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Christin Bradshaw

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Turner Woods Elementary School
School District: Jones County School System
City, State: Gray, GA

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Christin Bradshaw was nominated by a colleague, Laura Terry.

"I believe that Christin Bradshaw should be nominated for the LifeChanger of the Year Award because of her devotion to teaching, passion for her students, and her expectations for the best from each child," said Terry. "She goes above and beyond to push for academic achievement from all her students, and she continually incorporates school initiatives into her teaching. She is a believer that all students are capable of learning, and she accepts the challenge enthusiastically. Through this belief, she has created a student-centered classroom environment where active learning occurs."

Miss Bradshaw incorporates fun-filled, hands-on experiments to make learning relevant for her students. As an inclusion teacher, she differentiates lessons, assignments, and assessments for success from all. 

Miss Bradshaw treats all students equally; she is consistent and fair in her classroom and adheres to the highest moral and ethical standards. She gives everyone her best. 

Miss Bradshaw shows commitment to building a nurturing environment that lets her students know of her love and care. It's a pleasure to watch her students grow.

She goes beyond the academic day to coach the school's dance team, Science Olympiad team, and Robotics club, and she supports the gifted class in their extra endeavors within the classroom. Even as a co-leader of these activities, she shows her commitment to the students and ability to work with various professionals. She is a role model for teaching and leading, and she positively impacts the lives of her students. Beyond those activities, she tutors after school and teaches the summer remediation program. 

With her colleagues, she is a member of the math team, the Jones County Cognia Team, and the Family Engagement Team. Finally, to ensure a positive behavior culture within the school, she is also the PBIS/Culture and Climate school lead, leading other professionals to make decisions, effect change, and create a positive culture for teaching and learning.  

"Personally, I have had the pleasure of having Christin Bradshaw teach both of my boys in 3rd grade, and my youngest had the opportunity to loop up with her in 4th grade as well," said Terry. "She made such a positive impact on their academic lives in both our boys. A parent could not ask more out of a teacher, as she encouraged a love for school and learning in each child."

"Professionally, as a teacher myself, having been aware of Miss Bradshaw's teaching style and activities, I have tried to model my teaching activities after her. The love her students show her is something all teachers should want, and the engagement she maintains is astounding. I desire to be as influential with my students as Miss Bradshaw has been with hers," said Terry. "These are the reasons why I have chosen to nominate Miss Christin Bradshaw for the 2023 – 2024 LifeChanger of the Year Award."

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Amy London Posted 7 months ago

Ms. Christin Bradshaw has been my colleague for six years in addition to her completing her student teaching in my grade level. I knew when I met her while she was completing her student teaching with my teaching partner that she was special and possessed a dedication that was unique for a "teacher" so young and new to the profession. She demonstrated her creativity and commitment to the education of her students when she asked me to help her set up a virtual meeting with deployed soldiers. The students truly enjoyed the real-life experience. When she began working at my school, I was overjoyed that she would be in my grade level again. She is one of the most motivated teachers with whom I have ever worked. She is constantly thinking of ways to make learning fun and engaging for her students. She researches new techniques and strategies to implement in her classroom. She seeks information from veteran teachers and applies their advice for the betterment of her students. She is dedicated to our school and routinely volunteers for extra-curricular activities such as robotics, dance team, and Science Olympiad. Ms. Bradshaw was the co-chair of our PBIS team for a couple of years. Her creativity was enjoyed by both students and staff as she thought of new ways to reward our students and staff. Ms. Bradshaw is dedicated to her students. I have personally witnessed her purchasing school clothes for a student who had very few clothing items. She has provided toiletry items for students who did not have such things at home. She had never done an act of kindness while seeking any type of recognition or reward. She just enjoys being able to help students who need it. Ms. Bradshaw is an effective teacher. She consistently has some of the highest growth in our building and consistently has high achievement as well. She is able to challenge all level learners equally which is results in high growth and high achievement for her students. Ms. Bradshaw builds strong relationships with her students, their families, as well as with her colleagues. She is always willing to help with any need. She is a positive role model for her students and her colleagues. She is a LifeChanger!

Megan Posted 9 months ago

Ms.Bradshaw is the definition of a LifeChanger. The love, support, kindness, and education she pours into her students is unmatched. She constantly strives to create the most well rounded children & shows them all how much they matter. She is an amazing human being and teacher!

Stormy Evans Posted 9 months ago

Ms. Bradshaw has taught my middle child and is now teaching my youngest. Both of my children have had amazing experiences within her classroom and out. My middle child was in her class during COVID quarantine. Ms. Bradshaw went above and beyond to make sure her students were learning and feeling confident about the very new way they were having to learn. She was available for support literally anytime we needed it- which was a lot! She sent many extra resources for my child, walked me (as the parent) through tons of technical issues, and zoomed regularly to keep the kids feeling connected. She was definitely a calm in all of the chaos going on. My daughter, currently in her class is having the best year. Being pushed academically while having so much fun. They’ve done numerous projects and experiments so far. She wakes up excited daily to learn in Ms. Bradshaw’s class. I honestly don’t know how she has the time and energy to do all she does - but I’m so thankful for her time with my kids.

Rebecca Belshan Posted 9 months ago

Miss Bradshaw is an inspiration to both teachers and children. I have had the pleasure of watching her grow as a fellow educator at our school, as well as through my own children. My oldest son had a rough start to his 3rd grade year, and Miss Bradshaw not only believed in him and pushed him she helped to teach him to believe in himself. She currently has my middle son, and he absolutely loves her love for learning and teaching. She loves all her students, and it shows as she pours herself into each of her lessons and children. They all accept her challenges because she provides them with different ways to learn and has helped to teach them to believe that they can. She is a light in our school for other teachers and children, and I am certain there is no one more deserving!

Marissa Gowen Posted 9 months ago

Ms. Bradshaw is such a role model for her students and coworkers! Knowing her as a coworker and friend has truly been a blessing. She spends so much extra time pouring into her students and creating a classroom that they will love. She allows her students to be creative and active in so many of her lessons. Students from Ms. Bradshaw’s class always enter my grade level with so much love and knowledge from her. Even after they leave her, she supports them in any and every way she can! No one deserves this award more than Ms. Bradshaw!!

Heather Nunez Posted 9 months ago

She is so deserving of this recognition, she made such a positive impact of our oldest son. He had lost his love of learning untill he entered Mrs. Bradshaws class and she brought love back. She believes in her students even when they don’t believe in themselves. We feel honored to have had her as our teacher and blessed to have her as a friend now! My son is a sophomore in high school now and she will still send messages checking to see how he is doing. Saying she goes above and beyond is an understatement.

Nikki Summers Posted 9 months ago

No one is more deserving. Ms. Bradshaw is an amazing teacher and so dedicated to her students. She truly cares about each and everyone of them. Her passion for teaching and love and kindness to others is truly an inspiration

Kayla Luke Posted 9 months ago

Christin is so deserving of this award!! She treats everyone with so much kindness and respect in both her professional and personal life, I can’t think of anyone better to receive this award!

Lynn Posted 9 months ago

Ms Bradshaw is absolutely deserving of this award! She goes above and beyond for the children she teaches and it truly shows in how they come to love her. She finds fun and creative ways to make learning fun. Most importantly, she not only teaches them but she takes them into her heart and loves them not just for a school year, but from that point on.

Rachelle Simpson Posted 9 months ago

Way to go Christin! She truly cares about all her students (past & present) and is so deserving of this award!

Allie Cecil Posted 9 months ago

It takes a special person to be a teacher and Ms Bradshaw definitely has the gift! She creates a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn and grow. Her creativity, enthusiasm and passion for teaching is contagious! This nomination is very well deserved!

LaToya Posted 9 months ago

Ms. Bradshaw is an exceptional person, her teaching skills, and the love for her students is a bonus. She’s truly amazing.

Florence Priester Posted 9 months ago

Miss Bradshaw is truly an inspiration! Her students adore her because they know how much she cares about them, even though she has very high expectations. She is unwavering in her enthusiasm for teaching and also in her loyalty to the school.

Haley Posted 9 months ago

Ms Bradshaw gives her all to her students! She challenges her kids to be better than they were the day before and continuously looks for ways to make learning fun and engaging. She finds ways to think outside of the classroom and incorporate real life experiences in her lessons.

Melissa Jones Posted 9 months ago

Miss Bradshaw is a fantastic teacher. My son was fortunate to have her for 3rd and 4th grade, he absolutely loves her. She is very loving, understanding, and truly wants the best for every child. She has touched our family and will forever be in our!

Erin Caves Posted 9 months ago

Most well deserved. Miss Bradshaw is dedicated, loving and enthusiastic, just to name a few of her character traits. There is a reason all the kids want to have her. She loves them as her own and pushes them academically. We are blessed to have her help in educating both of our children.

Marci McKeever Posted 9 months ago

I certainly support this nomination! Ms. Bradshaw completed a placement in my classroom while in the Early Childhood cohort at GCSU. Even while in college, her enthusiasm and dedication made an impression on me. Just last year, I had the opportunity to serve in her 4th grade classroom as a support teacher. Her classroom management, organization and relationships with her students were phenomenal! Her classes were composed of gifted, general ed, and special ed students, which required her to differentiate and support multiple learning levels and styles. She accomplished this with grace while highlighting the strengths of all her students. As you walk into her classroom, you are immediately struck by the loving, yet firm, relationship she has with her students. She is a teacher leader and a star!

Terrell Hawes Posted 9 months ago

Miss Bradshaw is so deserving of this award. She taught my first son his fourth grade year and my second son on the dance team. She is so loving and caring. She even came to my sons baseball game to support him also. With my second son joining the all girl dance team she made him feel right at home and not afraid of being the only boy. Everytime I’ve seen her she always has a smile and a hug. The Hawes family loves her.

Madison Kitchens Posted 9 months ago

Miss Bradshaw is the MOST deserving!! She has made such an impact on my son from teaching him in 3rd and 4th grade. We adore her!

Danielle Ayers Posted 9 months ago

Ms. Bradshaw is the absolute most deserving of this award. She goes above and beyond for all of her students. We have been blessed to have her teach two of our daughters. One of which she taught in third and fourth grade. She has helped them to have such a deeper love for learning. My girls absolutely love Ms. Bradshaw and so do the rest of our family. She is a one of a kind teacher and leaves the biggest and best impression everywhere she goes!

Meddie Fuller Posted 9 months ago

Bradshaw is an incredible teacher who makes life long learners. She makes learning fun for all and focuses on even the smallest victories. I feel grateful to be able to learn from Ms. Bradshaw and her heart for teaching.