I inquired directly and [student] mentioned that he did not get a note. I want to see what everyone else sees, yet, there was a miscommunication and Stacee did not address the miscommunication, instead ignored the fact that a mistake was made. This was my first time meeting with Stacee as a parent. I can only report on what I have seen and know.

Scott Olpin Posted over a year ago

Stacee Worthen is truly deserving of this award and I whole-heartedly place my endorsement upon her candidacy. Ms. Worthen not only is an outstanding teacher and counselor, but is also one of the most caring and effective professionals at our school. Her innovative programs and heart-felt efforts on behalf of the students, make her a pillar of excellence. The teachers, staff and students absolutely love her and look to her for continued help and advice. We are extremely lucky to have the expertise of Stacee Worthen.

Margie Knudsen Posted over a year ago

Stacee has the gift to make a student believe in themselves, leading to a lifetime of success. She takes the time to know the student as a person. She evaluates where they have a strength or a weakness. Stacee will then encourage them in a direction where they will feel successful. She sacrifices personal time (many many days without a lunch or staying well after hours) to counsel our students. She makes a difference in the lives of our students.

Shane Lucas Posted over a year ago

Stacee is a great asset at CHHS! She is always there working for our students and helping them decide what is best best for them personally, academically, and socially! You have found a great candidate for this honor. Stacee is a huge positive influence for our student population at CHHS! Best of luck to Stacee with this prestigious award nomination! Thank you for noticing all of the hard work and outstanding pride Stacee puts into her career :0)

Linton Dean Posted over a year ago

Stacee has had such a positive influence on my life and my career. Whenever I need someone to bounce ideas off of or any advice regarding school, I know I can turn to her. She always has a big smile and an encouraging word for me to help me through my day!

Alicia Summers Posted over a year ago

Stacee is an awesome counselor! I watched her work tirelessly with students to give guidance and was so impressed, I asked for my daughter to switch counselors so she could see Stacee to help her with anxiety issues. She deserves recognition for her efforts!

shauna harker Posted over a year ago

Well Deserved!!! She is awesome as a counselor and associate!

Heather Thaller Posted over a year ago

Stacee is an excellent counselor and advocate for our youth. Copper Hills is so lucky to have her!!

Amy Williams Posted over a year ago

Very well deserved!!! Stacee works incredibly hard for the students and teachers at Copper Hills High. She has a great attitude and is always willing to help anyone in need. Stacee is incredibly selfless and truly wants what is best for students. She not only shows compassion and drive for the students, but she is also willing to help teachers and staff with any problems they may have. Copper Hills High School is very lucky to have Stacee!!!

Becky Nielsen Posted over a year ago

From the moment you meet Stacee, you feel like you have a friend for life. She is one of the most genuine people I know. She cares deeply about the people in her world. I have seen Stacee in her element here at Copper Hills, and it's amazing to see the connection she has with the students. She truly cares about people, and these students know that she is on their side. The world needs more people like Stacee Worthen.

Emily C Hill Posted over a year ago

Well deserved!! Stacee is great at what she does.

Kari Gonsalves Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Stacee since I started here at Copper Hills five years ago and since then she has impressed me as a counselor and colleague. She has a great rapport with students and faculty. She cares for her students and wants them to succeed not only academically but personally as well. I can always count on her to follow through with concerns and questions I have with my students that she counsels. Well deserved!

Leslie Vawdrey Posted over a year ago

Stacee deserves every praise and recognition in the world because she has helped so many students overcome personal and scholastic issues. She has an open door policy and always has a student in her office whom she is counseling, motivating and mothering. She is caring, compassionate, relatable, and funny! She even continues to have former students visit her years after their graduation. The teachers all agree that Stacee is so efficient and reliable in helping them with schedules or certain students of concern. Stacee has counselled and helped me personally and I will always be grateful to her.

LaTrill Loveridge Posted over a year ago

Stacee is the best thing that could have happened to CHHS. She brings so much to the table. She's a friend to all and many. Stacee always make you feel important, special and loved. Her smile is so contagious. I can't help but to have a great laugh with her everytime we are together. I believe she has changed so many lives for the better like our faculty, staff, students and parents. I know we all can count on her always to be available and quick to help with any situation. Stacee is the best person for this award because she is all that it means. I love you dear friend to the moon and back.

Lauren Rojas Posted over a year ago

Stacee is such an incredible counselor and person. She sincerely cares about people and wants what is best for others. She is so deserving of this award and so much more!!

E Clark Marshall Posted over a year ago

You would be missing an opportunity to acknowledge a truly great individual.

Todd Quarnberg Posted over a year ago

I could fill this box by telling you she is awesome, great to work with, great with kids, the staff loves her, etc. All of these things are true, but what is best about Stacee is the way she thinks outside the box to solve problems and assist students. Every year Stacee does things differently in working with students. Why? Because she is always learning and collaborating with others to learn how to best approach students and school issues differently. As her principal, I would hire her again and again to work with students because she is a MASTER EDUCATOR!

Jacqueline Sheppick Posted over a year ago

Stacee is the very best and we are so lucky to have her at CHHS!! I am lucky to work with her!

Marta Rae Diamond Posted over a year ago

Stacee is an awesome counselor. She has started the Hope Squad at CHHS. I enjoy working with her.

McKenzie Catten Posted over a year ago

Stacee is an amazingly compassionate person who is always looking out for the welfare of others. Her smile is infectious and even if I'm having a bad day I know that when I talk to Stacee my day will be much brighter. She cares so much about the students at Copper Hills and goes above and beyond to help them through life's struggles. Stacee has changed so many lives for the better and is very much deserving of this award!

Cheri Colligan Posted over a year ago

Stacee Worthen is a truly amazing counselor and person. She is the glue that holds the counseling department together. She goes above and beyond any expectations for all the students at Copper Hills High School. She is extremely caring and willing to think outside the box. Stacee is very easy to work with. She is always concerned with the feelings and needs of others. Stacee is one of the hardest working people I know. She constantly puts in extra hours. I feel it is a privilege to know and work with Stacee.

Julie Gambles Posted over a year ago

Keep up the great work Stacee!

JD Lloyd Posted over a year ago

Stacee never lets her huge workload keep her from giving students the individual help they need. Our school is very lucky to have her!

Cameron Vongsawad Posted over a year ago

She is just the best!!! Truly cares for and understands these kids and the staff at Copper Hills.

Kris Strong Posted over a year ago

Stacee is fantastic to work with. She makes herself available to students and teachers.

Cheryl Brady Posted over a year ago

It has been a pleasure to see Mrs Worthen work with students, counselors, teachers and staff. she always approaches her work with a can do attitude. Even when the counseling center is at its busiest, she is ready to help those around her that need help. What an awesome woman.

MeMe Anderson Posted over a year ago

Stacee is AMAZING!! She is constantly working with students to comfort, educate, and nurture our students. Her compassion and understanding for student circumstances is undeniable. She is an incredible woman. She is very deserving of this award.

Rickee Stewart Posted over a year ago

When you first meet Stacee, you know she's the real deal. She cares deeply about her students and is ALWAYS open to kids, faculty, and staff in need. She is loved by our kids, seriously... loved. The kids see her as a much-needed sounding board and they open up to her. She is a vital asset to our school and I am constantly in awe of the work she does. We are very lucky to have her.

Mark Halliday Posted over a year ago

Stacee is amazing! She is my go to counselor when i need things done right and fast!

jennifer ward Posted over a year ago

Stacee has made a personal difference in my own children's lives as well as the lives of other students here at the school. She is compassionate but doesn't enable the students. She helps motivate them and encourages the students to be the best they can be. She also always has time for other teachers and often sends notes, candy and other "pick me ups" at random times which just brighten teachers' day. She is spectacular.

Scott Adamson Posted over a year ago

Stacee is great in helping students become advocates for themselves.

Kim Walters Posted over a year ago

She is awesome and deserves this award

Shelley Nudd Posted over a year ago

Stacee is a wonderful counselor to our students at CHHS. She has a smile and a kind word for everyone in every situation. She carries a heavy load at our school and always does it with a smile.

Shane Lyon Posted over a year ago

Great counselor, great advocate for our students here. All schools need counselors like Ms. Worthen

Rylee Steyee Posted over a year ago

Go Stacee!

Amanda Campos Posted over a year ago

Stacee is the best counselor EVER. She is always caring, willing to help and takes time for EVERYONE! She has changed many students lives for the better. She started a Hope Squad at CHHS. Not only does she help students that are need of help she helps students every where. I have never known a person who cares more than Stacee Worthen!

Kary Buchanan Posted over a year ago

Stacee is an amazing counselor. She is currently the counselor for two of my children. She is always willing to take time out of her busy schedule to help them in any way she can. I have contacted her about countless concerns I have had with them and she always makes the time to address those concerns. They both adore Stacee. She is so deserving of this award!

Dallin J Brohamer Posted over a year ago

Stacy Worthen is one of the most genuine people I know and is an amazing counselor that has a significant impact on my life.

Jen Ha Posted over a year ago

Me.Worthen was not my personal counselor, but regardless she still welcomed me with a smile and asked me how I was doing every time I was in the counseling center! Her kindness and desire to help all students, including the ones she wasn’t in charge of really make you feel safe and inspired. Even though she wasn’t my assigned counselor, I felt like I could ask her for help if I ever needed anything. She is an incredible woman that brightens the atmosphere at Copper Hills!

Robin Birmingham Posted over a year ago

Where do I begin? I met Stacee 10 years ago when we started our Masters in Counseling program together in St. George. She was, at that time, a teacher pursuing a dream. Stacee had a family with small children. She had her hands full between teaching, studying and parenting. By the time our second class started in the Masters program, we had bonded into what would be a lifelong friendship. Stacee, myself and another student found we had the same standards and work ethic, which created a team that was beyond excellent! I would love to say that it was smooth sailing and trouble free, but that wasn't our case. Stacee had 'life' throw her some serious curveballs. I'd call them serious bowling balls of the heaviest weight. Lesser people would have crumbled under the weight of work, studying and parenting, but not Stacee. She forged through all the muck and stress. It was during that time I realized what a strong woman she was. Stacee was at Desert Hills High School doing her internship. She would share with us the students she was helping and mentoring. Her passion for her students never wavered through her own family issues. To say she had an inner strength would be minimizing it. As we graduated from our program and went out into the world of counseling, I was sad to learn Stacee would be moving up north. The good news was she was in a great place personally. Though I could only follow her now on Facebook, I could see that her passion for kids had grown by leaps and bounds, as if that were even possible!! She always had a special heart for the at risk, the underdog, and the outcast. Needless to say, they all felt they were safe with Stacee. They could share their innermost feelings and hurts. I could go on and on about Stacee. Bottom line, Stacee deserves this Life Changer Award. I bet there are countless lives she has changed over the past 10 years she's been involved with counseling. I know she sure changed my life. I love Stacee and who she is!!

Lori Munson Posted over a year ago

I have worked in the Counseling Center with Stacee for several years. She has such compassion for students. She works with and follows up with students that have needs. She believes in her work and it shows through her students. It is a pleasure to work with her. I believe in her and her efforts. I feel she deserves this award and recognition.

Liz Posted over a year ago

Ms. Worthen is an amazing influence on her students. My daughter is a member of the hope squad. It is an amazing opportunity for the students. Ms. Worthen has a vision for support!

Susan Nelson Posted over a year ago

No one deserves this more! Stacee is an amazing caring member of our staff at CHHS. I truly enjoy working with her to help our students.

Rylee Posted over a year ago

So well deserved!

Emily Posted over a year ago

Ms. Worthen has definitely changed my life! I’ve come into her office in helpless, stressed tears and left with a new outlook on life several times. Every time I visit her, she not only helps me solve the problem I’m dealing with, but she strengthens me and gives me confidence that I can handle it. She teaches me about prioritizing, and stress-coping, and countless other skills. It’s nice to know that there is someone in the school who completely understands everything I’m going through, and will help me succeed in my endeavors. She deserves this recognition and so, so much more.

Kaitlin Posted over a year ago

She is an outstanding women. She saved my life. She was my counselor 9th grade up until I graduated and I would not be the person I am today without her. She deserves this 100% ??

JD Sheppard Posted over a year ago

Stacee is a great example of service and selflessness. She councils my niece and has a great relationship with her. It can be very hard to make a real connection with teenagers and she's able to connect with them and really make a difference. So many people talk about making a difference but don't have the personality to help teens put their guard down. Stacee helps find out what is really going on so that she can really do something about it. She is awesome.

Marilyn Rees Posted over a year ago

Our experience was at Sunset Ridge but Ms. Worthen really made a difference for our son! A previous counselor had him discouraged and she helped him find a plan that worked that he was happy with! She really cares about her students and it shows!

Blakely Bishop Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Worthen was my counselor all throughout high school. My sophomore year i had to adjust coming to a public high school after being in a psychiatric hospital. She really helped me not just by making sure classes were going well but being concerned about me, my family, and my well-being. She was always there for me to meet whenever, even if it was a last minute emergency. You could tell she cares about you and wants you to succeed. She’s deserves this award 100% and I’m living proof of that. I wouldn’t be here and wouldn’t have made it through high school without her. She was one of my best friends and biggest mentors.

Nancy Karpowitz Posted over a year ago

As Stacee’s district counseling leader for three years before I retired, I can attest to her leadership skills and the positive energy with which she leads her counseling team and provides supports for her students. Not only does she strive to help students be healthy emotionally and to treat others with caring and respect, she also strives to help them be college and career ready. She has instituted programs to make this a school-wide effort. During college application week, her team helps every student complete at least one college application, and in the spring her team hosts a decision day where students share where they have been accept and plan to attend college. Stacee leads her team in finding creative ways to make college application week and decision day meaningful as well as fun! Stacee is a strong contributor to the Copper Hills High School positive atmosphere that encourages every student to thrive and find success.

Christie Hardey Posted over a year ago

Stacee is so deserving of this award. She looks out for all the kids at CHHS, not just the ones that are assigned to her. My kids included. Many times I have found myself grateful for her & her willingness to serve anyone in need.

Kim Allfrey Posted over a year ago

Ms. Worthen is amazing! We are so lucky to have her as our counselor. I can’t think of a more deserving person to recive this recognition. A huge thank you to her for all she has done for us!

Peggy Davis Posted over a year ago

Working with Stacee is a pleasure and delight. She finds a way to support teachers and students with workable compromises. She encourages students to advocate for themselves and to work through their problems - not walk away from them.

Shasta Burton Posted over a year ago

Stacee goes above and beyond her job requirements. She spends countless hours working to make students' lives better. She works tirelessly to make sure students at a disadvantage get what they need to succeed. I have come to admire Stacee's work ethic, her ability to empathize, and her effort to help others.

Rachel Lovato Posted over a year ago

Stacee is a close family friend. Her love for her job and her students is evident in her life even outside of school by the way she talks about them. She is a supportive and encouraging person and is always there when I have needed someone to talk to. She is calm under pressure and I am amazed at her calm attitude during the hardest times. She is very deserving of this award.

Michelle Ostmark Posted over a year ago

What can I not say about Stacy! She is one of the most loving, kind and generous people this world has been blessed with. Last year my husband passed away tragically in an accident and she made sure my girls were always taken care of, checked on me regularly. She even brought us cookies at midnight. She is such a remarkable woman who gives so much to her students, family, friends and community. She deserves to be recognized for who she is and the example she is to all around her.

Alishia Huefner Posted over a year ago

As a parent, I love the vlogs that Ms. Worthen has been doing to help kids with dealing with anxiety and depression. Also, daughter is part of the Hope Squad and she has received great support and training from Ms. Worthen. Several times, my daughter has reached out to her for assistance and she has helped in a very compassionate, professional and positive way. We love Ms. Worthen and we're so glad she is at our school!