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Jessica Archer

Position: Associate High School Principal
School: Nordonia High School
School District: Nordonia Hills City School District
City, State: Macedonia, OH

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Jessica Archer was nominated by a colleague, Todd Stuart.

Ms. Archer has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to make a beneficial difference in students' lives. She is genuinely passionate about education and goes above and beyond to ensure that students receive the support they need to thrive academically and personally. Her commitment to fostering the growth and development of students is commendable, and she actively seeks out innovative approaches to make a positive impact in their lives. Ms. Archer has demonstrated her ability to consistently build long-lasting relationships with her students. She builds connections with all of her students. Whether in the cafeteria or the hallway every day, or maybe on a school trip to Costa Rica, or sadly with a grief counselor or a probation officer and the student's family nearby, you will always find Ms. Archer supporting a student. 

One of Ms. Archer's notable strengths is creating a positive school atmosphere. She possesses excellent interpersonal skills and fosters an inclusive and welcoming environment for students, staff, and parents. Her approachable nature and ability to listen attentively and address concerns effectively enable her to create a supportive and collaborative atmosphere within the school community.

Throughout her tenure, Ms. Archer has demonstrated exceptional leadership within her school and district. She has initiated and led various successful initiatives, including making NHS a Purple Star Designation, realignment of the school's student leadership groups/implementing Leadership Camp, and a massive under haul of the master schedule to allow time for students to pursue the SEL curriculum (7 Mindsets) in addition to a daily advisory period daily which will have a lasting impact on the overall educational experience. Her ability to inspire and motivate others and her strong problem-solving and decision-making skills make her an influential leader.

"I don't know how she finds the time, but you will find Jessica at almost every high school event (sports, leadership groups, the arts, clubs, etc.) actively encouraging and supporting the students," said Stuart.

Regarding professional performance, Ms. Archer has consistently maintained an exemplary track record. As a visionary leader, she exhibits a clear and inspiring vision for the school's future. She articulates this vision to staff, students, and parents, rallying them around common goals and motivating them to work towards continuous improvement. Her dedication to professional development is evident through her pursuit of continuous learning, staying updated with current educational practices, and incorporating them into her teacher observations/evaluations. As an instructional leader, Ms. Archer actively supports and empowers teachers, provides feedback on teaching practices, promotes professional development opportunities, and encourages implementing innovative and effective instructional strategies. Ms. Archer fosters a collaborative culture among staff, encouraging teamwork, shared decision-making, and professional learning communities. She also promotes partnerships with parents, community organizations, and other stakeholders to support student development and well-being.

Moreover, Ms. Archer has always committed to producing a nurturing atmosphere. She goes beyond academic instruction to support students emotionally, creating an environment where they feel safe, valued, and encouraged to reach their full potential. Her compassionate and caring nature profoundly impacts students' overall well-being, contributing to their personal and academic growth. Ms. Archer has high emotional intelligence and understands and empathizes with others' perspectives and emotions. She constantly builds positive relationships, resolves conflict constructively, and creates a supportive climate that nurtures staff and students' emotional well-being.

"Lastly, I must highlight that Jessica consistently adheres to high moral and ethical standards," said Stuart. "She promotes fairness, honesty, and transparency in her interactions, decision-making processes, and overall school culture. She is a person of integrity and leads by example, instilling these values in students and colleagues. Her professionalism, honesty, and ethical conduct make her a role model within the school community. In conclusion, based on Jessica's proven ability to make a beneficial difference in the lives of students, create a positive school atmosphere, demonstrate leadership qualities, maintain excellent professional performance, produce a nurturing environment, and adhere to high moral and ethical standards, I wholeheartedly recommend her for the LifeChanger Award."

Comments (114)

Jen Skvarch Posted 4 months ago

Jessica Archer is a remarkable human being who truly cares about everyone. The foundation of her excellence is built with the quality of her actions and integrity. Success is a clear reflection of Jessys efforts, pride and passion she lives on a daily basis. Her selfless acts do not go unnoticed!

SM Posted 4 months ago

Ms Archer is everything everyone has said about her, carrying, kind, hard working, compassionate, determined. I see her exhibit these qualities and more on a daily basis towards staff and students. Her dedication is unwavering.

LT Posted 6 months ago

Jessy is one of the most amazing human beings in our profession. She has impacted and continues to impact so many lives of young folks as well as adults. She is incredibly kind without asking for anything in return. I watch her in action every day… magnificent!!! I can’t think of a more worthy recipient for this honor. I am lucky to work with her and now, call her my friend! #1WomanInLeadership#SpiritAnimal

Donald Schaub Posted 6 months ago

Miss Archer brings a smile and such positive enthusiasm to all the students she meets

Carl Schaub Posted 6 months ago

Miss. Archer is an amazing Principal and an even better person! Will go out of her way to help anyone in need and do anything she can to make the world a better place!

Nick schaub Posted 6 months ago

Miss archer has done so much to help change my life as well as others. Words cannot even describe how great she is!

Bethany Posted 6 months ago

Such a wonderful person!

ire Posted 6 months ago

Mrs.Archer is an incredible person who radiates positivity and uplifts everyone around her. Her kindness and warmth make people naturally gravitate towards her. Being around Mrs. Archer is like a breath of fresh air, and her positive energy is contagious.

Lori Day Posted 6 months ago

Jessica Archer has positively changed the culture of Nordonia High School for the better! She is a leader who listens to staff, students, and parents and genuinely cares to make the best decision for all involved. Jessy is one of the most positive, upbeat people that I have ever encountered -- and her energy is contagious! She has started so many new programs at our high school since she started here, and has worked tirelessly to put students in charge and teach them the leadership skills needed to ensure that the programs are a success. She has earned the respect of our entire school community due to her enthusiasm, compassion, and dedication to our school.

Karen Byers Posted 7 months ago

Everyday Jessie is there to help whoever needs help. As PTSA President I see her always helping us and our group with our functions and events. She is always supportive and getting help for us no matter what we need. And she is always smiling.

Karen Volin Posted 7 months ago

Jessica is a one of a kind person! She is a dynamic leader. She is so full of love for everyone - so very caring - a kind and wonderful person. She seriously goes above and beyond for staff and students alike making a great difference here at Nordonia High School.

Chris Simmons Posted 7 months ago

Jessy Archer is one of a kind. She is a force of positivity, leadership and support inside and outside of school. I count myself lucky to have crossed paths with her in my career. She selflessly makes herself available to anyone who needs support, and goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome and heard. Speaking for myself, and my Drama students and staff, it means the world to us to know we have her dedication and support in our corner. Way too often educational arts programs are overlooked and pushed aside. That is not the case at Nordonia, which is something I am immensely grateful for, and that is due in large part to Jessy and the rest of the administration. She makes sure my students are put on the same pedestal as athletes and scholars. In her time at Nordonia, she has made such a positive impact on our school culture, expecting excellence from our students and gaining their respect in return. Her kindness, empathy and passion are qualities that she brings to work, and she makes Nordonia a better place every day because of it. Because we know her, we have been changed for good.

David Broman Posted 7 months ago

It was July 2017 and I was two years from retirement. After thirty five years as a high school administrator, I found myself in a unique situation. Bryan Seward a peer of mine on our high school administrative team was offered the middle school principalship, an opportunity that he richly deserved. I knew that when I retired, two incredible members of our high school administrative team would likely continue to lead Nordonia High School. Casey Wright would continue to serve as a dynamic, innovative high school principal and Anthony Buckler, an energetic, popular, eager to learn more Dean of Students, would step in to fill my position. But, that left one more administrative position that needed to be addressed at Nordonia High School to complete the high school administrative team that would continue on after my retirement. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be involved in the hiring of an untold number of phenomenal educators and support personnel during my forty seven year career as an educator. Each and every one of them was an integral part of the educational program at the time they were hired. But, in July 2017, I was given the opportunity to be a part of one of the most important interview protocols of my career. And that was to select that third person for the high school administrative team that would continue on to lead Nordonia High School after my retirement in 2019. July is not the ideal time to be hiring an administrator. Much better to begin the search in January or February, when the candidate pool is much more ample and comprehensive. But, here we were, and the challenge was before us. Enter Ms. Jessy Archer. I had to pinch myself after the interview, to see if this was really happening! How could it be possible, that in July of 2017, Casey Wright and I just had the experience of interviewing one of the most competent, compassionate, enthusiastic, creative candidates for this administrative position. I could not believe that a person of Jessy's caliber was still available in July! So I asked her if she had been interviewed or hired elsewhere. I will never forget the look on her face and her answer. She sheepishly replied something to the effect of, "I don't typically do this, I have been hired elsewhere, but I want to be here at Nordonia." She knew then what we all know now! Jessy Archer was the perfect match for Nordonia High School and to be selected to serve as the third member of the high school administrative team upon my exit! The two years that I served as one of her administrative peers were rich in a myriad of accomplishments including academic and athletic success, incredible programs that enhanced our school climate, a focus upon student, staff, parent and community relationships and an administrative cohesiveness that was so rewarding, enjoyable and functional! Honestly, I thought we were exceptional before we hired Jessy. But, this woman took us to the next level! And I have been watching closely for the last four and a half years. Jessy has continued to change lives for the better with respect to all phases of her position as an associate principal at Nordonia High School. Meeting and serving with Jessy in the twilight years of my career was beyond special. Jessy Archer not only has changed an abundance of lives in a positive way over the past six and one half years at Nordonia, but she certainly changed mine as well! Thank you, Jessy, for your continued and tireless commitment to being a LifeChanger at Nordonia High School! Yes, you knew back in July of 2017, when you entered that room to interview with Casey Wright and myself! The room changed when you walked in. And now you have changed the school, the community and the lives of those that have been fortunate to be within your domain of influence. Thank you, Jessy Archer, for being you and congratulations on this well deserved nomination. And thank you for choosing Nordonia High School!

Ashley Posted 7 months ago

Ms.Archer is an amazing administrator and educator. She is always showing love and support to her students along with her fellow co-workers. She is very willing to help anyone and everyone around her. She is loved by everyone that knows her, she’s truly amazing!!

Dalia Posted 7 months ago

Jessy is a wonderful role model for the students and the students love her. She is willing to take the time to listen to their concerns and help them in any way. She’s an awesome educator and administrator!

Tommy Wright Posted 7 months ago

Congratulations on your nomination! #LC runs in your family!

Susan P Quist Posted 7 months ago

Jesse has a heart of gold and a smile that brightens the world.

Amber Acevedo Posted 7 months ago

I had the privilege to work with Jessy Archer for many years at Key Wesy High School before she moved to Nordonia HS. She is an amazing educator, outstanding administrator and tremendous colleague to work with. Her greatest attribute is her ability to build relationships with students, staff and parents where her positive attitude and solution oriented thinking creates successful progress. She is most deserving of this recognition and more importantly, she is a role model for others!

Emily A Posted 7 months ago

I’ve known Jessy my whole life. She has always been such a welcoming, positive presence in all situations. It is very evident how much she loves and supports her students and community!

Bruce Hulme Posted 7 months ago

Having strong leadership in a school is paramount to the development of the next generation. In Macedonia we are very lucky to have Jessica Archer providing that leadership. Our community benefits from her involvement.

Tonya Fisher Posted 7 months ago

Outstanding person!! Ms. Archer has been a positive role model for my son for years.

Jade Hilton Tipton Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Archer is like a ray of sunshine, always positive, outgoing, and brightening up the school. Her infectious energy and enthusiasm make everyone feel welcome and uplifted. Whether it's helping students , offering guidance, or organizing fun activities, she's always there, going above and beyond to support her students. Mrs. Archer is a true leader who brings people together, fostering a sense of unity and closeness within the school community. She's definitely someone who makes a positive impact on Nordonia High School every single day.

Steve Testa Posted 7 months ago

I appreciate the intelligent, confident, and capable way that Ms. Archer serves in her capacity as associate prinicipal. Fromt he first day she joined the team here at NHS, everyone recognized her capacity to solve problems and see the big picture of what it is that we do here - assist young people in their overall development. Jessy has been instrumental in building a culture that on the one hand expects excellence and on the other hand makes it fun to work here. Instead of competing with her peers and staff, she has used her influence build a cooperative culture and to organize recognition for others on staff.

Amanda Schaub Posted 7 months ago

Ms. Archer's has created a positive and vibrant atmosphere that positively influences everyone in our school. Ms. Archer has also inspired a culture of inclusivity and understanding throughout our building. Her dedication to fostering a sense of belonging and school spirit has positively shaped the environment where students and staff feel a sense of community and pride. Ms. Archer influences and impacts everyone around her and deserves recognition for her outstanding contribution to our school. #BESTYEAREVER GO KNIGHTS!!!

Heather Dean Posted 7 months ago

Ms. Archer has had a tremendous impact on creating a positive environment for Nordonia High School students. She had a vision of creating the "best year ever" and has implemented a plan to include students, teachers and staff. Ms. Archer has worked with club advisors to provide more leadership positions for students and facilitated a training program for students to develop the skills needed to be successful leaders. She created a Student Activities Committee with all club and class advisors and has coordinated fundraising and events to make the school experience a better one for students. Ms. Archer absolutely deserves this award!

Karen Hovorka Posted 7 months ago

Our administrative team at NHS is the best of the best! Jessy has brought a contagious sense of school pride to Nordonia. She is always creating and facilitating new ways for students and staff to stay positive and keep improving ourselves as a whole. I am so impressed with how she has taken the time to get to know our students with special needs. She also attends our inclusive BUDS events. Jessy is a compassionate and empathetic leader and is very deserving of this award!

Lauren Miller Posted 7 months ago

Ever since coming to NHS, Mrs. Archer has expanded upon the overall community and cohesiveness of our building as well as provided one to one support with some of our most intense students. Jessy started her first year with us by purchasing "We Are Nordonia" T-shirts. While this may seem like a trivial act, it encompasses her mission to further unite our staff, students, and community as a super positive and supportive environment. Jessy also has an unending amount of energy and enthusiasm. She is a mentor, cheerleader, peace maker, and problem solver to our building. She has brought numerous new events to our school such as PBIS initiatives that recognize students for good attendance and increased academic or behavioral success. Jessy is a leader during my special education meetings and has a way of explaining a new perspective to a parent that can validate their concerns and provide a direct solution. With our individual students, Jessy is excellent at de-escalating those that are over-whelmed as well as aligning them with their strengths. I feel that she has changed so many lives for the positive and deserves this award.

Claudio Costanzo Posted 7 months ago

I have witnessed the incredible impact Ms. Archer has on students' lives. She goes above and beyond to ensure every student's success and well-being. I've been continually impressed with Ms. Archer’s ability to connect with students from all backgrounds and abilities. Her inclusive and empathetic approach to education is truly inspiring. #LCOY #NordoniaRocks

Matthew Beery Posted 7 months ago

Ms. Archer is a consummate professional. She is kind, beloved by students---even the ones she disciplines--and demonstrates extreme positivity in all aspects of her work. She is truly a person asking, "what is good for students? and then making a positive influence on students' lives. As the administrator who has evaluated me over the past few years, she gives timely and specific feedback that enhances my instruction too. Jessy Archer would be fine recipient of this award.

Endre Szentkiralyi Posted 7 months ago

In my 30 years in public education, I have worked for many school leaders. Jessica Archer is one of the few (but one of many here at Nordonia, where we are lucky to have outstanding administrators) who brings that awesome combination of a super strong work ethic, sincere and genuine empathy, reasonable decisions, caring for students and staff alike, bubbly enthusiasm and unceasing positivity, an engaging sense of humor, a contagious smile, and just plain wonderful humanity to the job. She never fails to put things in perspective, to work hard for her students, and to help teenagers overcome the mistakes that teenagers have always made. The general public rarely sees the hard work that goes into raising children right, and Ms. Archer is crucial to our community, for all that she does on behalf of our young adults. She makes every school year the best school year ever!

Gary Ennis Posted 7 months ago

I've been continually impressed with Ms. Archer’s ability to breathe fresh air into our school environment. Her inclusive and empathetic approach to education and character building is truly inspiring. Ms. Archer always makes it a point to interact with students from all walks of life in the day to day Nordonia High School life. It is refreshing to see students get excited to see her and spend time with her. She is a true mentor to the students and staff at this school.

Vanessa Deboo Posted 7 months ago

Ms. Archer’s tireless advocacy for educational equity and social justice is truly commendable. She inspires students to be informed, empathetic, and active citizens. I have seen firsthand the transformation in students' attitudes and achievements under Ms. Archer’s guidance. She is making a significant and lasting impact on the next generation. #LCOY #NordoniaRocks

Amie Cormell Posted 7 months ago

Jessy Archer has breathed new life into Nordonia High School since she became an assistant principal. Not only has she built positive relationships with the student body, but she has made Nordonia a better atmosphere for the teachers and staff. She goes above and beyond and especially supports all extracurriculars and programs. I serve as a leader of the Nordonia B.U.D.S. Chapter, which stands for Building an Understanding of Differences through Social Interaction, where typically developing students interact with their peers who have special needs through monthly social events. Jessy has not only supported this group tremendously, but she has gone above and beyond by serving as an active member, attending most of the BUDS Chapter events, often with both of her daughters. Jessy genuinely cares about ALL students and has especially made an impact on the positive culture of inclusion that we have at Nordonia High School. Jessy Archer has personally helped me as a professional, as she does for all staff. She is a positive leader who has made a tremendous impact on Nordonia High School. Because Jessy Archer has made such a positive impact on students and staff members of our school as well as throughout the community, I feel she is very worthy of the 2023 LifeChanger of the Year.

Neda Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Jessy Archer is a great educator and friend! She is very caring, respectful, and supportive! As a teacher, she taught her students to great success and as an administrator she supported the teachers to the fullest! She is a true educator and all she has accomplished through the years shows that!

Beth Coneglio Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer is definitely deserving of this award. She goes above and beyond to be there for the students as well as the parents. She comes to most of the sporting events to cheer on our student athletes. She has brought new traditions to our school and gets the students involved. She is an asset to our school and community.

Jordan Hightower Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer is great role model to me and everyone around her. She makes sure to be positive and uplifting. She also makes sure to always smile. Best of all, she’s always there when you need her. She gives really great advice. She has definitely made my high school experience better and I will always be grateful for her looking out for me.

Lynn Hermensky Posted 8 months ago

Jessy Archer is indeed a LIFECHANGER at Nordonia High School and her positivity, kindness & energy are appreciated by the students, parents and her team. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without a smile on her face - and I see her often. She always makes herself available to the students & parents at the school and is at most of the school events both supporting and interacting with all. She brought Jr/Sr Field day to our school and the kids have a blast - making memories to last! She does such a great job promoting all the wonderful accomplishments of Nordonia High School students & staff. She is so deserving of this award! A shining star that our family respects & adores. Thank you Jessy for all you do for Nordonia!!!

Jessica Garvas Posted 8 months ago

Ms.Archer is the most caring and thoughtful person I know. She has always made it her mission to create a safe and positive environment within our school. Ms.Archer has never let any negativity stop her goal of fulfilling our school with spirit. During spring break last year I went to Europe on a school trip with her. She became not only our assistant principal but a caring friend to all of us. She forms a personal connection with every student and is always checking up on everyone. When you see her in the hallway you can’t help but smiling to her because she carries such a positive energy. Ms.Archer also supports every student in school by attending as many sports events as possible and participating with clubs, fundraisers, pep rallies, etc. She truly is the most deserving candidate of the LifeChanger of the year award.

Aubrey Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer is an amazing assistant principal who really values her students. Personally she has helped me when I needed someone to talk to and I’m forever grateful to be able to count on her. She truly treats everyone as they are her own children and she sends positive love to everyone at school each and every day. As a district and school we are grateful to have her.

Hailey Wright Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer's remarkable contributions make her an outstanding candidate for the LifeChanger of the Year award. ehind the scenes, she devotes an incredible amount of time and effort, ensuring that each student's well-being and happiness are paramount. Her dedication extends beyond the confines of her role; she effortlessly transitions into a friend, always looking out for the students' best interests. During the school trip to Costa Rica last summer, I had the privilege of having Ms. Archer as my family group leader. In those unfamiliar surroundings, she seamlessly assumed the role of a guardian, ensuring our safety and well-being. Her warmth and care made us feel at home, and her attention to detail ensured that we didn't misplace anything ( I def would've without her ) . Additionally, her enthusiasm and participation injected a sense of joy into the entire trip, making the experience all the more memorable. We are indeed fortunate to have her as part of our team at Nordonia, and personally, I consider myself incredibly lucky to count her as a friend. She has undoubtedly been a transformative presence in our lives. Her commitment to the betterment of students' lives truly make her an exemplary candidate for the prestigious LifeChanger of the Year award.

Stacy CRAVENER Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Archer is such an asset to our school. She is an outstanding leader and role model to both the students and staff with a perfect balance of professionalism, positivity, and passion.

Marjorie Rodriguez Posted 8 months ago

Jessica, I read every word of your nomination and could not agree more! You listened and brought new and necessary traditions to KWHS that have stood the test of time and will continue forever. I will always remember sitting in the auditorium for the Conch Pride Awards and the inspiring speech you gave to the honorees! You were the answer to my BLPT concern that students were not recognized enough as underclassmen and that real recognition had to wait until the days just before graduation. I cannot express to you how much your solution to my concern has impacted out underclassmen ever since. God bless you, Jessica, and your endless amount of energy that you put into everything you do! Congratulations and well deserved!

Melissa McClelland Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer has done so much to create a positive climate here at the high school among our staff and students. She makes sure to find ways to make the staff feel valued by organizing staff events and treating us with snacks on special days. Students value her input and she makes sure to build relationships with them. We are lucky to have her here! #LCOY #NordoniaRocks

Ryan Edler Posted 8 months ago

We are very lucky to have Ms. Archer as she is such a positive influence in the school. She strives to make great connections with both the students and the staff. She really wants to create a tight-knit community full of school pride and based on positive relationships between staff, students and the community. She has made a huge difference thus far and I am excited to see where she leads us!

Alecia archer Posted 8 months ago

Jessy was my teacher and coach many years ago. As a teacher, she taught me to love learning and also to embrace my classmates with respect and love. As a coach was where she really changed my life. Not only did she teach me how to play one of my favorite sports, she taught me how to overcome pain and adversity. “Pain is temporary, pride is forever” was a quote she always used during our practices and a quote I remember now in my adult life. She helped me learn that while hard times come and. Aren’t easy, getting through them and getting stronger will bring me the greatest joy and a sense of pride knowing I didn’t give up when things were hard and victory comes after hardship. I could say so many other valuable life lessons she taught me but that one sticks with me forever. I am very grateful she came to Key West because my life would not be the same without her!

Scott Barwidi Posted 8 months ago

Jessy has made some major impacts in Nordonia HS. As a leader of the school, she has placed amajor emphasis on student and staff social emotional health along with school spirit. She has lead the staff and students to get involved in more activites. She has developed and lead students in Pep Rallies, Jr/Sr Field day and many other activities that promote us being a school community and developing pride in our building and community.

Maddie Krupa Posted 8 months ago

Miss Archer is my favorite teacher at Nordonia High School. She takes time to get to know all of the students and is a positive influence around the school. Getting to talk to her makes my day and she's so much fun to be around. She is so kind to everyone and she really is a LifeChanger.

Julia Robey Posted 8 months ago

We are so lucky to have Ms. Archer at Nordonia High School. She is an amazing leader to her staff and role model to our students. Her creativity and dedication is unmatched.

rosalie RosalieRosalie Balangue Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer’s unwavering commitment to fostering a love for learning extends far beyond the school building. She encourages students to think critically and become responsible, engaged citizens. #LCOY #NordoniaRocks

Anna Tolin Posted 8 months ago

Jessy Archer is exceptional, all-around! She's a hardworking professional, who's dedicated to maintaining a strong and positive school culture here at Nordonia High School. Jessy is a true role model, exemplifying each of the values she inspires in others: inclusivity, creativity, and consistency! Her supportive and compassionate leadership skills have personally made an impact on me! I'm so grateful to work with her and our students are so lucky to have her!

Rachel Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer brings such great energy to our building - she helps to make this a fun place to work! We are lucky to have her at NHS.

Chris Perrine Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer goes above and beyond for her students and staff. Her dedication and support is amazing. She truly cares for each one of the kids like her own. She has changed the atmosphere of Nordonia. Her welcoming smile and friendliness means the world. She is proud of her school, her students and her staff! She has brought new and fun ideas to keep the students proud to be a part of Nordonia Family. For my family she has gone above and beyond for my sons, academically and athletically. She is always present and cheering on my boys to do their best :) Means the world to me. Ms Archer you truly are a LifeChanger and I appreciate you!

Hope Walton Posted 8 months ago

Jessy is one of the best! Her innovative and creative personality has changed our school culture for the better! She prioritizes her students and goes out of her way to make sure they feel loved and welcome at Nordonia.

Mary Carlo Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer goes above and beyond for her students and faculty. She truly cares about people and their well being. She has a way of turning things around and seems to always have the right words to say.

T.J. Ebert Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer’s impact reaches beyond academics. She actively supports students' social and emotional growth, creating a safe and nurturing space for personal development. She is at almost EVERY student event supporting them outside of school. #LCOY #NordoniaRocks

Mary O’Connor Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer is so warm and friendly. This makes the high school seem like a family, not just a school. I’m not sure how she has enough hours in the week to attend all the activities that she does! Her energy and enthusiasm are inspiring and contagious! #LCOY#NordoniaRocks

Gina Gammiere Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer is hands down one of the best staff members Nordonia has in their district. She has such a positive outlook on all situations and it is such a great and refreshing feeling. Of course it's easy to deal with the "good" students but Ms. Archer goes above and beyond to help those students that have a hard time and struggle and not many people know how to do that. I know that I can trust her and her student's trust her to have everyone's best interest and not just think 1 sided. Ms. Archer deserves this recognition more than anyone!

Casey Wright Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer's leadership within our school community is truly invaluable, and her contributions extend far beyond the confines of her role as a High School Associate Principal. She exemplifies the spirit of collaboration, working tirelessly with colleagues, parents, and administrators to create an environment where students can thrive. Her commitment to teamwork and partnership has resulted in a positive and progressive learning atmosphere that benefits every member of our educational community. Ms. Archer's dedication to open communication and cooperation helps ensure that our school operates smoothly and efficiently. Furthermore, her passion for education and her visionary approach inspire us all. Through her leadership, she not only addresses the immediate needs of our students but also actively contributes to shaping the future of our school district. In recognizing Ms. Archer's outstanding leadership, we acknowledge the role she plays in enhancing the educational experience for our students and the overall excellence of our institution. Her efforts truly make Nordonia Hills City Schools a place where innovation and collaboration thrive. #LCOY #NordoniaRocks

Joanne Quesenberry Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Archer's motivation, dedication and enthusiasm for building relationships have changed the culture of our school. She is committed to shaping the lives of students and fostering a positive learning environment. She truly is a LifeChanger! #LCOY #NordoniaRocks

Carrie Mitchner Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer is always supporting her students and the high school! Her friendly and positive demeanor make such a difference in our school community!

Scott Lawrence Posted 8 months ago

Maya Angelou was famously quoted as saying, "People will forget what you say, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Ms. Archer is a shining example of Ms. Angelou's quote every day. The dedication and passion she has for her students and colleagues is overflowing. Her commitment to creating a positive and engaging learning environment is truly inspiring. The energy and enthusiasm that she has for Nordonia is infectious. All of this is evident in the way students and staff eagerly await what she is going to say and do next. Ms. Archer truly makes Nordonia an enjoyable and inviting place to learn and work.

Stephanie Posted 8 months ago

Jessy is a caring and compassionate educator. I have had several opportunities to see her positive impact on students. During Covid, Jessy made sure to check on students and sometimes that meant personally going to their homes to check on them. She has also taken my children with her to important school events like BUDS, where my kids were able to interact with students with special needs. She goes out of her way to be there for her students, staff, and colleagues. Jessy is the very definition of LifeChanger of the Year and deserves to be recognized for her efforts!

Chelsey Posted 8 months ago

Jessy Archer goes above and beyond in her position as assistant principal. She is passionate about her students, serves as an incredible role model for her staff and is an inspiration to others. This nomination is very well deserved!

Miranda Acevedo Posted 8 months ago

I had the privilege of being Jessy’s or as I will also know her, Miss Hulme’s student for not one but two years. She was my teacher in the eighth grade and we loved her so much we had her follow us to 9th grade. Lucky for us, our last day of 9th grade was not our last day with her. She later went on to “sponsor” our class. The class of 2012 at Key West High School. She made sure our class had spirit and heart. All the while leading by example. Her smile is as contagious as her work ethic. Her ability to make a difference in a students life is visible in my own much like my classmates.

Brenna Baughman Posted 8 months ago

As one of the special education teachers at the high school, I am always moved by the effort Jessy puts into getting to know all of my students. She is an active member of our BUDS (building an understanding of differences through social interactions) organization and attends after school events along with her own children. She is a true friend to our students and supports them in these social enviornments. They all know her and are very excited to see her in the hallways. She makes them feel included in all aspects of our school enviornment.

Adrienne Chase Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Archer goes above and beyond to care for the well-being of every student. Her commitment to creating a positive environment for all students is remarkable.

Jane McGill Posted 8 months ago

I worked with Jessy at Key West High School where she started as a teacher and then when she was Assistant Principal. She was a terrific colleague and had such a positive impact on our school and community. She exudes positivity and caring to everyone. I can’t think of a more deserving person for this wonderful honor.

Amanda Lefeld Posted 8 months ago

The attention Jessy shows to both students & parents is impressive. She makes everyone feel important. It is obvious she cares about those she encounters on a regular basis. I'm thankful that I've gotten a chance to get to know her and that she brings a positivity is to our school community.

Kim Krouser Posted 8 months ago

Jessy Archer is an outstanding assistant principal. She has made so many positive impacts on students lives here at the high school. She shows exemplary skills in leadership, relationship-building, and communication. She goes above and beyond to make Nordonia a great place to be. She is involved in all aspects of the high school whether it be with academics, extracurriculars, or just making Nordonia High School a fun place to be. She has transformed our building culture into a place of pride and community. I am so lucky to work with such a great person that has made so many positive impacts for our school. She is without a doubt most deserving of this award.

Eszti Pigniczky Posted 8 months ago

I am amazed at Jessica Archer's ability to deescalate situations and she never loses her patience even with the most difficult students. I am also impressed with Ms. Archer’s ability to connect with students from all backgrounds and abilities. Her inclusive and empathetic approach to education is truly inspiring. She also employs creative strategies to discipline when necessary. #LCOY #NordoniaRocks

Joshua Davis Posted 8 months ago

Jessy Archer is respected, appreciated and well-liked by Nordonia's students and staff alike. Jessy's enthusiasm is relentless and her positivity is omnipresent. Jessy is a model of what an administrator should be, and both Nordonia High School and the community at large are fortunate to have her working here with us.

Amaya Mayes Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Archer is TRULY one of a kind. There are no words to describe such a woman who is so hardworking and dedicated to her career, to her students, to her colleagues, and to her school. Mrs. Archer is the epitome of a role model and a community leader. She consistently overextends all of her love and support to each and every student and their ideas at NHS. She never allows anyone to feel unheard, unrepresented, or neglected. I would like to send a huge shoutout to the glue that holds the student body together. Rallying us together for every game, event, and school year, Mrs. Archer is well overdue for her praises to be sung and her glory to be honored. WE LOVE YOU MRS. ARCHER!!!!

Alfred A Huge Posted 8 months ago

Since Jessy has joined the Nordonia family our positive school environment has her footprint all over it. She is always coming up with new ideas. Jessy's ideas have helped us navigate through the Covid pandemic by bringing fresh ideas to the table that promote positive change. It is impossible to overstate her amazing contributions to our building the past several years that she has been here.

Ellie Christie Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer does an amazing job at interacting with our student body. I've been continually impressed with Ms. Archer’s ability to connect with students from all backgrounds and abilities. Her inclusive and empathetic approach to education is truly inspiring.

Ben Dulin Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer’s leadership in the school community is invaluable. She works collaboratively with colleagues, parents, and administrators to create a positive and progressive learning environment. #LCOY #NordoniaRocks

Jason Lara Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer's energy and spirit makes everything about this school better. The students both adore and admire her leadership and her ability to make everyone feel special. She has developed relationships with students, staff, and parents that makes them feel that no matter what the situation, whether fun or tough, it’s going to turn out great. She shows the kids how much she cares about them by being invested in their lives. She takes time and praises the kids for their accomplishments in the classroom, in athletics, and even their college and career choices. When Ms. Archer is involved in an activity, you can’t help but see the smiles on everyone’s face. She makes a difference everyday and it has been such a privilege to be part of the magic she creates here at Nordonia High School.

Shannon Blair Posted 8 months ago

One thing that I admire about Ms. Archer is her ability to connect with students. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to see her work with students in various situations. Some have been quite challenging and she has handled them professionally and with grace. One thing that she does with students (as well as teachers) is asking questions for self-reflection. Last spring, she gave me something to think about and no one had ever stated it the way she did. I was really floored and really took her question and advice to heart; it has helped me tremendously. This genuine conversation came from a place of love and caring about one's overall well being. I am blessed that I was able to confide in her and be given some truly great advice. She could write a book on self-help techniques. Kudos to Ms. Archer for her hard work.

S. Smith Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer’s leadership in the school community is invaluable. She works collaboratively with colleagues, parents, and administrators to create a positive and progressive learning environment. #LCOY #NordoniaRocks

Erica Molnar Posted 8 months ago

Jessy is an amazing leader! Not only has she changed students' lives, but she's changed the whole dynamic at Nordonia HS for the better. I'm very grateful for what she has done for students and what she has done for teachers professionally. She is a role model and no one deserves this award more! :)

Bryan Seward Posted 8 months ago

Go, Mrs. Archer!

Joe Zeffer Posted 8 months ago

This is only my 2nd year at Nordonia HS. Mrs. Archer has always answered my questions and has made my transition very easy to Nordonia City Schools. Since I am an Intervention Specialist, we work together with a lot of the same students. She has helped me during meetings with students, parents and gives great feedback to what each student's individual goals for the school year should be. She is very approachable to talk to you and brings positive energy in the school environment on a daily basis. I am very happy that she is apart of our team!!

Todd Stuart Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer’s tireless advocacy for educational equity and social justice is truly commendable. She inspires students to be informed, empathetic, and active citizens. I have seen firsthand the transformation in students' attitudes and achievements under Ms. Archer’s guidance. She is making a significant and lasting impact on the next generation. Jessy, you rock!

Dawn Sedor Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer is amazing! She works hard to build a school culture where each student is engaged. Whether it's in the hallways, on the school trip to Europe, or together with the student section at the football game, you will find Ms. Archer connecting with students and working to maximize their connections with learning and the community. At a recent State of the Schools address, Ms. Archer said, "When people feel like they belong, it changes the way they move through the world." Ms. Archer actively creates a culture of belonging and our family is so grateful for her!

Stephanie York Posted 8 months ago

When Jessy came to us at Nordonia, she brought such positive energy. She has worked to create student leadership groups, had the leaders trained, and continues to create positive opportunities for all students. Jessy brought her enthusiasm and sense of fun to the staff when we were struggling with the return to school from Covid. She knew it was hard for the staff and led the building administration in showing support on a weekly basis. It was such a morale boost! Jessy goes above and beyond daily for the staff and students at Nordonia High School always listening and looking for ways to make things better. She truly deserves to be recognized for her leadership, positivity, willingness to listen, and dedication to making changes for the greater good.

Noah Holtz Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer comforted me when I felt lightheaded when trying to donate blood. She's my hero.

briana brannan Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Archer is always smiling and always helping out students when they need it. She is wonderful and leaves an impact on your life because she is so nice

Justice Mccollough-Jones Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Archer is by far one of the best principals I've had. She's very upbeat and creative and she makes sure every student is included!

Deborah Wallace Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer, What a wonderful recognition of the passion, dedication, and positivity that you bring with you every day and at every event at Nordonia. You lead our community with intelligence, patience, creativity, and your big heart. You care for and value the staff and the students. Your goal is always to create and build an environment of educational excellence AND a safe place where one feels accepted and feels free to explore one's aspirations and dreams. You are an inspiration to others and to me! 

Pamela Conte Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer is a great example to our students, staff, and our community. She goes above and beyond to foster school pride and enhance the District's atmosphere. She is very enthusiastic and creates many ways to show school spirit. We had a Pep Assembly a couple of weeks ago and every student participated and was so proud of their school. You could feel the positive energy and many students were inspired to become more involved in the school's activities. Ms. Archer also demonstrates great leadership at all levels. She is an amazing listener and understands the root of the problem quickly. She then addresses it and explains her reasoning. This gives the student body and the staff a feeling of being heard and that they matter. The slogan this year is BEST YEAR EVER and I believe it will be due to all of her motivation and encouragement! Thank you for all you do!!! - Demonstrate exemplary leadership at the school and/or district level

Nate Posted 8 months ago

Just about every time I see Ms. Archer she has a smile on her face and is supporting a student or staff member - Thank you for all you do!!

Aaron Posted 8 months ago

At Nordonia we pride ourselves on treating our students like they are our own kids. Jessy Archer exemplifies this attribute. With kindness, honesty, and compassion, she creates an environment where staff feels supported and students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. We have an administration that is extremely successful in removing barriers that separate students from their abilities passions. Jessy is the ultimate cheerleader for staff and students. My professional life has definitely been positively affected by Jessy Archer!

Nicole Spadaro Posted 8 months ago

Congratulations to Ms. Archer! She is wonderful with all students and is a pleasure to work with.

Julie Posted 8 months ago

Well deserved! She makes time for everyone with a sympathetic ear. She is truly here for the students.

Elysabeth Tench Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer is so awesome! She is always doing everything she can for the student body and always has a smile on her face

Addyson Chadock Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer always does a great job of making people feel welcome all throughout the school.

Sam Golden Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Archer was my favorite teacher in high school for so many reasons. First, she made learning fun, which is much harder than it sounds. She inspired us to be creative with our writing, hosting "poetry slams" where we would all present things we wrote. She managed to make the classroom feel like a coffee shop where we could express our slam poetry- I've never experienced a teacher turn the classroom into something other than a classroom. Most importantly, she was always there for me and pushed me when I needed it. She was there for me when sports got hard, and allowed me to do my work in her office during her break times.

Paige Posted 8 months ago

she connects on another level.

Shelisa page Posted 8 months ago

Jessy was my teacher for 2 different schools in key west and always was a shoulder to lean on. She definitely was a huge influence in my life . I learned so much from her and I applied what I learn in my everyday life. Thank you Jessy for changing my life .

Zach Miley Posted 8 months ago

Jessy is not only an excellent educator but and inspirational leader, mentor, friend, and just a holistically great person. It is rare (sadly) in today's world to come across individuals who have drive and passion that not only leads to measurable positive change but also encourages and inspires others to be involved in that change. Jessy possesses the skills, abilities, and personality to be able to engage students, staff, families, and community members in making schools and communities better places. She is dedicated to ensuring students have a positive educational experience, not only in the classroom but in all aspects of their educational career from the moment they get on the bus to the end of their last co-curricular activity. And despite all of the work that goes in to this, she ensures every student has equitable access to these experiences, that no student goes unnoticed or forgotten about. She is an advocate for every student, regardless of experience or background. I consider students of Nordonia Hills City Schools to be lucky in general, given the totality of their educational experience, but Jessy Archer is a major element of the Nordonia High School life changing experience and has had tremendous impact since joining the district.

Amy Whetzel Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Archer is amazing! My daughter struggles socially and is generally introverted. Ms. Archer has made it a point to always connect and look out for her. My daughter actually told me at the end of her freshman year that she thinks that she is Ms. Archer’s favorite student. When I asked why, she said “She always makes it a point to come talk to me about my day/week, and she really listens!” It brought a tear to my eye! Thank you Ms. Archer! Congrats!

Mary I’Connor Posted 9 months ago

Well deserved! Ms. Archer is wonderful, both my Nordonia students love her. She is a blessing to NHS and I’m very grateful she is there.

Valerie Posted 9 months ago

Way to go Jessy! So very well deserved!

Jaime Posted 9 months ago

Congratulations! Well deserved!!!!

Caity Posted 9 months ago

Has an amazing way to connect with student and parents!

Bundle Dalrymple Posted 9 months ago

Archer IS a LifeChanger. Her support was pivotal in keeping my daughter engaged through graduation. She found creative solutions to our struggles and followed up repeatedly to make adjustments. She is a treasure!

Michele Posted 12 months ago

Jessy comes from a fabulous family I’ve know her since she was little she is a very caring young lady a wonderful mom she takes on the world!! Congratulations Jessy

Kimberly Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination for Life Changer of the Year. So exciting and incredibly well deserved!!

Louise Valentine Posted over a year ago

A clearly admired leader, as demonstrated by comments throughout this feed! A role model & mentor to many, an excellent mother & friend. Highly recommend Jessica for this award!

Barbara Archer Posted over a year ago

Very proud of you Jessy. For as long as of I know you, you were always their for the students, making sure they had the right tool to learn. Love you and Congratulations ????

Chelsey Posted over a year ago

What a well-deserved recognition! You go above and beyond, serving as a positive role model to so many.

Beth Hulme Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on being nominated for Life Changer of the Year. What a tremendous recognition and credit to what you strive so hard for everyday! We have always known you were a strong, passionate leader who gives your time and heart to others so generously. We remember when your fifth grade teacher told us how amazed she was at your leadership style! Your caring for others, your infectious personality, and unselfish dedication allows your students and staff to be heard and feel valued and supported, thus resulting in positive outcomes. You are an amazing example for students and staff alike. You are an exememplary role model as the foundation of excellence is built with the quality of your actions. The passions and the beliefs you share and instill to others are so inspiring. Knowing that others recognize your true strengths and talents are so heart warming. You are truly an inspiration to us and your entire family. We are so proud of you.

Vanessa Posted over a year ago

Totally agree with Todd’s recommendation! You are making a difference in the lives of Nordonia High School staff and students. How lucky we are to have you!!!

Joy Posted over a year ago

You are getting a well-deserved recognition. Your life has embodied love, grace, empathy, ethics, hard work, honesty, and the moral high ground of an accomplished teacher, administrator and mother. Congratulations.

Cheryl Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Jessy!! Students and staff alike appreciate the support, commitment, and kindness you give to all