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Donna Long

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher
School: Waddington Elementary School
School District: East Providence School District
City, State: Riverside, RI

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Donna Long was nominated by her colleague, Jen Clark. They've been colleagues and friends for 20 years.

Ms. Long is a life long learner who is always looking for ways to improve herself, both professionally and personally. She ignites curiosity in her students and is a leader in promoting the NGSS standards in her district and state. Using her knowledge of these standards, she creates lessons and units that make her students say "Wow!"

Students feel safe to take risks in her classroom and keep trying, even when they don’t succeed the first time. Ms. Long's students will forever be impacted by these small moments in her classroom. In addition, she is constantly lifting up colleagues and promoting the good things they do. She even uses her Twitter account to not only highlight the great things going on in her classroom, but in other teachers’ classes as well.

"She is the first to recognize and congratulate her colleagues when exciting things are happening," Clark said. "For all of these reasons, and so many more, Donna is a LifeChanger in our community."

Comments (12)

Val Lawson Posted over a year ago

Donna truly deserves the title of lifechanger. She is a dedicated professional who cares about her students and our community.

Betty Maresca Posted over a year ago

Having worked with Donna, I know that she does a fantastic job in supporting all her students that enter her class. She continuously encourages them and also encourages home to become involved with their student. Donna is always cheerful and willing to learn or participate in any new learning processes to pass on to her students. Her students and colleagues are fortunate to have her as a teacher and a colleague. Congratulations, Donna

Rachael DeCosta Posted over a year ago

I've had the privilege of working with Donna both as a fellow colleague and as a parent. She uses innovative and exciting strategies that inspire her students by connecting real world problems to their learning. She helps them see that they are scientists and problem solvers in their our right, as they apply their thinkng to the outside world. She inspires us by bringing in and sharing many STEM opportunities to our school. We are very lucky to have her.

Rachael DeCosta Posted over a year ago

I've had the privilege to work with Donna as a fellow colleague and a parent.

Julie Penha Posted over a year ago

So proud to say I’ve known Donna for a very long time and that I had the pleasure of working with her years ago! Donna is a true lover of education and her job, she gives it her at all and always goes above and beyond. This nomination couldn’t happen to a more deserving person than Donna! Congratulations

Sandra Forand Posted over a year ago

Donna is an excellent teacher and an asset to the district. She goes above and beyond by providing support for science in the district. We are truly lucky to have her. Congratulations Donna!

Deb Cook Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Long taught my daughter a “few” years ago during the time of Chicago Math!! She not only had the patience for her students but is parents too!!! Well deserved Mrs. Long!!!!!

Cory Howland Posted over a year ago

As the school social worker, I have great admiration for Donna Long. She works hard to inspire and engage students. Her ability to understand each student as a unique individual is impressive. I have had the opportunity to watch her as she works with children with behavior concerns and witness her patience, kindness and understanding. She is the kind of teacher who makes my job easier and it is because she "gets it!" The students love her and our school is lucky to have her on our team!

Gregg Amore Posted over a year ago

Donna is a true professional. Compassionate, passionate and dedicated!

Jessica Beauchaine Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Mrs. Long. Well derseved!

Melissa Harrington Posted over a year ago

My daughter had Mrs long as a teacher. Mrs long looks at each student in a positive way and encourages them to do their best.

Marsha Giroux Posted over a year ago

A well deserved accolade