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Beth Jinkins

Position: Instrumental Music Instructor
School: Oak Grove High School
School District: Oak Grove R-VI School District
City, State: Oak Grove, MO

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Beth Jinkins was nominated by a colleague who wished to remain anonymous.

Ms. Jinkins works diligently in the classroom to make her music and life lessons rigorous and relevant. She loves music and lets her passion for it shine through her lessons and the opportunities she offers students. Students understand and constantly work to reach her high expectations. They know the lessons they are learning will serve them throughout their entire lives. Ms. Jinkins constantly works to stay current with educational trends and to assist all students in their endeavors. Her dedication, loyalty, and compassion for students (and Oak Grove High School, in general) have never faltered in the time the nominator has worked with her.

"I can always rely on Beth’s positive outlook, her enthusiastic approach, and her assistance in any pursuit," the nominator said. "She carries her passion for music, education, and students wherever she travels, and her fellow band instructors often tell me at events throughout the year how much they emulate her within their own programs."

Approximately 180 OGHS students are currently participating in band. That number equals well over one-quarter of the high school population. The Sound of Panther Pride marching band has just completed its competitive season with numerous awards. The band's members were named Grand Champions for the fifth year in a row at the highly competitive Carrollton Band Day, as well as Sweepstakes Champions at Trenton Missouri Days Festival for only the third time in school history. The band enjoys a supportive following from parents and patrons because of the countless hours Ms. Jenkins spends, not only in promoting it, but in creating a loving atmosphere for the student musicians to flourish.

"I felt amazed the first time I witnessed a halftime show seventeen years ago, and I still stand in admiration each time the band performs," the nominator said. 'I know the students work hard to accomplish the amazing sounds. Ms. Jinkins draws their talents to the top and assists in taking them to new horizons. What a powerful testament to her work as a music educator!"

Comments (5)

Shellie Schnelle Posted over a year ago

I work with Beth and she is such a great role model and teacher but I also have had a son that was in Band with her for 6 years. I truly believe my son would not have stayed in band all those years if it wasn't for the positive encouragement that she gives each and every student. She also is an encouragement in their personal lives and wants to see her students succeed in all they do! I felt blessed to have Mrs. Jinkins as our son's band teacher. Our schools need more teachers like Beth Jinkins!

Shelly Drecktrah Posted over a year ago

Beth is a wonderful music/band teacher. The music program at OGHS grew under her direction by leaps and bounds. Whenever you spoke with a high school band student, you could hear in their voices the love they had for her and for music. What a gifted teacher!!!!

James Morgan Posted over a year ago

Beth came to work every day that I knew her with a positive outlook and it was contagious to everyone around her. Her influences on kids and teachers will go unmatched for a long time!

laura bixby Posted over a year ago

Thank you for always inspiring our kids and giving them a fun way to be creative!!!!

Carla Sands Posted over a year ago

Way to go girlfriend. You are so deserving of this nomination. Great job!