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Angela Brent-Harris

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Sunrise Park Elementary School
School District: Palm Beach County Schools
City, State: Boca Raton, FL

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Angela Brent-Harris was nominated by Amanda Sorrell, a member of Brent-Harris' community.

Ms. Brent-Harris practices meditation with her kindergartners and is an all-around amazing teacher. At the beginning of every school year during teacher orientation, she has her students' parents experience a day in the life of their child. She plays low music throughout the day to maintain the calming effect of mediation. Starting the day with relaxation helps her students remain productive and happy throughout the day. Parents and staff members are always amazed with their behavior and how well the children enjoy school.

Ms. Brent-Harris is overwhelmingly positive, and she even teaches free mindfulness by the ocean classes to help people de-stress.

"She has the heart of an angel; no matter who walks through her door, they will instantly feel calm and excited to be there," Sorrell said. "She has made an impact on the lives of so many, and former students and parents continue to follow up with her. I know she will leave lasting impressions on these students, and maybe they'll teach some day because of her inspiration!"

Comments (182)

Cliff Lewis Posted over a year ago

Miss Angela Brent harriss..possible..Jamaican heritage

Teetee Braxton Posted over a year ago


Vanessa alm Posted over a year ago

Mrs.brent-Harris taught me more then all the subjects I had to learn in school. She helped me to love, taught me how to be myself and accepting of others. I was very alone in school, and she made sure I had her to talk to and also helped me make a few friends to get by in sunrise. I learned so much about life threw her at such a young age. She helped me build my character. And I’ll never forget that ever. I still contact her 10 years along my journey. I consider her family.

Diana Walker Posted over a year ago

It is my distinct pleasure to support Mrs. Angela Brent-Harris! It was my absolute privilege to work beside her, SLP and teacher together in support of students! Angela doesn’t just teach reading and math; she teaches tolerance, love, support of others, calmness, relaxation, and touches upon the human condition. Students in her class are soothed emotionally and develop high-level social skills from the interactions she encourages with others. Rarely have I ever observed such an amazing classroom. There is quiet, respect for others and a love of learning instilled! Angela Brent-Harris is a powerful and positive presence in every life she touches! Ms. Diana Walker, SLP

Nancy Clewner Posted over a year ago

Angela is a the sweetest and kindest person I have ever met. She is always a ray of sunshine and helps everyone to see the positive in everything in life. She is an amazing teacher and her classroom is especially inviting. It is a cozy, warm and loving place where she not only impacts her students academically, but also touches their hearts. Her connections with both students and adults is evident daily! You can't help but feel peaceful and calm when she is around!!

Shari Perlowitz Posted over a year ago

Angela is with me everywhere I go... This weekend I went to a wedding in New York. I only knew the groom, not any of his family or friends. While there, I met a couple who used to live in Boca Raton and their kids went to Sunrise Park. So of course, I got excited, and asked what grades and who was their teachers? One of their kids was in kindergarten and guess who their teacher was.... yes, Angela Brent-Harris! They shared wonderful memories of her with me especially that she always used calming ways to help children, and that she did seem to have "magical powers" to know just what they needed at a given moment. That made my trip so much more meaningful - like I was meant to be there, meeting this couple, in this very small world! Once you meet Angela, you, too, will feel like she is with you wherever you are - imbuing love, light, and peace with your journey wherever it may take you. It may sound corny but her good wishes carry me through any adventure, adversity, challenge or opportunity. I have truly been blessed to work with her as her colleague, friend and team leader for 14 years. She has helped me see through issues to the heart of what's truly important, and then discover a reasonable solution. We didn't start out on the kindergarten team together but being brought to each other on the same team was no accident! It was heaven's way of remaining anonymous! I hope Angela wins this special accolade so all those involved in this award process will get to meet her, and be uplifted by her character and essence. Good luck, my dear friend!

Sam Posted over a year ago

Angela Brent-Harris spreads kindness wherever she goes! She always greets people with a friendly face and respects her peers. She treats people as if she has known them for a long time, even if you just met. I would love to observe her in the classroom to learn techniques from an established teacher who receives such compliments from co-workers, parents and students. She leaves a lasting impression and her kindergarteners are lucky to be welcomed to school by such a warm and welcoming teacher. Mrs. Brent-Harris has a calming personality, radiates sunshine and positive vibes only!

ivy Posted over a year ago

Ms. Angela Brent Harris has always taken the time to intereact with each and every student in her class. I watched her in action many times and becasuse of her love and attention, these lilltle guys are now expressing their love and attention to their classmates and friends. Its a beautiful trickle down path that she has created. I wonder if she even know that. My heart has been in diar need of love and attention myself due to unforseseen circumstances that life has given to me. Powerless. and living with alot of loss Angela scooped me up in her arms( which are really gods wings, ) and neve did a day go by without her wink of many unspoken words of comfort and telling that this too will pass my friend. Scool is a very busy stressful place and we as teachers stand tall everry day facing the challenges the kids and other collegues may bring. I will be forever grateful to Angela for without her support Id never have grown spriritually, emotionally and in character.

Judy Simon Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Angela for many years. She is an unbelievable person....the students in her classes over the years have been blessed to have had such an incredible human being as their teacher!

Rosie Presas Posted over a year ago

In the short time I have known Angela she has already left a mark on me. I really got to understand what she does for our school and students when she gave a speech at our Samaritans Club. She presented each child with a shell and they were able to write positive affirmations on their shells and take them home. Her warmth, calmness and listening skills are truly remarkable. When I had a student in my class that had a lot of anxiety I knew just the person to refer her to. This student participated in her Color Me Happy Club and was so excited to attend. She gave my student breathing techniques and the confidence to tackle anything. I'm so appreciative of what she did for my student! We are truly blessed to have such a kind-hearted person amongst us.

Alicia Steiger Posted over a year ago

So blessed to have this #LCOY as part of our Sunrise Park community. She leads by the "relationships matter" mantra. Her connections with her kiddos are just as powerful as those that she makes with the adults both in and out of the school building. We are so proud of Angela and how she continues to spread kindness everywhere she goes!

Zerika Posted over a year ago

Ms. Brent-Harris has changed my timid son into a confident little boy. She has such a gift with children in teaching them how to find peace within themselves. He just evolved with her, and learned to meditate and release stress. He taught me how to destress from all that he learned from her. She is always so giving, kind, and patient. Thank you Ms. Brent-Harris for being a Lifechanger. Our family is grateful to know her!

Marisa Posted over a year ago

I am so blessed to have Ms. Brent-Harris again as a loving and caring teacher for my daughter this year. She taught my eldest daughter in 1st grade, who is now in 4th grade and Ms. Brent-Harris helped her to have high self-esteem. Ms. Brent-Harris also speaks Spanish fluently, so it was helpful for me, and my children for communication. Ms. Brent-Harris treats both my daughters as if they are her own. She is so compassionate, and caring and tender to them, and she build up their confidence in themselves, and to have self-love. She has a gift of changing lives of others. Her class is always so peaceful, and her students love her. Felicidades a ti Maestra Brent-Harris!

Bradley Simpson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Brent-Harris was my 1st grade teacher back in 2008, and yet I still am yet to find a teacher of her caliber who was able to bring the upmost best out of myself and her students. Mrs. Brent-Harris’ ability to establish a connection with her students on an education and personal level speaks volumes to the content of her character, and her priorities that she emphasizes not only as a teacher, but as a human being. She was able to articulate her message of spreading love, positivity, and kindness to the child and parents alike and bring people together from all walks of life to see the value of education and the impact that a cordial attitude could make on a student. Her book ‘Love Doesn’t Die’ has also served as a true inspiration to the testament that love can do. Mrs. Brent-Harris’ teaching ability goes far beyond the boundaries of teaching and stretches in the stratosphere of our hearts showing us what it means to be a good person. She has truly had an impact under my short time as a student and continues to this day to impact me as I continue to remember all of her messages that I now find applicable to life as I am on my way to college. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING and good luck in your future as you have many blessings ahead!

Susan Halper Posted over a year ago

When I think of Angela, I hear her joyful giggle, I see her warm friendly smile and feel her compassionate heart. I have so much admiration, gratitude, and respect for her. Angela is an incredible person, an inspirational leader and a great teacher. She is filled with positive energy, joy and enthusiasm, gratitude and generosity. I remember fondly several years ago when I first began working at Sunrise Park, how Angela graciously welcomed me into her classroom. I was mesmerized by the beautiful learning environment she had created. The atmosphere was so peaceful and relaxing. The room was filled with aromatherapy, soft soothing music, and Angela’s ever- present positive energy. I kept thinking how lucky her students were to have her for their teacher and how I didn’t want to leave her amazing classroom. Outside of her classroom, Angela generously donated her time and talents to create an afterschool program for the staff members of our school. There she shared with us her knowledge of breathing techniques, Thai Chi, gemstones, positive affirmations and guided meditations for reducing stress and promoting relaxation. The sessions were truly inspirational. This past year, Angela has extended her generosity to offer an evening program to accommodate the parents of our school and our staff members as well. Our weekly meeting place is at the beach, a setting where Angela has incorporated moon rises over the ocean and breathtaking sunsets over the intercoastal as we experience her relaxing guides meditations and other unique and memorable ideas she shares at each session. I truly appreciate all that Angela does. A testament to her compassion for others came to me personally when she sent out continuous prayers and blessings to my Mom, a person she has never met. Angela has a heart of gold. It is such an honor to know Angela and I am so grateful to have her in my life. Angela is truly a “Life Changer” and so worthy and deserving of this award!

Emily Cornish Posted over a year ago

Mrs Brent-Harris is a loving, caring, compassionate, dependable and dedicated teacher. She always put her students well-being and education first. She treats and values her students all the same. She is an excellent role model for her students, staff, and parents as well. Mrs Brent-Harris is the EPITOME of EXCELLENT in her field. Congratulations Mrs Brent-Harris I salute you.

Mary Lou Berger Posted over a year ago

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Angela in person. It was immediately clear to see why she was nominated for Lifetime Changer of the Year. As indicated by the comments and support Angela has received so far, she has been and continues to be such a positive influence in so many lives; children and otherwise. I am a Palm Beach County Commissioner and Angela's school is located within my district. Sunrise Park Elementary is very lucky to have such a compassionate, calm and fun person to help our kids learn; it is never too early to learn how to best cope with life’s difficulties! Win or lose, to be nominated is quite an honor and surely a wonderful experience. My staff and I are pulling for Angela and hope she receives the funds for herself and for the school.

Samantha Campbell Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Brent Harris was our son Jayden’s Kindergarten Teacher at Sunrise Park Elementary, before going into the school year we were so worried he wouldn’t have a caring, loving Teacher who would understand our son. After weeks of school and different challenges that occurred we found out what an amazing Teacher Mrs. Brent Harris is, she would call to let me know how he was doing and words of advice and person experiences. She would send articles and try to help in anyway, she became such an important person to our son who continues to talk about her and he now is in the second grade. We have met for ice cream and still have kept in contact over the years and she continues to show what an amazing, loving and caring person and Teacher she is and we are blessed to have met her. She has been a wonderful influence in our life and definitely deserves to be recognized with the life change of the year reward.

Phyllis Lizana Posted over a year ago

Angela Brent Harris was my daughter’s first grade teacher, she absoutely adores her, Mrs. Brent Harris is an amazing teacher who brought out the best in all of her students. She is a very genuine and compassionate person who loves to teach. She brought so much fun into teaching and cared for her students like her own.

Margie Marongiu Posted over a year ago

My son Nik and I were so lucky to have Angela as his teacher years ago. She welcomed Nik with love, gentleness and inspiration. Angela is an “angel” to whomever she meets. I have never met someone who’s energy glows! She has given me parental advice with care and guidance. She definitely is a “Life Changer” because she is always in our hearts and we see her doing God’s work everyday. It is so true about Angela always smiling. She even smiles just walking to her car:))We are blessed to have Angela in our lives!!

Enrique Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

One's journey through life will inevitably change in unexpected ways. My path led me to meet the love of my life, Christina. My relationship with her also introduced me to one of her best friends, Angela. When someone talks about the contagious power of positive energy, the first person who comes to mind is her. Whether it's a casual get together with friends, or a meditation session at the park, Angela always exudes kindness, sincerity, humor and joy. Those around her cannot help but embrace those characteristics and make them their own. I have seen its effect firsthand, not only with her friends, but with strangers that have crossed her path. The most dramatic and influential example of this "energy" is the positive effect it has on her students by not only expanding their minds but opening their hearts. And the most incredible thing about it is that she doesn't even have to try. It just comes naturally.

Kate Totzke Posted over a year ago

I am lucky to know Angela and have had the opportunity to work on the same team as her for a couple of years. Her positivity, genuineness, and kindness radiate from her at all times. I think everyone who knows Angela would agree that she positively impacts all of the people in her life, and we all strive to posses the same qualities that constantly shine from her. There is always something to learn from her whether it’s gems, essential oils, a positive outlook on the world, or astrology!

Ximena Sarria Posted over a year ago

Through her teaching, she contributes to improve our world by planting a seed of kindness, positivism, love and much more into young souls. That seed will help our children to become the men and women that this world needs to be a better place for them and future generations. For this and much more, I have nothing else to say but thank you Mrs. Brendt Harris for being part our children’s lifes.

Maria Bitton Posted over a year ago

“Mrs. Brent Harris is one of the most passionate teachers I have ever met. She sincerely cares about each one of her students and goes above and beyond to make sure they succeed. She has a gentle way of teaching the children. She always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude that her kids and parents appreciate. I know she’s making a big difference in the lives of a lot of little people. She is more then a great teacher; she is the best.”

Sheryl Menaged Posted over a year ago

We nominate AMAZING ANGELA because she is SO very special and IS A LIFE CHANGER. I have seen it with my own MAGIC! I first met her in the halls of Sunrise Park and was drawn to her from the moment I saw her smile! We have worked together for many years and I have never met anyone like her...Her positive energy knocks you off your feet. She is a very special person with a true passion for teaching as well as learning. I feel so fortunate to have her in my life as a colleague and a dear friend! She is a LIFECHANGER for all...whether you are a little kid or a big one, like me. YOU GO GIRL!!

Molly Johnson Posted over a year ago

Angela has truly impacted and inspired anyone she comes in contact with. I've seen the impact she has made on her students and their families. I had the pleasure of having one of her students after her and that student came in with life skills to help her cope with stresses in order to complete any task that comes her way. In addition to affecting her students and families, she is also a positive energy to be around in the work environment. She's always greeting others with a smile and sharing tips on handling the stresses of every day life. She's a good friend and listener and, sometimes, having that one person who listens and cares can change the life of the other. That is why Angela deserves the life Changer of The Year Award.

Sarah Quiel Posted over a year ago

Angela is the most patient and kind person! She always helps those who are in need with her special gift of feeling people’s energy and helping them with their problem or sharing and multiplying their joy. She truly is a bright light of happiness and love to everyone who meets her. The children in her class are extremely lucky! Her classroom is always calm and such an organized and relaxing environment where children can be themselves and learn. Angela always is a helper. No matter what she has going on she always stops to help her colleagues, friends, and family who need her. I am extremely blessed to work with her and have learned so much from her about teaching and how to be calm in a world that isn’t always that way. She is a positive light that shines on everyone who comes in contact with her. Angela is a a true lifechanger for so many children and adults all over the world!

Adrienne J. Posted over a year ago

Angela is like a shining star! She emits light and positive energy wherever she goes! She is a giver whether that's at school, at the extra programs that she provides for the community, and to her friends and family. She fosters a positive, safe, & nurturing environment for her students at school. She brings in unique techniques like meditation and Tai Chi into the classroom for all of her students to benefit from! Her students are fortunate to have such a caring person looking out for their best interests! She always has a bright smile on her face an uplifting things to say. She is a unique, special person and I am happy that I can call her my friend!

Gloria Artidiello Posted over a year ago

Angela - you were my colleague first and then we developed a wonderful friendship. Your positive aura is highly contagious and anyone who interacts with you can truly see this! Your meditation techniques, positive mindset, and calming strategies can help in any situation. The confidence and serenity I see in you, as well as in your students, emulates throughout your day - in school and outside of school! You are truly an inspiration to all. Thank you for all you do.

Patrice Brent-Harris Posted over a year ago

I am writing in support of Angela Brent-Harris who has been nominated for the Lifechanger of the year award. Watching Angela teach and interact with her students, otherwise known as her "angels", is exciting. She radiates an absolute joy and love for them, and I can safely say the feeling is reciprocated. Her insights and methodology regarding the teaching of her "angels" are respected by all who are lucky enough to come in contact with her, and believe me, they are left in awe. Angela's exuberance and enthusiasm towards her chosen field is infectious. She is a dedicated and tireless participant in her students' desires to succeed. A prolific and gifted writer, Angela has the proclivity to be dramatic and to hear her engage in storytelling to her students is a joy. Children who have been lucky enough to have Angela as their teacher have indeed experienced a life changing moment. I wholeheartedly recommend her. They don't come any better than my beautiful cousin, inside and out, Angela Brent-Harris!

Audrey Archabal Posted over a year ago

Angela Brent-Harris deserves a Nobel Peace Prize not to mention the Life Changer of a Lifetime award. She is not only a great teacher, but also is an amazing person. Always positive inspiring and motivational. Her spirit is luminous and contagious. There is no one more deserving of the Life Changer of the Year award than Angela Brent-Harris.

Andreia Leifer Posted over a year ago

Ms. Brent-Harris is amazing. She is such a kind and loving soul besides being a great teacher and friend. My older son, now in 4th grade,had her as his 1st grade teacher and always says how lucky he was for having her. He says she is the best teacher ever. She improved his confidence and made him feel important. I am so grateful and blessed for having met her.

Andreia Leifer Posted over a year ago

Ms. Brent-Harris is amazing. She is such a kind and loving soul besides being a great teacher and friend. My older son, now in 4th grade,had her as his 1st grade teacher and always says how lucky he was for having her. He says she is the best teacher ever. She improved his confidence and made him feel important. I am so grateful and blessed for having met her.

Corey Leifer Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Brent-Harris is an outstanding teacher and an even better person. My son was lucky enough to be in her first grade class three years ago and my wife and I saw him blossom into a confident, hard working young boy under her watch. She truly cares about her students like no other teacher I have ever seen. I have no doubt the lessons my son learned in her class will guide him for a lifetime. She is the only former teacher he had that he still talks about and it’s been three years already. She is truly a special person and a one of a kind teacher.

Karlene McFarlane Posted over a year ago

Angela was my 17 years-old son’s first grade teacher. He could not wait each morning to get to class at Sunrise Park and this is because of Angela’s professional, warm and confident presence that drew everyone to her. Working with her on class projects and assisting in whatever way she needed, was a pleasure for every parent. Her positive spirit is especially pivotal for children who are just starting school. This is because, I believe, children that have an encouraging experience in the beginning of their school life are more likely to want to succeed and pursue their academic goals. This is why Angela is by far one of the most praiseworthy teachers in the Palm Beach County School District. My 17 year-old, Sam, is now a senior in university and is pursuing medicine. He started with the best: Angela Brent-Harris. Kudos for a job well done!

VITA Alsheikh Posted over a year ago

No one can inspire a child like a great teacher can. Ms. Brent-Harris is one of kind. Her kindness and positivity made a huge difference in my son’s life. Not only she cared about his academic outcomes, but she also took him under her wing and made it okay for him to be a messy first grader who loved reading and had a lot to say on each topic, and, yet, had to see a speech therapist twice a week. She recommended books,and always found time to have meaningful discussions with him. She always listened and cared. Her exceptional teaching helped him escape his shell, but more importantly her guidance gave him courage and freedom to feel comfortable with expressing himself in her classroom. Today, 8 years later, he is a confident young man, who believes in himself, thinks outside the box and is never afraid to draw outside the lines, and speak the truth. .. and for that I am forever grateful!

Laurie Riopelle Posted over a year ago

I've had the privilege of knowing and working with Ms. Brent-Harris for many years. She is an educator who truly teaches with her heart. Her classroom is a place of learning, love, and friendship. Walking into her classroom, one cannot help but feel a sense of peace that permeates throughout. Her students, parents, community and colleagues are fortunate to have her in their lives. She is definitely a lifechanger!

Lucette Davidoff Posted over a year ago

Ms. Brent Harris was our sons first grade teacher. She still today remains one of our family’s favorite teachers. Her heart, love, soul and compassion for teaching and students is an inspiration to us all. We nominate Ms. Brent Harris for this award and recocognition she so deserves! Ms. Brent Harris will always remain someone our family looks up to and who we love and adore. Sincerely, The Davidoff’s Aka Nate the Greats Family :)

Nancy Torelli Posted over a year ago

Life Changer is the perfect title for Ms. Brent Harris. When I spoke to her about my daughters mental health struggles, she immediately began the helping process. She helped her with meditation, self awareness, affirmations and self love. This all came from a women who never met my daughter before. She definitely made her mark and helped change yet another life. Giving her this award would just solidify what we already know.

Sandy Woonton Posted over a year ago

What can I say about Angela... she truly is a rare gem! Her love for life and peace within is truly an inspiration. Her children at home and her babies at school are so very blessed to be touch by her kindness and love each day What a privilege it has been getting to know this beautiful person

Kari Flannery Posted over a year ago

Angela is such an amazing person. She makes you feel welcome from the very first moment you meet her. Every time I walk into her classroom it makes me take a breath & want to stay there. It feels like a weight is lifted just from entering her room. She is a beautiful person with a calming aura about her. She is always smiling and spreading her positivity. She is a walking ray of sunshine. There needs to be more people like her. We could all learn something from her ??

Paula Matthews Posted over a year ago

In my opinion, Angela Brent-Harris is truly an angel walking among us here on earth. Her positive attitude in every situation is beyond remarkable. She has never met anyone whom she does not immediately treat like good family. In her company and with her energy, it is inevitable that one sees the silver lining in every situation.

Marcelle Lopez Posted over a year ago

Angela captured my heart the second I met her. It’s been an honor and a privilege to have her in my life. If any deserves this award it’s Angela. It’s true the minute you walk into her classroom you feel a sense of love and above all safe. Love you Angels,

Jamie Riley Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Angela for the past 14 years. She is not only a co-worker but someone I would call a friend. She is always around to offer words of encouragement. She radiates positivity! There is nobody more deserving of this award. She truly changes the lives of everyone she meets. I love her passion for teaching students and adults how to deal with stress and anxiety. Thank you for always sending good, positive vibes into the world, Angela!

George Love Posted over a year ago

Angela Brent Harris has a special way with people. She makes them feel special in her presence. her calmness and peacefulness is her superpower. ??

Samira Ali Posted over a year ago

One of the greatest teachers, with a beautiful heart, is Ms. Brent-Harris. There is never a dull moment in her classroom; her enthusiasm lightens the entire school. She is very caring, and maintains a strong connection to her students. She has touched the hearts of all her students and their family. I love her, and everything she stands for.

Doug N Posted over a year ago

I met Angela several years ago in Deerfield Beach and she instantly brought positivity and calmness to my life. She has a beautiful, amazing spirit and she is truly a unique person. There should be more in the world just like her!

Rachel Locker Posted over a year ago

I have the privilege of working with Angela and am grateful to call her my friend. Ms. Brent-Harris is an amazing educator. In addition to teaching her students the academics they need in her kindergarten class, Angela also builds their character, raises their confidence and self esteem, teaching them meditation to decrease anxiety and stress, and instilling empathy and kindness in each of her little “birds”. There is always a smile on Angela’s face and just being in her presence, you feel a sense of calmness. Angela exudes positivity, warmth, peace, and love. She sincerely takes an interest in everyone in her life. Angela is an amazing friend, always offering unconditional love and guidance. She has helped me through the most difficult times in my life. She is an amazing mother, grandmother, friend, and teacher. There is no one that is more deserving of this, as she is truly a life changer. Angela is truly an angel.

Sarah Lazarus Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of knowing Angela for 14 years as a colleague and friend. Every day at school her positive attitude and caring nature is contagious. She brings a great deal of positivity to the staff and students. If someone is feeling down or going through a difficult time in their life you can count on Angela being right there to help that person with her positive energy, kind words or even a special gift. In addition, she started a club at school, Color Me Happy, that has impacted so many students in such a positive way. Angela is truly a special, one of a kind teacher, colleague and friend who is truly a life changer!

Anthony Bacchus Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Angela for several years now and She’s one of the most caring and inspiring women I know. Her Conscious spirit and love for all is non other than God like. I work with children and I can Recognize a person who Sincerely love children and make a difference in their lives.

Dina Marschke Posted over a year ago

I have known Angela as both a colleague and friend for 18 years. There aren't enough words for me to Express the pure love, kindness and compassion that exudes from her simply as she walks down the hallway. Students, parents and teachers alike turn to her when they need a little guidance, sympathy or encouragement. She gives of herself freely and all that cross her path are better for it. I am honored to call this woman a friend.

Melanie Schwapp Posted over a year ago

You would never imagine that so many miles separate us. I live in Jamaica, West Indies, but Angela’s light, peace and motivation have transcended the distance and been a constant source of encouragement for me. I have never met anyone who so selflessly encourages the work and effort of everyone around her, without ever asking anything in return but your joy in life. Angela loves you as WHO you are, with complete realness and lack of judgement. When I had a hiccup in my personal life a couple years ago, many days it was Angela’s positive mantras that got me going. I really believe that she was aptly named, as she is truly an angel.

Thomas Prescott Posted over a year ago

I'm remembering the wonderful good luck I had to sit next to you at the Delray Drum Circle. You taught me how to focus on my drumming and not lose the patter. That was a wonderful experience and gift from you. That night you also brought Melatonin to my attention when I told you I worked nights and couldn't sleep during the day. That has helped me immeasurably over the years and saved me from taking harmful sleeping pills. What a great night that turned out for me! And I just thought I was going to "only" enjoy your company!

Carrie Prusa Posted over a year ago

Ms. Brent-Harris has been an incredible blessing to our family. We are extremely fortunate that our son is able to be in her Kindergarten class. From the moment you walk into her classroom you feel a sense of love and peace. She treats and nurtures her students as if they are her own family. Ms. Brent-Harris encourages the children to be themselves and empowers them to be amazing, confident kids. Her teaching is not limited to letters and numbers; she teaches the kids calming and relaxation techniques to decrease stress and anxiety all while building their self-esteem. Her teaching is also not limited to her classroom; she works with the kids in her after school club and collaborates with the parents at all times. We are all learning invaluable life skills from Ms. Brent-Harris. Ms. Brent- Harris truly is a life changer!

Jennifer Kublin Posted over a year ago

What can I say, Ms. Brent-Harris is an amazing and inspirational teacher. She cares about each and every one of her students and teaches not only the school curriculum but also invaluable life skills that children will remember as they grow!

Jillian A Chiappone Posted over a year ago

Angela is a kind generous spirit radiating positivity and love. Her presence makes me feel acceptance, safety and warmth. She is a special soul, greatly impacting those she encounters with agape.

Matt Panetta Posted over a year ago

From the moment we met Ms. Brent-Harris we knew our daughter Samantha was in the perfect K class. The sense of warmth and welcoming you feel when you enter her classroom surrounds you. She allows her students to explore how he or she wants to express themselves, rather than program them to be good test takers. This teaching philosophy is extremely refreshing given the current state of education. We are so happy that Ms. Brent-Harris will be part of our daughter’s life this year and hopefully many more to come. Without hesitation, we support Ms. Brent-Harris for Life Changer of the Year.

Anne Kim School Counselor Posted over a year ago

I have known Mrs. Brent-Harris for the past twelve years and she is always aglow with patience and optimism for all her students and also her coworkers! It's like a breath of fresh air whenever I see her around campus; her spirit is full of happiness and contentment. What a pleasure and a privilege it is to work with such an exceptional human being. I am not at all surprised at her recognition by parents and colleagues; congratulations on your nomination.

Swiniarski Family Posted over a year ago

We were blessed to have Ms. Brent Harris for kindergarten last year. She has made a huge impact on my daughter and on me as well. Ms. Brent Harris is a very nurturing and caring teacher. My daughter learned meditation and breathing techniques to help deal with stress, which was so beneficial to her because she was very shy. Ms. Brent Harris helped her overcome these feelings to be more confident. Even a year later we still talk about Ms Brent Harris and everything she taught us.

Stacy Gonzalez Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Brent-Harris is so deserving of this nomination, she has touched the souls of our four children immensely as so many other young minds with her undenying spirituality that rings so bright. She is truly an amazing teacher and person who instills love, confidence and individuality to developing minds resulting in life changing habits for success. We love you Mrs. Brent-Harris

Antonina Kolosov Posted over a year ago

Angela Brent-Harris isn’t just a great teacher she is very sweet person and pleasure to always talk to. She is the best example of how all teachers should be. The minute I walked in to the classroom I realized that our son will be in best hans. I believe for every loving parents it is very important part of their school experience.

Juliet Posted over a year ago

Mrs Brent Harris! Is very humble, kind and passionate about her mediation and as a person. My kids really enjoyed her meditation class at school and always remember to breathe. Very positive influence for the kids! Simple amazing!

Dawn S. Posted over a year ago

Ms. Brent-Harris is a genuine individual who generously shares her positive energy with both children and adults. She makes lasting impressions with everyone who is blessed to know her.

Jodi Hammer Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Angela Brent Harris several years ago while I was tutoring a student in her class. She was extremely supportive of both me and her student and always went above and beyond to help this particular child. However, after getting to know Angela, I learned that she went above and beyond in EVERYTHING she did. I’m glad I got the opportunity to work with her, which has led to a beautiful friendship. I HIGHLY recommend Angela for the Life Changer of the Year Award. She is truly deserving of this honor.

Katie D’Annunzio Posted over a year ago

She is a ray of sunshine! Always sending positive vibes. She makes me smile and laugh daily! So blessed to have her in my life! ??????

Kathy McBrien Posted over a year ago

My daughter had Mrs. Brent-Harris as a teacher in first grade. After a rough year in kindergarten, she was a knight in shining armor! Her positivity was contagious! Her students love going to school enjoy learning! She allows her students to learn in a way that is best for them, using meditation and a calm, relaxing environment to keep everyone engaged. My daughter could not wait to go to school each day! She came home happy and excited to tell us about her experiences. She is in fifth grade now, and Mrs. Brent - Harris is still be far her favorite teacher! She still participates in the Color Me Happy after school program that the teacher offers! We were so lucky to have her for that year!

Jillian A Chiappone Posted over a year ago

Angela is a kind generous spirit radiating positivity and love. Her presence makes me feel acceptance, safety and warmth. She is a special soul, greatly impacting those she encounters with agape.

Lori Macintyre Posted over a year ago

I am not sure I could ever find the right words to express the sheer gratitude we have for Ms. Brent-Harris coming into our life. Ms. Brent-Harris showered my daughter, as well as her other students and families, with unconditional love, kindness and support! The spiritual lessons she shares with her students travel far beyond the classroom. Once you meet this incredible woman, you will know you have met a TRUE Angel on Earth! She is a living legend! I could not think of anyone more deserving of this award than Ms. Brent-Harris!!!

Sheryl Tekel Posted over a year ago

I’m a teacher at a nearby school and my daughter came to Sunrise in 4th grade. I had heard for years about how special Ms. Brent Harris is and what an impact she has made on so many children’s lives. When the opportunity arrived and my daughter was able to participate in Ms. Brent Harris’s after school club Color Me Happy we jumped on the opportunity to sign up! Ms Brent Harris is so loving and kind to my daughter that in a short amount of time has made a huge impact on her life. Any child that is lucky enough to have Ms Brent Harris as a teacher is so lucky! She is loving, kind, generous and a very genuine person and teacher. We love her so much! Thank you for all that you do for us!

Karen Deerwester Posted over a year ago

Ms Brent-Harris is sunshine and light, a true "life-changer", committed to hope, inspiring students and grown-ups alike. She makes every day matter and every person feel noticed and respected. With a foundation of respect, all children are able to reach their fullest potential and make valuable contributions to the world. Changing lives....changing the future for good!!!!

Jill Alonso Posted over a year ago

Had the please of knowing Mrs. Brent-Harris for many years she has been apart of my children’s education she deserves all the awards and recognitions there is to offer!!!

Gabriela Moya Posted over a year ago

Ms Brent-Harris is the best teacher that my son could ever get. Thanks to you my son is a happy kid. For my Phillippe everything is new, he misses his family and old friends. But thanks to you, he is building a new happy live. Thanks for teaching with love ??

Sashi Posted over a year ago

We are so blessed to have Angela Brent-Harris in our lives, I call her Amazing Angela, well simply because she is the embodiment of Love, Kindness and Positivty ?? Angela has this gift of bringing out the best in everyone. We love you very much Angela and can’t think of a person more deserving of the Lifechanger of the year award than you.

Cecile Gelb Posted over a year ago

Angela has the biggest heart and warmest spirit of any one I know. She is most deserving of this award.

Samantha Buckley Posted over a year ago

Ms. Brent-Harris is one of the most incredible teachers and people I’ve ever known. She has so much love in her heart for every student that enters her classroom as well as her colleagues. She deserves this award immensely.

Rebecca McDonald Posted over a year ago

When my son, Ryan, started Kindergarten this year I was terrified. I didn’t have this same feeling when my daughter started school; she was more mature and seemed more “ready”. However, Ryan seemed much too young and I didn’t believe he was ready. After his initial trepidation on the first day of school, he has blossomed. He bounds from the car during morning drop-off (although he still has no idea where to go once out of the car) and always has a smile when we pick him up. I owe this new confidence to Ms. Brent-Harris. She works everyday to instill confidence in her kiddos and she teaches them kindness. She fully and deeply loves and cares for her students and I have complete faith in her ability to prepare my son for next year. She focuses on the foundation of their schooling, which includes so much more than the academics, which she manages as well. She teaches them kindness to others and to themselves, peace and relaxation, strength of mind and character. I wish every child was as fortunate as our son to have her as his teacher. My daughter, who is now in Middle School, never had Ms. Brent-Harris as her teacher, but she knows of her and her incredible reputation at school. Ms. Brent-Harris’s impact extends beyond the students and clubs she teaches. It flows to the other teachers, parents, and students, helping the school community as a whole. She greatly deserves this honor and nomination. Thank you!

Regina Posted over a year ago

When our daughter was assigned to Ms. Brent-Harris class life was upside down; starting school is always a big memorable event for the little ones; I could have wished for no better teacher. Ms. Brent-Harris was and continues to be a life changer and a life saver; not only for our daughter but for our complete family. Mrs. Brent-Harris is loving and caring, peaceful and yet a powerful leader... her birdies (students) and parents alike trust in her completely; she is an exemplary person. Mrs. Brent-Harris taught my daughter to adapt to elementary school, taught her to read.. made the parents feel that she was safe by sharing pictures and calling directly...she is a one of a kind teacher...but it did not stop there, she is a motivator, she taught my daughter to stand up for herself, to trust in herself, to be kind to everyone. In our house we say things like “She is so Brent-Harris” whenever our little girl starts telling us the parents “do not give up, (you will find your car keys), there is always hope, keep looking up, believe in yourself, maybe you should do a breathing exercise mommy” ... I’m forever grateful for having crossed paths with Angela Brent-Harris this now 2nd grader continues to model the virtues her kindergarten teacher instilled and I know will carry those lessons with her for the rest of her life. I cannot think of anyone more deserving then this inspirational teacher!

Joleen Capella Posted over a year ago

Angela Brent-Harris is indeed a life-changer! Both of my sons had the pleasure of attending school where she is a teacher and I was a PTA mom. Her infectious personality was and is a welcome presence in the hallways and in the classroom. She always greets everyone with a smile and warm wishes. You instantly feel like you’re having a good day when she is around. She promotes kindness and well-being in her teachings and writings. She has left such a mark on our lives that I asked her to officiate my wedding this coming March. Angela is one of the kindest, warmest souls that I have ever had the pleasure at home. She is greatly deserving of this nomination and she certainly has my entire family’s vote. I wish that everyone had the good fortune of sharing her company.

Jodi Cilluffo Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Brent Harris is an inspirational teacher. She teaches not only the school curriculum but also invaluable life skills!

Ximena Sarria Posted over a year ago

Thank you for helping our children build a better world????

Olivia Posted over a year ago

She’s a wonderful woman who helps empower people from young to old ??

Stuart Smith Posted over a year ago

So blessed that she taught my son. She is an absolute beautiful human who I'm proud to call my friend. Thank you for lighting up all of our lives my friend :)

Melinda carpenter Posted over a year ago

Angela is an amazing spiritual angel who spreads so much love and peace that surround you when she is present.

Sheri Posted over a year ago

Angela is indeed a very qualified nominee and very worthy of being honored as the life changer of the year. She exudes positive energy. She is nurturing, kind, and compassionate. She listens and empowers each individual to be the best he/she can be.

Jason Santana Posted over a year ago

Love, warmth, compassion, remarkable positive energy, and a wisdom that only comes from being intouch with ones soul. You would be introduced to these things in your first five minutes with Ms. Angela. If there were ever an angel on earth she is it.

Mindy Kaufman Posted over a year ago

I love Angela! She was my daughter’s teacher years ago. The best, most caring, gentle, kind and wonderful elementary school teacher...

Donna Posted over a year ago

Angel is an earth Angel.

Jill Alonso Posted over a year ago

Had the please of knowing Mrs. Brent-Harris for many years she has been apart of my children’s education she deserves all the awards and recognitions there is to offer!!!

Morgan Feilen Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of being on the same kindergarten team as Angela during one of my years teaching, and I have to say she is an all around amazing, caring, kind hearted, beautiful individual. She lights up a room by just entering the door, and she always has everyone’s best interests in mind. She has changed the lives of many students and she is always willing to listen to others, give advice and help in any way possible. Angela is an angel and I am blessed to have worked with her and call her a friend!

Gayle Denney Posted over a year ago

I cannot say enough good things about this amazing person. She is the epitome of a life changer. But it should be called lives changer because she has such a positive impact on so many young lives. Her positive energy and loving nature radiate through the entire school. She makes children and adults alike feel loved and special. What more can anyone ask for?

Maegen Kusecek Posted over a year ago

Ms Brent-Harris is a wonderful teacher!!! We could not have asked for a better transition for our son. It’s never easy for children to move to a different State & leave friends, but Ms Brent Harris has made our son feel so welcome he is thriving. Thank you Ms Brent Harris for your amazing energy! We are truly blessed! ??

Tracy Larson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Brent Harris is wonderful educator and colleague. She is the first person who is there to help you. She makes great connections with her students. She deserves to be the 2018-2019 life changer award winner..

Ami Stein Posted over a year ago

Angela Brent-Harris is an amazing teacher and friend. I am so grateful that all of my children have been able to experience her amazing gifts. Now I get to experience them as well. This amazing person, Angela Brent-Harris deserves this award of Life Changer of the year!! When my son was lucky enough to be in her class, I always told people that everyone should be able to experience Ms. Brent-Harris. She does so much for the children and that is just 1 of so many reasons why she should be Life Changer Of The Year!!! Always a Life Changer to me!! ??

Sabrina Raciti Posted over a year ago

Simply put, Angela Brent Harris is more like the Life Changer of the Century. There is no one like her and no one more deserving of this award. She touches the lives of everyone she knows, young, old or anywhere in between. Her name is Angela because an Angel lives inside of her. She is truly an angel from above.

Lauren Pomerantz Posted over a year ago

Angela is one of those people who truly believes in everyone and I have witnessed her help not only her students, but so many of her colleagues and parents. She is inspiring and I have learned so much from her since we first met. Angela is definitely a #lcoy in my book!

Christine Hernandez Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Brent-Harris is not only an unbelievable teacher, she's an amazing person. As a parent of 3 children, I have had experiences with several different teachers, but by far, Mrs. Brent-Harris shines above the rest. Her communication with us parents is unmatched, even taking the time to text us all photos of our "birdies" (what she calls her students) of what they did while they were in class. Mrs.Brent-Harris uses very creative techniques to foster a FUN learning environment and goes above and beyond by instilling confidence in each of her students. At such a fragile time in their lives, she takes the time to teach coping skills, and has the patience of an angel. In closing, Mrs. Brent-Harris is by far the best teacher my family has ever experienced, and I'm happy knowing she is a major positive force in my child's life.

Susan Green Posted over a year ago

Angela Brent-Harris has taken a suggestion that our family came up with regarding a book exchange program and has implemented that idea into her classroom. Her students exchange books throughout the class so each student reads the same series of books. Angela took the idea and made it work. Without her support and enthusiasm regarding this idea, the kids would have never experienced this book reading exchange experience. Our 5 year son Ian, was so excited to get involved and help start this program that he actually asks us to read to him. Ms. Brent- Harris has given that beautiful memory to all of her classmates this year. They were taught that it is good not only to read books, but she also taught the students that if you have an idea, it needs planning, support and execution along with follow through. What a life learning experience to learn at only 5 years of age. Well done Angela! You have my support as an amazing teacher and a person that will forever impact our child. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart, Susan Green-Mellion

Lori Lite Posted over a year ago

Angela’s commitment to nurturing every child’s heart and soul is indeed life-changing. Angela brings love and magic to learning and gives freely to all who encounter her.

Nebenzahl Posted over a year ago

The kindest sweetest soul who is an amazing teacher. We love and miss you Mrs Brent-Harris

Shanti Harjani Willisms Posted over a year ago

I only have to think of this beautiful lady and I immediately feel a surge of energy flow through my veins! She is beautiful, vibrant, effervescent, loving, compassionate and warm and she exudes these traits thru her posts on fb daily including her meditations, nature trails and classroom experiences spreading love and joy to all her followers. I am always amazed at her rapor with her children in the is a joy to behold.She always has something wonderful to say about anyone! I dedicate this poem to her and would not hesitate to recommend her for this auspicious would be well deserved! My eyes reflect the beauty of you As lovely as a brisk Autumn day When the leaves dance swiftly amongst the almost naked trees Their golden orange yellow hues stun an evening sky And cause it to rain down glorious Golden drops of paradise A few fell from my eyes As they beheld your sweet face In mine.. (c) Shanti Harjani 2018

Tricia Posted over a year ago

Angela! A soul with no limit to the love and inspiration she gives to others. This ANGEL has been my soul sister from day 1.. Our family couldn't ask for a better mermaid. Her love of nature resonates to all who cross her paths with a lifeline that bears nothing but joy, hope, wisdom and undying love. Keep on being you. We love you ????

The Betancourt Family Posted over a year ago

So grateful that she has touched my children’s lives through her program Color Me Happy at our school. She is an absolute beautiful human being and there is no one more deserving of this nomination/award. Thank you for lighting up all of our lives Ms. Brent-Harris.

Doug White Posted over a year ago

I see so many positive actions presented by Angela Brent Harris uplifting her students , and the enjoyment she gets from life in general simply radiates. I truly believe she deserves the life changer award and would be an honorable representative of the recognition. My life is different just because I know her and I can only imagine the positive outlook and education she’s sharing with these children will be carried and passed on to others in the future. I cannot express the support she has from myself and so many others she has touched. My best wishes to her. Sincerely, Douglas White.

Jill Diodato Posted over a year ago

Angela is one of the kindest souls I have ever met and shares love in everything she does!!!!! She is a genuine loving leader and life changer simply by how she lives her life. No smoke and mirrors here. I can think of no person better qualified for this recognition and she puts out pure love in the world to everyone she interacts with. ??????

Hope Brent-Harris Posted over a year ago

My daughter Angela Brent-Harris is the daughter you dream about to have. She is a very peaceful, kind, warmhearted soul from the first day that she was born. Everyone called her angel, and that's why we named her Angela along with my husband Yorke, Angela's father who passed 6 years ago from stage 4 colon cancer, and he is smiling down from Heaven as our loving guardian angel. He always said that Angela would be a Life changer. As a baby, Angela never cried. Almost like she wasn't from this planet. She always had a Mona Lisa smile and full of happiness. When she had a fever or pain, or discomfort, she would hold her head down or moan and that is how we knew something was wrong. She's an angelic being. A one of a kind. Even her nanny called her pleasant angel as a baby, and that nickname stuck with her. Angela is happy-go-lucky and loves life and making others happy. She truly brings happiness to everyone. If you are sad and Angela strolls along, she would lift you out of that slumber and put a smile on your face. Her happy and beautiful energy is infectious and genuine. She shares her enthusiasm each year of her students. Her heart is that big. It's always love at first sight with all her students, and children she encounters with. She is also a spiritual life coach, and counsels colleagues, and parents and people confidentially in the community. She has a gift too, to heal and has healed so many through illness. She is not an ordinary soul at all. She is pure white light and peacefulness. She was born to be a lifechanger. She's faithful, humble, and loves easily without judgement. Anyone who knows her are blessed beyond imagination. My sweet angel angela is 52 years old, and looks so youthful because of her beauty that shines inside and reflects outside as purity. She helps others to de-stress, and she is worryfree, which is why too we often laugh that she has no worry lines and wrinkles on her face. Haha! She teaches lifeskills to her blessed students and build on their selfesteem. What a Lifechanger my loving daughter is, my sweet angel and best friend. She is an amazing mom to her sons that love and adore her, and is a loving grandma too. She was born to teach adults and children. She is a disciple who changes lives. Patience and virtue are her forte. I love her very much.

Emely Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of meeting Angela Brent-Harris through my daughter. Mrs. Brent-Harris is one of the happiest, most kind hearted, loveable person I have ever met. Through her knowledge and teachings, she is helping our children, the future of this world, to become better people. She teaches our kids from a young age compassion, love for themselves and others, and how to problem solve using many wonderful techniques and to be shining stars. I can’t think of anyone else that deserves this wonderful recognition more than Angela. Our family is blessed and thankful to have such a beautiful soul in our lives. Thank you Mrs. Brent-Harris for all you do.

Valerie Guagenti Posted over a year ago

I'm in full support with the Lifechanger nominee of the year 2018-19 with #LCOY ?? Angela Brent-Harris. She leads like true warrior and knows that each student is an individual and is treated like that. She is compassionate, loving and humble. Her skills in the classroom are calming and relaxing to the body and mind. She should win the LifeChanger of the year 2018-2019.

Carlene Moran Posted over a year ago

I have the absolute pleasure of calling Angela my cousin. However, she is so much more than that to me. Angela has been a life changer for so many including the students and their families that she has the pleasure of interacting with. She passionately educates her students to develop a positive attitude both inside and outside the classroom. Angela possesses an aura that emits positive radiance and is infectious. Her life changing techniques have been personally helpful in some of my most difficult times. She frequently reminds me that "In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity"...Albert Einstein She is my fairy godmother.

Aksel Heskestad Posted over a year ago

Angel Brent-Harris has went over and beyond what a teacher is sopposted to do which is teach kids she’s is a uplifting and positive spiritual being which is the exact kind of influence these kids need in this world today. Angela has the power to find the greatness inside of every kid she teacher even if they are not in her class I tell her every time that she should be a guidance counselor because she motivates and has an influence on every kid in her school to the point where parents request to be in her class. I personally think she is a life changer because with all the crazy things going on in the world of today when it comes to school Angel has the greatest impact on children and children are our future children that re now teenagers come back to see her she really is that moving, some kids don’t even come back to see there parents after college. I love Angela and I think she deserves a break please nominate her please!

Noah Posted over a year ago

Auntie Angela is one of the most youthful and hardworking people i could ever come across. She is like another mom to me and has taught me some very valuable lessons on how I should talk to others and her aura tends to be very calming. I usually just like to walk in her room just for the positive feeling, and my cousin does too. She is incredibly patient and I never ever see her mad about anything. Even when she is struggling, she can make the best of everything. My love and highest hopes go to my incredible auntie Angela!

Nicole Smith Posted over a year ago

A true earth angel ?? There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing Miss Angela is. She is a blessing to everyone and anyone that has the privilege of being in her presence. She radiates love, happiness, and peace unconditionally. She is the teacher that you will pray for your child to get. Her work day does not start when the bell rings nor does it stop when the buses leave. Her focus is just not on your child but on the entire family unit. Miss Angela is a life changer of love ??

christina christ Posted over a year ago

Angela is a colleague, a friend, a life coach, a life changer and so much more. I’ve gotten to know Angela over the last 15 years, and I say, without reservation, that this award is made for her. Because Angela is someone who constantly puts others before herself. Because Angela is a role model for her fellow teachers, she has shown us all how to be better people. Because Angela is a doting teacher who takes the time to get to know each and every one of her students, and she personalizes her educating style to help best meet each of their needs and loves them as her own. Because Angela began a Color Me Happy after school program to teach children calming techniques while building their self esteem. Because Angela is a life changer, she created a similar program for adults in the community and I can attest to the changes that we all experienced under her guidance. Because Angela is a loving and caring friend, she has helped me through the most difficult times in my life. Because Angela constantly encourages others, we realize that the sky is the limit. Because Angela is relentlessly positive in the face of adversity. And, perhaps most importantly, because of Angela the world is a better place!. She lives her life to serve others, regardless of accolade or attention — she is my hero.

Lisa C. Decker Posted over a year ago

I found it difficult to write this because I realized it’s hard to find the words to describe the depth of my love and appreciation for Angel in how much she has touched my life and the life of my family. Loving, kind, thoughtful, considerate, dedicated and authentic are words that only begin to scratch the surface of describing her. Angel speaks with such care and passion about the children that she is blessed to teach and who are even more blessed to have for a teacher. I’ve often thought when I hear her speak of her students with such love and conviction, what a wonderful world this could be if ALL children could experience teachers like Ms. Brent-Harris. She gives her students the gift of a beautiful foundation in life – teaching children skills to help them find calm and stillness, kindness and compassion, and confidence in their unique brilliance. And she is also a strong advocate and champion for those children who have special needs and circumstances like handicapped kids and foster children. I’ve also been touched by how she is always ready to lend an ear and helping hand to students and parents (and not just the parents of her students, but all students and all parents in her school) and her colleagues as well. She is confident in who she is and what she brings to the world and she happily helps others see the special light within themselves as well. The world is a better place because Angel is a part of it. This Life Changer Award is aptly named and well-deserved by Ms. Angela Brent-Harris.

Milli Daroch -Lavin Posted over a year ago

When my oldest daughter started 4th grade at Sunrise Park Elementary, I had the pleasure of meeting Angela and many other wonderful teachers. Over the next few years I got to know Angela, her deep love for teaching and holistic approach. Unfortunately, for the first few years, neither one of my two girls had Angela as a teacher, but I always hoped my youngest soon would have the opportunity. Angela's love and support helped me during my son's first year at school. That year my son had a different kindergarten teacher. Many times he cried because he didn't want to go to school. At the end of the school both Angela and I prayed that my son would be in her class next year, and our prayers were answered! Initially, my son was afraid of going back to school, but when he learned that Angela would be his teacher, he was static. That year was fantastic, specially for my son. Angela not only taught what kids need to learn in 1st grade, but also gave him confidence and self-esteem. Angela, healed my son's spirit, she gave him the reassurance that there are good in people, specially teachers. My son was happy to go to school and told me many times that year, "Mami: Miss. Angela is an angel from heaven, she makes me happy" .. and I told him yes! she is an angel.

Andrea Amorim Posted over a year ago

Having college graduation aproaching within the year , I have incredible gratitude for all teachers who were part of my daughter’s life journey buy I will always have a special place in my heart for Mrs Brent-Harris ; in a fun and loving 1st grade class she taught my child a love for learning and most important : to love and respect her peers , fundamentals that we are missing in today’s generation . I am incredibly thankful for meeting Angela , for not only she inspired my child , she became part of my journey too ,inspiring me to become a better mom . Very well deserved nomination , Mrs Brent-Harris should be an exemple to follow!!!

Giovie Amorim Posted over a year ago

I had Mrs. Brent-Harris as my first grade teacher, and she had to be one of the best teachers I've ever had. She was so kind and so caring to me. I remember even inviting her along with my classmates to my birthday parties, and even still today, 13 years later, she still checks up on me every once in awhile and sends me happy birthday messages every year. I feel she really deserves this award, and I wish her the best of luck.

Szandra Nagy Posted over a year ago

I have first met Angela when I was 12. I went on a vacation to Florida was a great experience for me. A different place and new people. Meeting my uncle's new family... Throughout the years we have become closer and I have grown up. Though Iife has changed for both of us, we still keep in touch and I can turn to her anytime. Having Angela as my aunt never ended, because I still hold a place for her in my heart. She had always been there for me when I needed her. She had been like my my mother. I learned a lot from her. Her true selflessness, the love of giving and sharing has made a big impact on me. We all become different and see things differently by meeting someone like Angela. She brightens the soul.

Ronnie Helms Posted over a year ago

Angela has been a true inspiration. She practices kindness and has been a treasure to meet. I can always feel the positive energy when Angela is around. She is a very special person and she truly deserves this award.

Yvette Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Angela for a few years. We met at a health retreat gathering. From the moment she came up to me to say hello, I felt a warmth of love coming from her heart. She made me feel so comfortable as if I had known her for many many years prior. The love that I see and feel that radiates from her, radiates in all people she touches, especially the children she works with. Her positive attitude toward life and love is of the utmost importance to her. For these reasons and many more I nominate her for Life Changer of the Year.

Lori Macintyre Posted over a year ago

It was like winning Lotto whenI found out my daughter would be in Ms. Brent-Harris first grade class. She is the most caring, kind and patient person I have ever had the privilege of meeting. We were so sad when the year came to an end, but Ms. Brent-Harris continues to support my daughter and is an incredible role model. She lead by example and touches the hearts of not only her students, but their entire families. Ms. Brent-Harris has reminded me of the kind of teacher I want to be for my students. Her positive outlook is infectious. There is no one like her. She is truly an Angel on Earth!

Linda Baratz Posted over a year ago

I feel very privileged to have the honor of having Angela Brent Harris in my life. She is truly an Angel to all the lives that she touches. She was a guest at my Kindness Givers event for our 5 and 6 year old children and she made such a great impact on them with her nurturing and gentle ways. She taught them how to meditate and to understand how a few words of positive self talk can make them feel so happy. She also taught them a few yoga poses and the whole afternoon was simply magical. If we had more teachers like Angela the world would be a far better place. Linda Baratz Samaritans365 Ambassador

Jane Hansen Posted over a year ago

I taught with Angela many years ago. With over 30 students in my Kindergarten class, they gave me Angela to teach with to help with the heavy load. What I remember most about Angela was the kind way she interacted with the children. She always had a smile for them and a listening ear. The children loved her! Angela walked around school like an angel floating on a cloud...always positive, smiling and kind to everyone she interacted with. She is a true gift to all that know her.

Tammy Mimick Posted over a year ago

Where to begin. Angela is an angel here on earth. She inspires and helps everyone she meets. She is loving and nurturing to every student who sees her on campus. She has been a coworker and friend to me for many years and my children have always felt she was their Mermaid Angel. She makes each student a priority. She spends quality time everyday with each of her students. If a child is having a bad day she will make sure they are having an amazing day by the time she leaves then. She is the educator of a lifetime not just the year. I can only hope to be half the teacher she is. She deserves this award and millions more.

Maria Posted over a year ago

Ms. Brent-Harris is an excellent teacher! She is a very creative academic teacher, and she is also a very caring and loving teacher involved in the personal well being of her students and the parents that open up to meet her and share with her. Her “Birds at Work!” love and respect her! And I know our son and our family will never forget the support and encouragement that Mrs. Brent Harris shared with our family during our difficult times! Thank you!!

Dana Weine Posted over a year ago

I was first introduced to Angela 3 years ago when my daughter was in her first grade class. I had heard what an incredible teacher Ms. Brent-Harris is and how lucky we were to have her. Little did I know the tremendous impact this amazing woman would have not only on my daughter, but on me and my family as well. As I sat and listened to her with chills at the first parent night, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that she is a true lifechanger in every sense. Ms. Brent-Harris went above and beyond from day one to always make sure my daughter was happy, comfortable, and confident throughout the year. She is truly everything I could ever wish for in a teacher and my daughter came out of first grade a completely changed little girl. Every teacher should be as caring, sensitive, supportive, respectful, aware, and skilled as Angela is. She makes learning fun and instilled a lifelong love of school onto my daughter. I am forever grateful for the year my daughter spent in Angela's classroom. My daughters have both had the privilege of being in Angela's incredible Color Me Happy Club where they learned strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety. My younger son also has a beautiful relationship with Ms. Brent-Harris and absolutely adores her. Angela knows all the siblings of the children in her classes, because that is just the way she is! She goes out of her way daily to hug my son or wave and smile at him, which means so much to us all. This year I was blessed to be part of Angela's Color Me Happy Club for adults. The session began in the fall and was supposed to last 6 weeks. Almost 9 months later, we are still meeting and inspired weekly by Angela as she teaches us how to deal with stress and anxiety with all her life-changing skills and talents. I am so grateful to be blessed with Angela's expertise and knowledge, but most of all with her friendship. She is truly an angel and we are forever changed for the better for knowing her. Angela was absolutely put on this earth to change lives.

Greco Family Posted over a year ago

Ms Brent Harris is an angel on Earth. For the last two years she had nutures, comforted, and educated my two daughters. She has become, as we call her, their fairy Godmother. Her patience, wisdom, lust for life, and zen mindset is a beautiful recipe for the perfect soul. Ms Brent Harris has made me want to be a better mother - she also has watched my children grow and has shined a great light on them. Thank you for being you, Angela! You change lives!

Debbie Feibus Posted over a year ago

Ms. Brent-Harris is One special person. My son was blessed to be in her Color Me Happy Club. She taught him many techniques to relax his body mind and soul. He is off to high school in just a few months and still remembers all he learned from her. A beautiful woman inside and out.

Bryan Silverman Posted over a year ago

My beautiful soulmate Angela Brent Harris, is a born lifechanger. She is an angel. Angela was sent to earth to touch lives and change lives. She leaves a trail of blessings, happiness, peace, love, and serenity wherever she goes always with a radiant smile. Wild animals feels her angelic presence too, because wherever we go, whether in the woods, in the nature, in the mountains, or by the beach, the animals come out to greet her out of the blue. This never cease to amaze me. My angel is the kindest, happiest, most loving, and calmest soul I know with a burst of energy and so full of life. She is always so caring to everyone and emits peace all the time. She will walk into a store with loud and angry people and they will suddenly become quiet and at ease. It’s unbelievable. You have to spend an hour with Angela just to experience her peace and calm demeanor. She wants to save the world and heal others who are in pain. She blesses everyone so easily with her huge heart. I am so blessed that she is my soulmate. I have learned to be calm and stressfree from her. She also taught me Tai Chi and how to meditate. Angela changed my life in such a lovingly beautiful way. I wish my dad was alive to have met her too. My mom adores and loves her. She deserves this award, because she changes lives and makes a difference in the lives of children and human beings that she encounters. I love her so much.

Laura Reiss Posted over a year ago

Angela Brent-Harris is a true role model and inspiration to me, my family and our entire community. She is 100% committed to the well being and education of her students and everyone she comes in contact with. Her pure love and committment for people comes out in everything she does. She is a leader, she is unconditional love and she is truly what the world needs now. I am grateful for her teachings and gift to all of us.

Jack Miller Posted over a year ago

Angela is a person that holds love for everyone and brightens any space she may enter.

John West Posted over a year ago

There is no amount of words that can describe this wonderful woman named Angela Brent Harris. She brings peace and joy everywhere she walks. I never believed there was anyone who walk with a smile all day, but some how she does it. There is nothing but positive energy surrounding her. If I could have Angela as my kids teacher k-12 I'd jump on it. She is by far the most kind, positive, and joyful person to be around. For any type of award she always has my vote.

Ellen Budish Posted over a year ago

There isn’t enough space for all of my positive comments and Love I have for Angela. I worked with her many years at SPES. One thing (too many others to mention) I took with me and still practice is “filling other people’s bucket” with positivity and paying it forward. Thank you angela. You are a true Angel ?? Xoxox

Hagit Gartner Posted over a year ago

My child had her as a teacher for one month before she was moved to another class. My child had an instant connection with Mrs Brent-Harris, and fell in love with her. Any chance she gets to be with her she will, (after school programs, etc). Mrs Brent-Harris is the very epitome of going the extra mile for her students and their families. We hope our second child will get the same experience when she gets to the school.

James Gostomski Posted over a year ago

It is without hesitation and my pleasure to share my warm sentiments about Angela for this wonderful nomination. One word that describes Angela is simply LOVE. Whether she is speaking about her students, colleagues, friends, or people she meets it is obvious that she cares deeply about human beings. Angela’s calm demeanor and sincere interest of helping everyone be the best person they can be is indeed rare. She is the most kind-hearted person I have ever encountered. What an incredible woman and Angela is truly deserving of this award.

Yvette Posted over a year ago

My sister is the calmest and most peaceful person I know. Her nick name while growing up was “the peacemaker” and Saint-Angela. That’s the truth. She strives for peace ALWAYS. As a baby she was called pleasant. When she was born, my parents thought for sure that she was a boy. It took them a few days to decide upon a name, and our brother said, “Call her Angela!” He had a friend he adored in pre-k called Angela, but how befitting is her name because she’s an earth angel. Nothing phases her, she doesn’t get stressed, and forgives easily. She humbly helps so many behind the scenes to find peace too in their personal lives and marriages without a want for recognition. I could easily say that she is the modern day Mother Teresa. Then again she has a gift from God to heal as well. She heals other free of charge, always from her heart without a want of anything in return. She also became a non-denomination minister as an honor to my dad after he passed since he was very close to being a minister before he passed. She has done baby blessings, baptisms, christenings, and weddings without charging. All from the heart. I often feel that if you google the word patience, or look patience up in the dictionary, you see Angela’s photo. We’re in our 50’s now, and I am blessed to have a built-in sister and best-friend. She’s the best aunt in the world to my son too. She taught him how to release stress with various techniques. She’s a saint. She changed our lives positively. My dad always said that she was a lifechanger. He taught her to meditate at a young age. He saw her halo for sure. As a teacher, she loves her students as if they’re her own. Just amazing! They feel her love too. She never complains about anything, no matter what. Mind-boggling at times. Because she has always been this way. She does a stress-free afterschool club for over a decade for children grades kindergarten to fifth grade, so humbly without a want for recognition. She helps the children to release stress, anxiety, anger and help them to build their self-esteem and self confidence. She does it for adults too free of charge and she changes lives. That's her strong-point. I know that our dad is smiling down from Heaven at her so proudly and pleased. She has the kind of Midas touch to turn frowns into smiles and help people to see the brighter side of life. I am happy that God chose her to be my sister. I love her so much. She has changed so many lives of children and their parents too as an educator. She teaches them life skills and how to be positive. I feel like the lifechanger was made especially for her as that’s what Angela does best, she brightens and changes lives. I have seen her challenged and put to the test by naysayers in the past, and I observed her grace, calmness, the way she forgives and let things go with dignity, and just the way she dealt with it. Even the passing of our brother, dad, and grandma and other losses. She became the rock for the family, and she rises like the Phoenix always with a smile too. Angela truly deserves this award. She’s such a kind and beautiful blessing! I love and admire her.

Matias Posted over a year ago

My mother has always been the light in my life when things have been dark. Whenever I had trouble in school whether it be bullying or corrupt teachers and faculty through my years of school, breakups, you name it, she would listen to my story first and try to solve things peacefully. Despite my moments of anxiety, her presence is truly unnerving. I thought I was patient, but her levels of patience are incredible mixed with her sympathy. I used to be a rebellious spirit, and wish I had done a better job at helping her when I was younger, but I was in a bad place and she was a beacon that gave me hope to keep going on. Now that I have nobody to try to tear away my spirits, she has helped me reform and I'm on the track of getting into college and following my passion. She is a perfect mother, and now a grandmother. I don't know where she gets all of this energy and youth from. She puts her children before herself, has helped me take care of my child despite how wild he can get sometimes. I have a lot to learn from her morale as she fights darkness with love, and at times I cannot manage to do that. I also admire her supreme generosity and hardwork. She has not only helped me through life, but everyone else in our family whether it be financially, emotionally, or giving advice. She is truly a powerful goddess and I don't mean to exaggerate being her son, but when you live around someone like this all your life and reflect back on it, she is no ordinary human spirit. I wouldn't be afraid to call her a modern day philosopher, and maybe even a prophecy. She is an eccentric spirit with a gentle and eternally youthful soul and has raised two children from the ground up. Not only has she raised us, but being a children's teacher for more than two decades makes her a great icon for our future generations. I think people who put themselves in jobs that require social situations can take a word or two from her as she is a powerful, hardworking beacon of faith. I give her my blessings and hope she gets one of the awards as she is the biggest life changer I know.

Trudy Diedrick Posted over a year ago

Ms Brent Harris and I are friends on Facebook. We have never met but I feel as if I have known her my whole life. It would be my greatest pleasure to spend even an hour with her. I regularly watch her beach videos and enjoy them immensely. They prepare me for the day ahead. She has a calming spirit that reaches out and touch your very soul. I would imagine it would be absolutely impossible for anyone to be angry or upset in her presence. I read all her posts on Facebook; they bring comfort and joy, a sense of wellbeing that is magical. She is very proud of the little ones in her care at school and often we see videos of them singing, dancing and generally having fun playing with her. The children often send her the most lovingly written notes and gifts....the love, on both sides, jump out at you. She has the heart of a child....pure, loving and giving. She has a heart of gold. In my humble opinion, she is highly qualified for this accolade. Ms Brent Harris is most worthy of this nomination.

Fran Basich Posted over a year ago

Ms. Brent-Harris’ incorporation of Mindfulness in her classroom is an inspiration’. Her practices are the perfect compliment to our District-wide SEL roll-out. Thank you for creating the safe, supportive, nurturing climate for your birdies to grow and thrive.

Kristina Chew Posted over a year ago

Angela Brent Harris is a Beautiful person inside and out. My daughter loves her. She us so wonderful with the children. She has such a calming influence and always builds them up in positive ways.

Candy Hasan Posted over a year ago

I have been fortunate to know Angela over 10 years. She radiates love, light, kindness and calmness while still having an endless source of energy. Her smiles are contagious and help my days begin with a positive start. She is also an accomplished author having written three books. Many would benefit if she puts her affirmations and motivations into writing. I could easily see her being the next Louis Hay or Wayne Dyer for both children and adults! This award is made for her.

Heidi Ayala Posted over a year ago

Angela is a compassionate, patient, nurturing and passionate woman. She exudes kindness which creates fertile ground for young minds to grow and learn.

Andy Vernon Posted over a year ago

Angela is an amazing, once in a lifetime type of person. Beautiful inside and out...

Andrea McIntosh Posted over a year ago

I have been blessed to know Angela for over 40 years. We grew up on a small island in the same neighborhood. Adulthood separates us but we reconnected some 10 years ago and I can say she is a bright spark in my life. She shares words of wisdom and encouragement without even realising their impact. She is unselfishly inspiring. With or without an award, Angela is a life changer.

Emily Robbins Posted over a year ago

Angela is an inspiration! As a colleague I’ve seen first hand her positivity and light! She shares her gifts with her students and all she comes into contact with. I couldn’t think of a more deserving recipient of this beautiful award!

Tamara Levine Posted over a year ago

Angela was there when my daughter (and myself) needed her most. My daughter has just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and I was afraid sending her back to school. Angela not only took her in in the middle of the school year but gave her so much confidence at this trying time and made her flourish. I was able to breathe easier knowing she was under her loving care. My story is minor compared to all she has done to help children and their families. To this day which is four years later my daughter goes to sleep listening to meditation videos which also helps keep her blood sugars more stable. I will always be thankful to Angela. No one deserves this more than her.

Ragga Steve Posted over a year ago

Always has a positive attitude!

Denise schepps Posted over a year ago

Can’t ssy enough about this special soul, positive vibes always . Happy uplifting and pure joy . All of my children were blessed to have met her in elementary school. BREATH OF FRESH AIR ?? Calming and always positive

She's in Clennon Posted over a year ago

Ms. Brent-Harris is the definition of a LifeChanger. I had the pleasure of growing up with her and she influenced my from an early age. Fast forward to today she is still influencing my life with her positive selfless attitude. This woman is an angel on earth. Conferring the LifeChanger award of the year on Me Brent- Harris would be most fitting as she is deserving of this award and so much more! Congratulations on the nomination Ms Brent- Harris!

Elizabeth Posted over a year ago

Angela Brent-Harris is an angel! Not only has she made a difference in my son's life forever, she has changed my life forever! I am blessed to have her touch our lives and we are both truly grateful!

Emely Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Brent-Harris has been a tremendous asset in my daughter’s 1st grade experience with Color Me Happy. She always has the most beautiful smile that lights every room she walks in. Couldn’t be happier to have a wonderful person in our lives. I’m proud to nominate her to for this great honor.

Jody Byrne Posted over a year ago

Angela Brent-Harris has made a profound commitment to greet every day, person, being with the fullness of all of her love. Everyday. Every person. No exceptions! In this world I can think of no more awesome undertaking. We are surrounded with sarcasm irony and negativity. Criticism is cheap. Loving is hard. Angela is a remarkable human being and equally as talented as she is skilled in human interactions and communications. Listen to what the people in her community say about her. they know. They've experienced her transformative energy. And their children are richer for it. For any one, being under the wing of Angela Brent-Harris is a very good thing!

Alisa Fernandez Posted over a year ago

I knew the moment I walked into her classroom for the first time with my son that she was going to be an amazing teacher. What I did not know was how much she would impact all of our lives even after my son moved on throughout the years. She is an amazing human and has endless amounts of warmth, love and passion for making change in this world, one child at a time. She is truly a gift to anyone that is lucky enough to know her. I’ll forever be thankful to her and feel blessed that she made such an impact in my sons life.

Rebecca Lincoln Posted over a year ago

I consider myself so blessed to have met Angela. She is the brightness in the darkest of days, literally and figuratively. I will always be thankful to God for allowing me to know such an amazing person. <3

Michele Juceam Posted over a year ago

I'm not sure if there is another human being on this planet more deserving than Angela Brent-Harris. I am not only lucky enough to work with her each day, but I get to call her my friend, too. Everyone should take a page from this woman's book of life! I love her to pieces xo

Annie Tindel Posted over a year ago

Truly a miracle worker, gifted, sense-sational human being. You are lucky if she is in your life. Pure-whole-positive energy radiates off her. She made a point to stop me in the sch9ol hallway and give me a breathing exercise today to relieve some stress. Incredible lady!!!

Shari Perlowitz Posted over a year ago

Angela is not only known as "The Child Whisperer" but she is indeed, "The Human Whisperer"... It does seem that Angela has mystical powers - powers to soothe, calm, mediate, motivate, improve, strengthen... She is always smiling and seems to know exactly what you need when you see her. She is given many of our most difficult children whether by chance or by assignment, and she has an innate way of reaching their inner being to initiate change. Parents speak of her effect long after their children have passed through her magical doors. She has donated her time to a long standing club called "Color Me Happy" which does just that for shy, troubled or anxious children. The club promotes ways to manage their stress and anxiety through yoga, music, quiet, and all their senses. She also holds a similar club for parents and colleagues in which she always leaves you with a small momento or token with great meaning. I have known Angela personally and professionally for 13 years, and we have been on the same team for 2 years. She has helped me as well, through difficult situations to see something positive in these circumstances that in the end, actually make me realize why I needed to experience them. I have read all the prior posts and each one of them so validates Angela's gifts to the world, but to truly experience her gifts, you need to meet her and be in her presence. I hope she wins this award so that this committee can do that and you can see for yourselves! Best of luck, my friend - it would be an honor to celebrate this beautiful achievement with you!

Shari Perlowitz Posted over a year ago

Angela is not only deemed "The Child Whisperer" but she is simply "The Human Whisperer".... Angela has helped me to grow personally and pro We are indeed, lucky, that Angela has touched our lives.

Anisha Staton Posted over a year ago

Angela is not only an inspiration for children but as a co-worker and a friend. The way she intuitively knows what children need to develop their emotional and social skills is astounding. I am in awe of her patience and ability to remain present with children. This is a skill that is hard to manage consistently and she does it as a teacher and as a mom effortlessly. Congratulations friend for a well deserved nomination!

Regina D Manso Posted over a year ago

She truly is an angel; Has bettered not only the lives of the students she motivates, but the parents she so lovingly and patiently interacts with! We are big Brent-Harris fans and so very thankful for all her teachings.

Ivy Soffin Posted over a year ago

It has been a blessing to be teaching along side Mrs. Brent Harris. Ive learned so much about Life and Love and authenticity from her. Her sincere belief in the goodness and light of the universe spreads sunshine deeply to all she touches. If anyone deserves this award it is Angela Brent Harris. I love you. Ms. Ivy Soffin

Doreen Weiss Posted over a year ago

I have never seen her without a smile. Truly one of the kindest, most positive people I know.

Virginia Giambrone Posted over a year ago

This award has Mrs. Brent-Harris' name written all over it! She is an extraordinary teacher as well as a friend. Kind heart and always smiling. Her greeting to you is always genuine and I hope she is recognized and wins this award!

Jill Osowski Posted over a year ago

Ms. Brent-Harris is a beautiful gift to children and each life she touches. The amount of love and light she gives to all is immeasurable. My daughter (now finishing 6th grade) still regularly reminisces about her wonderful 1st grade year with Ms. Brent-Harris. The after school extra-curricular club, "Color Me Happy" that Ms. Brent-Harris started should get National attention. I'm sure many are worthy of this award, yet no-one is more deserving than Ms. Brent-Harris.

Kerry Green Posted over a year ago

There is no one that deserves this more than Ms Brent-Harris!!! She has a very calming affect on everyone. My son had her as a teacher in first grade and she taught them to be happy. She teaches with positive reinforcement and self reflection. In my 51 years on this earth, I never ever met a more genuine positive person. You can teach from books but when you get that one teacher that teaches love and how to deal with your emotions, that’s the key to success. Especially in this world today!! That’s what she does and every single school needs a Angela Brent Harris.

Lanie Miller Posted over a year ago

I was not surprised to see you were nominated for Life Changer of the Year! I have only worked at Sunrise Park for a short time, but your positive energy is contagious, and it is ALWAYS a pleasure to bump into you in the halls. You have an aura that radiates all that is GOOD in this world. Thank you for being exactly who you are; you have helped shape the positive environment that Sunrise Park is known for! So much love for you!

Bryan Grobler Posted over a year ago

The best teacher, best person. Very special person to my son who will remember her forever. Well deserved!

Judy Simon Posted over a year ago

Congrats to Angela!!!! She is an amazing person and is so deserving of this recognition! It has always been such a pleasure to have her as a colleague, and to see her "in action" with her students.

Ila fishman Posted over a year ago

I was a grandmother volunteer for many years in the school mrs Brent Harris is a teacher. I became friendly with her when I would be there,in her class as I was with many of the teachers Neither of my grandchildren had her but I was there too help all. I was always so impressed with her and her way of conducting the management of her children. Yes you would think each one was her own and very special. She really deserves this award, but get it or not she will always be the special person she is Good luck

Nichelle Tran Posted over a year ago

There is no better candidate! Way to go, Mrs. Brent Harris- you are truly a lifechanger and so full of light and energy!

jana gill Posted over a year ago

I call her Angela Sunrise because she's as beautiful as a Sunrise!! Her smile will light up the room and her positivity and wonderful attitude is simply contagious! So glad I work with her everyday and I have her as a new friend :)

Melanie Posted over a year ago

Angela is an ever lit beacon of love, hope, and positivity. Not just with children but with adults as well. Even when you are in a tired or or out of sorts mood, Angela has this magical and msytical way of brightening your day with her infectious smile and positive attitude and spirit. And she always smells AMAZING, which may have something to do with the spell she seems to put on anyone walking by. Congratulations, Angela, you truly deserve this award. And thank you for always lifting my spirits, even when you don't realize you have done so. :D

Marcela Mendoza Posted over a year ago

Angela is a beautiful person inside and out. I am lucky to call her my friend. She oozes out positive energy and you can't help but smile when you see her. She has not only touched kids heart but also plenty of grown ups. She is always there to help in any way she can. She has definitely changed my way of thinking and I am grateful to have her in my life. Thank you Angela!!

Christina Triassi Posted over a year ago

Angela is an amazing teacher! She was such an amazing “gift” for our daughter Nicole - Nicole was touched in so many wonderful ways by Angela! Her love, kindness and teaching with our daughter will last her lifetime! She has been such a friend to our family and we treasure her! She actually teaches a child with love and excitement! You don’t see this often anymore. Angela is a total GEM!!! She deserves this incredible recognition and we love her so much!

Lisa Newman Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Angela!! You truly deserve this award! You are an amazing person, teacher, colleague and friend!

Sabrina Raciti Posted over a year ago

Angela Brent-Harris is a true angel. A gift from above. She has touched my family’s life in so many ways and makes such a difference in the lives of children every day. She is so deserving of this award.

Lindsay Hodes Posted over a year ago

Angela Brent-Harris has a very beautiful soul! She's an inspiring for teachers and students. She engages with anyone she meets and brings a smile to their face. I'm honored to know and work with Mrs. Brent-Harris.

Robin Lynch Gallagher Posted over a year ago

Ms Brent-Harris is a life changing teacher! My daughter had her in first grade (she’s now in 8th grade) and her abilities to teach every child is outstanding, she deserves this more than any other teacher out there! She teaches them how to be good human beings, she’s a bucket filler

Ximena Sarria Posted over a year ago

Congratulations!!????????Well deserved

Robyn McClure Posted over a year ago

I wholeheartedly agree, this woman is a true angel. From personal experience as one of the lucky families Ms. Brent-Harris taught my son and lifted his spirit and his mind. Dubbed the child whisperer she embodies the grace, care and wisdom to help all her students succeed

Sivan Ben moha Posted over a year ago

The best teacher and human being that I could ask that I coul The best teacher and human being that I could ask for my Kids...she is the best ????

carolina Lochner Posted over a year ago

She is an amazing person and we are so blessed that she is our kindergarten teacher. My daughter thrives with her and always talks about her with such joy. She is always available for the kids and the parents as well. She truly deserves to be recognized!

Stephanie Garcia Posted over a year ago

Congratulations beautiful beloved. Well deserved so very grateful for you and all you do in our community. Namaste So much love Stephanie