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Emmanuel Reddish

Position: English & Language Arts Teacher
School: Carrollton Junior High School
School District: Carrollton City Schools
City, State: Carrollton, GA

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Emmanuel Reddish was nominated by his colleague, Taylor Sarratt.

Mr. Reddish grew up in a small home on a dirt road, deep in rural western Georgia. At the time, his mother worked long hours each day trying to provide as a single mother. Her strength taught him that no matter what circumstances or trials come your way, you must work to be stronger than those issues and overcome them. She would often have him read the back of cereal boxes at the grocery store, and she would ask questions to see if he was comprehending the information. Although she did not attend college, she strived each day to make sure Mr. Reddish had the tools to be educated and successful in life. 

As a young child, Mr. Reddish realized he, too, had the same passion for teaching. He would often play school with neighborhood kids and became interested in the profession as he grew older. However, his 11th grade AP World History teacher, Coach Fendley, solidified his career choice. Mr. Reddish remembers Coach Fendley making learning fun and exciting, which changed his life. He taught history by letting students participate in historic simulations and providing performances in front of peers. The students brought food to class that represented the diverse history and geographic locations. He immersed his students in learning, and his passion was contagious. He was genuine, something Mr. Reddish tries to emulate daily with his students to impact their lives as Coach Fendley did his. 

Although Mr. Reddish has won awards and accolades for his teaching success, he feels his greatest accomplishments in education have been visits from former students who tell him how much his class helped prepare them for high school and post-secondary education. His success with these students is evident in leadership roles assigned to him throughout his career. In addition to completing his Masters and Specialist degrees, Mr. Reddish serves as the sponsor for National Junior Honor Society, Creative Arts Club, and the Director of the Black History Month Assembly Program. He is a new teacher mentor, ELA Department Chair, serves on the CJHS Leadership Team and is part of the Aspiring Leaders cohort for the Carrollton City School System. He has also served as Coordinator for Curriculum for the after-school program, and as a Professional Development Leader for the University of West Georgia Learning Festival for three years. 

Mr. Reddish believes he can make a positive impact on his students and new teachers through literacy training and development. He works to help his school community with these initiatives through his expertise in the area. His students are frequently heard discussing how much they enjoy his class and learning style, and his success shows in his receipt of the 2017-2018 CJHS Teacher of the Year Award, in addition to many other awards received during his tenure. 

"Mr. Reddish's creativity in the classroom to engage students and make the learning process fun is apparent to all who encounter him," Sarratt said. "This creativity has reached children from all backgrounds and infused a love of learning from students who may not otherwise receive the support from home to be successful in school. It has also reached students who may be struggling in their academic progress by providing them a way in which they can learn." 

Comments (36)

Mandy Maierhofer Posted over a year ago

Reddish is a great teacher, co-worker, and friend. He keeps his students entertained, inspired and motivated to try new things.

Lisanne Denmon Posted over a year ago

Mr Reddish was my daughters teacher at the Junior High. He will be the teacher that stands out to her years later when people ask who was the teacher that helped you the most. He has high expectations of his students and pushes them. My daughter is currently a junior in high school and she says she learned to write in Mr. Reddish's class. One act that stands out in my mind is a character activity that he conducted with her class. When she shared the activity with me, I knew her life had been changed in that moment. I thank you as a parent for all you do for children!

Tanish Springer Posted over a year ago

Mr. Reddish is a great teacher. He always has a positive attitude and is willing to go the extra mile.

Kristae Lawler Posted over a year ago

Mr. Reddish has taught both of my children and they have both adored him! His energy and love for teaching show in everything he does. He is so involved in his school and his community that I get tired just seeing all he does! Teachers like Mr. Reddish truly are changing the lives of so many. I am also blessed to know him and call him a friend!

Rosie Grubbs Posted over a year ago

Emmanuel, thank you for pushing our kids to do their best whether it is in language arts or as a person. Mr. Reddish is actively involved in so many different clubs and organizations at CJHS. The kids love his witty sense of humor, and they want to work hard to make him happy. Thank you for starting the Creative Arts Club which my son has enjoyed being a part of. There is finally something for him to be involved in, and boy, do you keep him busy! On a professional note, thank you for being willing to share your ideas and welcoming other teachers into your classroom to see the innovative practices you are doing. I have learned so much from you! Emmanuel is a life changer!

Chrissy Loveless Posted over a year ago

I am proud to say that Mr. Reddish has taught both of my children & they loved him! He is a kind man that keeps me laughing! He is always thinking outside the box & creating new experiences for his students & our school!

Charity Hanner Posted over a year ago

This is my first opportunity to know and work along side Mr. Reddish. What has impressed me the most is his passion for education and his willingness to go the extra mile to push his students. I admire the way he challenges his students and I strongly believe that his students greatly benefit from his teaching style. My highest compliment for a fellow teacher is this - I would want him/her to teach my child; and I can definitely say that is applicable in this situation. :)

Kali Obasuyi Posted over a year ago

He’s an awesome person and an even more awesome teacher:)

Meredith Harris Posted over a year ago

Mr. Reddish is a phenomenal man and teacher. He made a huge impact on my son and I am grateful for him!

Gary Peters Posted over a year ago

Emmanuel truly inspires and motivates his students. He is creative and innovative in his teaching. The students love taking his class!

Leigh Crews Posted over a year ago

Mr. Reddish is a dedicated educator who challenges his students to further their abilities to become better students and people.

Ayanna Thompson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Reddish is a very caring and upbeat teacher. He makes learning fun and it’s obvious that he has fun doing it. He is definitely a notable instructor among the bunch.

Pamela Adams Posted over a year ago

Mr. Reddish is not only a teacher of middle school students, he also inspires and teaches the adults who view and experience the his gifts love and dedication the art.

Tony Branham Posted over a year ago

Emmanuel really cares about others and especially students. He loves helping them learn.

Sherry Goodson Posted over a year ago

Emmanuel is such an inspiration to his students and his peers. He is a true leader and a positive influence to everyone he comes in contact with.

Dorlisa Heard Posted over a year ago

Mr. Reddish has a passion for kids and love what he do. He is always excited about teaching and bringing out the best in them.

Josh Crandell Posted over a year ago

Mr. Reddish is an amazing and inspiring teacher! Not only does he offer a deep understanding of his curriculum, he cares about the learning and well-being of his students. As a fellow teacher, I was able to learn many strategies from him that I use in my classes now.

Triston Dozier Posted over a year ago

Mr. Reddish is a great teacher. Although I only had him for one year before he changed schools I still remember being in his class to this day. He always helped with what he could no matter if it was something concerning his class or not. One of my favorite teachers I have ever had.

Tori Willis Posted over a year ago

Mr. Reddish was the most passionate, enthusiastic, and fun teacher I had in high school. I had him for Speech Class and he taught me how to become a more confident person and speaker. I had some of my fondest memories of high school in his classroom.

Andrea Nix Posted over a year ago

Mr. Reddish is a distinguished teacher that goes above and beyond for all of his students. As a former colleague that has worked with many educators throughout my career, he is truly one of the best.

Mignon Richardson Posted over a year ago

I recommended Mr. Reddish because by teaching he inspires and awaken the hearts of others. He's a teacher who takes a hand, opens a mind and touches lives of our children of today.

Alyson Gray Posted over a year ago

Mr Reddish is amazing and absolutely deserves this!

Shrica Edwards Posted over a year ago

Emmanuel Reddish is definitely the teacher that takes you beyond the classroom. He is so passionate about his role as a teacher/mentor. He teaches and instructs so every individual both old and young will be a part of the experience. Thanks Mr. Reddish!

Jill Hyers Posted over a year ago

Mr. Reddish has the enthusiasm to keep kids engaged! He is a positive motivator for all!

Whitney Williams Posted over a year ago

I am not surprised at all. You Go Manny!! So glad to see you're still so driven!

Rich Fendley Posted over a year ago

I was Emmanuel’s 11th grade world history teacher. As a student Emmanuel was truly unique. He unlike many young people decided he was going to be who he was as a person. He was never one to be influenced by his peers. That made him stand out to me and I knew down the road he would accomplish some great things. Emmanuel always presented some of the most creative and funny projects in class. I am very proud of his teaching career. Coach Fendley

Misty Ward Posted over a year ago

Emmanuel is an awesome teacher and friend. We worked together for a few years and I learned early on that he has a true passion for teaching. His innovative, fun teaching style has positively impacted his students. I'm so excited that he has been nominated for this high honor.

Joe Farkus Posted over a year ago

Mr. Reddish goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to reaching his students and inspiring them to be their best. He taught me, specifically, that education isn't just about learning coursework (though that is obviously important), it's about learning how to grow as a person - as a lifelong student - and to never to be afraid of tackling new challenges. I'm absolutely convinced I would not have the success I'm having in college and my career in journalism without the guidance and inspiration I received in his class. He's more than deserving of this award.

Ashley Tidwell Posted over a year ago

A wonderful individual devototed to what he loves, the children. Such a pure heart that truly cares about others!

Annah Hamby Posted over a year ago

Emmanuel Reddish is one of those people you never forget. He’s always upbeat and positive. Always willing to lend a helping hand and go the extra mile for someone. A great person and teacher! He’s most definitely deserving of this award and much more!

Amanda Owens Posted over a year ago

He is a great motivator in and outside the school setting. He is always spending his time helping with extracurricular activities. So proud to call him my friend.

Ashley Houston Posted over a year ago

Mr. Reddish is a great teacher!!! He does alot with the children and deserves to be awarded ??

LaShenda Wood Posted over a year ago

He is a great teacher who motivates students. He is enthusiastic about his work and loves to be creative!

Jennifer Schelp Posted over a year ago

Me. Reddish is one of those teachers you never forget because he comes up with the most fun lessons that make them ultimately memorable. I believe he truly loves teaching, and he gives back to his school way more than what he brings within the four walls of his classroom. I am honored to be his coworker, and I believe Mr. Reddish to be absolutely worthy of this honor!

Kym Hilbert Posted over a year ago

Emmanuel is an excellent teacher who values each of his students. His love for learning pours into the students soul and makes them want to achieve anything places in front of them. Congratulations

Jessica Burns Posted over a year ago

Mr. Reddish is definitely worthy of this honor. He goes above and beyond for his students. He was one of the best teachers I've ever had and I felt so prepared for college because of his teaching style. He is great!!