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Angela Leo

Position: Kindergarten Paraprofessional
School: Carrollton Elementary School
School District: Carrollton City Schools
City, State: Carrollton, GA

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Angela Leo was nominated by her colleague, Laurie Fleck.

Mrs. Leo has worked for Carrollton City Schools for 17 years. Each day, Mrs. Leo begins by greeting students at CES, providing them with a smile and a warm embrace before they start their day. She works with children in her classroom, helping them put basic skills to use as they become readers and writers. These are the basic tools a student needs in order to be successful in school. 

For the past five years, Mrs. Leo has also worked for the CES PALS program after regular school hours. During this time, she assists students who are having difficulty with academic skills and provides an extra push to help them become confident in order to be successful. Mrs. Leo is a daily example of how care and compassion can go a long way with the smallest learners. Mrs. Leo says that she has discovered the smallest things, such as a smile or a hug, can make a huge difference in the day. She has found that hearing her students read for the first time is the most rewarding part of her job. She knows that the look on the student's face and the excitement in their voice validates the job she has done.

With over half of the students at CES on free and reduced lunch, Mrs. Leo encounters many students each day who come from broken homes, poverty, and no consistent support in their life. She provides a sense of stability for these students, so that they know they are valued. It is not uncommon to see Mrs. Leo dancing in the morning drop off line as she greets students into the school; many times joined by older former students who see her in the line and run up to say hello.

"In the 17 years she has been at CES, Mrs. Leo has worked with students from all walks of life: students with disabilities, students with EIP's, gifted students, and regular education studetns," Fleck said. "When she thinks back to students that worked so hard to overcome their disabilities and struggles, her role in that process gives her an overwhelming feeling of pride, knowing that she helped in some way. Ms. Leo has said that she goes to school every day to teach, but in the end she has realized that her students are teaching her more than she ever imagined! "

Comments (18)

Alea Shadrix Posted over a year ago

I have the privilege to work with Angela Leo daily in my classroom. I see first hand how she loves our kids, supports them in learning, and goes the extra mile to help our kids believe in themselves and succeed. She is a true blessing to work with and I appreciate the positive impact she makes with all students on a daily basis. She is definitely a "Life Changer" at CES!

Laurie Lee Posted over a year ago

I think Angela is a blessing to her students, as well as colleagues. She loves what she does and it shows! She works with the youngest of students, who truly benefit from her knowledge and nurturing. Kindergarten can be a little overwhelming for some kids as it is often their first school experience. She is a true source of support and encouragement for them, and also their parents who may be a little nervous about sending their "baby" to school. She brings a positivity to our school that benefits her students and colleagues!

Jessie Peele Posted over a year ago

Angela Leo is one in a million. She is the epitome of the kind of teacher, person, and woman you want to be. She pushes kids to reach their potential, while also loving them with all of her heart. She literally does not stop moving from the time the day starts until it ends, even working in our after-school program to support the kids who need it the most. She is the heart of our school, and along with Mrs. Shadrix, she has made my daughter's kindergarten year absolutely incredible. Every single day I am so thankful to not only have her as my child's teacher, but also as one of my colleagues!

Alison Crawford Posted over a year ago

Ms. Leo is a true asset to our school. She has worked with both of my daughters during their Kindergarten year at CES. She truly invested herself into their lives, always showing great concern for not just their academic growth, but their little hearts as well. She went above and beyond to assist Mrs. Shadrix in any necessary tasks and she greats our students each morning with a smile and a dance. We are grateful to have her at CES!

Angela Wiggins Posted over a year ago

I was just scrolling through the life changer nominees and saw Angela Leo. As a personal friend of Angela Leo, I am not surprised by the kind words written about her. She has a big heart and loves children! I am so pleased to see her name as a nominee. Well deserved!

Kristae Lawler Posted over a year ago

Angela Leo is a beautiful person...inside and out!! You only have to be around her a few moments and you see the love and dedication she has for her job and her students. She works so hard every day and we are blessed to have her as part of our elementary school!

Pat Reynolds Posted over a year ago

Angela is such a special, warm, and loving person. It makes my heart swell when I watch her greet the kids in the morning with a hug as they are dropped off for their day at school. She is always such a calming presence.

Shanon Melson Posted over a year ago

Angela always has a positive disposition and make others around her feel welcome! She is a pleasure to work with!

Kristie Poor Posted over a year ago

Angela is such a great asset to our school! She is warm and nurturing to our students and does whatever is needed to make sure they are taken care of. If either of my children were in her care, I would feel 100% certain that they would be encouraged, supported, and cared for.

April Butler Posted over a year ago

Angela is a blessing to CES. She greets each and every person with a smile and has a positive outlook on each day. She has blessed many lives within the classroom and has helped children to succeed.

Lisa Fowlkes Posted over a year ago

Angela is a joy to work with. She always has a hug and smile for everyone she meets each day.

Montrell McClendon Posted over a year ago

She is a joy to work with. She does her job without complaining and puts the students first.

Jessica Payne Posted over a year ago

Truly a woman who puts her whole heart into the children. She is full of passion and happiness and never stops smiling!

Kecia Thomas Posted over a year ago

Angela loves her students and that shows in the way she deals with them. She welcomes them with a smile and a hug. She could not be a better choice for this award.

MacKenzie Hightower Posted over a year ago

She loves her job and her students more!

Amy Robinson Posted over a year ago

Couldn’t be a better more dedicated nominee than Angela Leo. She truly comes to school each day with a smile on her face for our kids. Everyone is a better person after spending time with her!

Karen Posted over a year ago

Angela is just a bright start for so many children. Every morning she greets the students arriving in cars. She smiles a smile so grand it warms the heart of all who see! She is such a willing helper who looks for ways to support others!

Beth Sims Posted over a year ago

Angela is one of the sweetest and most caring people that I know! I can only imagine the wonderful difference that she makes in the lives of these children. I am sure she has changed many lives for the better! She gets my vote!