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Jane Luethge

Position: Curriculum Specialist
School: Burke High School
School District: Omaha Public School
City, State: Omaha, NE

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Jane Luethge was nominated by Jacqueline Swirzinski, a family member.

Mrs. Luethge makes a big difference in the lives of Burke High students and beyond. She takes the time to encourage students to set goals and reach for their dreams. She helps promote Advanced Placement courses and was recently given a position on the Midwest AA Council. 

Mrs. Luethge makes the most of every opportunity to promote education for all students. She advocates for doing the right thing, avoiding wrong choices and taking AP classes. She is also an active member of the Omaha Freedom Writers Foundation. This program promotes new ways for teachers to make learning more exciting and real. Mrs. Luethge's motto is, "No excuses; all students can learn something!"

"I've seen Jane in action supervising events," Swirzinski said. "She showers compliments on students who deserve to be recognized. She encourages right choices and never puts up with excuses."

Being active at school is not the only place where Mrs. Luethge shines. She keeps up with a growing family, too! Her husband, Jeff, is her family team-mate and workout partner. She is a loving, caring mother to two amazing children; Sophia, 8, and Benjamin, 6. She also works as a coach for Farrells, keeping herself healthy and well; being a great example to all who cross her path.

"Jane is amazing! She deserves to be recognized for all of the wonderful ways she makes a difference every single day," said Swirzinski.