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Amy Sanchez

Position: Assistant Principal
School: Mitchell High School
School District: Colorado Springs School District 11
City, State: Colorado Springs, CO

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Amy Sanchez was nominated by her colleague, Carlos Perez.

Ms. Sanchez has dedicated her life to education and makes an impact on her school community on a daily basis. From building strong relationships with students, families, and staff members, Ms. Sanchez has been a constant in a school that has suffered from turmoil, changes in leadership, and many other challenges. Ms. Sanchez is a proud alum from Mitchell High School. She started off as a Social Studies teacher, and then became a Master Teacher under the program for Student and Teacher Advancement (TAP). She was promoted to Dean of Students, and is now an Assistant Principal.

"As the new principal at Mitchell High School, I'm fortunate to have Amy as a colleague," Perez said. "Her level of performance and intuition is well beyond her years. Amy has touched so many lives in this community that I could not begin to put it in a short essay. Her story is amazing, and so is she! She is a great communicator, she is asked to MC and speak often for different events. And of course, she is a wife, mother of four children, supports her husband in his business, and is my Assistant Principal!"

Comments (21)

Paula Baer Posted over a year ago

Amy is the most thoughtful caring person I know. Definitely cares about the under privileged. A very good roll model for ever she comes in contact with. I have known Amy her entire life and it is a real blessing to see her grow into the kind of women you cannot find a fault with. Kind, courteous, strong, patient and capable of taking on any situation that comes her way.

Tammy Ransom Posted over a year ago

I have known Amy for many years. She’s had a huge impact on my kids and my family. Her wisdom, resolve, dedication and loyalty are above most others. She has high level of integrity and compassion - something hats hard to come by all in one person. She truly is amazing and makes a huge impact on anyone she works with and interests with. I’m not surprised by this recognition she’s getting but it’s very well deserved. Go Amy!!

Patty Baer-Henson Posted over a year ago

The first time that I laid eyes on Amy I knew she was destined for great things in her life. From a young age, she was always a role model and leader. She could get up in a crowded room and sing or give a speech that left everyone in awe. Those traits continue today at Mitchell High School, with her family and in the community. Amy inspires us all to be a better person and leader. I am proud to have her as my daughter. I could not have asked for anyone else other than Amy to be my daughter, that continues to inspire and amaze me with all that she does.

Natalie Real Posted over a year ago

I have known Amy for many years and she has been and continues to be an inspiration to me, both personally and professionally! She has a deep concern for people from all walks-of-life. She has a unique ability to advocate for people who are underprivileged with grace and competence. Her ability to multi-task in the face stress is unbelievable; she handles tough situations with poise, humor, and a bright smile! i am honored to work with such an inspiring, strong, and dedicated woman. Thank you Amy for modeling what it looks like to "suit-up and show-up"!

Marcia M Bates Posted over a year ago

If someone has all quality and characteristic to be a Role Model it would be Mrs. Amy Sanchez!! Mrs. Sanchez is my Role Model. She has been a very successful leader with a great and wonderful personality. Ever since I was a student teacher from UCCS here at Mitchell, Mrs. Sanchez has been a great help and has supported me throughout my career. She always has made me feel part of Mitchell’s family. In fact, the main reason for me choosing Mrs. Sanchez as my Role Model was her success with such a leadership style. I like that factor because with that leadership style only one in many succeeds. I want to thank you, Mrs. Amy for giving me advice, believing in me, and just being you.

Randy Teschner Posted over a year ago

This is my second year at Mitchell and I can honestly say that having Ms. Sanchez as my department's supervisor has been a motivating and rewarding experience. She is by far the most positive person I have ever worked with and demonstrates daily how much she cares about the education profession. She puts students first and approaches students with an infectious approach that makes them want to do better. She assists troubleshooting lesson plans and behavior management issues with an energizing spirit of confidence. I feel I have grown these last two years as a teacher as much if not more than I did during my first rookie years, which was nearly 30 years ago! I am able to be more creative and effective thanks to her leadership.

Dee Medberry-Hagen Posted over a year ago

Amy Sanchez-Martinez is one of the most intelligent and inspirational people that I have ever worked with in my 21 years in education. She is a role model to the staff members and student body at Mitchell High School. The students and the staff members look to her for inspiration, guidance and understanding when they need a little help. She has been a Master Teacher to me as well as my administrator. I know that she has made me a better teacher and a better colleague. She pushes teacher and students to do their best and be there best. She has created an Empowering Women Club where she helps mentor and guide the young women at Mitchell, I am truly honored to know and work with Amy Sanchez-Martinez.

Tom Jacobs Posted over a year ago

I deeply appreciate Ms. Sanchez's commitment and enthusiasm. One of the initiatives we've undertaken in the past couple of years is "Capturing Kids Hearts," which Ms. Sanchez not only has supported through training and on-going professional development, but has also committed to through her example and enthusiasm. Whenever we have a staff meeting or training, Ms. Sanchez is at the door greeting each participant with a warm smile and handshake, a practice that CKH encourages teachers to use with our students. Even in the middle of flu season, Ms. Sanchez stands there with one hand extend for a handshake, and the other hand holding a bottle of hand sanitizer offering a follow-up squirt! And all provided with a smile. As the coordinator of the special education department, I truly appreciate the opportunities I've had to work with Ms. Sanchez in assisting our students. Whenever I've gone to Ms. Sanchez with a request, her standard response has been, "whatever you need." She shows great appreciation to her colleagues and has made me feel valued and appreciated as a member of the Mitchell community. Her passion is for the welfare and advancement of our students. Her attitude makes this clear. It's a pleasure and an inspiration to have her leadership in the building.

Jerry Monks Posted over a year ago

I am thrilled to see my colleague and friend Amy Sanchez_Martinez nominated for her tireless work and dedication. I have know Amy as her supervisor and colleague for 9 years and in all of those years she has demonstrated a servitude mindset, coupled with a sincere passion for student success. She is a critical part of the Mitchell High School team and continues to inspire me with her kid first, team first mentality. She deserves this recognition, but more importantly I know she will continue to do this great work without any formal recognition because she believes in doing right and leading by example from the trenches among students, teachers, and families.

Debbie Posted over a year ago

I worked with Amy a few years ago in a MMA class, she was an excellent teacher, was always right there when the students needed support and help. I've enjoyed working with Amy in that classroom. I always looking forward to seeing her smiling face and words of encouragement. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.!!!!!! Thank you for all you do for our students.

Sabrina Baugh Posted over a year ago

I find Amy absolutely inspiring, not only as an educator but as a woman in the professional world. Her standards are incredibly high and she does not bend her expectations for anyone or anything. She does however make time for everyone and is more than willing to give everyone the support they need to meet and exceed her standard of excellence. She's all about us rising up together and being the best of ourselves as a community/family. I feel honored to work along side her.

Steve McGovern Posted over a year ago

I have been a colleague of Amy's for the past 12 years. When I first met Ms. Sanchez, she was the Social Studies department chair at Mitchell HS, and I could recognize immediately that she is a great leader. She inspires and motivates those she works with, students and staff alike. She is positive and easy to approach and faces problems with a solution oriented mindset. When she presents information, she is clear, knowing what her audience needs to hear and how to state it so they get full understanding. Ms. Sanchez is ambitious and never shies away from a challenge or hard work. She has since moved up the ladder and is fulfilling the role of Assistant Principal at the school. She is a role model for all, especially our students.

stephanie aaron Posted over a year ago

Amy, is an amazing leader, and the most encouraging woman I know. She fights for what is right and always considers her peers as allies. I am honored to say she is my Leader.

Isabelle Grant Posted over a year ago

Amy is an outstanding individual. I know her as a teacher, mother, wife, and an amazing Assistant Principal. Amy is impeccable with her word. She speaks with integrity; I have never heard her speak a word against others. Since she is an amazing administrator, her office is always busy. Staff that is not even assigned to her, still seek her wisdom and advice; colleagues knows it will come form the heart. When you need something done, you go to Amy because of her amazing work ethic. I believe truth and love is what truly make Amy the best!

Joeli Brill Posted over a year ago

Amy is ALWAYS uplifting and willing to find a solution to any problem. She is a wonderful colleague/boss :)!!

Kym Kohler Posted over a year ago

I have been lucky enough to work with Amy for the past 11 years. She is an inspiration. I know a lot of people may say that, but Amy truly is. She is always her personal best. I've never once, in 11 years, seen her have a bad day or give anything less than 100%. She always has a smile and encouraging words. I heard her once say that the way you present yourself shows those around you that you respect them. She said she dresses up every single day because she respects our students, and wants them to know that she will always try her hardest. I look up to her. On days when I seem to struggle to give it my best, I think of the example she has set, and I want to emulate her poise, compassion, and joy for this profession.

Mary Manuel Posted over a year ago

Amy was my first welcome to Mitchell after I was hired as the choir director this year. Her first words were "welcome home". Amy goes out of her way to make sure that everyone is heard. She clearly communicates and goes above and beyond on a daily basis. She shows love and compassion for students, staff, and their families. Amy is a phenomenal colleague and I am lucky to be able to work with her!

Brenda Anderson Posted over a year ago

It is my pleasure to write on behave of Amy Sanchez. As an alumni from Mitchell High School, she has the school colors in her blood. Her pride and dedication are unmatched. My favorite thing about Amy is that she always calls you by name and says good morning or good afternoon. When she speaks to you, you feel that she genuinely cares about what you are saying or your cause. She listens and doesn't judge. It is very clear that she cares about staff, students and wants to make a positive impact in their lives. She works diligently to improve the image of Mitchell High School. Congratulations Amy on your nomination!

Sean Sorensen Posted over a year ago

It has been my pleasure to work with Amy for the last 10 years and have seen her progress from a classroom teacher, to master teacher, to dean of students, to assistant principal. Amy is an essential part of the school contributing frequently with ideas, skill and time to help Mitchell be a better community for the students, parents and teachers. She is a supportive and encouraging leader who embodies the best of what the teaching profession can be.

Robin Knoepke Posted over a year ago

Amy is a colleague, friend and sister. We shared a classroom and some wonderful students for 3 years. She is unforgettable and her commitment to student success is second to none! Mitchell is privileged to have Amy!

Josh Browning Posted over a year ago

During my 3 years at Mitchell High School Amy has been a tremendous influence on my growth as an educator, and colleague to my peers. Amy truly exemplifies what it means to be an educator through her continuous leadership and dedication to the Mitchell High School community. I aspire to have an impact on the lives of students and educators in a way that Amy is able to do on a daily basis. Thank you Amy Sanchez for everything you do!