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Sally Ingui

Position: Career Center Specialist
School: Carrollton High School
School District: Carrollton City Schools
City, State: Carrollton, GA

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Sally Ingui was nominated by her colleague, Laurie Fleck.

Mrs. Ingui helps students with career and college counseling at Carrollton High School. She advises and assists students with college and career explorations, helping them plan for the future. Mrs. Ingui helps students apply for financial aid, scholarships, college admittance, and testing for post-secondary admissions each year. Since 2006, she has provided support to her students in acquiring $82 million in scholarships, a total that does not include the HOPE Scholarship, which is approximately $1 million each year.

Mrs. Ingui not only provides assistance with college/career planning to her students; she provides emotional support to them, as well. She encourages them, so they feel more confident and committed to working on their future plans. During their high school years, students make big decisions that can affect their lives forever. Mrs. Ingui only has a limited time with her students, so she makes each moment count. She has always felt that her parents' encouragement of her own future goals provided the support she needed to be successful. Even though her parents did not have the opportunity to attend college, they made sure it was possible for her and her siblings. 

Some students need that same type of support, as they do not receive it at home. Carrollton High School has always been supportive of all students, no matter what their situation might be. With over half of the students receiving free and reduced lunch, many come from families that provide little support for college or career plans. Mrs. Ingui recounts many students she has encountered who never dreamed it possible to go to college. After working with them on the process and seeing their expression upon acceptance, she realized just how much of an impact she has on making students' dreams come true.

"Mrs. Ingui is a true LifeChanger for our students, ensuring they are all supported and have the tools to be successful in the world," Fleck said.

Comments (21)

Nichole Chetti-Bush Posted over a year ago

I am SO proud to work with Mrs. Ingui. I get to witness her changing lives every day! Not only does she work all day helping students prepare for their future after high school, but she also works and tutors at-risk students in the afternoon. She has taken these students on college tours and worked with them diligently on resumes and college applications. Many of these students would not have had this guidance without Mrs. Ingui. She is truly a life changer! She makes these students' lives bright with success!

Ashleigh Paulk Posted over a year ago

Ms. Ingui's impact extends far beyond the students that she supports. I think it's safe to say that Ms. Ingui changes the lives of everyone that she encounters. Her enthusiasm, patience, and kindness are contagious. I cannot think of a more appropriate person to be nominated for LifeChanger of the Year. She has certainly impacted my life and I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to work so closely with her.

Jeanne Swindle Posted over a year ago

Sally Ingui is truly a LifeChanger. She not only works with our students during regular class hours on college admissions, career opportunities, and preparation for life after high school, but four days a week she also works with our after school program working with at risk students. She has amazing patience and energy for every student who crosses her path. In her soft spoken way she quietly meets needs all day every day. She is never too busy to help a student meet deadlines critical to each individual student's goals post graduation.

Alison Hibbard Posted over a year ago

Sally Ingui is an integral part of Carrollton High School. As our Career Specialist, she is the go-to guru for all things post-secondary. She works tirelessly to help all of our students map out their futures after high school, no matter what their individual paths may look like. Just in the past two weeks, she has helped several of my students meet with military recruiters, arranged for students to take the Accuplacer on our campus, and helped students and their parents complete the FAFSA. In addition to all of the hard work she does during the school day, Sally is also a tutor for our grant-funded after-school program, BRIDGE, since its inception 7 years ago. Four days a week, she spends an extra 3 hours working with students to ensure that they complete their homework and stay on top of their grades, and she also leads a cooking enrichment to help students learn life skills outside the realm of core curriculum. CHS students are so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing resource iin Sally Ingui.

Kristi Simpson Posted over a year ago

She is instrumental to each student at Carrollton High School. She encourages students to be lifelong learners, and helps to guide their paths for college and careers. She also creates advisement lessons, advises and assist students with scholarship information, works with our BRIDGE afterschool program, etc. She is truly a blessing at our school.

Kelly Glanton Posted over a year ago

Sally is so derserving of this recognition. She personifies the term "life- changer". For six years Sally and I shared common space. I have witnessed Sally patiently and sincerely interact with countless students. She is consistently optimistic and encouraging to every student. Her energy level is amazing, and she attacks a challenging workload with passion and commitment every day. After a full day advising and assisting students, she teaches in our after school program. The students love Mrs. Ingui as her genuine kindness is affective and contagious. Sally inspires me to be a better teacher and student advocate.

Kristae Lawler Posted over a year ago

Sally Ingui is such an asset to our school. You only have to be around Mrs. Ingui for a few minutes and you can see that kindness and compassion exude from her! She helps our students prepare for college....but she also helps our students prepare for life! She is a blessing to be around and I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with her. She truly is a life-changer!!

Laura Rader Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ingui has such an impact on the futures of our students. She is driven to ensure that they are set up for success once they graduate from CHS and provides so many opportunities for students to explore different options for themselves. Mrs. Ingui is a Life Changer for so many students through the guidance she provides them for their futures!

Jennifer Sewell Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Sally Ingui is a true LifeChanger and is more than worthy of this recognition. Mrs. Ingui works with ALL students at Carrollton High School. She puts together an advisement program once a month that is very informative for students and goes over pertinent information for their grade level. Through the advisement lessons students are exposed from ninth grade through twelfth grade to everything from the importance of maintaining grades in order to obtain a good GPA to scholarship opportunities to joint enrollment/move on when ready options. Besides the advisement lessons, Mrs. Ingui schedules numerous opportunities for students to hear about various colleges, both locally and regionally, by bringing in representatives from different schools. She ensures that students have information they need to apply for scholarships, including helping them get started on their FASA (and we all know that is not a fun task) applications, applying for the HOPE Scholarship and making them aware of the hundreds of scholarships that are out there just waiting to be applied for. Since starting as the career center specialist, Mrs. Ingui has helped the students at Carrollton High School acquire around $82 million dollars in scholarships, not including the HOPE Scholarship. Besides being available to help all students with their future endeavors, whether it be college, trade school or the military, Mrs. Ingui helps with Carrollton High School's after school program called BRIDGE. After working all day, she works three additional hours with some of the most at risk students to ensure they are keeping up with their assignments and passing their classes. While at BRIDGE, not only does she provide academic support but she also helps with enrichment activities such as cooking. In the summer, she joins the students on field trips that expose them to places and events they may otherwise not have the chance to visit. And if all of this isn't enough, Mrs. Ingui is a sponsor of the National Honor Society. Mrs. Ingui may not be in front of a classroom full of students every day, but the impact she has on the student body at Carrollton High School is immeasurable. Mrs. Ingui is dedicated, hard-working and so sweet it can make your teeth hurt. Please consider Mrs. Ingui for this recognition as I truly believes she has earned it.

Shanon Melson Posted over a year ago

Sally is the epitome of professionalism! She has the IT factor and can tackle any tasks thrown at her with execution and grace!

Rosie Grubbs Posted over a year ago

Sally, thank you for all you do for our students at CHS! Sally helps our students know they can go to college and will help them get there if needed. She is also a great friend and colleague, and I love working with her in the BRIDGE program. Mrs. Ingui is a life changer!

Linda Pranski Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ingui is an amazing colleague: inspiring, supportive, positive, compassionate, practical, realistic, and approachable. The students know they have someone who is always there to help them with developing goals and navigating the sometimes scary world of post-graduation. She is an invaluable resource to the students and staff at CHS, as well as to the Carrollton community.

Julie Lowry Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ingui is so important to the success of our students. She spends time with students to help them navigate the world beyond graduation. As a teacher, I know when I send students to her, they will receive the best advice on how to prepare for the challenges and opportunities that await them after high school. As a parent I am grateful for her knowledge, care, and expertise to help my own children in the process of post high school education and careers. She is definitely changes lives for the better!

Karen Wild Posted over a year ago

Just have to share- SHE IS THE ONE!! From the support Mrs. Ingui provides to students in after school settings, connecting students to post high school opportunities and in the relationships she develops with them our students soar. Mrs. Ingui works tirelessly and with passion to address the needs of students. She is a Life Changer.

Josefina Washington Posted over a year ago

Ms. Ingui is a fantastic individual who is making a difference in the lives of the children at our school. She gives students the ability to dream big. She does everything in her power to assure our students success.

Tim Hawig Posted over a year ago

Sally develops a vision of success for every student she meets. She seeks out such a great variety of opportunities to help students see future occupations and educational ventures. She always has a smile and is such a joy to work with!

Melissa Wilkinson Posted over a year ago

I had the opportunity to work with with Ms. Ingui while completing an internship at CHS. I gained so much wonderful knowledge from her that I now use daily helping my own students.

Dawn Criswell Posted over a year ago

In the last five years, Ms. Ingui has helped my three sons with applications and scholarships for colleges. She was always willing to give them extra resources in order for them to make wise decisions for their future. She especially spent additional time helping my third son with the college application process. My husband was in the ICU and an acute rehabilitation facility for the first five months of my son's senior year. I stayed with my husband during these five months and was unable to help my son with the college process. Ms. Ingui took it upon herself to make sure my son completed all required documentation and encouraged him through the difficult time. He knew he could alway go to her office and she would help with any issues.

Heather Morrison Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Inqui is a wonderful asset to Carrollton High School. Mrs. Ingui goes above and beyond her title as College and Career Specialist to ensure each student is prepared for life after high school. Mrs. Ingui has a wealth of knowledge about scholarships, placement testing, applications and career pathways. Mrs. Ingui is always trying to learn more herself, so she can share more with each student of Carrollton High School.

Mike Mason Posted over a year ago

Sally is a joy to work with. She has a can do attitude to help all students to achieve their post secondary dreams. Her hard work and dedication is to be emulated by all her colleagues. She is eager to help students understand the requirements and skills needs to take that next step in life. We are very fortunate to have Ms.Sally Ingui to care for all our students at Carrollton high school.

Melissa Wilkinson Posted over a year ago

I had the opportunity to work with with Ms. Ingui while completing an internship at CHS. I gained so much wonderful knowledge from her that I now use daily helping my own students.