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Brian Phillips

Position: Campus Security
School: Walcott Elementary School
School District: Davenport Community Schools
City, State: Walcott, IA

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Brian Phillips was nominated by a colleague who wishes to remain anonymous.

Mr. Philips has transformed the culture and environment at Walcott Schools. He has been instrumental in making students want to come to school and learn by building positive relationships with them. He greets students by name and learns about their interests. Mr. Phillips participates in students' activities, like athletics, taking tickets, cheering, celebrating and assisting at the scorers table. He also does the DJ music for the students when they achieve attendance goals.

Mr. Phillips co-directs the school talent show, Panther Palooza, working with students on sound, scripts, and specific acts. He helps students de-escalate situations and use appropriate social skills when apologizing for poor choices. He has helped to reduce office referrals and suspensions by teaching and modeling PBIS expectations. Mr. Phillips also works with teachers and staff to keep things positive and fun. He wears costumes for holidays, school events, and in support of fundraising projects. 

He helps staff and PTA with various projects when they are in need of a helping hand, and even leads the school in safety exercises. Mr. Phillips also serves on committees and participates in professional development voluntarily, so he can stay connected with the whole building.

"His presence in the building, in the cafeteria, at the bus arrival/dismissal area, and classrooms always results in calm, peaceful experiences for all," the nominator said. "He absolutely makes a difference in the lives of the students, staff, and community of Walcott Schools."

Comments (33)

Brandy Harland Posted over a year ago

My son just loves Mr. Phillips and speaks of him highly! We are blessed to have him at Walcott school.

Jenny Klemme Posted over a year ago

What a wonderful nomination! I completely agree with choosing him. Not only does he do all of those things at school and make a difference in the children's lives, he even volunteers his time to coach other baseball and football after school! He always has a smile for the kids and makes them feel great about themselves!!

Stephanie Gieselman Posted over a year ago

Mr. Brian has been such a positive change to Walcott School. He is loved by both students and staff. He makes an effort to build relationships with all students, but especially with those whom he knows really need it. Mr. Brian is sure to put a smile on the face of many students and staff with his cheerful personality. Not only does he connect well with students, but he also makes both students and staff feel safe in our school and helps create a positive learning environment. He has certainly been a lifechanger for all at Walcott!

Sally Robinson Posted over a year ago

This nomination does not surprise me - not one iota. Every point made in the nomination is 100% believable. Mr. Brian Phillips is my cousin; I know his character. I am not part of the Walcott school community, but I knew when he got the job that the hiring committee had made the right choice.

Peggy Busch Posted over a year ago

He is a Great Guy.. I’ve known him for a log time. He is well deserving of this award!!!!!??

Melissa Ware Posted over a year ago

Mr. Brian (Phillips) is a positive and fun member of the Walcott school community. He is great with the kids and is always more than helpful. Every school would be better off if they had their own Mr. Brian. Thank you Mr. Brian for everything that you do for all those around you making the world a much better place.

Sandra Seeley Posted over a year ago

This NOMINATION DOES NOT SURPRISE ME!! I have known Brian since he was my sweet neighbor at 7 yrs old....Such a CARING YOUNG MAN who is Very Compassionate and is ALWAYS available to lend a Helping Hand... and is the ABSOLUTE BEST SANTA CLAUS!!! He is My OTHER SON.. I Love Him dearly... He is so DESERVING!

Kris Burt Posted over a year ago

Brian is a friendly face that welcomes my kids every morning. They light up when they see his face. He is the first to volunteer his time outside of school for any activity that benefits the kids. He has changed the culture of the school and our community for the better!

Teresa Cook Posted over a year ago

Mr. Phillips is an awesome asset to the school and the QC community. His quiet strength and kindness go beyond the building. We are blessed to know him.

Amy Paustian Posted over a year ago

Mr. Brian is a super great asset to our school! He has this innate ability to respond to each and every circumstance in such a calm but fair way. He has made it fun at school and the kids respond well to him! My three kids love him! I'm thankful he's a part of Walcott School!

Angie Ehlers Posted over a year ago

Mr. Brian Phillips has an incredible ability to connect with all students and they, along with with staff and parents, truly respect him for his fair and positive demeanor. He is an excellent role model and through his support and encouragement, is impacting our kids' lives for the better. Brian is quick to volunteer for anything (he's everywhere!) and is the heart of Walcott School. He is devoted, witty, intelligent, respectful and is very much deserving of this Life Changer award! I am blessed to call him my friend.

Jeff Blake Posted over a year ago

Mr. Brian is a great asset to the Walcott School. He has vast knowledge of dealing with the children. Brian is also great to work with. If there is anything law enforcement needs he is always willing to help.

Van Patrick Finn Posted over a year ago

Brian is an awesome individual! He has an innate ability to handle stressful student situations with an extremely calm demeanor. He works very hard to model the type of behavior we would like to see from our students - one that stresses minimal aggression and a peaceful solution to any conflict that is about to happen within Walcott School. Brian is a big guy with an even bigger heart! He is very sensitive to the needs of others, which includes students and adults. Brian is one to look for the good in people rather than searching for faults in others. He does not complain or question any part of his job description and/or responsibilities - he simply is there to "get the job done!" Brian would be very deserving to garner this award at this point in time!

Betsy Kreassig Posted over a year ago

Mr. Brian Phillips goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the students and staff at Walcott School. Mr. Brian is beloved by the student population (kindergarten through eighth grade) for his lovable personality and fun sense of humor. Besides being an incredibly kind and compassionate human being, Mr. Brian also works extremely hard to make Walcott school a safe place for everyone. Mr. Brian is extremely generous with his time and talents, including his considerable DJ skills. Walcott School is definitely a better place thanks to the work and dedication of Brian Phillips.

Julie Farley Posted over a year ago

Mr. Brian...just where do you start...Brian is the calm in the storm...his job (S) is so challenging...there are days when I see him not have a minute to catch his breath..being pulled in a million different directions........that being said ..he still finds time to ask you how you are doing, and if there is anything he can do to help you ...doesn't matter if he has 100 different things on his plate ....somehow he just finds time....always with a smile on his face ...a dance in his step. When there are problems/issues to be solved and you just have no idea how you are going to bring all the different mind sets just put the call out for Mr. Brian....... it's like shining the "Bat-signal" and Brian shows up instead of Batman... we would not want it any other way!!! You are so very loved by both students & staff ...we are beyond blessed.Thanks for everything Brian!

Mary Beth Posted over a year ago

Mr. Brian is so much more than campus security here at Walcott! He is an integral part of all aspects in this school. He always has a smile on his face, compassion in his heart, and safety on his brain. As if that wasn't enough, he will lend a hand to anyone needing help, participates in many committees, and volunteers his DJ services (which the kids LOVE). I know that I can always count on Mr. Brian! We are very lucky to have him at this school...and to call him a friend!

Joyce Werning Posted over a year ago

Mr. Phillips always has a smile and my daughter loves his sense of humor. He is always kind and helpful!

Janell Ziegenhorn Posted over a year ago

Me. Brian Phillips

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

I don't know Mr. Brian personally, but I've seen him at all the events my daughter has been involved with. When she came to Walcott as a sixth grader, she went on and on about Mr. Brian. She talked about his sense of humor and his ability to discipline the students without being mean. I appreciate that our school has someone there to look out for the kids, yet also keeps a positive rapport with them.

Angel Calloway Posted over a year ago

Mr. Brian is the greatest! My daughter has been attending Walcott for 3 years now and she's always spoken so highly of how Mr. Brian is just the coolest security officer, he always makes her laugh and jokes with the kids. I'm also on the PTA and beyond thankful for all the help Mr. Brian does, he goes above and beyond and really fits perfect with the Walcott community! Couldn't be blessed with a better security officer for our Walcott Students!

Renee Ann Sinksen Posted over a year ago

As a teacher and a parent I have witnessed Brian make genuine relationships with staff and students. Every night my kids tell me something funny that Mr. Brian said or did. He makes school enjoyable to all. He goes out of his way to make sure events run smoothly. I could not imagine Walcott without him.

Tina Arp Posted over a year ago

Mr. Phillips is a very kind and caring man. He has helped my children out many times and they love him! I appreciate all he does for the students, teachers and staff at Walcott School. He is very deserving of this award!

Lori Posted over a year ago

Brian is loved by all here in Walcott. He is approachable and compassionate. Brian is also fun loving and can turn any frown upside down. He was meant to work with students, age does not matter to him. Young, old, and in-between are all put at ease when he walks in a room.

Kimberly Head Posted over a year ago

Mr. Brian Phillips makes such a positive difference at Walcott School! He has wonderful relationships with our students and they know he is here to help and support them. He is direct and consistent with students who need limits. He is also the first to congratulate those same students on making better choices. The support he provides to the staff is endless...I know that if I need help at any time, I call for Mr. Brian.

Dave Huntley Posted over a year ago

The students and staff have grown to love Brian. He is so helpful and respectful of everyone, even when we are having a bad day and undeserving of it. The students respect him and many of them follow his lead to their peers. Brian is so helpful with staff and students all day long and most days after school volunteering his time for sports and music events. If our students grow to be people like Brian our world will be a better place. Thank you Brian!

Heather Firrell Posted over a year ago

In the short amount of time I have had the pleasure of working with Brian I have noticed his dedication to the kids and faculty. He has such a positive attitude and nothing seems to get him down. He is an all around great person and very deserving of this award!

Andrea Schmidt Posted over a year ago

Mr. Phillips is a joy to work with and such a positive role model for our students, as well as for teachers/support staff. He definitely leads by an excellent example! He is such a calming, reassuring presence to all. He has developed such a wonderful relationship with students; it is obvious that he is well-respected by everyone, and for great reason! He is always quick to lend a helping hand to whomever may need the help. I, for one, am SO glad to have Brian at our school! I remember him from his prior job, and I believe that we, at Walcott School, are now beyond blessed and incredibly fortunate to have him at our school. His professionalism, kindness, willing attitude and helpfulness are what draw people to him. The students know that they can confide in him and trust him and that he only wants what is best for them. I cannot honestly think of a better person to receive this nomination and honor!!!

Kathryn Hale Posted over a year ago

Brian Phillips is an amazing security officer! He has done an excellent job improving the culture of our building and fostering positive relationships. He is definite a LifeChanger and our school would not be the same without him.

Danniele Koepke Posted over a year ago

Mr. Phillips is THE BEST when it comes to campus security. He has a positive attitude that is contagious not only with students but teachers and staff at Walcott School. He is more than willing to help out wherever he is needed and the kids LOVE him! I can't imagine Walcott without him!

Dawn Johnson Posted over a year ago

Brian Phillips is not just campus security, he IS campus spirit! He promotes and fosters such a great atmosphere of calm, respect and learning with a twist of fun. In my over 25 years of teaching, I've NEVER worked with such an awesome security officer like Mr. Phillips. Without him Walcott would not be the same. The kids and staff love him! He is definitely a Lifechanger for all students and adults!

Shannon Numkena Posted over a year ago

Brian has brought a breath of fresh air to our Walcott School community. He is amazing at his job, wonderful with the students and an amazing man to work with. Whenever my students and myself see him no matter what he puts a huge smile on our faces!! Thank you Mr. Brian for being the amazing human you are!!

Cathy Stoakes Posted over a year ago

The complete package here, folks! Genuine to the core. The man is an octopus with so many giving arms. He knows by giving young ones the vision to achieve he is making kindling for a glowing warmth in the future... and that warmth is felt in their families, school, community and his big ole heart. He is fueled by his amazingly loving wife and family and shares that energy with all he encounters. He IS job well done as it is a work in perpetual positive progress. #lifechangerofmany

John Vize Posted over a year ago

I met Brian in the early 1980’s when we became neighbors and we’ve been friends ever since. Brian receiving this acknowledgment doesn’t surprise me at all, he has always been a leader in any situation he is in and can be counted on to be a calm, reasonable voice in a crowd. Brian is a great friend and mentor and I am sure you are as proud to have him on your staff as I am to call him my friend.