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Carrie MacDonald

Position: Paraprofessional
School: Eighth Street Middle School
School District: Tift County Schools
City, State: Tifton, GA

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Carrie MacDonald was nominated by her colleague, Billy King.

 A hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Whose accomplishments aren’t noticed by the masses, but by only a few each year who they have given their heart and soul. For Billy King, this hero is Carrie MacDonald.

For the past four years, Ms. MacDonald has devoted her heart and soul to the special education department at Eighth Street Middle School. Her work day begins at 7:15 each morning, as she patiently awaits for the arrival of the special education buses. She is always ready to greet students with warmth and love, and from there, she never leaves their side until the school day ends. She is continuously patient and never falters when things become difficult. Ms. MacDonald never complains or ask for anything in return, but will always go above and beyond for her students. She displays many characteristics of a LifeChanger on a daily basis. In a world full of good teachers, there are very few that can display the love and care Ms. MacDonald has for her students.

"As a history teacher I know a lot about historical heroes who have shaped the world, but Carrie MacDonald has shaped so many lives that have passed through her classroom door," King said. "Some may never get the chance to tell you how important she is to them because of their disabilities, but as an observer, I can. Her constant dedication to this school, to this department, and most importantly, to these kids, should never go unnoticed. You may never find her name in a history book, but you will find her in the hearts of many. She is a true unsung hero."