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Fatima Cheffen

Position: Fifth Grade ELA Teacher
School: Sims Elementary School
School District: Rockdale County Public Schools
City, State: Conyers, GA

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Fatima Cheffen was nominated by her principal, Chara Willaford.

Mrs. Cheffen is so much more than just a teacher. She is a mentor to new teachers in the building, leads the school's mentoring program, and is the sponsor of the girls mentoring group called The Social Butterflies. Additionally, Mrs. Cheffen is a critical instructional leader, where she leads the Spelling Bee and is known as the caring spirit of the school.

Mrs. Cheffen gives 110% of her time, effort and energy to her school. The demands of being a teacher increase yearly, and Mrs. Cheffen does not cease to serve the community beyond her grade level. Most recently, The Social Butterflies were highlighted in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution for their food drive to benefit homeless women and children in the Conyers area. Even over the Christmas Break, Mrs. Cheffen and The Social Butterflies volunteered their time with the elderly by making Christmas decorations, playing games and spending time. 

"What I honor most about Mrs. Cheffen is that she does all of this without complaining," Willaford said. "While she gets tired, and often should rest, she doesn't! She has to be reminded to take time and recharge. But her giving spirit will not allow her to rest. Mrs. Cheffen is indeed a true educator who impacts scholars academically and affectively.  She deserves this honor and more!"

Fatima Cheffen in the News:
Sims Elementary’s Cheffen nominated for LifeChanger of the Year

Comments (31)

Keara McFarlin Posted over a year ago

I can write a book about Mrs. Fatima Cheffen. This phenomenal women here, taught my twin and I when were in the 8th grade. Still to this day, she has been an absolute blessing to my sister and I, because we can call her our mother, or friend, our mentor, and many more. If there was ever a time, we needed to talk to Fatima Cheffen, she was only one phone call away. Mrs. Cheffen has inspired myself to follow my dreams, my passion for teaching. She has a gift of love, she is heartwarming. She will always be my fashionista mentor, because I love clothes, shoes, purses, etc. as much as she do. She has love for anyone and that is a blessing, because not many have the passion to teach like she does. My sister and I are 21 years old, we will be 22 this year and it is a blessing to still be able to call on Mrs. Cheffen when we need her.

Shar Webster Posted over a year ago

I have known whom you all call Ms. Cheffen for over a decade now. In this time and for every year that passes I have grown to love and admire her more and more. Knowing her humble beginnings, I know they have not hindered but heightened her dedication to instill and nurture knowledge into our youth. She is the epitome of a Phenomenal Woman, a dedicated educator, and admirable role model. Leaving a lasting impression on everyone whom has the pleasure of being your presence. You deserve acknowledgement on every level, and I look forward to seeing your end-less growth.

Tracy Posted over a year ago

Awesome educator, I remember meeting her at Memorial Middle. She took my daughter and molded her to the love ELA and Writing! I am happy to say that she is a junior at Kennesaw State.

Monique Walker Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cheffen works endlessly and tiredlessly for and with her students. She taught my daughter not only education wise but life skills as well. She is an amazing educator!! I look forward to her receiving this Life Changer Award with her students shouting and cheering her on. Continued Blessings and strength on your path of greatness Mrs. Cheffen!

India Posted over a year ago

Ms. Cheffen, is an inspiration to both her students and colleagues. Whenever I see her she is smiling and has something positive to say. She is busy teaching her girl's mentoring group how to be an influence in the community. Ms. Cheffen deserves this honor and recognition!!!!

Terri Huggins Posted over a year ago

Mrs Cheffen is a teacher that my daughter and I will never forget. Thank you for being that mother for my child while I was being mother to my students. I love you!

Russell sledge Posted over a year ago

As a parent and an educator myself, Mrs. Cheffen is a phenomenal educator and a awesome person. Her God gifted ability brings out the best in everyone around her. I appreciate her advice, and her wisdom and her heart towards all those she comes in contact with. She is well deserving of this award.

Annie Reed Posted over a year ago

As a “seasoned” adult I appreciate Mrs. Cheffen’s candor in dealing with scholars and her peers. She is a true asset to Sims and the community it serves.

Shatara Holman Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cheffen when you look in a dictionary under humanitarian her name should be listed. She never puts herself first. She is always there when you need her, no matter what the situation may be. I have had the honor of two daughter being led by such a positive being. She deserves this Life Changer award more than anyone that I could ever think of. I am so happy for you. I am so proud to be able to call you my friend.

Jacqueline Butler Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Chaffen, what can I say about a person who is a true lover of teaching. Who does it with heart,soul and with passion. Fatima does not take it lightly she takes it with the devotion and affection knowing that what she loves will make an impact in the life's of our future generations. She is well deserving of such an award but she is far more precious to the true meaning of the word we call teacher. Thank you for the previlage of me knowing your true spirit Fatima. You are truly a blessing.

Crystal Sledge Posted over a year ago

I not only have the honor of working with Mrs. Cheffen, but she was also my son's 5th grade teacher. He is now in 7th grade and she still checks on him and will "put him in his place" when necessary. She has become extended family to my family. Her teaching reaches far beyond the classroom. She has a gift to couple academics with life lessons.I often tell her I don't know how she does it. She is always on the move. I know in her heart she realizes that she is needed for such a time as this. Mrs. Cheffen keep on running your race. This is your season!!!

Jamie Posted over a year ago

I’m a woman of few words, as Mrs. Cheffen knows. However, her genuine and sincere heart is something I truly appreciate! She helped me understand the importance mentorship. Not only were we co-mentors to many girls she was my mentor in the early stages of my teaching profession and words couldn’t express how grateful I am for her!

Kerri Toney Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your much continued success Fatima.

Ali Webster Posted over a year ago

I am Mrs. Cheffen's little brother and as a kid I knew she was meant to teach. Fatima has always played a mother role in my world by encouraging and pushing me to achieve my full potential. I remember her not only getting us up and ready for school but making sure we succeeded in graduating against all odds of government housing. Thank you Fatima for your steadfast love, grace and spirit bestowed apond the Webster Family. Ali

Michelle Mothershed Posted over a year ago

I am so proud of you as a Sister /Friend, a Mother , Wife, Educator, Mentor but most of all a Woman of GOD! Continue to let your light shine!!!!! #LifeChanger

Joanna Van Raden Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege of learning, sharing, and growing as an educator by meeting Ms.Cheffen through her work as an exceptional writing teacher. I am continually inspired by the extra miles she travels to reach each and every student. Her presence online is one of evergrowing and lifelong learning to make miracles happen for students. I am thrilled to see her nominated for this award.

Chalonda Posted over a year ago

I have watched my colleague/friend so just as the title of this award suggests “change lives”. She is truly deserving.

Wanda Langley Posted over a year ago

She deserves the recognition. She has a passion for teaching, a love for the children and service in general. She gives and gives her time. She checks on the children and encourages them to excel and be positive role models. She is worthy of this honor.

Janette Rice Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cheffen is most deserving of this honor. She not only gives her time and support to the scholars, but she is very supportive of her colleagues as well. I often tell her to please rest. She is mentoring after school and weekends. Always seems to put others first. She is admired and loved by everyone that know her.

Sharon Malcom Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Cheffen and I co-reach an ELA fifth grade class. She is an amazing educator and an amazing.human being. Her students are always engaged in their lessons and they are always motivated to write. They really look up to Mrs. Cheffen because she works with them both inside and outside of the classroom She leads the Social Butterflies ,all girl group, and she involves them in many community volunteer services. When I observe Mrs. Cheffen's interactions with her students, I think of her as the Pied Piper of student success.She is tireless in her devotion to our students. She even does home visits, with gifts , when her students are out ill.She is an ideal candidate for this award.

Carmen Rios Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Cheffen is a great teacher and a great human being.I had the privilege to be her coworker last year. When I began she was eager to help and always friendly. She allowed her 5th graders to read to my Kindergarteners. My students excelled and all were reading at the end of the year. She really deserves to be the Life Changer of the Year!

Paula Harris Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cheffen is definitely a Life Changer! Not only does she leads her school mentoring program but Mrs. Cheffen doesn't forget about those young girls once they enter middle school. She continues to mentor them throughout their high school career, supporting them in academics, athletics, and all the way through graduation. She doesn't stop there! She offers words of encouragement and inspiration to her colleagues and makes an impact on their spiritual being more then she can imagine. I whole heartedly support Mrs. Cheffen for the LifeChanger of the Year award.

Betty Saylor Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cheffen is a true gem. She has such a loving spirit and such a gift when it comes to mentoring, and encouraging our youth. Two of my daughters were in her class, and they both loved her dearly. She is a true example of what spreading love, and serving the community is really about. Her countless hours that she dedicates to teaching our youth how to serve others is truly amazing. She truly deserves this honor.

Shelby Posted over a year ago

This lady deserves to be recognized. She is selfless and kind to students and other teachers. She has made my first year of teaching go so much smoother. So thankful for her!!

Kim Hardy Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cheffen is truly one of a kind!!! She is an outstanding role model to all of youth that she works with. She works hard, is an awesome teacher, and can wear heels all day like no other. She is very deserving of this honor!!!

Mrs. Shona Nixon Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mrs. Cheffen. What a well deserved and earned nomination. Mrs. Cheffen has been such an inspiration for both my children. Even though they are in middle school now, she continues to offer encouragement and advice to them to always work hard and be their best selves. It is such a blessing to have such a wonderful woman in their lives. I truly appreciate ALL she has done and continues to do not just for my scholars but the scholars of Rockdale county and Sims Elementary School. A true asset. Congratulations!!

Sonja Camp Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cheffen is the most caring and supportive person I know. She truly deserves this honor and more!!

C Robbins Posted over a year ago

Your service to young girls is exemplary! You deserve this honor!

Stacy James Posted over a year ago

I have known Mrs. Cheffen for almost ten years, and every year she never ceases to amaze me with her dedication to serve others. Over the years, I have witnessed her leave a lasting impact on the lives of others. I’m so glad that she is being recognized for all she does.

Charlotte Walton Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cheffen is not only the epitome of a relentless educator who puts her all into every student (even students she do not teach), but she is also a caring mother and wife who also devotes her time and energy to others of all ages (including mentoring other colleagues and just being a caring spirit to everyone! She makes herself approachable to her students and impacts all of them in a major educational way. I adore Mrs. Cheffen because she is truly a servant to her students and her colleagues,??

Phyllis Gilstrap Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Cheffen is an inspiration not only to the kids but the adults too she is a true educator that cares very much for her scholars well being I totally wish she was around when I was going to school!!