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Judith Jackson

Position: Eighth Grade Literacy Teacher
School: Village Academy
School District: New York City District #27
City, State: Far Rockaway, NY

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Judith Jackson was nominated by her principal, Doris Lee.

Ms. Jackson travels close to two hours every day to inspire students. She is never late, and she is always smiling. Ms. Jackson can be heard giving inspiring speeches to students who are frustrated and struggling. Every moment is spent with students, even during her lunch period. She wants to ensure every child succeeds. She quietly works behind the scenes supporting events and efforts, comforting upset students or colleagues, and making sure everyone on her team has what they need.

"Her consistent efforts may go unrecognized, as she does so many little things that have a great impact and never seeks credit," Lee said. "She is a professional and a role model. She serves as a mentor to our new teachers supporting them in building relationships with students. She is also a support for our families as well. Ms. Jackson is the glue of Village Academy. She is definitely a LifeChanger!"

Comments (5)

Oneil Posted over a year ago

Ms.Jackson is a life changer. She has affected the lives of everyone around her in a positive way. She is a great teacher and a great friend.

Odemaris Posted over a year ago

Ms.Jackson is really a life changer. When something happens to one of her students she will always go to them and ask them if they are okay.She will always knows how to make us feel better and we can always go to her.

Jada Posted over a year ago

Thank you for all your help in the classroom and outside of it. Your an amazing teacher and one that I adore. Thank you for believing in me and not giving up??????

Ezekiel Abrams Posted over a year ago

you are a great worker, great at your job and you have changed my life for the better

Cornetta Murray Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jackson is very compassionate about her work. She is dedicated and loyal to her students and her work. She loved what she does and it shoes in her interaction with her students. .