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Lakisha Ayers-White

Position: School Bus Driver
School: Flagler County School District
School District: Flagler County School District
City, State: Palm Coast, FL

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Mrs. Ayers-White is always looking for ways to assist others. Mrs. Ayers-White has organized a Gobble Event that supplies meals for coworkers and helps students with receiving community hours (please see links below). Every year, this event grows bigger. To see how thankful the employees are, and how excited the students are to help, is priceless. 

Comments (9)

Mitzi Posted 10 months ago

Kisha is one of a kind and works hard to represent each and everyone of us union members. She has a heart of gold. I’m proud to call her a friend and sister of our union.

Angela Posted 10 months ago

Kisha is a hard worker & always there to help others! She loves what she does & shows so much dedication & commitment. Keep up the great work, because it shows how much your loved & appreciated for it!!!

Lety Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. White is an amazing woman. Working with her is always a joy and the love she brings to the place, makes me want to come to work. Thank you for all that you do.

Jasmine Dozier Posted 11 months ago

Mrs Ayers-White is an amazing woman!#Lcoy

Jennifer Posted 11 months ago

Ms Ayer’s-White is such a delight. She is always updating all of Flagler county parents thru fb on what is going on. She doesn’t have to and it’s not a part of her job but she still does and as a parent I appreciate her dedication so much!

Jay Posted 11 months ago

Mrs Ayers-White shows how a great person she is by helping others without thinking. Always willing to lend a extra hand or 2 and committed to making Flagler County not just the schools a better place. She deserves this accolade and acknowledgement. Thank you Ms Kay we love you.

Patti Palumbo Posted 11 months ago

Kisha is one of the most strongest person I have ever met. She goes the extra mile to help other people. I am honored to say she loves what she does & does a great job doing it

Carmen Posted 11 months ago

Mrs. White plays a vital role in our community by ensuring the safe transportation of students to and from school and educating parents about transportation safety. She is responsible for the well-being of children and contribute to their education by creating a secure and reliable environment. Her dedication and commitment makes her an essential and valuable member of our community.

The Garrett Family Posted 11 months ago

Mrs. Ayer’s is a ray of sunshine to the students and families in Flagler county we enjoy her positive, fun,loving attitude that she shows the community daily never change sweet lady we need more people like you! Hope you have the best school year yet! Be safe! Can’t wait to enjoy more of your videos!