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Lori Bein

Position: Superintendent of Schools
School: Arlington Heights School District 25
School District: Arlington Heights School District 25
City, State: Arlington Heights, IL

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Lori Bein was nominated by a colleague, Brian Kaye.

"I am honored to nominate Lori Bein for the Lifechanger of the Year award for her exceptional contributions to Arlington Heights School District 25," said Kaye. "Lori has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to positively adding to the development of the school's atmosphere, exhibiting remarkable leadership skills, and maintaining a nurturing environment for both students and staff. Her ability to foster a sense of belonging and collaboration has been instrumental in creating an inclusive and inspiring learning community.

Lori's ability to positively add to the development of the school's atmosphere is truly remarkable. She has a keen understanding of the importance of fostering a positive and inclusive environment where every student feels valued and supported. Through her visionary leadership, Lori has implemented initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the district. She has championed programs that celebrate the unique backgrounds and talents of students, encouraging them to embrace their individuality and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the school community.

In addition to her ability to shape the school's atmosphere, Lori has demonstrated outstanding leadership capacity in retaining her leaders within the district. She is a true role model who leads by example and empowers her team members to reach their full potential. Lori fosters a culture of collaboration and professional growth, providing her leaders with the tools and support they need to excel. Her approachable and supportive nature has created an environment where leaders feel valued and motivated, leading to high levels of engagement and retention within the district.

Lori's commitment to producing a nurturing atmosphere is evident in her interactions with students, staff, and parents alike. She takes the time to listen attentively, understand individual needs, and provide the necessary support and guidance. Lori's open-door policy encourages open communication, fostering a sense of trust and respect throughout the district. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that students and staff feel safe, cared for, and equipped to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Finally, Lori's adherence to high moral and ethical standards is truly commendable. She serves as a beacon of integrity, leading by example and upholding the highest ethical values. Her decision-making is guided by what is best for the students and the district as a whole. Lori's commitment to honesty, fairness, and transparency has earned her the trust and respect of the entire school community.

In summary, Lori Bein is an exceptional leader who has positively impacted Arlington Heights School District 25 in numerous ways. Her ability to shape the school's atmosphere, retain leaders, foster a nurturing environment, and uphold high moral and ethical standards make her a truly deserving candidate for the Lifechanger of the Year award. The three keywords that best describe her leadership are visionary, empowering, and compassionate. It is with great enthusiasm that I nominate Lori Bein for this prestigious honor."

Comments (7)

Jim Morrison Posted 3 months ago

I am genuinely pleased to support Dr. Lori Bein for the Lifechanger of the Year Award. She is truly deserving of this honor. Working closely with Dr. Bein for over 8 years, I have had the privilege to observe her being a mentor and model of what an excellent leader and person should be. Dr. Bein is authentic, honest, loyal, and humble. She cares for every student, parent, and staff member as if they are her own family. Dr. Bein is empathetic and builds strong, positive relationships with everyone she encounters. As a leader of District 25, every decision Dr. Bein makes is focused on what is in the best interests of students and the community she leads. She takes the time to listen to the needs of her constituents, empathizes, and takes the time to problem-solves each situation to try to find a right vs. right decision. She does not take shortcuts but makes sure every aspect of the school system is handled professionally and precisely. As a Middle School Principal for 22 years, I have grown immensely as a leader and a person by following Dr. Bein's personal and professional leadership. It has been said that true leaders are ones who have people follow them because they want to, not because they have to. Dr. Bein is a true leader!

Cathy Lynch Posted 4 months ago

There are numerous reasons that make Dr. Bein an exceptional nominee for the LifeChanger of the Year award. One reason that stands out to me is how masterfully she successfully navigated our D25 family through the Covid pandemic. Never once did she waver in her commitment to prioritize the safety and well being of our students, staff and greater community. In every way, Dr. Bein demonstrates true leadership, and is deserving of this award.

Carol Golemo, PE teacher/coach Posted 4 months ago

Congratulations, Dr. Bein, on being nominated for this prestigious award. You are most deserving of this honor due to your honesty, integrity, compassion, and love of students and your coworkers. You are a leader that leads by example. During the pandemic I witnessed you standing outside handing out food and bringing a bit of cheer to the families passing by. When the school district was short-handed for crossing guards you were out there, regardless of weather, mornings and after school making sure our students were safe. Dr. Bein you don't need to "pull rank", you jump in and help wherever help is needed. This does not go unnoticed by your staff and this is a major reason you are so well respected. On a personal level, you always make an effort to know something about each of your teachers and make a strong connection which is beneficial to all of us as we go about our daily work. Our conversations about marathon training, running shoes, and pickup trucks always made our conversations fun and memorable. On a personal note, I always find your random thoughts on life helpful and fun to read. Thank you. Your support by being present at a multitude of activities for all levels of students is appreciated. Your long hours, intellectual talent, and dedication to those you serve is of the highest degree. You are most deserving of this award.

Mary Beth Delaney Posted 4 months ago

As a teacher in one of our self-contained programs, I feel valued and supported by Dr. Bein. She has visited my classroom and interacted with my students. She clearly sees what they CAN do rather than what is difficult for them. Dr. Bein is an excellent leader.

Nicole Barbieri Posted 4 months ago

Dr. Bein is not only a one of a kind leader of our school district, but she is a true supporter of the PTA and its mission. For years, Dr. Bein lends a support to PTA leadership and volunteers. Dr. Bein makes those around her feel valued and heard. She has supported the PTA mission and partnerships between schools and families. As someone who has been a parent, PTA leader, and staff member, I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Bein in various capacities. She is someone who encouraged me to be myself, take risks, and embrace all that comes with life. I couldn’t think of a more perfect candidate for this nomination as Dr. Bein has always wanted what was best for our community. I am so thankful to have been able to work side by side with her, she has taught me so much along the way. Dr. Bein has shaped District 25 into a welcoming environment that fosters creativity, inclusivity, and engagement!

Mom Posted 4 months ago

So very proud of her. Dad in heaven just lost all his buttons!

Adam Harris Posted 4 months ago

Dr. Bein leads with her heart and soul. She models and embodies what she expects from her staff: teamwork, integrity, fearlessness, dedication. She encourages all of us to be the people we came here to be. “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” she asks us. I believe in her and that allows me to believe in myself. She encourages everyone who works here to embody themselves and show who they are through their work. All that does is create an environment where people produce incredible work, collaboratively, and that has an incredible impact on our students, and our community. She has changed the game in superintendency. She has helped to change my life and I plan to lead just like she did with me, which will change many more lives to come. She’s an inspiration and deserves every accolade coming her way.