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Dawne Wilson

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Eagle Academy Public Charter Schools
School District: Eagle Academy Public Charter Schools
City, State: SE Washington, DC

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Dawne Wilson was nominated by her colleague, Marion Fox.

Ms. Wilson is a one-of-a-kind educator who has made an impact on so many students throughout her years of teaching. She has helped students with disabilities believe in themselves, giving them the love and attention they need to thrive and survive. Ms. Wilson has instilled confidence and self-esteem in many students who may not have seen a future for themselves.

"She is a Mickey Mouse lover who adopts students as her own and has done so ever since she began her educational career," Fox said. "She is the mother of one son, and a grandmother as well."

Comments (49)

Jocelyn Duncan Posted over a year ago

An educator who believes that when learning and imagination collide intelligent human beings emerge.

Dequirry Cann Robinson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Dawn Wilson is a loving,caring teacher that love the kids and give her all at what she does. I love the fact that she's very helpful to others teachers in the building and a mentor to me. Have an amazing day!

Kaci M. Russell Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wilson has been an inspiration and light in my life since I became a teacher at Eagle Academy. Ms. Wilson has been very helpful to me by walking through different tasks that were new to me at the school. She always has very insightful information to share and ideas about projects and more. At times, I am in awe about the way Ms. Wilson carries so much enthusiasm for teaching by always planning and delivering such memorable and fun learning experiences. Not only is Ms. Wilson a great teammate, she is my mentor as well. She has dedicated herself to mentoring me through my teaching program (clinical practice). Our school family lost a loving team member last year, Mrs. Torri Johnson, of whom we adored and loved dearly. Ms. Wilson knew that I had an extremely hard time with it and I am forever grateful that she stepped in to comfort me during that time. She gave me a card, framed and designed a beautiful picture of one of the last memories that we shared with Mrs. Johnson. That meant a great deal to me, I have it on display in my classroom. She truly goes above and beyond her "job" at the school. I admire Ms. Wilson on so many different levels. She sure has made an impact on my life as a teacher. I am most appreciative to work under her because she has so much wisdom to offer. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this honor to be recognized for the Life Changer award. I love her. Ms. Wilson has my vote!

Paris Tinner Posted over a year ago

Ms Wilson is a wonderful person with a great and loving spirit for children. I have known her for over 25 years we met when I was in elementary school and till this day I know if I need her or her advice I can always reach out to her. She was a school Mom to me and I love her and appreciate it for everything she done

Judi Harris Posted over a year ago

Ms Dawne Wilson was a lifesaver a few years ago when I didn’t know how to reach Early Childhood students as well as I wanted to. I’d retired from the classroom where I taught 1st through 5th grade for 36 years. I was blessed to have a long term challenging assignment with three,four,and five year olds. She took time out of her busy evenings to give me advice,great ideas,and lots of encouragement. It’s the little things that mean so very much. To say that this lady is awesome,is an understatement.

Shamelli Toran Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wilson is awesome!!! Word cannot express the gratitude that I have for her. She was my daughter’s PreK 4 teacher and she loved my kid like she was her own. She encouraged my babies uniqueness and celebrated her accomplishments. She was my daughter’s school mom. I could go to her even after my child was no longer in her class and she would give guidance that was appreciated. She is a phenomenal asset to the education system. And is loved truly. Before leaving everyday my daughter would I want to see if Ms. Wilson is in her class. Keep up the great work if doesn’t go unnoticed.

Vanessa Williams Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wilson is one of the most genuinely dedicated educators that I have ever met. My youngest son had the pleasure of being a “Wilson Wonder” (one of Ms. Wilson’s students) last school year and I could not be happier with his experience. I believe whole heartedly that it takes a village to raise a child and Ms. Wilson has definitely become part of our village. To say that she is AMAZING would be a gross understatement. I’ve personally watched Ms. Wilson go above and beyond daily to do what is best for her students, even when it meant longer hours or harder work. The kind of fire and passion that she has is unmatched and cannot be duplicated and I am forever grateful for her presence in my son’s life and the impact that she has had on my family!

Shelley Copeland Posted over a year ago

I met Ms. Wilson when my son entered PreK-4 @ Eagle Academy. She was a lifesaver in so many ways but most importantly she knew what I needed and I didn't have to ask in regards to my kid. He was a handful and she was time enough for him in a loving, nurturing but stern kind of way. As far as education, I still tell her to this day that she layed a tremendous foundation that my son has continued to build upon. We are very grateful for having her in our lives and will never forget her.

Donna Rice Posted over a year ago

Dawn Wilson is a creative and loving educator who puts all of her expertise into supporting students and their families. She is dedicated to her students throughout their academic career long after they leave her classroom. Ms. Wilson is committed to life-long learning to ensure she is providing the best practices for her students and providing mentorship for new teachers. It has been a pleasure to work with Ms. Wilson over the years. May she continue to blossom where she is planted.

Yonnie Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wilson is and will always be appreciated from me and our Lailaah. She’s the reason my daughter is where she is today and I can’t thank her enough for the great advice she always give. She’s awesome, smart, creative and optimistic! Ms. Wilson is greatly loved by everyone

Summer Williams Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wilson was my son's Pre-k 4 teacher she has such a way with the children that they come to her quiet and at the end of the year they leave confident. Confident in themselves and what they've learned from her. She is creative, unique, and she always stands out. She is unafraid and encourages her students to be the same. And it Works!!!!!!! She is truly the definition of a teacher!!

Kymberly R. Grafton Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms. Wilson since Fall Semester 1994 (UDC). Since meeting her, our relationship grew from classmates to friends to Sorors. For as long as I have known Ms. Wilson, she has a gentle and kind spirit to anyone in need no matter the length of time she has known someone. These attributes she exhibits are implemented when she is educating our youth. Ms. Wilson leaves a lasting impression that will carry one throughout their lifetime. I am blessed to still have this bond with Ms. Wilson for over twenty years and counting. Ms. Wilson shows commitment, dedication and leadership in all she does. I applaud Ms. Wilson. Best of luck!

Angela Smedley Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wilson is a Fantastic Educator, she is innovative,creative and academically aware of what students need to succeed in life. Ms. Wilson is one of the first teachers I met when I started at Eagle Academy, she was extremely inviting. Ms. Wilson is definitely a life changer

Avril Posted over a year ago

Dawne brings enjoyment to her classroom and learning. She’s innovative and creative and there always something engaging and educational happening in her classroom. As a colleague, she’s an inspiring educator who sees every student in her class as her own and full of untapped potential. It’s a joy to watch her involve her students in lifelong learning experiences. Dawne is the epitome of an Early Childhood Educator. Congrats on being nominated.

Shirley Tolbert Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wilson is one the most creative, loving, and deserving teachers I know. She is hardworking and pours her heart and soul into everything she does. She is the LifeChanger of the Year. She is the LifeChanger forever.

Asia Quick M.Ed. Posted over a year ago

When it comes to describing Ms.Wilson there are no words describe her spirit. I have had the pleasure of knowing and.Wilson since 2009 on the campus of UDC. When I met her we instantly clicked and I trusted her. For anyone that knows me knows if I cling to you you are genuine. Over the years we built an unbreakable bond that aided me during my darkest hours. When my god mother passed away from cancer she was right there! She reminded/ reminds me so much of her I asked her to be my god mother since my birth one was deceased. She has surpassed the expectations of a mentor. She assisted and guided me with acceptance into Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and my endeavors as a High School educator. I thank you for your impact on my life it has encouraged me as a 4 year high school educator, to change the lives of my scholars. You not only changed my life second mom, but every scholar I educate love you much I say this with the upmost humility “congrats”!

Oneika Miller Posted over a year ago

Dawne Wilson should be nominated. She is the reason of my success in teaching today. I was a temporary dedicated aid when I had come to the district. I had just moved back from Oxford England and I had no clue who I was going to be and where I was going. I met Dawne and from that day forward she showed me how to create a room that would capture a child and embrace his/her learning style, how to capture the student’s attention, and how to give great instruction. She was patient and kind to me. She saw something in me that captured her attention. That year 2008, I can truly say Dawne Wilson changed my life. She sparked an interest in me that I didn’t even know existed. She showed me the ropes and guess what I have been highly effective from the day I graduated from grad school. I know if she reached me, I can imagine how she reaches each of her students!

Matisse Posted over a year ago

Let me say this My kid graduated 2 years ago.. and this lady Ms.Wilson stay in touch .. from social media to personal phone calls to tell me I’m here if you ever need me ... Ms.Wilson has been in my life since my daughter entered her Pre-K 3 .. she have always encouraged me to do the right things through my life being a young mom .. I have always appreciated all her love courage and great words of wisdom ... she was a dedicated hard working teacher .. not just a teacher .. when you left your kid with her .. I automatically knew she cared for my child with love .: any kid is welcome to WILSON WONDERS ... wherever life take her I hope It’s always to positive places .. she is not a teacher she is a role model .: more like a mom .. a leader someone to always look up to .. my daughter is 10.. new school and all she has always made sure since day 1 the same message occur .. she is a loving caring individual that you can’t forget .. she deserves every bit of this and if Im glad to have the pleasure to get her there... WILSONS WONDERS ON 3 ... 1.. 2..3... Wilson’sWonders .. ????????

Rico Posted over a year ago

Ms.Wilson is not a only an outstanding teacher she’s a great mother, grandmother, aunt, God Mother, sister and friend. She was my daughter first teacher and 6 years later my daughter is still asking and talking about her.

Sabrina Burroughs Posted over a year ago

To know you is to know your passion for your craft! Your learners, and anyone else who passes through your journey, has been touched by the honor or your caring and devoted nature. I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of learning from you, collaborating with you and passing through your journey. Continue to shine as a Life Changer, Belief Deliverer, Comrade in Confidence, and Compassionate Creator. In aweness of you... with esteemed Congratulations ????????... Thank you, Dawne!

Gahnz Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wilson is a wonderful teacher. I am a new teacher and she has been an inspiration to me. She always has a positive attitude and puts her students first. It is clear how much she loves her students and does everything that she can to help them succeed. Ms. Wilson's class is always full of wonderment and laughter. I feel grateful to have met such a kind and caring educator.

Ashley Muskelly Posted over a year ago

Ms.wilson aka my second mom I can really say the best teacher and second grandmother to my kids she have really taught my kids a lot and build a wonderful relationship with all of them even me meet her has change a lot in my life from the up’s and down she have always been there for me and my kids no matter what and never judge me even when times got hard for me I really love this lady with all my heart and I really appreciated her from the bottom or my heart I can’t thank her enough she’s a wonderful person inside and out a loving caring person and will always keep u smiling the best teacher U would want yur child or kids to have she really loves her kids a lot and will do anything to push them harder to grow and become a better person thanks mom love u

Curtis Murray Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wilson has been an amazing example of a great teacher. She has shown her love for students in and out of her classroom. I am extremely proud to work here at Eagle with her and thankful for her willingness to even help others like myself who are working towards being a Lead Teacher.

ChandraM Posted over a year ago

Ms Wilson's tireless energy, commitment to educating the whole child and caring spirit are only a few of the qualities that make her, not only a master educator, but a great friend and asset to the community. She is loved and respected by all those who are lucky enough to work with her and sit in her classroom. As a parent of a Pre-K3 student a few years ago, I specifically requested my child be placed in her class. It was the best decision I could have ever made. My child is now a rising 5th grader who reads 3 years above grade level and has done so consistently since being in Ms. Wilson's class. This award is rightly deserved--Ms. Wilson is a Wonder!

Mikila Spriggs Posted over a year ago

Ms.Wilson was my 2nd grade teacher and was the best elementary teacher i had i could go to her everyday just to receive some extra help, I loved being apart of Her Wilson’s Wonder Team Everyday i Came into class we had a different learning activity and everybody in her classes learned it was no child left behind

Kisha Hale Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wilson is well deserving of this award! She is an amazing teacher who takes the learning of children very serious. She is a mother to some of the parents and does wonders encouraging all who cross her path. People speak of life changers and the dedication they provide. I have had the pleasure of knowing this one and will never forget the contribution she has made to our community. You are amazing Ms.Wilson!!!!!

Bradshaw Posted over a year ago

Dawne, You are absolutely amazing and so deserving of such recognition. You will continue to bless past and future Wilson Wonders. Congratulations!

M. Woodard Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Wilson for many years. She loves teaching and helping her students to succeed. She endeavors to make instruction both fun and impactful. As a pre-k teacher, she strived to assist her struggling students and push the ones that are excelling. She is creative, thoughtful and a team player. Ms. Wilson is able to form meaningful relationships with families and her students have kept in touch with her long after their high school graduation. As a teacher in a low income and high crime area, many of our families had various challenges. Ms. Wilson always connected families to resources and to people that could help. Life Changer definitely describes her!

Hamwattie Posted over a year ago

As a kindergarten teacher I always know which students came from Mrs. Wilson’s class. All of the families that worked along side her remain in touch as she is one of the most dedicated teachers to her classroom family, the Wilson Wonders. Her class room is vibrant and engaging and her bulletin boards are always the most elaborate in the hallway. She is most deserving of this recognition.

Starcia Smallwood Posted over a year ago

Ms Wilson is the best person for your child to ever encounter her heart is so big I met her when she was at Garfield elementary and my lil cousin was in her class which she became close to and always stayed on about everything about a year or two later she moved to friendship se ele and I enrolled my son there because I knew she was there.. Ms Wilson really took care of him and made sure he got all the education he needed she also taught other kids in my family and we all feel in love with her she definitely changed our lives forever even at eagle academy family continue to follow where she goes I'm super proud of Ms Wilson and she deserves any and everything good that comes to her she's unforgettable and will forever be apart of our hearts truly the best teacher ever

Letitia Slack Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Dawne. You are amazing and I'm so very proud.

Lisa Smith Posted over a year ago

Dawne Wilson,what can I say???,This lady has a heart and a passion for teaching. For years she has called her students "Wilson Wonders". I believe she uses this phrase because she believes that every child has the ability to do great and wonderful things with their lives. Teaching isn't always an easy job; however she does it with style and grace. Her impact on children in their early years will live with them forever. #LifeChangerofTheYear.

Nadia Posted over a year ago

You rock! All the generations of Wilson's Wonders are blessed to have you in their educational continuum.

Charnita Newburn Posted over a year ago

There's so much to say about Dawne Wilson and her Passion, Love, and Dedication towards her students. I will try to sum it up in a few words. Ms. Wilson goes above and beyond for her Wilson's Wonders, a name she gives her classroom. I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Wilson and I must say I've never been in a classroom where the teacher cared strongly for her students and their family. There is no other Educator more deserving of this award. Ms. Wilson it the Life Changer!!

Kathy McKeon Posted over a year ago

Looking for joy in a classroom? Go visit Dawn Wilson who develops the love of learning in her classroom. She creates awe and wonderment for all students. Ms. Wilson promotes curiosity in all of the children. Dawn demonstrates the importance of building relationships with families and colleagues.

Karen Brooks-Bauer Posted over a year ago

Dawne Wilson's love for her students, passion for her craft and creativity mesh to create an unforgettable learning experience for her students. In the years that I've had the pleasure of working with Dawne, I have seen her in action as an advocate for each child under her care. She is one of Eagle Academy's most loved educators.

Melecia Agard Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wilson is a phenomenal educator, her passion dedication and enthusiasm is captivating. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dawne for a few years and in these years i’ve learned many best practices for early childhood education from her. Good luck Dawne!

Lila Jackson Posted over a year ago

Ms.Wilson is one of the Best teachers that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in action. Ms. Wilson cares for her students wholeheartedly, she’s loving ,caring and well deserving of such an honor. Ms.Wilson I’m so Happy that you have been nominated for such an honorable Award because you Rock and Eagle Academy is lucky to have you as an Educator!

ShaMaar A Blount Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wilson is such an awesome educator! The time, effort and creativity that she puts in all year long really makes a difference. She's always thinking outside of the box with new and innovative ideas for her students to learn, and it motivates many of us to step our game up and become even more engaging for our students. She treats her students like family, and seems to create life long bonds. Dawne Wilson changes the lives of her students, their families, and her colleagues! She ROCKS!!

CherylyneJohnson Posted over a year ago

I would trust Dawne Wilson with my very life. She is a genuine friend. I love her warm and strong heart. The world is a better place because of her.

Sequilla Robb Posted over a year ago

You are truly a role model.

Dequirry Cann Robinson Posted over a year ago

An amazing teacher who I recommend daily to other parents!

John Campbell Posted over a year ago

Good luck! You do great work on behalf of our students!

Melanie Leonard Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Wilson, both as an Instructional Coach and as her Administrator. In her role as a PK4 teacher, it is hard to miss the deep levels of commitment she has for her students and their families. She ensures that their experiences are varied, engaging, and rigorous. She is constantly seeking out feedback to improve her instruction and interactions with students.

Sabrina Scales Bunch Posted over a year ago

I have known Dawne since High School. Dawne is an extraordinary educator, the love, commitment and care that she shows not only to the kids but she loves the family unit as a whole. Dawne makes an adult want to be a kid in her class. I have watched her over the years love and care for her Wilson’s Wonders as though they were her very own, her classroom is always so creatively decorated and she makes any child feel as though they can achieve anything because she believes that they can so they will. When a child enter the room of the Wilson’s Wonders they become a member of a family, she meets them wherever they are in the moment and she helps them excel, she ensures that they know that they are loved and they are important to her and they world. Dawne is an educator that gives her everything to ensure that all the children who come in contact with her receive the best she has to offer, she gives them the best start to succeed in life.

Heidy Villanueva Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wilson is a very supportive, loving and dedicated educator. She is very deserving of this nomaination. She has touched the lives of many little ones and has helped build and mold our youth. I have been a first hand witness of how she’s impacted my daughters educational life as well as many others. We were always assured she would love and care for her students from the time we dropped them off and beyond. We love Ms. Wilson and are very proud of her accomplishments. Eagle Academy is extremely lucky to have one of the very best teachers on their team.

Lauren Robinson Posted over a year ago

Dawne Wilson has teaching deep down in her soul! It’s not just something she does, it’s who she is! She nurtures, loves, and educates her students. They aren’t only her students for 9 months, but hers for a lifetime. Her students and parents become a close knit family during the year. My favorite moment is seeing all the “Wilson Wonders” and their parents dressed to the 9s in their tutus, tennis shoes, and bow ties for their end of year ceremony. It’s truly a pleasure working alongside Dawne!

Chevelle Starks Posted over a year ago

This nomination is so deserving. My children and I have been recipients of Ms. Wilson's love. We originally connected when my daughter was placed in her K4 class. She not only taught her but helped me by giving me some major parenting points. I shared that I was adopting my children and Ms. Wilson made sure that she was in the courtroom to show her support. My children know her now as Aunt Dawne. She is now forever family.

Lanitra Kelly Posted over a year ago

I support and agree with the nomination of Dawne Wilson for Life changer of the year her love and dedication to our early childhood students are simply out of this world!!!!