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Emmi Novotorov

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Woods Cross Elementary School
School District: Davis School District
City, State: Woods Cross, UT

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Emmi Novotorov was nominated by her colleague, Alicia Curtis and family members, Debra Robinson and Jahyla Robinson

Ms. Novotorov is an extremely professional teacher who provides a caring classroom environment. She is very positive with her students and provides engaging activities through her lessons. Ms. Novotorov motivates her colleagues to apply for grants and is very helpful when informing staff on what they can do to receive helpful free resources for their classroom. This year, she was able to obtain several grants for much needed science materials.

"She makes it a point to attend many classes so that she can improve her teaching," Curtis said. "Emmi is an amazing role model and has made a large impact in our school."

"Emmy is so involved with her kids," Debra said. "She dresses up for holidays and occasions like cat in the hat day. I've helped her get her classroom ready and she's very meticulous of what she wants where, to make it full advantage for the kids."

"She is an amazing teacher and is good with the kids and adults," Jahyla said. "She always knows what to do and puts others before herself."

Comments (51)

Eric Holmes Posted over a year ago

Emmi is the heartbeat of our school! She's positively involved in every way.

Ortensia Zarate Posted over a year ago

Amazing teacher! This is our first year in public school, Ms. Novotorov has been an awesome teacher!

Ann Moulton Posted over a year ago

She is a great teacher, and has been so kind and helpful to my son!

Erin Posted over a year ago

Imme, is an amazing teacher. She had brought creative learning and great energy to our school, children and even the other teachers.

Shane Robinson Posted over a year ago

Emmi Lou Novotorov is an outstanding woman as a teacher, student, mother, friend, colleague, partner and member of her community! She carries herself with pride and enthusiasm on her trek through life. She has raised two amazing boys and taken on the same role with my 5 children, and 5 grandchildren. She has a heart of gold and strives to share her caring nature in all aspects of her life. She has carried herself through schooling all the while supporting and raising her two boys. She strives to excel in all she does but especially her drive to be the best/most influential teacher she can possibly be. She taught at a title 1 school, predominately Hispanic, in Las Vegas for 6 years where she earned the respect and love of the children and their parents. I was amazed at the excitement and focus she was able to bring to the faces and minds of not only her students but parents who had to communicate through the translations of their children in many cases. She will be a remembered impact in these lives for a very long time. Kids, parents, and past colleagues make great efforts to say hi and let her know how much her teaching practices have impacted the kids not only in her class but also their outlook on school! Although it has been said that she has set the bar so high it will be tough for their future teachers to compare! Emmi has a passion for not just teaching school curriculum but a greater mission of helping mold our youth into productive, caring, responsible adults who can carry the same passion into their lives and hopefully passed on to the future generations. She receives great joy in seeing the changes/improvements in "her kids"(students) and enjoys helping other collogues and parents to carry these great assets and teachings into the future and the everyday lives of them and all they come in contact with.

Connie Burningham Posted over a year ago

Ms. Novo is an amazing teacher, co-worker and person. She is a great asset to our school. She has such ah excitement in all that she does. It is very evident hat she enjoys teaching and really cares for her students. When her students come to the computer lab they come in quietly and get right on task. They know what is expected of them. She is such a joy to work with.

Christopher Cordova Posted over a year ago

She cares a great deal about the children's success and development. My child enjoys school but is also challenged. I can see my child becoming more confident and taking more responsibility in her schoolwork. I attribute this to the hard work, and preparation "Ms. Novo" takes in teaching the class. Thank you Ms. Novo for taking such care of our children!

Sallie Weber Posted over a year ago

I am so grateful that Emmi's journey brought her to Utah. I'm the counselor at the school where she teachers. She has brought warmth, fun, and energy that has been such a gift to our school family. Kids and families love her, as do her colleagues. She is a talented teacher who is influential in the positive morale of the building, and her innovations and grant writing have made her class a great place to be.

Jamie Hyde Posted over a year ago

Emmi is a fantastic teacher who loves the kids in her class. Last month she brought the clothes that her own kids had outgrown and offered them to her students. It was so neat to see each of the students have the opportunity to get something new to them to take home. Some of the kids who really needed them took bags of clothes home with them. I thought it was so neat that she cared enough about the kids in her class to make the effort to bring them to class. I have seen Emmi discipline students in her class and then turn right around and hug them. It is no question that she is both a great teacher and a friend to her students.

Mildred Barney Posted over a year ago

MS. Novo help my child to not be so stressed out and worried. I think the flexible seating help them to be relaxed and be more focused.

Mildred Barney Posted over a year ago

She helps my daughter to not be so stressed out. She loves snack time to help her brain Working.

Julie Posted over a year ago

Ms. Novo has such a passion for teaching and life. She cares about her students and works hard to help them succeed, and have fun along the journey. Her class is amazing when they come to prep, and they are excited to talk about what they are doing and learning in class. She has great classroom management without being negative. Her positive influence is felt throughout the whole faculty.

Kelly Behunin Posted over a year ago

I have been fortunate to be able to volunteer for Emmi's class this year, so I have seen the difference that Emmi makes in her student's lives. Emmi maintains a wonderful harmony of structure, compassion, progression, and positivity that propels an outstanding and effective learning environment. On a personal level, I have seen the difference she has made with my own child, as she continues to encourage my daughter to succeed on a daily basis. I am sincerely grateful for the earnest effort she makes as an exceptional teacher.

Jennifer Lewis Posted over a year ago

My son is in Emmi's class and he is LOVING school this year. She is such a fun teacher and goes above and beyond for her students. You can tell as soon as you walk into the classroom what a great environment she has made for her students. From the student of the week to the flexible seating and class room assignments, Everyone has choices and everyone feels important. She is great with the parents and gets them involved in helping out in the class. I cannot say enough great things about Emmi and what a huge impact she has had on my sons learning experience.

Lori Howes Posted over a year ago

A wonderful teacher with such a passion for helping her students. She truly loves her students and they love her.

Kathy Oliger Posted over a year ago

Emmi is very passionate about teaching! Her outgoing nature and big heart make her perfect for the job! I’ve known her since she was a small child and have always been impressed with how hard she works at absolutely everything!

Kat Crockett Posted over a year ago

She is amazing and an inspiring teacher. She loves her job and each of her students. Emmi goes above and beyond to teach her students. She not only cares about her students in school but also at home.

Melody Behunin Posted over a year ago

Emmi is such a caring and compassionate teacher and human! She has been so patient with my daughter and has truly shown so much of her heart. In the short time I have known her, I have become extremely grateful for the things she has already done for my child who has major anxiety and other issues at school. She has already made a difference in her attitude toward school, as well as her life. Her classroom is so well organized, but still fun and such an amazing, creative, and positive atmosphere for the kids to learn in.

Jana Pace Posted over a year ago

WOW! Is a great way to describe Ms. Novo. What an amazing woman! She has a great way of keeping her class under control and involved. I am always impressed as I walk past her classroom. When she needs the children's attention they respond quickly and quietly. I have only heard positive comments from her students and parents. She has a great vibe about her that spreads to others!

Sabrina Robinson Posted over a year ago

Emmi Novotorov is an amazing teacher! She is always on her toes. She takes care of each and every student with passion care and love for her career. She is definitely a phenomenal person. She is also a very involved teacher and parent in holidays, birthdays, parades, school trips, and field day. Personally she’s helped me grow into the woman I am today, by helping me realize that college is important so now I am attending college at Colorado Technical University. She is so inspiring it amazes me what she’s capable of when she sets her mind to it!

Ashley Milliron Posted over a year ago

Ms Novo is such a positive, caring teacher. My daughter enjoyed going to school and learning new things because of the environment that Ms Novo created throughout the year.

Penny Ortmann Posted over a year ago

Emmi has always been a charismatic bundle of sunshine and loving energy, mixed with a truly giving and happy heart. With her contagious smile, she is loved and respected by all that have the pleasure to cross her path.

Marianne Abbey-Smith Posted over a year ago

There is no doubt in my mind that Emmi is a "life changer" for her students! Emmi observed in my fifth grade classroom as a requirement for an early education course at the local community college. I could tell from the beginning that she was going to make an excellent teacher! Her instincts were right on. She developed a great rapport with my students. As a result they loved her and respected her. She is so vivacious, energetic and caring. I have kept in contact with her through the years and I am always amazed at her ideas and activities. She treats her students as if they were her own children. I would have been excited if my own children were to be enrolled in her class. That is the highest compliment I can give her!!

Kim Holbrook Posted over a year ago

I strongly agree, Emmi is a "life changer". My grandson is in her class and I've seen him excel this year. Not only academically but emotionally and socially. Emmi's positive attitude and teaching style really comes through even in difficult situations. I've been able to observe Emmi with her students on several occasions and I've been pleased to see her really engaging her students. She finds a way to make learning fun while demanding the respect a teacher needs to be successful. Thank you Emmi!! Your positive and caring attitude has made a difficult year for my grandson and our family not only bearable but successful academically for our 4th grader. You are "life changer of the year" in our book.

Sandra Hancock Posted over a year ago

I've seen Emmi interact work with children of various ages on several different occasions. She uses her infectious, positive attitude to keep them engaged. I see Emmi as a responsible, caring, passionate and organized individual that loves working with kids.

Misty Robinson Posted over a year ago

Emmi has definitely lived up to and earned the title "life changer of the year" Not only changing lives for the better as a teacher but as a mom, step mom, grandma, family member and friend. I have seen her continue to grow and tackle all kinds of life challenges. She loves her job as a teacher and truly wants the best for ALL the children that have came into her life. In fact I am a single mom of 3 and she has offered to help out with my youngest (which is 2) on several occasions and she is doing a cute project for my 18 year olds graduation party as we speak. She always goes above and beyond and deserves the recognition.

Christine Nesheiwat Posted over a year ago

I have the pleasure of working with Emmi Novotorov. Her contagious enthusiasm and positive energy contributes to her love of teaching.

Racille Posted over a year ago

Emmi has a heart of gold. She gives her all to everything she gets involved in

Mike Page Posted over a year ago

Emmi is new to our school this year. She has brought an enthusiasm to the school because she is willing to try things that enhance the student learning. She was the first this year to try the new technology that the district provided for us. This is only one of many examples that she has jumped into and tried. Emmi is creative in her teaching getting the most out of her kids. Her class is engaged, learning and challenging. She incorporates her sense of humor into her teaching which appeals to the student when they get it. Emmi is a good teacher!

Diane Pulley Posted over a year ago

Emmmi believes in blending effective teaching strategies with purposeful technology that engages her students and supports them as they go deeper with rigor and relevance in the content areas. She truly believes in preparing her students for 21st century learning, college, and careers. She collaborates with her 4th grade team and with the school community in sharing her expertise with technology and effective teaching strategies.

Christine Nelson Posted over a year ago

I have loved watching Emmi interact with her class. She cares about each of her students individually and helps them to be the best they can be. I love that she is very innovative with her teaching and has high expectations of her students and their behavior.

Kristi Lingas Posted over a year ago

Emmi is a kind and caring person. She takes her place in the children's life seriously and does what she can to make it better for them.

M. K. Schaller Posted over a year ago

She is a very well organized teacher who goes above and beyond for her students and fellow teachers. She is always willing to help and go the extra mile in all that she does.

Tiffiny Grayson Posted over a year ago

Emmi has a big heart and wants the best for everyone. She makes learning fun. Not only does she care about each one of her students but she has also changed her step children's life's for the better when their mother was no longer in their life. At a young age she took on the responsibility of raising 4 more children besides her own and made it her dedication to help them succeed in school and life.

Mystee Sudbury Posted over a year ago

Ms. Novotorov is a fantastic teacher! She has created an environment where her students not only learn about regular school subjects, they learn about life! The kids love her because she has made school fun and teaches them to be better people. We've had a great year in Ms. Novotorov's class. My son loves it so much, he hopes she moves to 5th grade so he can be in her class again!

Bree Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Novo is an amazing teacher. She has been so supportive to a very delicate situation to my niece who's in her class. My niece was so scared she had been through a hell of a change in a short period of her life. Mrs. Novo has been kind, supportive , encouraging and honest. She treats all of her students with respect and compassion which is so rare these days. I have 8 kids ranging from High School to pre school and Mrs. Novo is by fare the BEST teacher I have ever had the pleasure of having teach my children. Thank you Mrs. Novo for all your hard work and we hope you win because you deserve it!

Sara Callahan Posted over a year ago

I enjoy teaching next door to Ms.Novotorov. She is a fantastic teacher and her students respect her. She keeps her students engaged with all sorts of learning activities. She has high expectations and the students have risen to meet those expectations. I enjoy watching her interact with her 4th graders. It is easy to see that she really cares about them and is willing to do what it takes to help them be successful. Ms. Novotorov is definitely a life changer for these young children and the children she teaches each year.

Jean Posted over a year ago

I met Emmi Novotorov my first year teaching at Hewetson Elementary in Nevada. She is one loving and outgoing teacher. The kids love her! She always has so much energy and is always smiling! She loved to dress up for every holiday and the kids would go crazy! Her love for teaching shows in all she does. Way to go Emmi for getting nominated. You deserve lady! Bless you

Cindi Bergman Posted over a year ago

Emmi is a breath of fresh air. She is always upbeat and excited about the day. I have the privilege of being in the classroom next to her and am always interested in what and how she is teaching. She isn't afraid to give students responsibilities and sets a high but attainable standard for student behavior. Emmi expects that all her students participate in school activities including statewide poster contests, PTA activities, and local company coloring contests. She exhibits love and compassion for her students, excitement in teaching, and brings fun to the workplace.

Linda Bates Posted over a year ago

Emmi is caring, creative and brings a smile to her students as she opens their minds to what our classrooms have to offer.

Holly Wall Posted over a year ago

Last year, Emmi came to our school as a long-term substitute teacher. She was so amazing, that she was hired on to teach her 5th grade class. She has excellent classroom management skills. She is able to keep her students under control using positive reinforcement. She is a team player and encourages her students to participate in all school activities. Her upbeat personality is a game-changer for many of her students.

Donna Posted over a year ago

Emmi always has a ready smile and positive attitude. She willingly helps with any project or task that needs to be done and sees it through to completion. She has the natural ability to make people feel comfortable and a part of the team. A true treasure to all that know her.

Mabel Tang Posted over a year ago

Emmi Novotorov is an amazing teacher and one of the best colleagues you can ask for! She’s always positive and will help brighten your day when you’re down. Her optimism is infectious! She does so much for her students and colleagues. I’m glad to see her nominated. She deserves it!

Karen Garner Posted over a year ago

She's a motivational team member at our school. She looks for any and all opportunities to help us gain professional development.

Shelly schaller Posted over a year ago

I have been in Ms. Novotorov class several times and am amazed how engaged the children are. Ms. Novotorov makes class fun and exciting for her students. She is always finding fun ways to get the students attention. She does this very well. She is an excellant teacher.

Shay schaller Posted over a year ago

Emmi novotorov is a dedicated teacher.shes has taught kindergarten,first,fourth and fifth grade.i have had the opportunity to visit her classes the students where highly engaged.her love for teaching is apparent through all of her students.

Nona Edwards Posted over a year ago

I had the privilege of working with Emmi for a year in 5th grade. She is very motivated. She is always trying to improve and take classes to do so. She encourages others to take these classes with her. She is a wonderful team player and works well with her school team. Students love her refreshing ideas and enthusiasm.

Rebecca Lopez Posted over a year ago

Emmi is an exceptional person and teacher! She works hard everyday to be the best teacher, the best mom, the best friend, and the best family member she can be. She is constantly learning and sharing her knowledge and expertise with others. There is no doubt in my mind that she is a life changer for her students, her children, her family, and her friends. Her positive attitude and beautiful smile leaves such an impression on everyone she meets. To know her is to definitely love her!

Rebecca Lopez Posted over a year ago

Ms. Novotorov is an extraordinary person and teacher. She is so positive and inspiring to her students, friends, and family. She is a hard worker and shares her knowledge, expertise, and fun-loving spirit with everyone around her. She changes lives every day with her beautiful smile!

Dana Schaller Posted over a year ago

She is an AMAZING teacher to her students!! She goes above and beyond for them.

Diana Jones Posted over a year ago

Ms. Novotorov was a huge help running our Cub Scout Pack. Her love, patience, and understanding while working with children is amazing. She is a wonderful person. She volunteered for many years and I'm glad to see her nominated for this amazing award. She truly deserves it!