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Antoinette Jones-Richardson

Position: Sixth Grade Social Studies Teacher
School: White Station Middle School
School District: Shelby County Schools
City, State: Memphis, TN

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Antoinette Jones-Richardson was nominated by her principal, Charlotte Danley.

Danley describes Mrs. Jones-Richardson as "the most kind-hearted, generous, giving, helpful and caring teacher I have worked with during my career."

"Mrs. Jones-Richardson exemplifies leadership practices every day among her team of teachers," Danley said. "She ensures that they have all of the resources they need to succeed.  She also forms a relationship with all of her students. By doing this, her students and their families know that she is there for them, both academically and in their home life." 

With her colleagues, Mrs. Jones-Richardson shares best practices and ways to handle students who may be facing challenges. She is an asset to her school; she volunteers her time to assist with multiple school-related activities, such as the Beta Club, where she coordinates the school dance and sends the proceeds to families in need. She also volunteers in the Salvation Army, works the concession stand and basketball clock, and tutors students. Over the past five years, she has raised over $15,000 to give to families in need.

"Mrs. Jones-RIchardson is always professional and is highly respected by her colleagues.  She adheres to high standards daily.  This is observed by watching her interact with her students, having high expectations of her students, and modeling appropriate moral standards daily," Danley said.

Comments (72)

Andrenise Davis Posted over a year ago

Wow!! Mrs. Jones-Richardson was my 6th grade math and science teacher, but more so a second mom. I was trying to find her on Facebook, and something told me to use google. This award is very much well-deserved.

Anbria Hubbard Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Antoinette Jones- Richardson is a life changer indeed! I have had the great pleasure of knowing Mrs. J.R for 28 years. I cannot recall a time where she was not there whenever I needed her. She has played an important role in my upbringing, a second mom if you will. Mrs. J.R. shares a powerful sense of perspective like no other. No matter the circumstance she is always there willing to go above and beyond to rectify the situation. She may not be aware of this but she is part of the reason I pursued a career in education. Throughout my entire life I have watched the impact she has made on thousands throughout her career. Devoting herself to the craft and community; always putting others before herself. I strive everyday to be as great of a educator as she has been. It is truly a great honor to not only know Mrs. J.R. but to also love her. I cannot think of a better individual more deserving than Mrs. Jones- Richardson for the LifeChanger of the Year Award!

Mona' Vassar Posted over a year ago

Antoinette Jones-Richardson is so much more than a co-worker or friend. The day I came to set up an appointment to apply she was the one that welcomed me and at that time stopped what she was doing to find the person with whom I needed to speak. Selflessness, in the dictionary is where JR’s picture should be. Since the day I met her; she has never stopped amazing me with her generosity to others. She is both my friend on the clock and off (as if teachers are ever off the clock). My first year teaching with her, I became ill. She displayed her faith in God and the strength of her character by rallying our team to duty. She set up a schedule so, that I would never be at the hospital alone if she wasn’t there. I call JR Lifesaver because that is exactly who and what she is to all who know her. Her students, past and present, admire her and hold her in the highest esteem. Her co-workers, both past and present, love her unconditionally. Her humor (often of me) is hilarious and always good hearted. She is the go to person for anything I or anyone else needs done. Her sound often cutting edge advice is never in short supply. Antoinette Jones-Richardson, JR, is a wonderful example of a human being, co-worker, mentor and best friend. #rideordie

Terry NeSmith Posted over a year ago

This awesome teacher captivates and motivates her young charges to become life-long learners! She is an outstanding educator and human!

Spanky Posted over a year ago

Perseverance is the only word I can think of when it comes to my mother. When you see a class full of kids learning and the teacher has a cast on her wrist and a boot on her foot, that just shows you the will power to make sure those children get their lesson. She leaves work well after 7pm everyday because of all the extra activities she's involved in at school, which now spills into Saturday and Sunday with coaching. You can't coach that.

Nancy Dickson Posted over a year ago

Antoinette is a great co-worker friend and inspiring to children and all of those around her..

Tamara Benton Posted over a year ago

I met Mrs. Antionette Jones-Richardson in 1999. Since day one it has always been about the children. If she had it, so did you! Antionette is stellar teacher who goes above and beyond when it comes to her students. She gives a lot of herself both inside and outside of the classroom. If she is not teaching, she is either tutoring, coaching, working the concession stand, chaperoning school events, or anything that will push students toward greatness. Antionette is a team player and often takes on extra tasks to make sure her students and the team stayed on top. I had the pleasure to work with Antionette for ten years. Our team was known as the "Dream Team"! It was then I learned the importance of teamwork. It is one of her qualities that left a lasting impression on me. Mrs. Antionette Jones-Richardson is most deserving of the Lifechanger of the Year Award, because she has touched many lives and left positive impressions that will never forgotten. Not only is she a blessing to her students, but anyone who knows her.

Keith Lester Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Jones-Richardson for many years. She always greets you with a smile and great enthusiasm. She has always been a very dedicated, and hardworking individual who always wants the best for and out of her kids that she both teaches and coaches. Mrs. Jones-Richardson is very deserving of this nomination.

Lisa-Marie Matthews Posted over a year ago

What can I say about JR (as we affectionately call her)? I can say if you need something, she can help you get it. If you need someone to show up and take care of business in the classroom even if they have to do it on crutches or in a cast, she’ll do it. If you need someone to spearhead a middle school dance on a Friday night, she’ll do it! If you need someone to be over the track team, step team, basketball team and the list goes on, she’ll do it! If you need someone to sashae down the hallway with big hair and big brains ;-) and brighten your day, she’ll do it! If you need someone to change lives...JR’s got it!!! So glad I have the privilege of knowing you because I get to watch you make a difference in so many children’s and adults lives!

Pam Rumage Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jones-Richardson works so hard each year to make the holidays special for not only our students but for children across the city. Each year she works with our students to teach them the true meaning of helping others. She also does a great job organizing the dance to help raise money for the Salvation Angel Tree. Way to go Mrs. JR!

Leviticus S. Pointer Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of working for Mrs. Antoinette Jones-Richardson, while being the Assistant Principal for Wooddale Middle School (at that particular time frame, the largest middle school in West Tennessee), from 2002-2005. Mrs. Jones-Richardson's effort of management ensured that everyday procedures/operations were adhered to in the finest respect of regimentation, structure, and the assurance of a well disciplined/safe environment. She possesses a high commitment and sets high expectations for students and parents. Mrs. J-R, consistently went beyond the call of duty to ensure that all social aspects for Wooddale Middle School were addressed and met with a course of action in the most positive manner. Mrs. J-R’s mannerisms and ability to be versatile for various situations that arose on a daily basis allowed her to possess a direct comprehensional mindset for the obligations as an administrator. As an effective Team player, Mrs. J-R volunteered and assumed varied leadership roles at multiple capacities within the school setting. She possesses a strong character, demands excellence, and works toward perfection. Her work speaks for itself in how she personalized a relationship with each student that he provided a service to. Mrs. J-R continues to provide a legendary service to all of the schools at White Station Middle School. Her integrity, compassion, and commitment has never been questioned in a capacity. Mrs. J-R has all of the multifaceted dynamics of what bonafide educators must possess to educate our children and to assist their parents in academic achievement in every aspect. "Attitude reflects Leadership Captain!"

Jazmin Trejo Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jones- Richardson has always been an outstanding student since my oldest sister was in her class and since the first day I went to 6th grade. My sister, Yunnuen always said that Mrs. Jr was the best teacher she has ever met in her life. I agree with my sister because its true, all of the comments in this website is TRUE!! She stays very long at school to get the BEST effort out of her work. She is an excellent teacher at Beta Club, track, and every community club she attends to. When Mrs. Jr gives us work, she lets us interact with our classmates and work as a team. She makes the work in a more exciting way. She always wants the best of us and herself. She has changed teachers and kids life throughout the past years.

Foster Hudsmith Posted over a year ago

Mrs. JR is the best, she coached me all the way through middle school track and motivated everyone to be their best. She worked with all of us not only in running but to keep our grades up and motivated us to be the best version of ourselves that we could be.

Ashley Hudsmith-Abby Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jones- Richardson is always doing best for her students! Her goals are to help her students succeed in both life and academic skills. She is rarely seen without a smile. It has been a pleasure to see her serve continually with dedication, passion, and integrity! I can say, she has touched my family’s life.

Pam Hudsmith Posted over a year ago

Coach J.R. is how I was formally introduced to this math teacher of my 6th grade student. She had not scored high enough in Marh to be in the Optional program of her new school so she was assigned to Mrs. J.R.’s class. She was so disappointed but with the encouragement of Coach JR the next year she was tested and became an Optional Student. Coach also became one of her biggest fans and her track coach that year. Emilee was a great little distance runner. She was small and mighty. I began helping the coaches because first as a parent than as an assistant coach. Coach J.R. is the best. She encourages and challenges the student to be not only althletes but also, first and foremost students and learners. I have coached with her long after my children left the middle school and love her work ethic and love for her students on and off the track, in and away from the classroom. She also held the school dances, is the Beta Club sponsor, Step team advisor and most likely more than I know she is. She also is a parent to five children of her own and a grandparents. She is truly a servant with a servant heart. I am so glad God allowed her to cross my path years ago. We have had fun together loving on these children.

Jeffery Richardson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jones-Richardson is an amazing person whom one can learn from, both in and out of the classroom. I can think back on countless moments where she not only taught me lessons I could use in life, but she also gave an abundance of insight that I could use to change my entire outlook for the better. I wouldn't only call her a life changer, she's an overall game changer and she's more than giving. She's always there when help is needed. Many, including myself, can proudly say we wouldn't be the person we are today if we haven't heard some of her wise words that seem to always come at the right time. She is wonderful at building relationships with students, faculty and others that seem to transcend well beyond their school career. The honor of this award is well deserved! The hard work that I've witnessed during class and at events is parallel to none, and I wish her best of luck in the pursuit of this award!

Phylicia Brooks Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jones-Ricardson is a wonderful mother and teacher. So proud of all the hard work and dedication you have put in for the children and the school. Best of Luck!!

Debra Boyd Posted over a year ago

Antoinette Richardson is closer to me than a sister! She have always been there for me and my family. She help in raising my three sons. Antoinette is not just beautiful on the outside she is a loving, kind, and a caring person on the inside as well. She loves her family and do all she can for not only her friends but for anyone in need. Anything I ask of her she do all she can to meet that need. Ooh What a great sense of humor! Ha! I love being in her presence! She is a good Friend!??

Tarique Martin Posted over a year ago

I have knew Mrs. Jones-Richardson for 10 years, but just recently became her coworker. She is an exemplary teacher. She puts the students first. She makes sure that all students know that they are important: inside and outside of the classroom. She is a great part of the school's culture. She is a sponsor to many clubs such as the Beta Club, Social Studies Club, Track Team, and the Spartanette Step Team to name a few. She is always looking for a way to give back to the students, the school, and the community. This is who she is and what she is best at: teaching others to love and to love learning. She cares about the academic, personal, and social aspect of the students. She is committed to everything that she is associated with and know that she will give 110%. I always wonder when does she ever rest. She is so deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year Award. She is always changing the lives of the students and people she interacts with. She brings out the "light" in them. She is the "Sunshine" of White Station Middle School. Congratulations Mrs. JR.

Juricus Boyd Posted over a year ago

Antoinette has been a part of my entire life of 38 years. A sister-mother-friend that I fear I cannot adequately describe. What a blessing she has been for me. She is a true example in family, and community. Most of us will never display the postive impact on the lives of others as she has. A selfless person despite the trials of life. She gave and shared when demise or calamity were on the balance. Antoinette embraced when ridicule and distain emerged. She sowed hope where despair plagued. A trendsetter in her own right. Antoinette means more to my life than she has known. It is very apparent I'm not the only one.

Dorcas Johnson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Antoinette Jones-Richardson is Awesome!!!! She exhibits the characteristic of one who loves her chosen career. Mrs. J.R’s greeting every morning is, “Good Morning Sunshine!” She has an infectious smile that exhuberates positivity among her colleagues and the students she teach as well as the students throughout the entire population of White Station Middle School. Mrs. J.R. is always willing to assist with the needs of all educational stakeholders: students, parents, teachers, and community leaders. One of her most famous sayings is,”Let’s Do It”, if you speak it out your mouth she’s willing to share her knowledge and expertise to help bring forth your vision. Mrs. J.R. is so selfless that even if she can’t physically help she sends her kids to serve as her hands on representatives. Mrs. J.R. is so into her career that those people she love also participates. This nomination is well deserving of such an awesome and selfless educator!!!!

Patricia Thigpen Posted over a year ago

I have known Mrs Jones Richardson since she first started her career at wooddale Middle school . She jumped in with both feet . She volunteered to help shaperon students on field trips, helping distribute food for needy families at Christmas and thanksgiving. This was all in her first year. I am proud of how she has grown in her profession

Sam Moore Posted over a year ago

Very likable person. Always personable

John Perkins Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jones-Richardson is a co-worker of mine. We call her our team leader, even though she doesn't claim this title willingly. We truly could not make it without her! Not only does she take care of her team members, she also dedicates herself to helping students as well. She stays after school almost every day, long after most teachers have gone home for the day. She spends this time helping with clubs, mentoring students, and assisting with the basketball and track teams. Mrs. JR's co-workers and students all love her!

Barbara Davis Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jones-Richardson is an extraordinary person and teacher. I knew her even before she knew herself, and watching her grow up and take on the adventures of life has truly been amazing. Once she decided to become a teacher, I knew then that the educational system was truly Blessed with a jewel. She loves her students and takes the time to find out exactly what their needs are to progress. She instills in them that they have the capacity to change the world and their education is one of the major components. Mrs. Jones-Richardson has that uniqueness about herself that overflows into her classroom. This gets the undivided attention of her students and they are eager to learn. Her problem-solving techniques are remarkable in that she encourages her students to look at the situation from every angle and don't give up, but to be steadfast and take the steps to work it out. She goes over and beyond the call of duty for her students to make sure they are equipped with what they need to be successful. She is a professional that works well with her co-workers and inspires them to do well. I cannot imagine anyone else that is more deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year Award than Mrs. Antoinette Jones-Richardson. God Bless!

George McIngvale Posted over a year ago

I have know Antoinette since we were in high school. She has always put herself above others. She is a tireless teacher, motivator, mentor, and coach to so many students at White Station MIddle School and all the schools she has taught at in the past. What amazes me is that with all the time she spends at White Station Middle, she still has time to volunteer at her alma mater Kingsbury High School. She recently spearheaded a drive with another classmate and collected Prom Dresses for students that are less fortunate. To her, every young lady deserves a chance to be a princess, even if for only one night,

Antoinette Shaw Posted over a year ago

Great nomination and well deserved. She not only care for her students but all children she come in contact with. Best of luck!

Sylvia shaw Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Jones Richardson Is the sweetie out spoken person I know and she has that gift when it comes to children in her family and on her job..God give us all different gifts but I can say that Tiny as I call her is a Gift to the SCS so I am very proud of her and happy she is my niece Thanks Sylvia shaw

D.Parnell Posted over a year ago

Thanks for all you do for the kids and community.

Annette Jones Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jones- Richardson dedicates her time to the students at the school with parties, coaching, mentoring, as well as teaching. She has a great sense of humor. A lot of her co worker's seem to gravitate to her because of great personality. She is well deserving of this honor.

Saron Teklehaimanot Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jones- Richardson is the most wonderful and caring teacher I have ever had. I have known Ms. JR for almost two years and I know that she works really hard during school and after school. I go see Ms.JR everyday after school because she makes me happy and she is really nice to me. I am very thankful to have had her as my teacher in the 6th grade and I hope she wins.

Jarkayla Graham Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Jones-Richardson is the best Social Studies teacher I have ever known , she lifted me up when I was down . She teaches very very very very , amazing.Keep up the good work Mrs . Jones-Richardson , i'm so proud of you . You've been one of my best teachers since i've been here at White Station Middle i'm so proud . Thank You for every thing you've done Love, Jarkayla .

Stacie Payne Posted over a year ago

Thanks so much for sharing us with us on Kids and Community Read Day for over 10+ years. We are so grateful. You are so deserving of this award. All the best to you!!

Brianna Roachell Posted over a year ago

Ms. JR is a pretty cool track coach. When I first tried out for track, I didn't make the team. I was put into the "Track Club" instead. After I found out, I asked Ms. JR when practices were, and she said that the "Track Club" didn't exist and that she was testing the dedication of those willing to improve. Since then, I have become a regional finalist as a hurdler and have gained so many essential skills, such as teamwork, determination, and perseverance. Ms. JR has given me the chance to become the best athlete I can be, and I am so thankful for that. Thank you Ms. JR!

Malika Collins Posted over a year ago

Mrs. JR has been a GOD SEND to my son. They formed a bond during his 6th grade year at WSMS. She has saved him more times than I can count and continues to keep an eye on him. I'm thankful for educators like Mrs. JR because it's not easy to take on the troubles of other's children and make them your own, but she does just that. He is a better student because of her and I'm thankful for her presence in his life.

Willian Posted over a year ago

YOUR A GREAT TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drew Collins Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jones Richardson is one of the most caring people I know, I can talk to her when I can't talk to my own parents. Great job Mrs. JR keep up the good work!!! Love, Drew

Kristy Posted over a year ago

Good morning, Sunshine! This is the way I am greeted by Mrs. JR anytime she sees me in the building. I have worked with her the last four years and she is ALWAYS performing a task that benefits others. She has a great personality and is very loving. She is one of the most hardworking and generous individuals who devotes her time and energy to the students at WSMS at the communities in the Memphis area. She is very deserving of this award. Congratulations Mrs. JR.

Victor McNeal Posted over a year ago

I began working with Mrs. Jones-Richardson before the hyphen and when she was affectionately referred to by friends and colleagues as "Tiny". I count her, among the teachers with whom I have worked, as one of the people for whom I have the greatest affection and respect. Having read the posted comments, I can attest to the veracity of many of them from personal experience. She is undoubtedly a great teacher and fantastic teaching-team member, an excellent mentor, a reliable friend, a competitive and qualified coach, and an exceptional organizer. However, the characteristics that have most impressed me about her from the beginning of our relationship are her abilities to be and remain both a dedicated mother and a devoted wife. While we worked together, I had the privilege of interacting with her children as they were growing up. I was always impressed with how she guided them through that process, including the positives and the less than positives. We can now see the results. Her and her husband's guidance certainly appears to have been positively effective. I have only been in the presence of Mr. Richardson a few times. Still, on those occasions, I have been struck by the devotion, loyalty, and love that he and Mrs. Jones-Richardson clearly have for each other. There is obviously something special happening within this family, and a huge portion of that specialness is due to her presence within the family. All of us who know her know that Mrs. Jones-Richardson brings that specialness to school everyday and to every endeavor in which she decides to engage; therefore, she is able to influence and affect the lives of numerous people with whom she forms relationships. For all of these reasons and others, I believe that it is indisputable that she is deserving of this National Life Group Foundation's 2017-2018 LifeChanger of the Year Program award.

Nylah Posted over a year ago

You are an awesome track coach and teacher. As hilarious as you are, you know when to be serious. Let's go White Station!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much love from the teammmmm.

Sihirah Reese Posted over a year ago

Mrs.JR is not only the best teacher but a very awesome coach!! all the love from, White Station and from Your track team.

Kate Jankowski Posted over a year ago

We're so fortunate that our son has Mrs. Jones-Richardson for Social Studies this year. He really lly enjoys her class and she seems to have a great rapport with her students. Thank you for all you do Mrs J.R!

Mayur patel Posted over a year ago

Hi you are a good teacher I told you I was just going to write hi but I actually wrote 5 extra words I am such a Savage right

Victoria Locklyn Posted over a year ago

I couldn't think of a teacher more deserving of this nomination. My children don't take a class from Mrs. J.R., but she has played a truly instrumental role in helping them adapt to their first year of middle school. She is such a caring and thoughtful person with a genuine love for students.

Madison Gardner L. Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jr is the most nicest teacher I've ever had out of all of them she inspires me, encourages me and brings the best out of me i've learned so much cause of her.

jordan gray Posted over a year ago

Mrs. JR is the best social studies teacher because she encourage us to work harder,and she makes us laugh sometimes and also tell us something about her family.

Brian Mitchell Posted over a year ago

Antoinette Jones-Richardson is a beautiful human being, a reliable person for support, a perfect example of strength, a loving mother, a caring friend, a great disciplinarian, always easy to approach and warm at heart. Congratulations on your nomination. You are so well deserving of this honor. Keep up the outstanding work.

Fredrick Ford Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Antoinette Jones-Richardson or as we call her J.R. for about a year and a half and in that time frame she has made an ever lasting impression upon me. I marvel in her genuine concern for others and willingness to help others. She’s a person who gives 100% in whatever she does and is one who gives her heart and soul into what ever she’s involved in. In the classroom she is constantly teaching and instructing her students not only in their class work but in life as well. So that they can be not only good students but good citizens as well. If you need a go to person she’s your girl. I’m proud of her and glad that I have the privilege of knowing her.

Tasheia Woodard Posted over a year ago

An amazing teacher, leader and always the bloom of the room. My aunt has always led her own way, creating her own path, always leading to some magnificent project in everything that she does, she’s the one that everyone in the school would go to because she always has master plan, going above and beyond for her school and students. She’s the one that you would go to because you’re having a bad day or problems at home not knowing her day has been even worse, she always gives genuine love and feedback to whom ever may be in need.

Katherine Patrick Posted over a year ago

I work with Mrs. Jones-Richardson and know for a fact she is one of the hardest working people I know. She is always involved in a project for children. She has a wonderful, wicked sense of humor, and works with the other teachers gracefully.

TCarmichael Posted over a year ago

Congratulations!!! This woman has been wearing an "S" on her chest every since I've known her. Mrs.Jones-Richardson is definitely a real Super Hero in my book. I myself have learned so much from her and watched others benefit from her many and multiple talents. She is simply high energy directed in all the right areas and a joy to know. Much love and continued work and success to you and yours Mrs Jones-Richardson!!!!!!

Shawn Page Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jones-Richardson worked for me as a teacher for over a decade, and I personally witnessed the profound impact she had on the lives of countless students. She not only supported students academically, but also socially and emotionally as well.

Marcus Curtis Posted over a year ago

Way back before the hyphen, before she was a mother of college graduates, she was my homeroom teacher and physical education teacher at Wooddale Middle ... that was 1998.. that was 8th grade, . She was by far the realest teacher I ever had growing up. ..she had every quality you would want your best friend to have. She was honest, very transparent, understanding and was always willing to see thing in an objective light. Fast forward to the present day 20 years later and it's amazing to see that nothing has changed about her but that hyphen... you know you hear stories all the time about that One Teacher.. The teacher that was at school early, the teacher that stayed at school late, the teacher that was willing to stick up for you and look out for you as if she raised you herself... That's Her. Now I only had one year of teaching from her and then it was off to high school for me but I gain a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom.. she is a true life changer, not because of the things she says or does, and not because of the time she devotes to others. She is a life changer because everything about her is genuine and she is very selfless.. it's time we gave back to the woman who has spent 23 yrs of her life nurturing and helping groom students from all cultural backgrounds into becoming successful citizens in society and at the same time for her work outside of the classroom. And after we celebrate those achievements, lets take one final minute to praise her for being an incredible mother and adoring wife.. #Lifechanger ~nothing changed but the hyphen~

Tasha Hall Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to my BFF! You deserve it !! Awesome job!

Carlos Reynolds Posted over a year ago

I've known Mrs. Richardson for over 30 years, and she's always been a encourager and motivator. Even as kids she was the spark of energy that everyone loved to be around because being fun was a natural thing for her. Always has had a big heart and would always give a hand even if it meant giving her last. Being an educator fits her perfect because of her influence in the classroom will truly leave a mark on her students past and present.

Dorian Locklyn Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jones-Richardson is an amazing teacher. She makes all lesson fun and interesting. There is never a dull moment in class. I appreciate everything thing she does for me when i am in school. She is an amazing teacher that i am so thankful to have this years experience with. I could have not asked for a better teacher.

Tyrus Johnson Posted over a year ago

I took Mrs. Jones-Richardson in the sixth grade and I have to say her class was one of the best classes that I had taken at White Station Middle School. She is a phenomenal teacher as well as being a remarkable Track & Field coach by conditioning and training the participants to do well from the division meets to the state championship meet. She’s also the step teams coach where she has also taken them to various championships and placed well in the events. Thank you for everything you’ve done and everything that you’re still doing. I think the award for the Life Changer Of The Year should go to none other than the Mrs. Jones-Richardson. #LifeChanger

Taylor Hayes Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jones-Richardson has been putting others before herself for awhile now. She’s not just one of those people who does the bare minimum. She goes beyond her job title. If a child doesn’t have something, she makes it her duty to provide for that child. She treats each child as if they are her own. For the 21 years I’ve known Mrs. Jones-Richardson, she’s never complained about helping someone, she truly does it out of the kindness of her heart. She’s been a life changer for so many people for so many years, she deserves this award!

Elizabeth Johnson Posted over a year ago

I don't know any person who deserves it and more. She all that and so much more. So proud!

Ken Isabel Posted over a year ago

I have know Mrs. Richardson since she and I we kids oursevelves in school and I she is an amazing educator and mentor. As a best friend coming to town to visit I have to pry her away from kids that aren’t hers even during hours that schools are closed to spend time with her. She’s dedicated to making the lives of todays youth better. We need more educators like her.

Ken Isabel Posted over a year ago

I have know Mrs. Richardson since she and I we kids oursevelves in school and I she is an amazing educator and mentor. As a best friend coming to town to visit I have to pry her away from kids that aren’t hers even during hours that schools are closed to spend time with her. She’s dedicated to making the lives of todays youth better. We need more educators like her.

Essie Isabel Posted over a year ago

She is an awesome teacher. My kids love her and there friends love her as well. She changed my life. This nomination is way over due. I can't call and talk to her with at least 5 kids coming into her room loving on her. Mrs Richardson you deserve this and more. Love you.

Dorian Locklyn Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jones-Richardson is an amazing teacher. She makes all lesson fun and interesting. There is never a dull moment in class. I appreciate everything thing she does for me when i am in school. She is an amazing teacher that i am so thankful to have this years experience with. I could have not asked for a better teacher.

Carlos Locklyn Posted over a year ago

Antoinette Jones-Richardson is one of those teachers you come across once in a great while. She is popular with students, families, and colleagues. Students love her because she is kind, loving, fun and cares about them. Mrs. Jones-Richardson gets to know every student in her class as a whole person. Mrs. Jones-Richardson is able to see exactly what each child brings to the community, and her whole teaching approach involves finding and using children's unique strengths to help them overcome their struggles and develop a positive self-concept. We need more teachers in education like Mrs. Jones-Richardson and she is truly changing the lives of young students.

Antoinette Hurt Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jones-Richardson is my mother. An award like this is long overdue. She has been an amazing educator for a little over 20 years; and I have witnessed her change so many lives. She has given so much of herself to her students; and she’s always gone the extra mile for them. As far back as I can remember she’s always been the last teacher to leave the building just to turn around and get up at 6 or 7 in the morning to coach her track teams in which she has had many many student-athletes place in the division, city, regional and even state championships. I know many of those students continued into major universities. Only my mom can inspire that type of focus and determination, and dedication in her students. I can only dream of being the type of person and educator my mom is.

Sheron Anderson Posted over a year ago

I have know Antoinette all her life, she has always exemplified leadership as a child, and when she decided to go into education as her career choice, my thought was her student are gonna love her, and over the last 30 years of her teaching I have never heard her complain not once. She’s always involved in activities out side of her class room with the children. I remember once she was in the dunk tank for her class, the kids got to dunk her in all this water, well she contracted this bacteria and she was very ill. And I ask why would you do that Tiny, that’s what I call her, she said it was for my students. And I was like, she will do anything to put a smile on those children face, What a trooper, The education field have one super caring hearted educator in Mrs Antoinette Jones- Richardson, and I am very proud to call her my neice.

Tammie Hayes Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jones-Richardson (affectionately known by her students and colleagues as Mrs. JR) is an asset to her school, students, colleagues, and school community. She is not only dedicated to her students’ academic success, but also to providing them with opportunities to engage in positive school sponsored extracurricular school activities. She serves as the coach for girls track and sponsors the Beta club, social studies club, sewing club, and step team. She has sponsored a winter ball for White Station Middle school for the last 7 years. The proceeds from the ball are used to buy Christmas gifts for children on the Salvation Army Angel Tree, and students, along with their families, in her school. I am an educator at the feeder high school where most of White Station Middle schools’ students attend. I am always impressed by the great things Mrs. JR’s former students have to say about her. Mrs. JR obviously builds great relationships with her students and in so doing, she continues to have a positive and profound impact in her students’ lives, both academically and personally. Mrs. Antoinette Jones-Richardson is indeed deserving of being a LifeChanger of the Year recipient.

Mattie Jones Posted over a year ago

I think Mrs. JR exemplifies the type of teachers that we want in all of our classrooms. She forms a relationship with all of her students that last past middle school. She has students that make special trips to come by to see her after they graduating high school or even college. She forms relationships with her co-workers that last even when they are no longer in the same school whether it is her former school, or if they have moved to different location. Parents are still willing to work with her even if their children are no longer in middle school. She coaches track, sponsors the dance team, and the Beta Club. Each year her Beta Club donates to the Salvation Army's Angel Tree as well as general donations to the Salvation Army. Think that Mrs. JR truly deserves this award.

Brian Mann Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Jones-Richardson for over 17 years now. I also had the distinct pleasure of being on a teaching team with her, during my first four years of teaching. Without any hesitation, I can say that without her help and dedication during my early teaching career, I have serious doubts that I would’ve stayed in the teaching profession. She went above and beyond what was required of her to help me learn the ropes and maneuver in a school with some serious disadvantages. I love and respect this woman, so much so that to this day I still tell stories about her to my students every year and what a positive influence she had on my formative teaching years. I use our relationship as an example of how people of diverse backgrounds can come together and have a bond that is loving, respectful, caring and mutually supportive, well above that of just coworker and colleague. She took me under her wing that first year not because we were coworkers but because she genuinely cared about me and wanted to do everything she could to help me be successful as a teacher. We might be night and day different in our personalities and backgrounds, but there is absolutely no one I respect more in or out of the teaching profession. I consider her a treasured colleague, mentor, friend and above all like a member of my family.

Bianca Chery Posted over a year ago

If we’re going to talk about Mrs. Jones-Richardson, let’s deem her with the nickname she’s been affectionately given by the students “Mrs. J.R.” She’s just so cool you don’t even have to say the full name. I’ve watched her as I would come hang out at the house with her daughter (my best friend) and she would be grading papers or getting her curriculum together or having us ride with her to a track practice. I witnessed first hand the passion she has for what she does. She became a second mother for me, no matter what. I love that lady, I see no wrong in my book when it comes to her. She deserves everything and more

Maiya Richardson Posted over a year ago

My mother taught a majority of my friends, and they always tell me that she was their favorite teacher.

PB Posted over a year ago

I can think of no other person who is deserving of this award. Mrs. Jones-Richardson's commitment to helping ALL of her students is evidenced in her daily activities, both at school and in the community. She is very accepting and students return to visit her often. Great job Mrs. JR!