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Jim Sheehan

Position: English Teacher / Department Head, Choir Leader
School: Archbishop Molloy High School
School District: Private
City, State: Briarwood, NY

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Jim Sheehan's nominator put together a wonderful video nomination below:

Comments (65)

Stephen Schaefer Posted over a year ago

Having attended Molloy I am thrilled to see this video for many reasons. Mr. Jim Sheehan displays to his students all he has learned in a beautiful way. I was fortunate enough to attend not only high school with him, but grammar school. I played CYO basketball with him and most importantly sang in the St. Pancras choir with him under the direction of Andrew J. McArdle, where we both learned the passion for liturgical and non-liturgical music. Lastly I also played in a band with Mr. Sheehan where we played rock of the 50's, 60's and 70's but standards that our folks liked. Glad he has had and is still having such a great impact.

Al Block Posted over a year ago

I have known Jim for many years. We were members of the St Pancras choir when we were in grammar schools and we played basketball and baseball. Jim’s love for music and teaching was always a big part of his life. I always knew he would be a outstanding educator. God Bless Him

Alvin Niwaz, Posted over a year ago

Mr Sheehan, I remember your English class and your truly caring and passion for your students. It's funny, I was just watching "Dead Poets Society" and Mr Keating played by Robin William made me suddenly think of you and your passion. I decided to google you and here I find myself on nominated "Lifechanger of the Year." You may not remember me as I was not the scholar of your class but I do remember you and as great teacher and person we so desperately need. I remember one time you yelled so loud, it made you storm out of the class to cool down because our class would not quiet down. You came back cool and the class was silent. You truly cared. You showed heart Mr Sheehan. You showed courage. I hope you won but I know this will not change who you truly are. A great person put on this earth and a truly great human being. I know it's not easy to teach High School students and I'm sure the pay is not exemplary but I hope you keep making a deep impact to all those who have the privilege to at least once be your student. Maybe they will one day return, as I did years from now, when life has happened some and realize your greatness, your compassion and and dedication to your students. -Kallicharran Alvin Niwaz

Tiffany McCue Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan is easily the best teacher I have ever had. He gives each of his students the gift of feeling valued and accepted — exactly what high students need to grow and flourish. Mr. Sheehan guides students to discover their strengths while supporting their areas of improvement. His compassionate guidance has allowed innumerable students to find their own identities and become the people they were meant to be. He is so much more than a brilliant English teacher who brings students to higher level thinking with his engaging class discussions; Mr. Sheehan is a mentor and inspiration. He helped me find my own voice for the first time, and I fully acknowledge that so much of who I am today is because of his influence on me. Even now as a graduate school student, I still look to Mr. Sheehan for guidance and support. Jim Sheehan is without a doubt the Life Changer of the Year—or more acurately the Life Changer of the Year for all of my years. I could not be more grateful to have been his student.

Jonathan Mangar Posted over a year ago

Jim Sheehan is a remarkable teacher and leader - I was in his AP English class and chorus nine years ago and remember his wisdom to this day. Jim is a wonderful role model to all.

Carla Hanna Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan is one of the greatest individuals I have met in my whole entire life. He enhanced not only my English experience at Molloy, but my life beyond. The way that Mr. Sheehan teaches is truly driven by his passion for what he does, his love for his students, and his determination to put both of those things together. He is a selfless man made out endless amounts of love, care and devotion. I have learned so much from Mr. Sheehan (way more than he knows that he has taught me) and for that I am eternally grateful!

Nina Pesa Posted over a year ago

There truly isn't maximum on what I can say about Mr. Jim Sheehan. Mr. Sheehan, aside from being an extraordinary teacher, is an extraordinary man. The person that I have come to know him to be can be seen through the way he cares about his students, his work, and the way he respects his peers around him. Mr. Sheehan has changed countless lives, including mine. He is one of the only teachers who has inspired me to pursue my dreams, such as becoming a teacher. When I think of what it means to be a "good teacher," I think of qualities such as patient, respectful, fair, persuasive, kind, open minded, and the list goes on and on. Mr. Sheehan possesses these qualities and so many more that would take forever to list. I never had Mr. Sheehan as a "classroom teacher", but I was very lucky to experience his teachings as Molloy's Junior/Senior chorus leader. I was very lucky to become one of the Student Chorus Leaders my senior year of high school, and being in that position made me see that my passion for singing was being recognized. It made me see that I was appreciated, that someone valued what I was bringing to the table. If anyone deserves this award, it's Mr. Sheehan. There are very few teachers out there that are loved by so many students from a wide variety of years coming and going through Molloy's doors. I will forever be grateful for all that Mr. Sheehan has taught me and continues to teach me. Congratulations to one of the most influential people in my life!

Vanessa Villalva Posted over a year ago

The slightest thought of Mr. Sheehan's passion for all that he devotes his heart and time to is more than enough to put a smile on my face. Meeting a person like Mr. Sheehan is quite rare which makes me feel extremely fortunate that I was able to get to know him through AP Composition and Chorus last year. Singing early in the morning with Mr. Sheehan and the chorus was one of the hardest things to say goodbye to when graduating from Archbishop Molloy. There is no question that Mr. Sheehan is beyond deserving of this award and so much more.

Jessica Petschauer Posted over a year ago

Mr Sheehan was the first teacher I encountered on my first day of high school, nearly 18 years ago. Much of who I am is because of the lessons and mentoring I've benifited from with Mr Sheehan. He does all the things great teachers should, dynamic lectures punctuated with the occasional curse word to make a bunch of 15 year olds giggle. But he really excelled at making all of us challenge ourselves. That is a lesson I've truly carried with me throughout my life. He has always managed to support his students, making them feel accomplished and proud of their work, while pushing them to the next level of excellence. As a mentor, his patience and understanding have helped me work through many of life's challenges, while remaining true to myself. He has always inspired me to try something I wasn't sure I was ready for. Any English teacher can assign a book and lead a discussion, but Mr Sheehan is the kind of teach who's lessons pop up ten years later, in a completely unrelated situation, but you smile to remember it, and realize how fortunate you were to have a teacher who's impact has had such longevity in your life.

Michele McGrade Posted over a year ago

A great teacher should be much more than credentials and experience. A great teacher is one that can take a student to new heights, to new fields of thought and growth. Jim Sheehan is that type of teacher. Extremely observant and patient, he looks at every student individually and gives them a chance to let them shine. I know this first-hand. So grateful to have met Mr. Sheehan, and all the more grateful to have my daughter taught by him. Always impressed by his wealth of knowledge and talent. Congrats Mr. Sheehan, on this accomplishment.

Melissa Foley Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan has changed my life forever. In high school, I was a very nervous student. Public speaking definitely was not my strong suit. I struggled with speaking in front of the class so much that it would affect my entire day. Mr. Sheehan helped me conquer my fear and without his help, I would not be where I am today. I am currently attending graduate school to receive my Master's Degree in Speech Language Pathology. Every time I give a presentation or run a speech therapy session, I think of the skills that Mr. Sheehan taught me. He cares so much about his students and his passion comes alive in every single class. I am lucky to call Mr. Sheehan my teacher and my friend. I recently lead a mission trip to Jamaica to work with children with special needs. Mr. Sheehan supported me and encouraged me before this trip that tested my leadership skills. His positive influence on my life has helped me overcome many obstacles, including the loss of my father. I am forever grateful to have Mr. Sheehan in my life. His light helps me to continue to reach my goals passionately and genuinely. Thank you Mr. Sheehan for all that you do. I cannot think of anyone who deserves this more than you do.

Anne-Marie N Romain Posted over a year ago

I was able to have the pleasure of having Mr. Sheehan for AP Composition and chorus my Senior Year. I had heard great things before hand but I was able to experience first-hand how kind, passionate and understanding Mr. Sheehan was and is. He helped me not only love books but learn about life and myself in a whole different way. He makes his class an environment where you feel smart, confidant, and important; a place where you feel that your opinion is valued and celebrated. He is a great teacher and an even better listener. He helped me become a better student, a better writer and a better person. I will always remember him, his kind words, and his spectacular class.

Anne-Marie N Romain Posted over a year ago

I was able to have the pleasure of having Mr. Sheehan for AP Composition and chorus my Senior Year. I had heard great things before hand but I was able to experience first-hand how kind, passionate and understanding Mr. Sheehan was and is. He helped me not only love books but learn about life and myself in a whole different way. He makes his class an environment where you feel smart, confidant, and important; a place where you feel that your opinion is valued and celebrated. He is a great teacher and an even better listener. He helped me become a better student, a better writer and a better person. I will always remember him, his kind words, and his spectacular class.

John Loftus '75 Posted over a year ago

Jim and I were high school classmates and both graduated in 1975. I am not surprised that Jim has achieved the level of success he is being recognized for in 2018. He was always willing to lend a helping hand, cared deeply for his fellow classmates and exemplified the Marist traditions our high school education was based upon. His caring and compassion extend well beyond the walls of the school as he embraced all people who entered his life regardless of race, color or creed. When he returned to the AMHS community as a teacher, leader and outstanding example to others I followed his vocation in many Alumni Notes articles. I am proud to have been a classmate of Jim's and know there are many great things in store for all those who will meet Jim in the future.

John Doyle Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan has inspired countless Stanners and in many nurtured and developed a love for reading and composition. Through his careful planning and delivery of lesson plans and lectures he captures and conveys the key points that help to shape and inspire young minds.

Niamh Girdusky Posted over a year ago

Although he'd never taught a "real" class of mine, and I knew him best as my chorus instructor, Mr. Sheehan is one of the most passionate and personable educators I've ever had the privilege of encountering. He goes above and beyond in every aspect of his interactions with students, and displays an unwavering support for them in his drive to get to know each student individually to best offer resources, advice, and friendship to push them forward on their paths to success. Thank you Mr. Sheehan, you're the man!

Angela Martinez Posted over a year ago

Before coming to Archbishop Molloy I had set a goal to have Mr. Sheehan at least once in my career as a student. His passion and love was what inspired my brother to chase his dreams when doubt was too overbearing. Before that he was a friendly face to all of my past siblings who never stop raving about his kind heart. Currently, I am beyond happy that I had a chance to sit inside his classroom and have him teach me about life. He is one of those teachers that make the classroom feel like a chance to understand who we are. He opens up to the class about his life and his struggles so that we feel the safe environment to relate our books to even the deepest parts of ourselves. He embraces differences and respects each and every one of his students. His english class makes me fall in love with literature all over again and again. I can say without a reasonable doubt that the life lessons I’ve learned in his warm, homely class are some that I will carry with me far pass high school. I cannot think of anyone more suited for this award.

Ashley Colletti Callagy Posted over a year ago

Though I did not directly have Mr. Sheehan in class when I was a student at Archbishop Molloy High School, we worked together to build community through participation in the Liturgy Committee. His direction of the planning and celebration of our spiritual gatherings at that time, along with his musical direction, impacted my holistic development beyond what I would have ever expected to get out of high school. Mr. Sheehan has also been an incredibly welcoming presence since I joined the faculty in 2016. As a counselor in the Guidance Department, I have collaborated with him in several situations where his intellectual and spiritual intuitiveness helped him direct students in need of emotional support to my office, where he followed up to ensure they were well-served. We have also worked together regarding students with individualized learning challenges, and his creative approach to supporting them will continue to make an immediate difference in their education. I am grateful for all his efforts and his friendship as a colleague.

Katrina Posted over a year ago

When I was going through a difficult time in high school, Mr. Sheehan was able to recognize it in me and approached me with compassion and understanding and made me feel as if I had someone on my side, so I think he is very deserving of this award.

Frank Gentile Posted over a year ago

While it has been over 7 years since I left the halls of Archbishop Molloy, it seems like only yesterday I was sitting in that classroom learning how words can paint a picture in your mind. English may not have been my favorite subject as I am sure he was well aware, but it never deterred his interest in helping me grow as a student and as a person. In fact, he often went out of his way to make sure that I was on the same page, literally and figuratively speaking. Now, I read medical and pharmaceutical texts and journals with the same critical eye that I developed in that classroom allowing me to help change the lives of others just as he did for me. I feel that LifeChanger of All-time would be a more appropriate award for someone like Jim Sheehan, but this will do for now. There is no doubt this world is a better place because of him.

James Parziale Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan was the first teacher whose room I walked into in high school. It ended up being serendipitous because as a lover of English, it sparked my passion for writing and editing, which I have turned into a career. He helped me gain confidence in myself, and in my writing, and voice, and was a great role model. He’s dedicated his life to the students he teaches and to the work of molding young minds. He’s a great man and deserves this award.

Natrisha Latchman Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan is a magnificent teacher. I had him for English Honors my sophomore year. I still remember everything he taught me, from Catcher in the Rye to Waiting for Godot. He not only taught the themes of the book, but also lessons to learn from them. I developed not only as writer but as a thinker from his course. His passion for literature and teaching is beyond any other. He is a kind, intelligent and humorous person. Congratulations on this achievement !

Natrisha Latchman Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan is a magnificent teacher. I had him for English Honors my sophomore year. I still remember everything he taught me, from Catcher in the Rye to Waiting for Godot. He not only taught the themes of the book, but also lessons to learn from them. I developed not only as writer but as a thinker from his course. His passion for literature and teaching is beyond any other. He is a kind, intelligent and humorous person. Congratulations on this achievement !

Vinny Ciulla Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan is the perfect candidate for this award. Before exposure to the Molloy english department books were simply filled with “words on a page.” Mr. Sheehan taught me how to extract life lessons from these “words on a page.” He is a teacher, role model, and friend I will never forget.

Chris Autera Posted over a year ago

As an aspiring educator, I often look back on the teachers that have had the greatest impact on my career as a student, and every time I begin to think, Mr. Sheehan comes to mind right away. Sophomore year English was the first class where I experienced an internal paradox (probably not using that word correctly, sorry Mr. S!)- it was a class that my grades were some of the lowest I’ve seen, yet it was one of my favorite of the day, and looking back, one of my favorties from high school. Mr. Sheehan taught me the true meaning of “Not for School, but for Life” and that we as students should be active participants in taking something away from what we’re learning, no matter what numerical scores we receive. He is one of the most caring and kind-hearted people I know, and his musicianship has inspired me to continue my love for music in college. His love and apprecition for what he does every day in room 305 transcends to every student he is able to reach.

Audrey Sabatino Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan is one of the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet! His passion for teaching is unparalleled. Some of my fondest memories of high school took place in junior-senior chorus, where Mr. Sheehan’s kindness, patience, and talent helped me to realize my full potential. He brings out the best in his students!

Maryrose S. Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan is one of the most hardworking, kindest, teachers I have ever had. He was my choir and English teacher at Molloy, and it was obvious in everything he did was in best interest for his students. He was super approachable and loved by many. He made my experience at Molloy a memorable one, and it wouldn’t had been the same without him. Thank you Mr. Sheehan.

Veronica Vidal Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan was one of my favorite teachers in high school not only because he made learning fun, exciting, and interesting, but because he taught me to have faith in my own abilities. His dedication and passion for educating students was truly motivating and inspiring, so much so that I am now pursuing a career in higher education myself. I hope he knows what a positive difference and impact he has made in my life and in the lives of so many other students. I am so lucky to have had him as a teacher, a choir leader, and a role model. I am so happy to have this opportunity to nominate Mr. Sheehan for this honor for there is truly no one more deserving of the award!

Lydia Howrilka Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan was just the teacher, mentor, and chorus director I needed when I was in college. As a NYC public school teacher, I strive to be THAT teacher. Congratulations and best wishes!!!!!

Jeff T. Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan is by far one of the best teachers I ever had. I wish I could stay in his AP Composition class forever. He was there for me when I went over the top freaking out about my grades and when I had family problems. He is like a father figure to me and will forever hold a place in my heart. I will never forget his answer to the question, "What is the meaning of life?" "To learn compassion through pain and suffering."

Jennifer Safrey Posted over a year ago

Jim is my stepfather and I can attest to his unwavering commitment to his students. He always talks about them fondly and is so dedicated to making a difference. He is so very deserving of this honor.

Mariyanthie Linaris Posted over a year ago

I am so glad to see that Mr. Sheehan has been nominated for life changer of the year! After being his student in sophomore honors English, AP composition, and Junior-Senior Chorus, I know there is no one more deserving of this title. Mr. Sheehan always goes out of his way to make his students be heard and feel valued, and that is what really sets him apart as an educator. It is clear from the passion with which he conducts his classes that he loves what he does, and this truly fosters a love for learning in his students; he made us want to read the books and take part in discussions. Anyone who has met him or has had the chance to sit in his classroom is truly lucky. People like Mr. Sheehan don’t come along too often, and I am so proud to know him.

Jenelle DeCosta Posted over a year ago

Having Mr. Sheehan for both AP Composition and junior-senior chorus, as well as working with him as a section leader, I think he deserves this award more than anything. He’s very passionate about the students he teaches and what he teaches, and he’s inspired and supported me (and continues to do so) every step of the way to not just better myself as a writer, but as a person and as a leader. I have never been more blessed to learn under someone as wonderful as he is.

Laurenlee Dominguez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan is the best teacher I have ever had. Not only did my writing improve supremely under his class, but my life was also changed. When I signed up to be in his AP English Composition course, I never would have expected walking out of his class in tears on my last day of high school. I truly blossomed as a person in his class. Students did not read because we were forced to. We read because of the greater meaning that Mr. Sheehan would so eloquently dictate to us every class. Somehow, he made every line of any book we read seem personal. Mr. Sheehan is truly in love with literature, and the power of his love is contagious. I cannot possibly put into words what this man has done for me.I know that even now I can turn to him for support and advice. Mr. Sheehan made me fall in love with life through his empowering words of wisdom each class. The most important lesson that he has taught me: Reserving judgement is a matter of infinite hope.

Keyana Smith Posted over a year ago

Mr.Sheehan is one of the reasons why Molloy feels like home to me. After having the pleasure of taking AP Composition with him, I was able to unlock my skills as a writer! He’s definitely one of those teachers that makes you realize that reading and classwork is well worth your time. I wish him the best.

Sara Rodin Posted over a year ago

I can't think of anyone more deserving. Such a warm and kind person and an even better teacher. I consider myself lucky to have been a student of his

Isabelle Hart Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan is someone I have admired and respected from various distances. When I was 15, I desperately hoped that one day I would get to take a class with the man who inspired my favorite teacher to become a teacher himself. When I was 17, I excitedly started my first class with Mr. Sheehan, a class that molded part of who I am today (a part of myself that I'm very proud of). When I was 18, I dejectedly shrank into myself as I shared private thoughts and personal writings with the only person I trusted enough to be honest with me. When I was 19, I missed my favorite teacher from my high school, and I longed for someone to eat lunch with on those days when the excitement of college left me wanting for the familiarity of home. Now. I'm 20 and I still admire and respect Mr. Sheehan with all of my heart. People influence each other's lives constantly, though not always for the better. Mr. Sheehan has influenced my life for many days and many years, and every change he has inspired in me has been a change for the good. I believe that there is some good in everyone, but I do not believe that there are many people out there who are purely good. Mr. Sheehan is one of those few kind spirits one gets to encounter during a given period of life. All of his students are lucky to have met such a spectacular teacher, mentor, and friend.

Allison Terranova Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan is a teacher who not only impacted my life while I was in my Molloy, but he impacted it after as well. He always genuinely cared about how I was doing and wanted to help me through any difficult times. He truly has a heart made of gold and he is someone I truly strive to be like one day.

Sarah T. Posted over a year ago

I blame Mr. Sheehan's AP Composition class for my English degree. Mr. Sheehan taught me to appreciate diverse texts and, equally, my peers' diverse perspectives on them. I met some of my favorite authors in his class and (rambling comment notwithstanding) honed my writing skills that carried me over the next decade. Thank you!

Mary Edward Posted over a year ago

"Teacher" doesn't even begin to describe Mr. Sheehan. Mr. Sheehan is the kind of teacher every teacher aspires to be. With him, class is not just some place to learn skills- it is a place where you come to understand life and humanity through literature. It is a place to learn tolerance, compassion, and strength through hardships. Every student who has walked through his door has come out a better person. It is because of who he is, as a person and a teacher, that I am a teacher today.

Alexandra Hausser Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mr.Sheehan!! By far the funniest and most passionate teacher I had at Molloy. English was never my favorite subject but Mr.Sheehan’s enthusiasm for the subject was infectious, so much so, that I took his class again senior year!!

Dori Aliu Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan’s is an exemplary educator but more importantly, he is a remarkable human being whose seemingly innocuous lessons on lierature have proven to be timeless and transcendent lessons on life. Mr Sheehan is a professional who excels at his life’s work, he is an authority who raises the bar and redefines what it means to give one’s best, he is a friend who genuinely listens and cares about the people he teaches and works with, he is an artist who finds inspiration at every turn and eloquently weaves these experiences into the very fiber of his being, and it goes without saying, into his “syllabus”. Those of us that have had the privilege of sitting in Mr. Sheehan’s classroom have not walked away unchanged. He has pulled a light switch inside every one of us all while nurturing within us an unwavering confidence with which we would go on to shine our light on the world. Educators, people like Mr. Sheehan are pure gold. While Mr. Sheehan may never know the extent of his impact and just how steadfastly his classroom lessons and care are etched into my mind and heart... he is amply deserving of this recognition and title as “life changer of the year” and perhaps even more appropriately as “lifetime changer”. Mr. Sheehan, Jim, cheers to you. Yours truly, Dori

Angela Koehler ( Sarro) Posted over a year ago

Because of your dedication, support, warmth, sincerity, genuine love of literature, and wholehearted spirit, I became the English teacher I am today. Thank you and please continue to do all the great work of inspiring others! Congratulations.

Nancy Strbik Zatik Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan is one of my biggest inspirations! I remember sitting in his class and loving every moment of it! He is one of the reasons why I chose to become a teacher! His great energy, positivity, kindness, devotion to his students and all of his other truly amazing qualities are what make him the most amazing teacher ever! I only hope that one day I can impact my students as Mr. Sheehan has changed the lives of all those he meets!

Mary Angeline Bacani Posted over a year ago

It does not come as a surprise to me and many others that Mr. Sheehan has been nominated for the "LifeChanger of the Year" award. He IS, Mr. Sheehan, after all! To many, including myself, Mr. Sheehan has greatly impacted our lives. He inspired my great love for literature and taught me the greatest lesson, that is, to be human. His kindness, compassion, humor, and honesty has helped me to become who I can proudly say I am today. Thank you for being a teacher, a friend, a father-figure, and a true inspiration to us all. Congratulations, Mr. Sheehan! Lots of love and well wishes are being sent your way!

Anastasia Limogiannis Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan is a dedicated, passionate, dependable, and extraordinary English teacher and man. His passion for literature inspired me my senior year and throughout my college career. He really believed in me as a student and I don't know if he knows how much that meant to me! Our senior year English class grew very close throughout the year and it was so hard to say goodbye to the safe and creative environment we created in that classroom. I'll always be grateful for the lessons learned in class and how they followed through in real life. He has forever changed the way I read a book and person! P.S. As I Lay Dying will always be one of my favorite books. Thanks Mr. Sheehan :)

Sarah Posted over a year ago

Incredibly happy that Mr. Sheehan is nominated for LifeChanger of the year. It’s difficult to express in words how impactful his actions and teachings have influenced the lives of us all, but we all have a special place of appreciation in our hearts for him. I’m honored to have been a student of his.

Sinéad Girdusky Posted over a year ago

Hi! I'm Sinéad, a senior at Molloy. I have had the blessing of having Mr. Sheehan for freshman year English, Junior and Senior Chorus, and AP Composition. It is safe to say that he has been the most influential person I have met at Molloy. He never fails to answer my questions about english, no matter how many I ask. He has inspired me to always speak about what I belive is correct. One of his popular lines is “You can always have a different opinion than me.” Another one of his lines is “There are many paths to the top of the mountain.” When he says this, he is talking about how there are many ways to get a great essay grade, but if you know him well, you know he is talking about everything we fo in life. There is nobody else in this world that I believe deserves this award more than he does.

Brian Capizzi Posted over a year ago

Mr Sheehan was my homeroom teacher, English and Writing teacher and in charge of the chorus and was definitely an amazing educator. Whether we were discussing a great novel, Star Trek, or our hapless NY Mets ,Mr Sheehan always educated. He never discouraged either.

Ashley persaud Posted over a year ago

I am always grateful for Mr. Sheehan and the impact he has had on my life. High school is a hard time and he helped me get through most of it as well as inspired me in class with the use of literature that I still hold on to today.

Trisha Sobha Posted over a year ago

When I think about the most influential teacher in my life, Mr. Sheehan is the first person I think of. I was in Mr. Sheehan's english class in junior year. It was this his class that ignited my passion for English Lit. He made every class worth going to.I lost my father two weeks before my senior year started and Mr. Sheehan helped me cope every step of the way. I could not have gotten through senior year without his guidance. His compassion and empathy for me is something I will never forget and always be grateful for. Congratulations, Mr. Sheehan. You are a true inspiration. I cannot think of anyone else who deserves this more.

Den DeMarinis Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan is someone who made me feel welcomed day 1 in Chorus as well as his classroom. As someone who is not vocally inclined, he still made it a point to try and spotlight me and every other member of the Chorus. This man is an amazing teacher, and human being; whom is well deserving of this honor.

Mary Gallagher Posted over a year ago

From my very first AP Composition class, Mr. Sheehan inspired in me an appreciation for all kinds of writing. The serious, the satyrical, and the flowery; I learned to love it all under his guidance. As an alto in his chorus, I felt the same type of appreciation towards the music he instructed us in. He is an amazing man with a true aptitude and passion for teaching.

Mark Giernicki Posted over a year ago

I had Mr. Sheehan for AP English as well as Chorus and I can not think of a better nominee, the values he taught me have helped me every day of my adult life.

Christopher Dolengewicz Posted over a year ago

I was fortunate enough to be taught by Mr Sheehan not one but two consecutive years of English. Changed my perspective on reading and put me on the path of reading for myself and not just for class.

James J. Simms Posted over a year ago

It sometimes seems incomprehensible that I graduated Molloy in 1964! Mr. Sheehan reminds me of "Mr. Holland Opus" with English as an added benefit. As a 20 year Toastmaster I embrace the concept of a Senior Teacher as Coach!

Yomery Santana Posted over a year ago

Great accomplishment to be nominated, greater if you can be the winner! Best of luck!

Matthew Frenzel Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan is possibly the most influential educator I have ever had the pleasure of calling my teacher. He works tirelessly to ensure that his students grow as people and grow in knowledge. He has helped me to explore my voice and he is a major part of the reason I want to explore a career in musical theater.

Thomas Polizzi Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan you were a fantastic English teacher. I had the pleasure of taking your creative writing class in my senior year. You were a key motivator for me to continue to hone my storytelling ability. Thank you!

Kaela C. Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan is not only a teacher- he is the best supporter that anyone who has ever met him, is lucky to have. I had first been introduced to Mr. Sheehan in my sophomore year of high school- he was always a kind light, even though I hadn't had him as a teacher yet. Moving forward, I had the immense pleasure to have him as both my homeroom and chorus teacher my Senior year of high school. He goes above and beyond when it comes to every single one of his students. He let me talk to him about my day and literature, even being able to recognize that I wasn't doing well and talking to me, something I needed more than anything. He was a phenomenal choir leader, but even more so, he took the time out of his day to help me practice for my audition song for the school musical- just because, even going to opening night with Ms. Safrey of said show to support me and my fellow Stanner Players He continued to be a guiding light even after I left Molloy, taking me in when I was struggling- helping me to get to the point I have reached today... In a better, healthier place. He knew me well enough to know I wasn't doing well and inviting me to just read with him and his Freshman English class on my class days off. He has changed my life for the better- he helped save it. I could not think of a more deserving candidate than Mr. Sheehan. He cares for his students and their personal success and happiness above all else- always making himself available to provide help and support. Thank you Mr. Sheehan, for everything, and no matter what, to me, you will always be a LifeChanger winner!

Michael Faello Posted over a year ago

When it comes to Archbishop Molloy educators/teachers being nominated for the top elite awards it comes as no surprise! Archbishop Molloy's educators are the quintessential examples of top shelf teachers really giving young adolescents the tools they need for a well-rounded education to score 100 not only the written exam, but at the game of life! Non Scholae Sed Vitae! Good luck!

Sydney Costello Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan was an amazing teacher for me. He was one of the first people to realize that I wasn't myself when I got sick. He will forever hold a place in my heart.

Sarah Stiglianese Posted over a year ago

Good luck! Mr. Sheehan was my favorite teacher and definitely impacted my decision to pursue a degree that I can use to work with high school students :)

Joe Sommo Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sheehan was an inspiration to me as an English teacher and continues to be now as my colleague. He is a kind, caring, passionate teacher who captures the attention and imagination of all of his students. He is truly a "Life Changer" in every sense.

M. Rourk Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! Good luck!