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Janel Rule

Position: First Grade Teacher
School: Royalton Elementary School
School District: White River Unified District
City, State: South Royalton, VT

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Janel Rule was nominated by an anonymous colleague and friend. 

Ms. Rule is an educator who is dedicated to the future of her community and the students in her life. She selflessly serves on committiees, dives into curriculum planning, and most importantly, is interested in the well-being of her school as a whole.

"Our local schools have recently undergone huge consolidation and merging efforts, creating a new atmosphere within our schools," the nominator said. "Ms. Rule has always shown dedication and support in the direction the community has chosen, regardless of her own personal opinions and wishes. She is personally involved in current events and changes. She's always one of the first to sign up for a committee, re-write a policy, interview candidates, be a mentor, or any other task that will point her school in the direction of success. Ms. Rule works tirelessly and has a positive attitude."

Ms. Rule has been highly active in the consolidation of the newly formed White River Unified District, and continuously demonstrates her passion as a first grade teacher. She always has a smile on her face and makes learning a fun adventure. She is sincerely compassionate and nurturing to each individual student's needs, behavior and emotions. Ms. Rule is often seen giving hugs to students with tears, high-fives to those celebrating a victory, or a little extra attention to a struggling student. She makes learning fun and celebrates education with her students each day. Her atmosphere is always bright, cheerful and positive. 

"If Janel had the opportunity to be a positive influence on someone, lend a hand, or give an ounce of encouragement, she would never miss the opportunity," the nominator said. "She is a true asset to our community and school. Her character and charisma is contagious, and I only wish every community had a handful of people as delectible as Janel is within ours. Janel demonstrates all of the best qualities any teacher can have!"

Comments (2)

Marie Conley Posted over a year ago

I agree. Janel is amazing.

Robin Poulin Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Rule was my sons teacher, and has been his favorite teacher. One who he misses dearly. She is truly a dedicated and amazing teacher that all the students love.