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Laiken Lucas

Position: Sixth Grade Math Teacher
School: Princeton Middle School
School District: Mercer County Schools
City, State: Princeton, WV

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Laiken Lucas was nominated by Barbara Mills, a colleague.

"Ms. Lucas was my lifesaver this year as I was taking on teaching for the first time. Ms. Lucas showed me the ropes and helped with anything I asked all year long. She is like that for everyone that comes into her life," stated Mills.

Ms. Lucas loves each of her students as her own child and does everything she can to ensure they have everything they need to succeed. Sometimes this means she provides snacks when students are hungry, a shoulder to lean on, and an ear to listen to when needed. Ms. Lucas has even provided a hotel room for a student so they could attend the state robotics competition that she also helped coach. Occasionally, this also involves the practice of tough love. Ms. Lucas can always be relied upon to guide her students along a successful path, even when it necessitates gently sharing the honest realities concerning their behavior and efforts.

Ms. Lucas is also a leader willing to jump in to ensure everything happens for her kids. When a teacher heading up the end of the school year field trip transferred to another school, she jumped in to do all the last-minute preparations to ensure students could go on their trip. This work included budgeting, fundraising, organizing field trip permission forms, and bus and chaperon assignments for the whole school. It was a lot of work, and Ms. Lucas took it all on but was also humble enough to know she would need help. She reached out to the whole school and delegated jobs. 

During another memorable event, the school organized a fundraiser centered around selling delectable pepperoni cheese rolls. Remarkably, the pre-orders for these savory treats surpassed 1700. Recognizing the significance of this endeavor, Ms. Lucas collaborated closely with administrators and fellow school staff, dedicating three days to their preparation. Not only did she commit her evenings and a precious weekend to crafting and distributing these delectable rolls, but she did so out of deep affection for her students. Understanding the hard work they had invested throughout the year in their academics, conduct, and fundraising efforts, Ms. Lucas wholeheartedly embraced the responsibility of ensuring they could seize this opportunity.

"Ms. Lucas is my friend, an amazing teacher, and a LifeChanger for anyone who happens to come into her life," stated Mills.

Comments (9)

Jhailyn woodard Posted 8 months ago

Mrs Lucas, Is one of the best teachers at our school she is one of the funniest most caring most helpful teachers I have ever had I am in the 6th grade and I have always hated math, I have never liked it until I came to Princeton middle school and met mrs Lucas I do cheerleading and we had a prep rally 3 days ago and she participated in it and at the end she begin to hug me, I am better and improved a lot since last year I love her and will miss her moving on to 7th grade. Mrs Lucas you must transfer to 7th grade math- your favorite student Jhailyn

Addison Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Lucas is an amazing teacher! She takes the time to help us with what we are struggling with, and make sure that we have fun learning the standards. She also is super nice and kind, and has made an impact on our school. In Elementary, I disliked math. However, this year, I loved every second of her lessons. She puts in the effort to make us happy, and deserves the LifeChanger of the Year award. I love her so much, and she is one of my favorite teachers. She also always supports us in our hardest times and in things that happen outside of school. Ms. Lucas deserves this award!

alexas kinzer Posted 12 months ago

Ms. Lucas will always be like a second mom to me. she was always there for me whenever i needed someone to talk to and them to listen. she’s an amazing teacher all around though. she loves her students so much and would do anything to see them pass her class. i love u.

Debbie Pack Posted 12 months ago

In the time I’ve known Laiken, I have been impressed with her outlook on life; her energy and good humor, always planning ahead and striving to improve her life and of those she loves and those she teaches. Gentle in her relationships, but aggressive in chasing her goals and dreams, Laiken is not content to let life just happen, she plans and strives and no doubt will achieve success in her endeavors. From my perspective she is a wonderful person and mother; her son Josiah is a sweet smart boy who obviously loves his mother, and I’m confident her students will be better for having been in her care. Work, church, family. Laiken is a well rounded person with a bright future and would be a very appropriate recipient of the Life Changer recognition. She’s my son’s girlfriend and she’s very special to me.

Samantha Weaver Posted 12 months ago

My daughter has always struggled with school. She has struggled with schoolwork as well as making connections to people. Middle school was an absolutely terrifying thought for her. I remember driving her to the first day of middle school with tears in her eyes as she tried to be positive but was overwhelmed with the change that was happening. Little by little her shine returned and there was a reoccurring teacher that kept popping up when she told me about her day, Ms. Lucas. Math is not her strong suit but it became her favorite class because of Ms. Lucas. My daughter made a connection that impacted her for the better for her 6th grade year. Ms. Lucas, thank you for being exactly who my daughter needed! Thank you for listening to her rant, for being there when she needed you, and for making the impact that you have on her. What you do surpasses what is expected of you and I have an immense sense of gratitude for you!

Kelcee Farra Posted 12 months ago

Ms Lucas always goes above and beyond for her students. She cares for her students, and for her colleagues. She has been an immeasurable help to me and others this year, from helping our robotics team to taking over the field trip committee and helping to make the end of year field trip amazing for the students.

Matt Brooks Posted 12 months ago

Ms. Lucas is by far the best teacher my son Brady has ever had. She actually cares enough to realize that some kids need a little extra attention and that some just learn differently. She was a huge influence on my son in the most positive way. I can't say enough good things about her. All teachers need to take a page from her book.

P LeeAnn Fink Posted 12 months ago

Ms Lucas has taught both of my daughters. The oldest, she had for the latter part of the 5th grade. The youngest, she taught this year for 6th grade math. She tries hard to reach each child and bring out the best in each of them. She also tries to assist her overall community in several ways.

Erica Posted 12 months ago

Ms. Lucas is a teacher that goes above and beyond for her students. She was my daughter’s teacher. Not only was she a positive influence on her while teaching her, she has became a friend to her as well. In these rough middle school years you always hope your children will turn to you as the parent but it helps so much to know they have a trusted adult to turn to and she is just. She puts her heart into teaching, she really believes in her students. She has made a difference in my daughter’s life and I will always appreciate that.