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Josh Macip

Position: Spanish Teacher
School: High Point Academy
School District: State Charter School Institute
City, State: Aurora, CO

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Josh Macip was nominated by a colleague who wishes to remain anonymous.

Mr. Macip is a tireless K-8 Spanish teacher who stops at nothing to meet the needs of his students. He volunteers to stay afterschool to help students work on academics, and is always giving back to his community. He works hard to create and maintain relationships with his students all year. Mr. Macip has a positive attitude, and is always focused on helping find solutions. 

Mr. Macip  volunteers his time in and out of school, and even teaches Spanish to staff members on the weekends. He is the voice of diversity in his community, and has established a relationship with a sister city in Spain. His classes connect with the sister city community once a week to discuss different cultures and ways of life.

"Josh goes beyond what anyone would ever ask of him, and does not have a selfish bone in his body," the nominator said. "Honesty, integrity and grit is ingrained in the very fiber of his being. He is a true scholar and a true leader in the High Point community."

Comments (16)

Michael Poppitz Posted over a year ago

Not enough can be said about how awesome of a teacher Josh is. It is so easy to see that he puts everything he is into his classroom and students. I consider myself lucky to have worked with and be inspired by him and even luckier to consider him a close friend.

Caitlin O'Connor Posted over a year ago

When I heard that Mr. Macip was nominated for a LifeChanger of the Year award I was happy to share my recommendation for him. I worked alongside Josh at High Point Academy for three years, getting to know him as a colleague and a friend. I could not think of another teacher who deserves this nomination more. He teaches Spanish to the Kindergarten-8th-grade students and seamlessly makes a connection with each of his students. His lessons are engaging, so much so that my Kinder students would beg for it to be Spanish day. He is devoted to Restorative Practices and ensuring that students in his classroom grow academically as well as socially and emotionally. He juggles many hats at the school, being Team Lead for the Specials Team, coaching soccer, and always volunteering for teaching comittees and jumping on board for opportunities to enhance his students enjoyment during learning (dancing in a teacher assembly to pump students for the PARCC test comes to mind!). He is a trusted adult that the students easily learn from, and a compassionate friend his collegues knew they could always turn to . He works diligently to make each day the best day for everyone around him, and I cherish the memories that we made together!

Cynthia Ford Posted over a year ago

There isn't enough room in this comment box for all the good things that can be said about Josh. I worked with him years ago at High Point and have yet to find a matched educator with his passion, his creativity, and his commitment to his craft and his students. He is one of those teachers who will work to find a solution to any predicament; not being a core subject, he advocated and created his own Spanish program to fit the needs of the school and support the students into becoming better scholars. As a former colleague, he is someone I could always go to for collaboration and support. He is smart, easy-going, and powerful. I value my time spent with him and the friendship that evolved as we worked together. Josh is the best.

Carla Tarini Posted over a year ago

I met Josh last summer at a Fluency Fast training for language teachers in Denver, Colorado. We all connected quickly and effortlessly with Josh. Not only is he kind and caring, he has high standards and an incredible work ethic. I am grateful to call him a friend.

Colleen O'Cain Posted over a year ago

Josh Macip cares deeply for his students and constantly strives to further his training and education to best serve his students’ needs. As an educator having worked closely with Mr. Macip, I can attest to his strong leadership skills and tremendous ability to connect with others and inspire his students and fellow educators with his contagious positivity, curiosity and constant self-reflection.

Debbie M Posted over a year ago

Sr. Macip is an awesome storyteller. I love hearing the stories about his life.

Cristina Ruelas Posted over a year ago

Being a mother of 4 kids I have delt with many teachers. Mr. Macip is one of the very few that I can say he really cares for the kids. He takes these kids and shows them they matter and helps them in everything. You can see the kids care about him as well. He is a wonderful teacher and I am happy he was a teacher to my daughter for 3 years.

Tyler Gaviria Posted over a year ago

Josh is

Lauren Tauchman Posted over a year ago

Josh is one of the most dedicated and positive teachers I know. He has high expectations for himself and his students. He works tirelessly with teachers across the state and attends professional conferences in order to develop an effective and enduring Spanish program at High Point. He connects with students and helps them see their growth. But above all, he provides a positive, welcoming space in his presence.

Barbara Posted over a year ago

Josh Macip is truly a teacher who changes the lives of his students. As a teachers a t an urban school where most of the students are children of immigrants, Josh is a strong bridge between diverse cultures that his students experience. Many of his students come from homes where English is not the first language. Because Josh did not grow up in the United States, he has a unique connection with these students, as he has experienced firsthand growing up in a different cultured. Josh teaches his students both in his class and by example that being different does not mean that you do not have value as an individual.

Hope T Posted over a year ago

Josh Macip is a dedicated teacher. He is passionate about what he teaches and his students. He volunteers to run extra curricular programs when others are not able to. So the students have the opportunities that they may miss out on without a teacher to stay and run the program. Josh is dedicated to helping his students and his comminity grow.

Steven Larson Posted over a year ago

Josh is a very dedicated teacher. He cares very deeply about the children getting the education they deserve. He does his best to insure every child has the best regardless of racial standing

Brittany L Posted over a year ago

Sr. Macip is an amazing teacher. He is dedicated to the success of his students and the community. He is an extremely hard worker and always puts the needs of others before himself. He is an asset to both the school and community.

Rey Hernandez Posted over a year ago

I like my teacher Mr. Macip. He is funny and fun.

Gregg Dodd Posted over a year ago

My 2nd grader enjoys his Spanish teacher. He says he makes learning fun and he feels like "Senor Macip likes me".

Eva Hernandez Posted over a year ago

With a smile always on his face, Mr. Macip helps teach students the benefits of culture awareness.