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Consuelo Brewer

Position: ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Teacher
School: Charles R. Drew Transition Center
School District: Detroit Public School Community District
City, State: Detroit, MI

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Consuelo Brewer was nominated by her colleague, Tracie Diggins.

Mrs. Brewer is a special education teacher specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorder at Charles R. Drew Transition Center in Detroit. She is an educator who always puts her students first, no matter what. She noticed that her students were going to school in sweatshirts during the very cold winter month of November. Mrs. Brewer set up a project looking for coats, hats, gloves and boots for her classroom. This fundraiser allows individuals to donate directly to public school classroom projects. The goal was met, and the students were very happy with their new winter gear! The parents were also excited because many were unable to afford this expensive winter gear. 

Mrs. Brewer started to notice that this issue was not just a theme in her classroom, but a school-wide problem. After talking to many students throughout the school, she realized that many students did not have the appropriate winter clothing. She decided to set up another project for warm winter coats, hats and gloves for the students at Charles R. Drew Transition Center. She began raising money on December 11, 2017 and raised $17,288.00 by January 5, 2018. She asked all of her friends, family and complete strangers to make her birthday wish come true and donate money so these students could stay warm. Mrs. Brewer's wish was granted, and 159 students were able to receive warm winter clothes.  

Local media outlets were contacted to report about what Mrs. Brewer had done for these students with special needs. The story went viral and received over 1 million views on Facebook. Columbia Sportswear saw this story and contacted Mrs. Brewer to thank her for purchasing their coats and offer more help to the school. They donated 302 additional coats to the school, so that every student had a coat. With each coat costing $200 - $300, Columbia Sportswear basically donated $70,000 worth of coats to the school. Mrs. Brewer has changed the lives of her students by taking a moment to observe and make sure their basic needs were met.

"This wonderful teacher is our super hero!" Diggins said. 

Comments (64)

Elise Daniels Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Brewer is a loving, caring professional. Last year she chose to provide warm coats for our students that had limited resources to obtain coats. With her family several coats were purchased and given to Drew students. She is self-less and goes out of her way to assist others. She is definitely a worthy person to receive this award and would be a shining example of a Life Changer!

Gretta Abu-Isa Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Brewer is an outstanding teacher. She goes above and beyond for her students on a daily basis. She is kind, loving, and one of the most giving people I know. Mrs. Brewer is very knowledgeable of the needs of our Autistic students and is able to tap into various techniques and strategies to assist them with achieving their individual goals at school. Mrs. Brewer also volunteers in the community and is always searching for ways to assist others, and is successful! I would highly recommend Mrs. Brewer to receive this award as she is truly a life changer!

Ashley Parker Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Brewer goes above and beyond for her students. She is always looking out for their well-being and she puts her all into making sure she teaches them the skills they need to learn to be successful. Her smile brightens the classroom & she always has a warm, friendly, and safe classroom environment. Most importantly, her selflessness has made a huge impact in the lives of many students at Drew! I couldn't think of anyone better who is deserving of this award other than Mrs. Brewer!

Dior James Posted over a year ago

Awesome teacher, Awesome person, Awesome friend! Truly blessed to work with such an inspiring woman! You rock Mrs. Brewer!

Jacqueline Oneal Posted over a year ago

Consuelo Brewer is a innovative, creative, selfless, and overall awesome woman that I am so proud to have in my inner circle. She literally puts on an invisible cape and comes to the rescue of others quite often. She is my only choice....”hands down!”

Lesa Eason(Nanny Lesa) Posted over a year ago

Consuelo is a beautiful person inside and out. Her patience,kindness, and just beautiful nature as a person, a teacher, a mother, a sister, and the many hats she wears amazes me. Consuelo and I have been connected spiritually for many years and I count it a pleasure and honor to know her. She is most deserving of this award and I’m sure she will not only live up to what this award represents but she will surpass it. Congrats my friend,such a deserving young lady!!!

Clara L. Bohannon Posted over a year ago

Consuela is so dedicated to her students, she is determined to train them in all area's. I am sure she will conquer all. God bless Consuela.

Marcella Lane Posted over a year ago

Mrs Brewer is very kind. Ever since i met her, she has been the same, friendly, and genuine. She does so much for the student's. Mrs Brewer and I belong to an organization that mentors young pregnant ladies, and i am proud to belong to an organization that Mrs Brewer belongs to. Mrs Brewer is Awesome!

Jennifer Banks Posted over a year ago

Consuelo is AMAZING!! Your students are so lucky to have you. Congratulations!! So deserving!! ??

Rozalyn Mitchell Posted over a year ago

Consuelo Brewer is a life changer period. Ive known her since I was a little girl and I promise you she changed my life. She became my godmother and someone I admired. She's always been kind, caring and easy going. She's weathered many storms and nothing has managed to change her sweet, giving spirit. She carries these attributes right into her field as an educator. She continually endeavors to make sure her students have exactly what they need. She cares for them as if they are her own. She's someone special. Life changer is the only way to correctly describe her.

Alexa Bean Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Brewer is a dedicated and compassionate teacher. She has a personality that shines and allows her to successfully reach her students. She continues to go above and beyond for the well-being of her students and is deserving of this award!

Thomasina Sanders Posted over a year ago

LIFECHANGER describes Consuelo Brewer in many ways. She chose the profession of becoming a teacher because of wanting to help educate students and show them their value. She is a gift and her students are her gifts. Her giving heart becomes stronger because of them and her ideas become as powerful as her students. They are the reason she works so hard and try to find ways to find solutions to the many issues the students and family face in today's culture. Teaching is important and so is the yearning of lifting the stress that plagues the minds of the students and parents that stands in their way of happiness, hope, and fulfillment. She has thoughts that becomes successful realities. Consuelo the teacher, just wants ease their worries and reassure the struggles will not be a barrier in the lives that touches her soul each day. Consuelo purpose is to change lives for the better in education, life in the schools, classrooms and at home. She's a LIFECHANGER in a shape of a circle; "WHOLE" in living, learning, and loving.

Nikeah Howard Posted over a year ago

This is the type of person that children should (and already do) look up to. A remarkable woman and an inspiration to everyone around her.

Gloria Boatwright Posted over a year ago

Consuelo's passion and commitment to her students and fellow staff members is unmatched. Her kind and gentle spirit can be felt through both her words and actions at any given time. I can assure you that Consuelo will continue to do amazing things for both her students and her community. She is vested in the happiness of everyone around her and deserves this prestigious honor.

M.Nichols Posted over a year ago

She is strong, she is awesome, she is outstanding, she is caring, she is an angel, she is genuine, she is a mother, she is inspirational ,she is a wife, she is a hard worker ,she is Mrs Consuelo Brewer teacher for the Detroit Public School community District thanks for being my son teacher you are a blessing to your students as well as others.

M.Nichols Posted over a year ago

Mrs Brewer is deserving of this award she is a blessing to all who come in contact with her she is an outstanding teacher I'm thankful to have Mrs. Consuleo Brewer as my son teacher....She is genuine, dedicated,she has a love for children, she is a mother, she is an angel, she is awesome! Mrs Brewer has helped, & loved her students as well as others what a WONDERFUL SPRIT!.

Dana Jordan Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Brewer is one of the most genuine women and teachers you will ever meet! She is so deserving of this award!

Crystal C Posted over a year ago

You are an Inspiration!

Salama Malotke Posted over a year ago

She leads by example continuously, unselfishly giving of herself so that children will have a better quality of life and educational experience.

jacob jackson Posted over a year ago

Mrs Brewer is a great person, great mother, and great teacher. She is a life changer to all she talk to.I watched her grow into the best teach in Michigan. Best motivational teacher I have seen. She is a life changer. Thanks Mrs Brewer.

Angel Fuller Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Brewer is definitely deserving of such an award. She’s a wonderful teacher that is dedicated, passionate and shows a genuine concern for the children and families of the children in her class. Her heart is so big and wants nothing but the best for all children in the program. I’m so grateful to have her as my son’s teacher especially with him coming into a totally new environment. I can truly say that Mrs. Brewer has been such a blessings to the Fuller family and we’ll be forever grateful!

Brenda Rose Posted over a year ago

Consuleo Brewer is a beautiful person with a beautiful spirit when you see her she always give you a smile. She is an Angel on this earth.

Eulalia Miller Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Brewer is So very deserving of this Reward!! She desires the Best for Every Child in her care, and everyday she goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.??

Kimberly Cole Posted over a year ago

Consuelo always goes beyond the call of duty for her students. She does all she can to make sure their needs are met.

Marsha Arthur Posted over a year ago

Consuelo Brewer is one of the most loving, talented, and humanitarian person l know. She truly loves her special needs students and will go beyond the call of duty to make sure their needs are met and lack nothing while in her care. She was truly a blessing to me and my family during the lost of my granddaughter.

Rachel Posted over a year ago

Consuelo is an amazing woman that has an incredible love for children. She is passionate, loving, giving and an inspiration to us all. Her kind heart and warm welcoming spirit leaves an imprint on everyone she encounters. She is driven to make a difference and she does it day after day.

Dana McKissic Posted over a year ago

I was trying to think about the perfect comment to post but it’s hard. Consuelo has been going over and beyond for years and is well overdue for this recognition! She cares so much for all of her students and just a fantastic, bright and warm person.

Darnella Hawkins Posted over a year ago

I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this prestigious award. You have my vote!

Lynnette Harris Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Consuelo on being nominated for the Lifechanger of the year award. The hard work that you do as a educator is simply wonderful. You are such a joy to be around and your smile brightens the day. I support you my sister and I nominate you for this award. You definitely deserve it.

Evelyn Denard Posted over a year ago

Liferchanger couldn't award a better person. Mrs. Consuelo Brewer is a complete portion of selfless with a generous portion of uplifting and its all sprinkled with grace. Because her compassion is genuine, others are blessed to know her.

Monika McKay-Polly Posted over a year ago

Consuelo is such a gentle spirit!!! She takes time out and delivers comfort and care through genuine compassion. If it were only possible to duplicate her we would fulfill twice the need in half the time. But, for now, “Go Consuelo, go!”

Michelle Lyons Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Brewer Has been a blessing to me with her kindness and helpful spirit. She has given me helpful professional advice and insight. I highly recommend Mrs Brewer As Life changer of the year.

Leonard barron Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Brewer is an excellent teacher, and caring person, who put her all into everything she does. Especially, for her students, whom really are her kids. Thank you for sharing your classroom with us. God Bless!

Nicole Posted over a year ago

Consuela has a wonderful disposition and an infectious smile.

Deanndra Posted over a year ago

We are happy she is making a difference, and impact in the lives of our children! Ppl need to see the love of God through people with all the horrible things going on in the world.

Cassandra Brown Posted over a year ago

Well deserving of all recognition!

Jennie Grinnage Posted over a year ago

I am proud of Consuelo’s act of kindness and out reach of love. She has demonstrated the true meaning of “love thy brother as thy self”. If more people would follow her example of caring, the would be greatly Blessed.

Ms Tessila Harris Posted over a year ago

Consuelo is a beautiful person inside and out she is very kind hearted and a giving person always smiling ahe is dedicated to doing her best in everything she has a heart of GOLD I'm glad i know her.

Denise Jefferson Posted over a year ago

Consuelo is obviously a very loving and caring individual who goes above and beyond to be a blessing to others. She has such a sweet spirit and always has a smile on her face. Any child would be very fortunate to have her as a teacher. May God continue to bless her as she continues to bless others.

Tara Hurt Posted over a year ago

I would like to to support/vote for this kind and devoted vessel of God. She loves children and devotes her time to helping and caring for those who are in need.

Constance Bell Posted over a year ago

My daughter is a very caring and kind person. She is a wonderful mother, teacher and wife. Consuelo has always loved children. She has always helped people in need since she was 13 years old. I remember when she was 13 she use to clean the home of our elderly neighbors. She puts others before herself. Consuelo knows how to make a sad person happy just spending a few minutes with her. I am very proud of her achievements from kindergarten to graduate school. She put herself through college and has always worked since she was 12 years old. Consuelo absolutely love teaching students with autism spectrum disorder. Her patience, love and gentle spirit pours out to these students with special needs. I am so proud of her for raising the money to purchase coats for those students in need. She is a very persistent person that sets a goal and then achieves it. I trust her with everything because she does all things with excellence. This bright and shining star that I call my daughter should be your next Life Changer of the Year.

Patricia Taylor Posted over a year ago

Mrs Brewer is the kindness sweeties Teacher at Charles R Drew transition Center she loves her students and will do anything for them My Son Harold Taylor Loves her to death when He first went to Drew he didn’t like it at all Mrs Brewer showed him a lot a love and affection My son came I long way thanks to her

Anita Jackson Posted over a year ago

I want to let every one Consuelo Brewer is a beautiful youger Lady that have a caring heart for children and beautiful smile that give you peace. She love God and God people.

Latoria Triggs Posted over a year ago

Thank you Big Sis! Since the age of 7. being adopted. you have always been there to support me. I can remember on my 9th birthday. you taking me on my first bike ride through the city of Detroit and taking me to get my hair done. Your support in helping mom raise me to become the intelligent woman I am today. Your Biggest support came at my most sacred time/ my wedding. Thank you soo much! Continue to be the Leader I know you are created to be.

Jill Wynn Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Connie for 30 years. She has always shown genuine care and concern for others, gone above and beyond to provide an inclusive atmosphere and given of herself COMPLETELY to anything she engages in. To know her is to experience a change because of the pure love she deposits to those that cross her path!

Elvin Barren Posted over a year ago

I have known Mrs. Consuelo Brewer for over 28 years. We attended Denby High School, located in the city of Detroit, graduating in 1990. Mrs. Brewer has maintained her responsible, dedicated and caring personality over the years. Mrs. Brewer serves the community with distinction as she has demonstrated through an unwavering commitment to educating the youth. Mrs. Brewer sets unselfish goals that take into account the needs of others. Her dedication extends beyond normal working hours as she has displayed her love of the community by ensuring the children received warm clothing to combat the harsh Michigan winter. It is with great pleasure and admiration that I write this letter of recommendation for Mrs. Consuelo Brewer.

Rozalyn Posted over a year ago

I remember as a little girl one day I was just extremely anxious. My mother was at home and I needed a mother's love. Consuelo (my godmom) put me in her lap and reassured me, that I had her and that she was there for me. She was patient and calm and stayed with me until I was better. She is literally the sweetest person I know. She truly makes the world a better place.

Donella Young Posted over a year ago

Consuelo Brewer is a phenomenon teacher who went above and beyond the call of duty. She is compassionate, loving, thoughtful and the list goes on and on. She not only cares for her classroom, but the whole school. She saw that the students at Drew needed coats ,so she received a grant for 17,000 to provide coats for the whole school. Need I say more??

Malaya Hayes Posted over a year ago

Great teacher!

Lakeitha King Posted over a year ago

There’s no one more deserving than Mrs. Brewer. Selfless and compassionate, with a heart of gold.

Neandra White Posted over a year ago

She’s an excellent teacher the students love her

Jessica carrowY Posted over a year ago

She is a awesome teach

Milton Kennedy Posted over a year ago

The kids love her

Diane Griffin Posted over a year ago

I am a former co-worker of Mrs. Consuelo Brewer. When I met her, I knew she would be a great addition to our school. Her love and concern for students is evident. Mrs. Brewer is an extremely hard worker, and she treat students as if they were her own children as we all do. I am proud of Mrs. Brewer’s accolades and wish her the best on future endeavors. ——-Diane Griffin

Bonita L Ray Posted over a year ago

She's a great teacher

Deborah Andrews Posted over a year ago

She is awesome my nephew love her

Cheryl Griffin Posted over a year ago

Ms Brewer is an awesome teacher.

Trebarry Andrews Posted over a year ago

Really a nice teacher great job

Angelo Taylor Posted over a year ago

Nice teacher she is great with the kids

Deborah Andrews Posted over a year ago

Wonderful teacher may God bless her in every thing she needs

Bettie Currelley Posted over a year ago

Awesome teacher

Geneva Kennedy Posted over a year ago

Awesome teacher, so sad my student is graduating.

Nailah Carew Posted over a year ago

An inspiring woman full of wisdom and grace with a dash of empowerment!

Joyce Barker Posted over a year ago

I have known Consuelo for 30yrs and she have always been a kind hearted person, putting other before herself. I love her wholeheartedly and I’m so proud to have her as my friend.