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Paula Wall

Position: Math Teacher
School: Raleigh Christian Academy
School District: Wake County Public School System
City, State: Raleigh, NC

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Paula Wall was nominated by an anonymous parent of a student.

Mrs. Wall is serving her first year at Raleigh Christian Academy as a middle school and high school math teacher. She encourages each of her students by letting them know they can do what has been set before them, and that she will do all she can to help them reach their full potential. When others say, "they can't" or "they won't," Mrs. Wall speaks in the affirmative, "yes they can" attitude. She teaches students how to prioritize and focus on completion.

"As a parent, it is refreshing to know that some teachers are truly committed to the mission of educating students," the nominator said. "It is even more refreshing to know that Mrs. Wall is making sure that if a student learns differently or struggles to comprehend, she will help them persevere. It's good when students can complete books, but it doesn't matter when they lack the comprehension. I applaud Mrs. Wall for not neglecting those who are struggling in order to pass a test. Through patient, fervent teaching and encouragement, students increase their self-esteem and desire to learn."

Mrs. Wall motivates both students and parents alike. She finds additional resources to enhance her students' learning, and always keeps parents informed. She also encourages parents and welcomes them into their children's learning process.

"We get calls, emails, and face-to-face communications," the nominator said. "She never appears to be in a rush, and shows genuine concern about my children. Mrs. Wall accepts that even though she may have taught a lesson, it does not mean that it was immediately attainable for all. Through the eyes of my children, math has become enjoyable and they seek to learn more."

Students are excited about attending her classes, and they share with other students why they love to be in her presence. Mrs. Wall is professional and has an inner beauty that leaps to her outer beauty. Even if students say they understand a concept, Mrs. Wall can read their faces and understand that fear of failure or embarrassment may be plaguing their truth.  Her actions help motivate the students to live and succeed.

At the beginning of the school year, some students might assume that Mrs. Wall can be a push-over, but they immediately realize that she is not one to take advantage of. She connects with her students and sets the atmosphere for a great year. Mrs. Wall is known for her caring heart and steadfastness for the students. She does not sugar coat things with the parents or students and has a genuine love for each and every child.  She is honest in everything, and if she doesn't know something or makes a mistake, she is open and apologetic. This helps students see how to live in truth.

When Raleigh Christian Academy participated in a service project, Mrs. Wall involved her students, and sent weekly encouragement to the parents. She rallied parents to join in the schools' quest to educate and provide family and community involvement. Amongst her students and other staff, she helped pack 10,000 meals to feed families in Haiti.

"As a parent, she was doing what she asked me to do and enjoying it with all of us who came to help at that event," the nominator said. "The students see her beyond the classroom, excited about learning and serving others.

Mrs. Wall is married, with three children and one international student. Her family is actively involved in her school community. Students are so glad to see her cheering for sports teams at games and school activities. Her children become a part of her classes, as she testifies to things she has overcome. Her level of attention to all students helps them to do well in all classes. She nurtures her students with the same love and tender care that she gives her children.

"Mrs. Wall is a warrior teacher angel, who assures that our children are not devoured in believing that they cannot succeed," the nominator said. "These are a few of many reasons why she is a LifeChanger in our community."

Comments (18)

Dwight Ausley Posted over a year ago

We are fortunate to have Mrs. Wall on the Raleigh Christian Academy team as a teacher. Bottom line: She cares for her students and desperately desires to see them succeed. We are so pleased that she is pursuing her life's calling to be in the classroom and to influence young people. She is a difference-maker!

Jazmin Greer Posted over a year ago

I am a Freshmen at Raleigh Christian Academy. Mrs.Wall is a great teacher in and outside of the class room, she has encouraged me throughout the school year. I have gained confidence in math that I didn't have before. My classmates and I are grateful for her kindness and her determination. I would love for her to win this award for all of her hard works and efforts.

J. Wall Posted over a year ago

I have the privilege of working alongside Ms. Wall when she is not in the classroom. This is when you can see her pouring over her students' work, noting their individual and class-wide trends, and brainstorming how she can help them to overcome the obstacles. She is not one to blame students. Rather, she considers how her actions as their teacher discourage their mistakes in decision-making and replace those mistakes with more reliable habits, because she knows that helping the students see that they can learn to problem-solve successfully, especially in a subject that tends to intimidate students (and their parents!), will build their self-confidence and overall quality of work. Outside of her planning ahead for students' success, Ms. Wall is constantly talking about her students as the people she is getting to know. Learning about their experiences both in school and out of school informs how she pushes and supports them during class time and study hours, her contacts parents, and what she can leverage in terms of relationship-building. It is exciting to know that the students are experiencing growth and that hard work still gets celebrated!

esmeralda torres Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Wall, We are very thankful .Edgaris your student is thankful that he has a teacher that cares about him and loves him. As parents we are so grateful. He has learned so much in your class ,but most importantly is that you take the time to listen and teach him. You are so encouraging to him, he feels that everything is possible now and that he can learn anything. God bless you and everything you do for him. Muchas Gracias! Love Torres Family

Synthavanh Thompson Posted over a year ago

Wow, I couldn't have said it any better! Mrs. Wall is an inspiration to all who know her and have ever met her. You won't be the same after you have met her for even five minutes.

Miya Nakamura Posted over a year ago

I am a senior at Raleigh Christian Academy. Although I am not in any of Mrs. Wall’s classes, it is not uncommon to see Mrs. Wall in the hallways helping students and encouraging us all to do our best. She is always extremely positive and kind to all of the students whether in her class or not. We know if we ever need to speak to speak with a teacher, that she will be right there all ears to listen to anyone’s problems. Although it is Mrs. Wall’s first year, she has earned the respect of all of her students as well as the students not in her classes. She truly loves all her students and seeks for them to do their best in anything they try.

Amber Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Wall is an exceptional person with a heart as big as an ocean! She is one of my very best friends, and her friendship is very precious to me. She is always involved anywhere she can be, and in whatever it may be she gives 100% of herself. She is a willing, open listener that WILL give you feedback.... And it will be what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. I honestly don't know a better person to receive this award! She is such a godly woman who encourages in all aspects of life, but is beyond humble in her life. Mrs. Wall is a bright shining light in a darkening world!!

Amanda Stephens Posted over a year ago

My daughter loves being in Mrs. Wall's study hall. I appreciate the extra element of fun Mrs. Wall brings to study hall. Most of all, I appreciate how Mrs. Wall has been a good example and Christian role model for her students.

Brandi Sarver Posted over a year ago

I have seen her heart for the students, first hand. She has gone above and beyond, to help reach and teach each child. She has put in many hours after school, to send extra help for the students to succeed. She makes her teaching personal to each student. She is kind, hard working, and selfless. She loves her students and their families. She wants nothing more than to help each student learn, and build a relationship with them along the way. She is a fabulous teacher and friend. My daughter is blessed to have her as a teacher!

Elizabeth Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Wall definitely has a genuine love and concern for her students. Having a teacher background, I appreciate the time and support she gives to each of her students; and I love getting to eavesdrop on her class whenever I can because it always captures my attention. Even as an adult, I can learn things from her to apply to my own classes!

Tammy Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Wall loves her students. She goes above and beyond the call of being just a teacher. You can tell that she not only loves being a teacher but she loves the kids by the sparkle in her eye when she speaks of them! She is a great lady of the faith of Jesus Christ and shows it in her life.

Rhonda Castleberry Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Wall has been an asset to our school. I am glad she was added to the teaching faculty. I’ve only heard kind and positive comments, and I’ve had the privilege to walk by her classroom and see her in action. She obviously loves what she is doing, and she is a servant hearted teacher. She sees it as her responsibility to help every child succeed. My children have not had the privilege to be under her teaching yet, but I hope she continues here and increases her time in each day to teach more classes and affect more students and parents!

Jenny Potter Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Wall deserves this!! Yes!! I have had the awesome opportunity to help out with her children while she teaches her students. She is a loving attentive mother as well as a host mommy for a young man that is originally from China. I DONT' KNOW how she does all she accomplishes with so much grace and such a positive heart. She is definitely a role model and I look to her as a mom, teacher, wife and woman that is not only making a difference in our school, but with our future leaders !!!

Lydia Katikiri Posted over a year ago

Indeed, Mrs. Wall deserves to be, and is the life changer of the year given her determination, and dedication that no child is left behind in her math class. As a parent, I have watched my daughter struggle with math through grades, scoring Ds, and Fs. I tried to reach out to some teachers to help me figure out how my daughter might benefit from extra help, or some kind of help, all to no avail. I even enrolled my daughter at a Sullivan Center, paying through the nose, but got no results. Until Mrs. Wall came along. Now, my daughter's a math loving student, all because of the spark Mrs Wall has ignited in her.She has done the same for most struggling math students, qualifying her for a life changer.

Benjamin Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Wall is a great teacher. She knows how to make learning fun. Thank you Mrs. Wall for being a great teacher this year!

Panzo Family aka Rebecca Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Wall is one of the best teachers you would ever get to know and if you ever get to know her you would be lucky. She has done so many things whether educational or fun. She is funny and she'll tell you any of the life lessons you'll need to know. She cares, she's strong, and in my opinion life wouldn't be a journey with out her. It would be a privilege to know that my teacher (and friend) won the LifeChanger of the Year award. Love you Mrs. Wall!

Lucinda Brooks Posted over a year ago

I completely agree that Mrs Wall goes above and beyond to encourage and really insure that her students get what she is teaching. We receive emails from her regularly telling us about our student's progress. She has been a breathe of fresh air to have at our school. We are blessed to have her as our daughter's teacher.

esmeralda torres Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Wall, We are very thankful .Edgaris your student is thankful that he has a teacher that cares about him and loves him. As parents we are so grateful. He has learned so much in your class ,but most importantly is that you take the time to listen and teach him. You are so encouraging to him, he feels that everything is possible now and that he can learn anything. God bless you and everything you do for him. Muchas Gracias! Love Torres Family