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Jennifer Hildebrand

Position: Principal
School: William Roper Early Childhood Learning Center
School District: Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional School District
City, State: Woodstown-Pilesgrove, NJ

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Jennifer Hildebrand was nominated by a colleague, Diane Cioffi.

"I am delighted to submit a nomination for the LifeChanger award for Mrs. Jennifer Hildebrand, the Principal of the William Roper School Early Childhood Center," said Cioffi. "As the former principal of an elementary school and early childhood center, it has been a pleasure witnessing Jennifer grow as a person, educator, and leader. Jennifer has given many years, sweat, and tears as a teacher, counselor, mentor, coach, dean of students, and principal. Her exceptional dedication, hard work, vision, care, commitment, and integrity have left a mark on the entire Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional School District. Recently, her focus on early childhood education and preschool-age children, families, and community have significantly impacted the lives of those she serves."

"Since assuming the role of Principal at the William Roper School, Jennifer has consistently demonstrated an unwavering dedication to the well-being and growth of every child in her care," said Cioffi. "Jennifer's leadership style is to serve others and light a fire within her staff for greatness. Through her tireless efforts, she has created a nurturing and inclusive environment where children feel safe, supported, and encouraged to explore their potential fully."

Cioffi continues, "Jennifer exhibits a profound vision for the future of early childhood education. She strives to stay abreast of the latest educational research, teaching methods, and best practices. Jennifer applied for Preschool Expansion Aid with the state of NJ, which was an enormous undertaking, and she was awarded the much-needed funding in 2021. She has successfully implemented innovative and effective practices, family outreach programs, and an aftercare program that has transformed the school into a beacon of excellence within the community."

"One of Jennifer's most remarkable traits is her genuine care for the students, teachers, and parents," said Cioffi. "Jennifer makes a point to build strong relationships with each individual, fostering a sense of belonging and trust. As a former alumnus of the district, she has gotten to know many families personally, which has aided in stronger partnerships with our community. She can be found at the rec fields, high school events, bringing her children to district events, and supporting our local businesses. It is evident that every decision made by Jennifer is grounded in a sincere desire to improve the lives of those she serves."

"The commitment displayed by Jennifer is truly exemplary. She goes above and beyond to ensure that the school operates at its best, encouraging a collaborative atmosphere where teachers are empowered to excel. Jennifer's support and encouragement have inspired the staff to strive for greatness and to continuously enhance their teaching methods to benefit the children. Furthermore, Jennifer sees beyond just the William Roper School, and she advocates and models best practices amongst the administrative team and doesn't shy away from risks that will help the students of the WPRSD," said Cioffi. "Jennifer embodies integrity in all aspects of her leadership. Her ethical approach to decision-making and problem-solving sets a stellar example for the entire school community. Her actions consistently align with her words, and she prioritizes honesty and transparency in her interactions."

"In conclusion, Jennifer Hildebrand is an exceptional educational leader who epitomizes dedication, hard work, vision, care, commitment, and integrity. Her passion for early childhood education and her ability to motivate and inspire make her the ideal candidate for the LifeChanger of the Year Award. Her profound impact on the lives of young children as they begin their first experience in our district makes her truly deserving of this honor. As the person who had the pleasure of being involved in the hiring process of Jennifer as a young teacher and witnessing her climb up the ladder of opportunity and make the most of every experience has left me feeling so inspired to work harder and do more for our youth," said Cioffi. "Jennifer has changed the lives of many, and that is why I believe her recognition would not only celebrate her remarkable achievements and that of her staff but also serve as an inspiration to educators worldwide."

Comments (38)

Dana Bogner Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hildebrand is a LifeChanger! She is positioned at a school where she has parents who may be at their most vulnerable. We are sending our babies off to school and it's nerve-wracking! But, Mrs. Hildebrand is amazing! She knows the names of all the kids in her school; nobody is "a number" at William Roper. She is accessible to hear any worries or concerns you may have for your child, and I cannot stress what a comfort that is when sending your child to school for the first time. She truly cares about every single person in her school; students, staff, etc. She is a working Mom as well, so she is on "our level". She is relatable. She's kind, she's genuine and she is darn good at her job! Three cheers for Mrs. Hildebrand! :)

Breanna Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Hildebrand Was an incredible teacher I had in 3 grade and then watching her grow and accomplish everything life has taught her and thrown her way is just incredible. I’m glad I had her as a teacher before she became the vice principal for the rest of my years at Mary Shoemaker. One thing I remember from 3rd grade is when she ran in the huge marathon that Disney did every year and watching her run and accomplish her goal was just amazing and inspiring to watch. She is the best when it comes to being a teacher and a mentor. So grateful to have known and still know a person like her in my life. She is always there for her students and always has their backs. Love Mrs. Hildebrand!! So proud of you.

Jessica Downer Posted 10 months ago

So proud of this girl! Jenn has accomplished so much, with more to come, I’m sure! There’s never an end to her goals, only benchmarks as to what comes next!

Kate Ragonese Posted 10 months ago

Jenn is the working mom I strive to be! She is an amazing principal/ leader to her staff and students. Jenn is always there to support you inside or outside the classroom. Jenn is a dedicated leader who works tremendously hard to ensure her staff and students are advocated for and well loved! She is the definition of a life changer and is so deserving of this award! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing women.

Natalie Chambers Posted 10 months ago

Jennifer is such a genuinely kind person. Always going above and beyond for her staff, students and their families!

Donna Sliwinski Posted 10 months ago

Jennifer Hildebrand is an amazing leader to work with. Jenn brings out the strength each of us has inside ourselves to be the best we can be. The dedication she shows to our students and staff is unmeasurable. Jenn treats everyone with care and compassion. It doesn't matter if you are a cafeteria worker, bus driver, maintenance personnel, paraprofessional, or teacher. She takes the time to listen and is open to new ideas any staff may have. Jenn values the different roles we each play to make our school the best! Jenn Hildebrand took a chance on me to run a new program at our school. It was Life Changing for me. She knew I had all the skills and needed a push to use them. Jenn empowered me to be the best I could be. I thank Jenn for that. A LifeChanger changes lives! I'm so grateful for my life to be changed because of her. Jennifer Hilebrand is very deserving of this award. In my mind, Jenn is already the winner.

Aaliyah mayers Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Hildebrand changed my life for the better. She gave me a chance to change my life forever. After so many tries to get into William roper school, I finally was given that opportunity from Mrs Hildebrand because I believe I worked so hard for an opportunity and she believed in me too. I thank her for changing my life. She is so brave and so hard working and just an amazing leader.

Rebecca Schalick Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Hildebrand is an amazing, authentic, passionate leader. She inspires while working alongside her staff and her students, and helps everyone want to be better. Jennifer lives her life all in and I am so grateful I get to work with her!

Alison Posted 10 months ago

Jenn has such an understanding of what's developmentally appropriate for her students and parents! These kids are starting their educational journey, leaving their families for the first time- parents are leaving their kids for the first time, and they are met with kindness, compassion, and a nurturing environment- all thanks to Jenn and her amazing teaching staff's vision. To top it off, she always makes sure school is fun, incorporating events and themes to inspire and excite. I'm so glad I've had an opportunity to work with her, and although I'll be sad when my little one goes to school full-time, knowing she's going to be with such an awesome principal and loving staff, makes it so much easier. Congratulations Jenn on a well-deserved nomination!! Woo!!

Shannon Posted 10 months ago

Well deserved recognition for such a great person! Congratulations !

Joan Hobbs Posted 10 months ago

Jennifer is one of the most dedicated professionals I have ever met. She is a top notch leader and is making our school and community a better place! It is a pleasure to work with her and an honor to know her!

Jk Owen Posted 10 months ago

Pure dedication on her part in everything she does. Proud of all her accomplishments, even those outside of her job.

Lorrie Wagner Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Hildebrand is so very well deserving of this nomination. She is an amazing person. She brings so much joy and positivity to those around her.

Julie Knight Posted 10 months ago

I’ve had the privilege of coaching with Jenn for 7 years as well as working with her during extended school year. We’ve also worked together during numerous community and school events. She may be the principal of the pre-K building in our district, but her impact extends to even the oldest students- the high schoolers. She has spent so much of her career devoted I all of our students, even after they’ve grown up and moved on. She’s the definition of going above and beyond. Jenn sacrifices a lot for the sake of our school and its families. She’s organized, energetic, motivating, and a true leader. I’m lucky to not only be her cousin, but also work with her in numerous capacities over the years.

Kimberly Geremia Posted 10 months ago

This is such a well deserved nomination to a wonderful leader who is never afraid or intimidated to lead by example. Jenn Hildebrand leads with innovative ideas that keep the focus on the students. She supports her staff and encourages them to be better and it has been my privilege to work alongside her. She truly is a life changer! Congratulations Jenn!!

Maria Martin Posted 10 months ago

I’ve known Jen most of her life. Her mom was my kids teacher .My youngest had the experience of knowing her and her qualities of work at Mary Shoemaker where she has always greeted us with her friendly smile and great words of advice. I highly recommend her.

Gayle Posted 10 months ago

Jen has always been a life changer, I had the pleasure of coaching her in high school. She was a caring person who was willing to help her teammates. She has carried that into her teaching profession. Very worthy of this honor

Maricia Chiarelli Posted 10 months ago

We all greatly admire Mrs. Hildebrand here in the woodstown-pilesgrove school district. A true leader in every way. Well deserved nomination!

Madison Welsh Posted 10 months ago

Jenn is a fabulous leader. She is fearless in her pursuits and is always thinking of others first. We are lucky to have her!

Carol Parks Posted 10 months ago

In addition to everything mentioned in this nomination, Jenn has also invited a individual with Down Syndrome to her school to help by volunteering his time in the classrooms and helping the teachers. Jenn understands how important this is for the individual, as well as the students he interacts with. In a world where there are many individuals with different types of disabilities, it is a wonderful way to show the younger students how to treat and appreciate those who are not exactly like them. This act of kindness is certainly great for the community.

Linda Cook Posted 10 months ago

I began working in the William Roper School last October. Jenn immediately made me feel welcome. It was clearly evident that she cared for everyone in the school and community. Jenn takes the time to listen to and speak with all of the staff to collaboratively make plans to serve the ever changing needs of our students in the best way possible. Her efforts truly change lives for the better every day.

Donna Simmermon Posted 10 months ago

I have worked alongside Jenn for many years when she was the Dean of Students at the Mary S. Shoemaker Elementary. She works tirelessly and effectively with parents, staff, and students. She is a role model as an Administrator in our district and we are SO fortunate to have her. Many thanks to Ms. Cioffi for nominating our hard-working, outstanding leader!

Megan Posted 10 months ago

Jenn is a wonderful and thoughtful leader. Our district is lucky to have her!

Mary Doleshal Posted 10 months ago

Blayne was excited when I showed him, congratulations!

Tammi S Hoffman Posted 10 months ago

Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional School District is blessed.

Julie Smythe Posted 10 months ago

Jenn Hildebrand is the definition of a leader. She is currently my building principal, and I could not be happier to work under her leadership. She is helpful, kind, compassionate and caring. She knows how to get the job done and how to get it done well. She encourages all of her staff to strive to meet their highest potential– not only for themselves but also for their students. I feel blessed to work alongside of her each day, and am so thankful for her direction and encouragement all of these years. I also always appreciate how organized and on top of things she is. I know that if a problem arises, she is more than willing to help me problem solve and figure out the best solution. Her dedication to her craft is so admirable. She truly has changed my life for the better! For these reasons and more – I think Jenn Hildebrand receiving “LifeChanger of the Year” is beyond fitting! Thanks for being you, Jenn! :)

Tracy Demarest Posted 10 months ago

Jennifer Hildebrand is an exemplary educator, leader and mentor. Jenn is currently the principal of our early childhood school which recently expanded our preschool program to include a new model of learning, a new curriculum, new classrooms and many additional staff. She took on this new role with enthusiasm and dedication! Not only does Jennifer take personal care of our building, orders materials and supplies for staff, assists students with social emotional strategies and learning in the classrooms, but she has also learned new curriculum alongside her teachers. She leads her staff with grace and respect; helping to guide and shape educators into their new teaching careers while helping veteran teachers to grow in their expertise and leadership skills. She provides her staff with a multitude of professional development opportunities and peer observations. Mrs.Hildebrand is a lifelong learner and encourages others to do the same. Jennifer Hildebrand is an advocate for inclusivity and building relationships with students and their families. The love and support she gives all students in her care is extraordinary. She guides families through conversations and resources. She knows their personal situations and what they need, and they respond to her. Jenn is visible and approachable in our community, and you can always hear her laughter or feel her positive attitude when she is near. Not only does Jenn work tirelessly every day to make sure that we all have what we need to be successful in our roles as educators, but she is extremely efficient in accomplishing all of her own goals as well. Things as small as adding shade and equipment to our preschool playground to bigger things such as accessing community resources and high school volunteers for our students. The skill set that Jenn has is so wide, and her talents are many. Jennifer Hildebrand has been an agent of positive change for our preschool expansion goals in our district, and we are growing and learning every day because of her leadership. We are grateful to have such a gifted principal.

Victoria Maurizio Posted 10 months ago

Such an impactful leader in education! Congrats on this honor.

Allison Pessolano Posted 10 months ago

I am so excited to see Jennifer nominated for this award. I worked with Jennifer for over a decade and got to see her grow from teacher, to counselor, to administrator. She is tirelessly dedicated to the children and families she serves and devotes endless time and energy to ensuring her students and staff come to work every day in a caring and supportive environment. Jennifer is an exemplary educator and person and is absolutely deserving of this honor.

Maria Eisenhart Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Hildebrand is the best principal I have worked for in my 15 years of teaching. She is the hardest working person I know and always gets things done quickly and with care. Working with Mrs. Hildebrand is life changing because she gives us the support we need to properly do our jobs and enjoy what we do!

Joseph Maurizio Posted 10 months ago

Congratulations on the nomination. Thank you for providing our students with an excellent educational opportunity at William Roper. Your passion for education and commitment to the students is commendable.

Katie DiDio Posted 10 months ago

Jennifer is AMAZING!!!! She deserves this recognition for all she has done!

Bryanna Posted 10 months ago

Jennifer us outstanding at her job. She truly cares about her staff and students and that’s what makes a wonderful leader. Jenn is always striving for a better and more positive environment. Each year you can see the growth in her school and it’s truly remarkable. Anyone who gets to work under her is so extremely LUCKY!

Jim Parks Posted 10 months ago

Jennifer is an exemplary leader,colleague,friend and mentor. Her dedication to leaving a positive impression on every student she comes in contact with is a true inspiration to her peers.

Danine Guarrera Posted 10 months ago

I have known Jennifer my whole life. She is an amazing mother to her 3 children. She’s a wonderful friend to all. Reading the comments from her colleague it shows she’s an outstanding principal. She deserves this award, hands down!

Dana Posted 10 months ago

Jenn is a very hard worker and always strives to do her best! She cares about her school and always does what is best for her students and her staff!!

Becca Parkell Posted 10 months ago

I’ve known Jennifer Hildebrand for just about my entire life. Growing up she acted as an older cousin/someone I looked up to dearly. The way she held herself, her confidence, and the way she treated others were just a few qualities that she had that I wanted to have too. Jennifer was always there to lend a helping hand with athletics and academics and she was also a person I could confide in when I needed advice. To this day I can count on her for just about anything I ask. She is selfless, hardworking, and determined. Jennifer works very hard to ensure these qualities in her students and her children at home. To watch Jennifer do what she loves is an honor and I will never get tired of asking her questions about her job. Even though I don’t work in the same school district as she does, she offers her assistance and views to certain situations that we talk about. Listening to her pride in her school, staff, and students is like no other. She is truly making a difference in her school district. Jennifer has played an important role in not only my life, but many others as well. She not only deserves to nomination, she deserves to win this year’s LifeChanger of the Year Award.

Gracee Posted 10 months ago

Integrity. The first word that comes to mind when I think of Jenn. The impact that she has and will continue to leave on her student is something most kids never get to experience. She is selfless and inspiring to everyone around her, in and outside of the school buildings. Education as well as being a leader is Jenn's passion and destiny and you don't need her to tell you that because you can see it by the way she leads her students and coworkers. I had the pleasure of being coached by Jenn and her passion is inspiring and contagious. Jenn is one of a kind and any child, educator, or person who is and will be in her life will always change for the better.