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Yareli Munoz

Position: Middle School Education Specialist
School: King Chavez Academy of Excellence
School District: San Diego Unified School District
City, State: San Diego, CA

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Music that Describes Yareli

Yareli Muñoz was nominated by a colleague, Priscilla Morin.

"Mrs. Muñoz is one of a kind," said Morin. "She consistently goes above and beyond to meet the needs of others across our school community. Every day, Mrs. Muñoz provides engaging lessons that are carefully crafted to meet the needs of every one of her students. Although her lessons are already exceptional, she constantly seeks growth opportunities. When Mrs. Muñoz attends PD opportunities, she often can be seen implementing a new strategy or idea the very next day. She is single-minded in her mission to prepare students for higher levels of learning. She uses data to inform her practices and teaches her students to make their own data-informed decisions."

"Beyond her dedication to student learning, she has an incredible heart for the families of her school," said Morin. "On her own, she makes home visits, connects them with community resources, and dips into her own pocket to get them what they need. She has been instrumental in bringing various enriching experiences to our students through her work overseeing our school's ASB and her willingness to organize field trips for students during holiday weekends. When students are asked about their favorite teacher, Mrs. Muñoz's name will surely come up. When we ask them to explain, they answer that her class feels most like home."

"Rather than shy away from challenges, she confronts them head-on," said Morin. "As you would expect, her selflessness and commitment to our community have endeared her to students, families, and colleagues across our school. However, we are nominating her for this honor because she isn't the type of person who would seek out any of these accolades on her own. So much of what she does flies below the radar, and we want to ensure she receives the recognition she deserves. Also, we're confident that her impact can inspire other educators outside of KCAE. If there was ever anyone who embodies the qualities of the LifeChanger honor, it is Mrs. Muñoz!"