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Jennifer Blattner

Position: Third and Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Odyssey Magnet School
School District: Appleton Area School District
City, State: Appleton, WI

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Jennifer Blattner was nominated by a parent, Amber Allen.

Mrs. Blattner is an exemplary model of everything a teacher should be. She teaches classes of gifted students, while understanding that this population comes with its own special needs. Mrs. Blattner not only creates and executes engaging lesson plans, but she demonstrates kindness and compassion with everything she does. In one class, she uses the Iditarod tracker to have students calculate mileage rates and make destination predictions for math, while helping them research American Kennel Club breeds and dominant/recessive genetic traits to create their own mix of champion sled dogs.

Mrs. Blattner uses her own passions to help these brilliant-but-quirky students grow socially as well. For example, the kids studied the quirks of all the Muppet characters and used them to self-examine their own social quirks in an unintimidating manner. If a student is having a bad day, she makes time during her planning period to sit down with them and find out the root of the problem. They know she cares and is there to help. 

Mrs. Blattner also helps create connections between her colleagues and students. For example, last year, Allen's daughter was struggling with behavior in physical education class, and Mrs. Blattner spoke with the teacher about Allen's daughter's involvement in martial arts. The next day, the PE teacher brought his black belt to school, and had Allen's daughter help him demonstrate some karate warm ups for her class. Since that day, Allen's daughter has had an incredible bond with her PE teacher, and there have been no more behavior issues with her in his class. 

Mrs. Blattner and another teacher run a Sci-Pi club after school. This club is not only open to the highly gifted students of Odyssey, but all students of Highlands Elementary, the neighborhood public school in which Odyssey resides. This is many students' favorite part of the week, as the kids get the opportunity to do fun hands-on science projects. The projects - which range from origami to stacking pennies so they'll hang off a table - help instill a love for science in so many children.

"Mrs. Blattner has a record of excellent performance at the professional level, and her students' work - from statistics posters to intricate structures made of cards - speaks volumes," Allen said. "The school is one of the top rated in the state of Wisconsin as evidenced by its annual Department of Public Instruction report card, and that is due to teachers like Mrs. Blattner, who focus on the whole child and not just academics -- but her students' test scores are great too! My daughter has had Mrs. Blattner two years, and I wish she could keep her for two more.There are many great teachers in the world, and Mrs. Blattner stands out even among the best."

Comments (22)

Ada V. Posted over a year ago

I honestly see a lot of my classmates in the comments here and I totally agree with them that Mrs. Blattner is a really great teacher and really helps the odyssey environment to make it more welcoming and a very safe place for children with special learning abilities.

ana smith Posted over a year ago

she is awesome :)) enroll your gifted kids in odyssey -6th grader now!

Genny Posted over a year ago

She really is the best. we ALL love her and are sad to be leaving for middle school. she is very caring, if you see this and are scared that your child wont have fun, she is the BEST!!!

Ana Posted over a year ago

I was one of her students, I am also in 5th grade now, but she was a really great teacher! This year I had her for Mini Society.

Claire Ziesemer Posted over a year ago

I was in Mrs. Blattner's class with Genny, (below), and I couldn't agree with her more! I am sad to be leaving Odyssey to go to FWA, (Fox West Academy), for Middle school. I will miss Mrs. Blattner, and she will always be in my heart as a loving, caring, and very kind person.

Genevieve Polmatier Posted over a year ago

I was in Mrs. Blattner's class when I was in 3rd and 4th grade, I am in 5th now, and I don't have her. But she was the BEST TEACHER I HAVE EVER HAD!!! Now she teaches 2nd and 3rd grade, still at Odyssey.

Julie M Shattuck Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Blattner is an amazing person. She inspires everyone she encounters to embrace a love for learning. She is a thoughtful educator who helps children flourish in all areas of their lives, understanding the importance of strong relationships in helping students grow. Mrs. Blattner is an amazing person to work with as well. She is always making time to help a colleague work through a teaching challenge, offering advice or just a positive word of encouragement. She is a generous teacher who volunteers much of her time to help other teachers be the best they can be.

Deanna Smith Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mrs. Blattner. Our son loves your class and is always excited to tell us what he has learned and what he is working on. We love that he is able to think outside the box and that you encourage his way of thinking. He loves being at Odyssey and says it's the best decision we have made. Thank you for all you do.

Sara Radtke Posted over a year ago

Our son comes home excited about what he is learning in Mrs. Blattner's class almost every day. I continue to be amazed by her creative teaching style and how she seems to have found the perfect balance between learning and having fun. I know her students would agree with this as well. I was so happy (but not surprised) to hear that she was nominated for this award. Congratulations!

Terri Glauser Posted over a year ago

I worked with Mrs. Blattner in the past. I witnessed first hand her ability to bring together students with differing talents and abilities to work as a cohesive unit in her classroom and in extra curriculars (sci pi, school talent show, school musical). It’s very clear that she values all students! She is very deserving,of this nomination.

Brian & Amanda Jenkins Posted over a year ago

Our family moved to Appleton, Wisconsin when our daughter, Audrey, was two years old. She had been attending a parochial school for five years with strong friendship and teacher bonds. However, as time passed she became more disinterested in attending classes despite her high test scores. We were excited for her to transition to the Odyssey School but apprehensive at the same time. Audrey can be shy at times and she was leaving the educational community she had known her entire life. Audrey is now thriving at Odyssey, just like her classmates with special needs and Mrs. Blattner is a large reason why. Her first few days of school, she came home and told us Mrs. Blattner was her favorite teacher and we were surprised since it was the math teacher. Despite her test scores, Audrey has never enjoyed mathematics. She does now thanks to Mrs. Blattner, but it goes beyond understanding and enjoying the subject. Life does not get any better than to do what you love. Mrs. Blattner has created an environment were kids can pursue their interests. They are fascinated by what she is teaching them and she is teaching them so much. She is extremely creative and caring. As parents, one of the brightest moments of our week is receiving an email correspondence from Mrs. Blattner describing her class’s latest project or activity. It is easy to see that Mrs. Blattner loves teaching. It is just as obvious that why her students love her. She is simply one of those teachers you never forget and I can honestly describe her as “Life Changing”.

Kristi Picken Posted over a year ago

I taught 6th grade with Mrs. Blattner for 4 years and found her to be an amazing colleague and teacher. She always considers her students when planning curriculum to meet the standards drawing on her creativity and enthusiasm to make the learning meaningful and pertinent for her students.

Sarah Posted over a year ago

So very proud of you, my friend. I've got a wonderful role model to look up to as I explore my own education journey!

Rebecca Bahr Posted over a year ago

Mrs Blattner has a true love of teaching and for her students. She is on a never ending quest to find ways to make learning fun and to connect with her students. Every student should be fortunate to have a teacher like her!

Sara Posted over a year ago

As her former student teacher, her love for students as well as her love for learning is something I will never forget. Her passion and her belief that all students can learn at high levels/expectations has stayed with me as a new teacher. Her desire to never stop learning and to see the best in all students has stuck with me and has shaped me as a teacher. Jenni is totally deserving of this!!

Jill Gill Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to an awesome and engaging teacher!

Jamie Sheridan Posted over a year ago

My son comes home from school every day excited to tell us what he got to learn in Mrs. Blattner's classroom. When he started at Odyssey, we could't believe what these students would get to cover in third grade. The way Mrs. Blattner understands how to communicate with these highly gifted students is exceptional. I believe the first week of school our son came home and fully knew and understood how to use and write Roman Numerals. Since then, he's come home with knowledge he gets to share with his older sisters who also participated in the gifted program in Washington State. Mrs. Blattner exceeds all of our expectations from our previous gifted programs and goes beyond education to help her students see learning as limitless. They come home and want to build on what she teaches them. Our family does as well. When our oldest daughter needed volunteer hours, Mrs. Blattner promptly made time in her schedule once a week for her to work in her classroom organizing books and project materials. Our daughter now wants to become a teacher and views Mrs. Blattner as a mentor. She has gotten to know our son's learning style and his interests. We have had several amazing teachers throughout the years of raising our three children, but Mrs. Blattner is truly on a different level. She sets the bar.

Judy Blattner Posted over a year ago

I am proud to say that Jenni is my daughter~in~law and I have had many opportunities to witness her inventive teaching methods. I have seen her interactions with her students as well as other teachers. I am always amazed at her creativity to not only engage her students in activities, but also have those students truly excited about their education experiences.

Erin Mohr Posted over a year ago

I teach at the same school as Mrs. Blattner and was not at all surprised to hear a parent nominated her for this. It is obvious that Mrs. Blattner not only cares about her students, but she also goes above and beyond to make sure their individual learning needs are met. She is deserving of this nomination!

Becky Bahr Posted over a year ago

Mrs Blattner is passionate about learning and helping her students succeed - always looking for ways to teach in fun and interesting ways. She loves her students and truly cares about their education. The world needs more teachers like her!

Sara Campana Posted over a year ago

Congrats Mrs Blattner! You are most definitely worthy of this nomination and have made our sons transfer into a new school such a fantastic experience. Thank you so much for all the extras you do - they do not go unnoticed!

Dory Witzeling Posted over a year ago

I teach in the same program as Mrs. Blattner and love having her as a colleague. She is creative and adds to our team of teachers in many ways. It's great to see her get recognition.