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Natalie Hascall

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Harmony Elementary School
School District: Evergreen School District
City, State: Vancouver , WA

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Natalie Hascall was nominated by Amy Doolin, the godmother of a student.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Hascall during my godson Adrian’s art night," said Doolin. "I met her under devastating circumstances, as Adrian’s twin, Declan, has just lost his battle with acute myeloid leukemia. In addition to being an amazing source of comfort and stability for Adrian within the classroom, Natalie went above and beyond. She always advocated for Adrian and was a huge support system for him over the last year. Adrian and Declan’s mom, Lauren, would often tell me about her and all the incredible things she and the school were doing to support their family."

On the day that Adrian went back to school, the other students wore their Team Reagan shirts to try and cheer Adrian up. The day that Declan passed, the class spent time making cards for Adrian, letting them know that they were thinking of him. Due to these circumstances, Adrian is repeating kindergarten, but because of Mrs. Hascall's guidance, he has come so far. She is an incredible teacher and human being.

Comments (15)

Linda Holt Posted over a year ago

Natalie is a colleague of mine. I have always enjoyed how she interacts in a fun, supportive and no-nonsense way with her students. I have seen her love on her kids like they were her own, and it is evident that her students love and respect her in return. Last year, I saw her go above and beyond for Adrian and his family. That is who Natalie is. She truly is a life changer, and she deserves this award

Alicia Ensley Posted over a year ago

I’ve always admired Natalie for her hard work, kind heart and service to others. She is an asset to our Harmony staff and community. This year I finally got the opportunity to not only be her colleague, but also a parent of one of her students. My son has grown this year in so many ways and comes home with talk about kindness, problem solving and a love of learning!

Kathy Tofte Posted over a year ago

I've worked with Natalie for many years. I'm now retired but still volunteer in her classroom. She is amazing! Natalie teaches with compassion and her students love her. She is always doing extra tasks to make sure her students are having fun while learning. She is a valuable asset to the Evergreen School District and she has the patience of Jobe.

Nancy Weier Posted over a year ago

Natalie is definitely a life changer! My son was lucky enough to have her as his teacher two years ago. She helped him to learn and grow so much over his kindergarten year. Natalie is an amazing teacher and person, and so deserving of being Life Changer of the Year!

Rachelle Posted over a year ago

When the time came for my youngest to start Kindergarten I was a nervous wreck. My kiddo had his share of struggles and I was almost ready to hold him back and just start the next year since he is on the younger side anyway. He really wanted to go to school though so I decided to give it a shot. Needless to say Kindergarten was a wonderful success for my son and I truly believe that Mrs. Hascall is the reason my son is now a successful 4th grader. While every teacher we’ve had since has been great, I think that the foundation Mrs. Hascall creates for kindergarteners is imperative to the continued success of these children.

Amanda Cline Posted over a year ago

Mrs Hascall is such an amazing teacher. We could have not asked for anyone better! Our son Jackson we so nervus about starting school she has taken the time to make him feel so comfortable, now he askes to go to school even on the weekends! I volunteer in the class and the way she is with her kids is incredible. You can tell she loves and cares for them all. We are so lucky she is our techer!

Pam Lewis Posted over a year ago

Families who face what Declan's did need all the prayer, help, and support they can get. When people like Mrs. Hascall step in to provide help and support to others in need it takes some of the burden off of their shoulders and is invaluable. Thank you Mrs. Hascall as a friend of a friend of Declan and Arian's family it is a blessing and inspiring to know you were there for them in their time of need.

Monique Davalos Posted over a year ago

It’s teacher’s like this (especially with younger children), that make such a huge impact on their students lives. Thank you Natalie for going above & beyond to help my family in such a time of need, Adrian will remember you for the rest of his life!

Patty Welch Posted over a year ago

As a friend of Declan and Adrian’s family, I too would recommend Natalie Haskill. She went above and beyond in her support of Adrian and his family during a tragic and devastating time.

Angie Barrett Posted over a year ago

Mrs Hascall deserves this award.. I don't know her or the family personally but I have been following Declans journey and Natalie has been an amazing support.. She has went above and beyond!

Lauren Reagan Posted over a year ago

As Adrian's mom, I've been blessed to have Natalie as Adrian's teacher both last year and again this year. Natalie stepped up when Declan relapsed forcing me to move back into the hospital for the majority of last year. She became the one constant in Adrian's life giving him an extra layer of support. When Declan received his terminal diagnosis she worked with Adrian on a "special project" they would chat about Adrian's favorite adventures with his brother. When it came for Declan's celebration of life Natalie spoke on behalf of Adrian at his service, I found out later that her family actually had a weekend trip away that she stayed behind to speak and support Adrian. She has supported him through this emotional trauma but also academically. At a recent parent teacher conference she spoke on how excited and thrilled at Adrian's academic successes of this year. Other teachers in Adrian's future have huge shoes to fill Natalie truly is an amazing teacher and deserving of this award.

Wendy Jensen Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hascall went above and beyond to support the family of one of her students in their time of need ??

Copper Long Posted over a year ago

Natalie is a great teacher. My child wasn’t personally in her class, but I know several families who have. 1 family friend of mine in particular has really had the support and kindness of Mrs. Hascall. The change in the child who trusts no one has been impeccable. Please vote Natalie!!!

Katrina Posted over a year ago

CONGRATS NATALIE!!!! You are an AMAZING teacher and it shows! Your passion and love for life and teaching overflows to everyone you come into contact with!!!

Martha Hancock Posted over a year ago

As Natalie's mother, I would have expected no less of her. But I saw the toll it took on her throughout the year. She might not have known Declan as well as she knew his brother, but she was so involved in their lives that she felt his illness and decline intently and dealt with them in her own way at work every day. I am always proud of her, but this nomination makes me happy because obviously someone else sees what I do.