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Eli Moore

Position: Performing Arts / Guitar Instructor
School: Legend High School
School District: Douglas County School District
City, State: Parker, CO

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Music that Describes Eli

Eli Moore was nominated by a colleague, Jennifer Harvey.

"The words and music of Josh Groban perfectly illustrate my reason and desire to enthusiastically nominate Mr. Eli Moore, an exceptional music educator at Legend High School, for the LifeChanger of the Year Award," said Harvey. "Mr. Moore's dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to his students and school make him truly deserving of this prestigious recognition."

As a guitar music educator, Mr. Moore has consistently raised his students up and created a nurturing and engaging learning environment. His innovative guitar teaching methods, combined with his ability to connect with each student on a personal level, have profoundly impacted their educational journeys. There are many, many students in the Legend and Chapparal High School communities who graduated from high school simply because of their desire to attend one or more of Mr. Moore's guitar classes each day. You see, these students knew Mr. Moore's classroom as a safe place, a place of inspiration, and a place to express their authentic selves as they learned and performed guitar music.

What truly sets Mr. Moore apart from other educators is his ability to connect with students on their level using their preferred music and guitar style. In this way, he shows genuine care for the well-being and interest of each individual student. Through music and sports, he has played an instrumental role in implementing initiatives that promote mental health awareness and emotional support within the Legend community. With the help of Mr. Moore, students have found a safe space to share their music, express their concerns, and build essential life skills.

Beyond the classroom, Mr. Moore has clearly demonstrated his dedication to community involvement. As the "Voice of Legend," Mr. Moore announces most sporting and community events, including football, volleyball, varsity and unified basketball, and wrestling. His energy and voice inspire students to compete to their highest level each afternoon and evening. He is even the voice surrounding the gym on one of the most incredible nights of the year, when the Parker Police Department comes and plays with the Unified basketball team in front of a packed house.

Mr. Moore's impact extends far beyond his role as an educator. He is a mentor, a role model, and a source of inspiration for all who have the privilege of knowing him. His unwavering commitment to his students' academic and personal success is a testament to his exceptional character and dedication to making a difference in the lives of his students and his community.

"It is with great honor that I nominate Mr. Eli Moore for the LifeChanger of the Year Award. His profound influence on his students and the Legend community embodies the spirit of this award. I am confident that his contributions will continue to shape the lives of many and inspire others to follow in his footsteps," said Harvey.

Comments (6)

steve breece Posted 3 months ago

My son Tyler is a 2023 graduate of Legend High School. Mr. Moore has had a very positive impact on my son and his musical interests. I had never heard Tyler express any interest in attending college, but with the support and guidance of Mr. Moore I am proud to say he is attending his first semester of college right now. (studying musical theory) Much respect to this wonderful teacher!

Meg Posted 3 months ago

A few months ago my family and I grabbed dinner out and as we were leaving a former teacher at the school I graduated from was waiting by the door to be seated. As I walked out I said hi and with hesitation he said “hi, I didn’t think you’d remember me. I remember you.” We chatted for a few minutes about education and after a few minutes he said, “thanks for talking to me.”As I drove home I tried to process that and for some reason it was difficult… as a teacher my first thought was he has no idea the impact he has made as a teacher. Those connections he made in the hallway made a difference to me and I am sure so many others, but does he know that, does he not know because he’s never told? Then I think maybe it’s not related to teaching, are we living in a world were those face to face interactions are just so limited that when it does happen it’s a rare occurrence. Then I think maybe it’s just that he shared his gratitude and that we don’t hear that enough in our crazy worlds. It was a good reminder to myself to take the time to make those connections, and share your gratitude because between the two you can make a difference. That teacher was Mr.Moore and he is so humble yet so deserving of this award because of the difference he has made.

Kyler Baxter Posted 3 months ago

Mr. Moore is more than a teacher to me! He is an amazing friend and role model! I was a student in Mr. Moore's guitar classes for all 8 semesters of my entire high school career and it was honestly one of the best decisions of my life joining his classes. Not only did I have the pleasure of being in Mr. Moore's guitar classes, but I also had the privilege to work alongside of him during my student teaching. Mr. Moore has inspired me to become the music teacher that I am today and I know that he is constantly inspiring others just like me. He is the type of teacher who will go above and beyond for all of his students and provide a safe and fun learning environment. He is such a great candidate for the LifeChanger of the Year Award! Kyler Baxter

Alison Stewart Posted 3 months ago

Mr. Moore is the best of the best. He cares deeply about his students. He always gives 2 pieces of advice to his students, they are “1. Chew gum because it makes you smile more. And 2. Always tell someone if you notice they got a haircut because that means you notice and care about the small details in their life.” Mr. Moore does these 2 things every day. He is always smiling and makes other want to be happy. He also notices and cares about the small details in people’s lives. As I have now graduated high school and started my own life, I will never forget Mr. Moore and all he has taught me. I’ve tried to follow his example everyday. Smiling and caring about people has changed my life. He is truly remarkable and is such a great example to me.

Cam Posted 3 months ago

He deserves this, such an amazing and kind person all year round! Go Mr. Moore!!

Rob Johnson Posted 3 months ago

As a fellow educator with Eli since 2000, I’ve never seen a teacher connect with their students. He’s unwavering in bringing joy and passion to his students EVERY day!