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Kamdon Bailey

Position: English / ASB Teacher
School: Santa Ana High School
School District: Santa Ana Unified School District
City, State: Santa Ana, CA

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Music that Describes Kamdon

Kamdon Bailey was nominated by his Vice Principal, Michael Lee.

"I have known Kamdon, first as one of my most loyal teachers," said Lee. "He has repeatedly taken the initiative to improve any situation for students. Kamdon organized goals and objectives aligned with our school's vision, mission, and values. He led students and team leaders in developing a culture of excellence, which included improving students' achievement and creating a healthy school environment. When you walk into his classroom, it has a family-like atmosphere."

"It is important to note that Kamdon planned and promoted programs that enhanced students' academic and social-emotional growth," said Lee. "Furthermore, he recognizes that a school is not an island. Rather, it functions in a complex context. Kamdon met with students and formulated a plan of action for success involving the student and the parent. More specifically, he helped students focus on breaking through barriers, which led to improving students' opportunities to learn. Kamdon has one of the highest success rates at our school because of his caring nature towards his students. Kamdon does a lot outside of school that many people don't know about. For example, I saw him buy pizza for his ASB class or help seniors with missing assignments to ensure they graduate. Kamdon has never told other staff to show up or brag about himself."

"Lastly, Kamdon is admired for his intelligence and is well respected by our staff for his outstanding relationships with all stakeholders," said Lee. "His respectful demeanor, people skills, and enthusiasm helped to build and sustain trust. Kamdon is well-liked by his students and is a real LifeChanger."