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Lisbeth Santisteban

Position: Pre-K Bilingual Teacher
School: Houston Elementary School
School District: Austin Independent School District
City, State: Austin, TX

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Lisbeth Santisteban was nominated by her colleague, Kristiana Karlin.

"When I started teaching with the Pre-K team after being with the Kindergarten team, I needed help getting acquainted with the new grade and aspects. Lisbeth helped me from day one by coaching me and giving me materials that helped me with my craft. It was a pleasure having her next door to my classroom so we could partner in caring for our children daily. She was always loving and caring and the most supportive person I had," said Karlin.

"Watching her with her students and seeing her calm and loving nature inspired me to be the same. Her knowledge and practical skills helped me and all who worked with her over the years. My favorite memory was when she would put on her poetry presentations; I was so impressed with what her students could do with dedication and repetition. She helped me learn Spanish and practice it when talking to her classroom," said Karlin.

"Most of all, she showed honest respect and love towards my two sons after they lost their father suddenly. The process was arduous and taxing, and she would always help support us in that crisis. I am forever grateful to her and all she has done for me, my family, and the community," said Karlin.