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Angie Crouch

Position: Attendance Secretary
School: Independece Middle School
School District: Virginia Beach
City, State: Virginia Beach, VA

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Angie Crouch was nominated by parent of a student, Ashlynn LoCaccio.

LoCaccio's daughter started her first year of middle school last year. The switch from elementary school to middle school is already scary enough for a child and their parents.

"As a parent, I quickly found out the differences for myself in regards to my relationship and contact with my daughter's teachers," LoCaccio said. "The teachers at this grade level see over 200 students a day, whereas in elementary school, the teachers only see about 30 students."

At this age, there are many changes in a student's daily routine, including expectations and responsibilities.

"When my daughter started having trouble and her grades were not good, I started to worry and had to figure out how I could help her help herself," LoCaccio said. "The responsibility is all hers in middle school. I tried reaching out to the teachers myself to figure out what my daughter needed to be doing to improve her grades and get back on track. I did not receive responses as I had hoped. I, like my daughter, felt lost in this new, big middle school. I called the office and Angie Crouch was the one that picked up the phone."

Ms. Crouch guided LoCaccio and reassured her through all of her concerns.

"She helped me in contacting the teachers, shared with me what I should do each time I need to reach them, and overall, helped me feel at ease and correct the situation," LoCaccio said. "She is my go to person, by her request, for anything middle school-related I have questions or concerns with. I am active in my children's schools, and she also guided me without hesitation as to the correct contacts to speak with to get involved in the school. A fellow parent and friend has had similar positive and helpful experiences with Angie Crouch as well. Independence Middle School is blessed to have her in their office, and us parents are incredibly grateful to have her as our contact person through these middle school years."