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Dr. Brian Wilson

Position: Superintendent
School: Hollister R-V School District
School District: Hollister R-V School District
City, State: Hollister, MO

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Dr. Brian Wilson was nominated by one of his district's principals, Vickie Daniels.

"Dr. Wilson is a LifeChanger because he always puts students first. Dr. Wilson is the first person in my career who exemplifies this daily. As an administrator, an instructional coach, and a teacher, he has personified this way of thinking more than anyone I have met in education in my 18 years of experience. Dr. Wilson has had to make many hard decisions throughout his career; however, he has always kept students in the forefront," said Daniels.

Dr. Wilson has tirelessly worked to increase teacher and staff pay, knowing that the best way to serve students is to keep the best people in front of them. Teachers, staff, students, and parents know him and trust him to care for them. Dr. Wilson has been a true leader since he has been at Hollister. He has been an example to all, from classroom teachers, to custodial staff, to administrators. He is all over the school to help anyone in need, including students. 

Dr. Wilson interacts with all students, even those needing the most interaction. Dr. Wilson was standing in the high school cafeteria one day, and a special education student was helping to clean tables. That student approached Dr. Wilson and hit him on the back side with his towel. Dr. Wilson proceeded to ask the student why he would do that. The student responded that in his family, that's how they say hello. Dr. Wilson took this as a learning moment and explained why this was not a great way to say hello. The student was not in trouble and learned from someone who cared for him. 

"This incident is just a small example of how Dr. Wilson works with everyone. He is the first to say what is right when working for our kids. Dr. Wilson only decides something after first thinking about students," said Daniels.

Comments (10)

Cally Ross Posted 9 months ago

I've worked with Dr. Wilson and the team at Hollister, through the Silver Dollar City Foundation's Care For Kids program, for almost 10-years. I've always been impressed by the team work, compassion for students, and positive outlooks of the Hollister Schools team. The example comes from the top! Dr Wilson lives by a Servant-Leadership model. In all of the years of working with him I've never seen him be anything but pleasant to be around, in spite of what challenges he's dealt with throughout the day. This man is "the real deal", he exemplifies Jesus with-skin-on.

Tracie Gustafson Posted 10 months ago

DR. Wilson is a great leader and a great example of kindness and caring for each student and staff. He always takes the time to say hello or good morning. Dr. Wilson's love for his family, our district and our community is Amazing. Dr. Wilson is a LifeChanger. He has definitely changed many lives, including mine.

MelissaLani Jackson Posted 10 months ago

Dr. Wilson is a supreme example of a positive LifeChanger. He is extremely passionate and has shown consistently an exemplary way to connect with students and families. Dr. Wilson has been the leader in to create an extraordinary special community within Hollister's R-V District, of which I am proud to be a part.

Roger Brallier Posted 10 months ago

Dr. Wilson is the perfect example of a LifeChanger with his servant's heart, mindset, and heart for people. He knows our staff, our students, and our families and genuinely cares about our community. His decisions are sound and are always made in the best interest of our students and our staff. Recently, a student athlete from another school was injured during a competition. Dr. Wilson was quick to make sure that they received what they needed AND followed up the next day to check on them. It is a complete honor and privilege to work with him. He is inspiring and works tirelessly to provide the absolute best for our school and community.

Leslie Brown Posted 10 months ago

He’s simply the best!

Bryan Charlton Posted 10 months ago

We relocated to Hollister, Missouri from Kansas two years ago. Dr Brian Wilson was one of the very first people that welcomed us to the community at the first football game. I was so impressed with his servant leader ship as he stood down on the field welcoming everyone and walking throughout the stands, sitting down and taking time with each person. Then, a few months later, I’m going to the grocery store and there he is standing out in front of the grocery store, ringing a bell for the salvation Army bucket. I’m very impressed with Dr. Wilson’s display of leader ship.

Kim Connell Posted 10 months ago

During his time at Hollister, Dr. Wilson has worked diligently on building relationships and gaining the trust of Hollister teachers, staff, students, parents, and community members. In all he does, he keeps what is best for kids at the forefront of each and every decision. Dr. Wilson is an integral part of Hollister and the surrounding community serving on numerous boards and committees. The partnerships that he has built within the Hollister community have been invaluable in moving the Hollister R-V School District forward and in helping Hollister students be successful.

Sue Chinn Posted 10 months ago

Over the past 30 years, I have worked in several districts all over the country. Dr. Wilson is one of the only superintendents that has made all employees feel equally important in their role at Hollister. From the custodians, maintenance, cooks, secretaries, paras, teachers, and administrators, Dr. Wilson includes everyone as an educator in the lives our our students. He is easily approachable and will listen to carefully to concerns or suggestions. He is visible around our schools and will engage with students and employees as he strolls through the halls. After working at Hollister for over 15 years, I have experienced a "breath of fresh air" from his servant leadership. He has definitely been a LifeChanger for everyone in the community inside and outside Hollister Schools.

Dr. Kristina Smith Posted 10 months ago

"A true leader doesn't just care about the end result, but the small details along the way." This quote encompasses Dr. Wilson. As my direct supervisor, mentor, and one of my greatest supporters, I have learned that the people that invest in you are the ones that care the most. Whether it has been small or big moments in my life, I know that Dr. Wilson genuinely cares about me and the others he serves. He knows that serving others extends beyond the beginning and end of school bells Monday through Friday. It also involves nights, weekends, summers, and life moments that affect us greatly. He isn't 'just' a life changer at school, but extends his grace to all of us as so many examples of personal hardships, health scares, deaths, and other major life moments happens, and he is the first one to show up and find ways to support families throughout our district in a way that no other district does. A positive Life Changer indeed.

Kait Danley Posted 10 months ago

Dr. Wilson is an amazing leader who serves his community with his whole heart. He is a LifeChanger!