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Jan Hankinson

Position: Family and Consumer Science Teacher
School: Montgomery County R-II Middle School
School District: Montgomery County R-II School District
City, State: Montgomery City, MO

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Jan Hankinson was nominated by the assistant superintendent, Della Bell-Freeman.

"When thinking about Mrs. Jan Hankinson, three words come to mind: dedication, passion, and service," said Bell-Freeman. "Mrs. Jan Hankinson, Montgomery County Middle School (MCMS) Family and Consumer Science (FACS) teacher, is one of the most dedicated educators I have met during her 25 years in education."

Mrs. Hankinson dedicates herself to her students, her program, school, profession, and community. She is at school early and is one of the last to leave on many days. She continually strives to find ways to improve her program and the opportunities that they offer for students at Montgomery County R-II. Mrs. Hankinson’s drive to be her best self raises the bar for the entire team at MCMS, and her positive energy is contagious.

Mrs. Hankinson has a passion for her program and teaching students the importance of life skills related to personal development and leadership, foods, sewing, career planning, interior design, babysitting, and family. Her lessons are beneficial, both immediately and in the long term.  She seeks out grant opportunities to support her classes and spends hours preparing engaging lessons.  Additionally, she sponsors Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) at MCMS.  She has inspired students to become leaders within the school and community at large.  Students from her rural district have gone on to compete nationally in STAR events, and the FCCLA chapter has received national recognition as well.  This is due, in large part, to Mrs. Hankinson’s passion for FACS and FCCLA.  She spends afternoons, evenings, and weekends helping students work on their projects, supporting the development of leadership skills, and fundraising to allow the students to compete nationally.  Her passion is contagious, which is why Mrs. Hankinson has been recognized for excellence in leading her FCCLA chapter multiple times. Mrs. Hankinson loves what she does; therefore, the students love FACS and FCCLA!

Finally, Mrs. Hankinson believes in serving others.  She is approachable and available to students and staff members across the district.  Furthermore, she serves others outside of school through community service and outreach through her church.  Mrs. Hankinson is a role model for enriching one's life by enriching the lives of others.  She encourages her students to have a heart for youth and the elderly. Two service projects that her students have completed which reach these groups are Taste the Rainbow (targeting early childhood students) and creating taggy blankets for nursing home residents.  Taste the Rainbow allowed middle schoolers to share information about the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables across all colors of the rainbow with the district's youngest students. The children sampled some new foods and found them to be new favorites. Taggy blankets are sensory blankets that allow people to explore textures, colors and feeling with their hands. The blankets provide comfort, and when they were presented to local nursing home residents, they provided happiness.

"Mrs. Hankinson has inspired her students to make a difference and change lives," said Bell-Freeman. "She has proven that she is a LifeChanger by creating a better school, a stronger community and a brighter future. I believe that this quote sums up why Mrs. Hankinson is a LifeChanger, as she embodies the spirit of this statement: 'The goal isn’t to leave a better world for your kids, it’s to leave better kids for the world.'"

Comments (14)

Rita Parsley Posted over a year ago

I knew you were a special lady before reading this. Am very proud to know you. Thank you for all you have done and are still doing. You’re quite a lady. We will always miss you and Ed here in this area. Enjoy retirement and enjoy life.

Audrey Mayes Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hankinson is someone who teaches you skills you’ll need to make it through life. Because of Jan Hankinson, I always prepare for job interviews by researching topics on the job to make sure I’m ready for any question given to me. I also learned how to keep my elbows off the table and how to become an involved community member. These are just a few of the life changing skills Jan Hankinson has glued to me.

Victoria Biggs Posted over a year ago

Jan is a very dedicated teacher who works very hard to insure all her students are successful.

Jocelyn Garner Posted over a year ago

Jan Hankinson is a wonderful teacher and role model. She cares about making a positive difference in the lives of all of her students. It's been a privilege to get to work with her and see her lead by example.

Amy Worsham Posted over a year ago

I have been blessed to experience Jan's attributes not only as a grandmother to one of her grateful students but also in the church and community. She has changed many lives in such a positive way. I am very thankful that she is part of our school family.

Thomas Klekamp Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hankinson is such a great teacher. I have been in her FACS class and had her as an FFCLA adviser for the past two years. I have learned so much from her. For example, she's taught me the importance of leadership and giving back to the community. I know she cares for me and all the other students. Mrs. Hankinson deserves this award.

Beth Beattie Posted over a year ago

Jan is an asset to our school district and community. She comes to work each day excited to prepare students for life as she provides real life applications to explain her content. Jan teaches students important skills such as parenting, nutrition and health concerns, consumerism, culinary management and fashion construction, but she always goes the extra mile to link those skills to benefit others in our community. Teaching students how to create a meal, leads to inspiring her students to want to give back and educate younger students on how to eat a balanced diet at the elementary school. Basic sewing skills leads to projects benefiting nursing home residents. Parenting readiness skills leads to community involvement in rasing funds for March of Dimes or a local family in need. She works hard to support our community with programs the benefit the food programs that assist children in our area by providing backpacks of food. These are jobs she is taking on that are well past mastery of objectives. This daily extra effort creates students who are gaining knowledge and skills but more importantly are well rounded young adults who understand the importance of giving back to those around you and doing their part to support and better our community.

Chris Parker Posted over a year ago

I have been Mrs. Hankinson's supervisor for the past 7 years. She sets the bar very high for herself and her students. As teachers you want to give the students the best opportunity to learn and the only payback you ask of your students is for them to do the same for someone else (their children). Mrs. Hankinson will always ask me if there is anything I need help with or if she needs to do anything for the building. She has jolted a big source of energy into our building with the FACS and FCCLA projects she has implemented. Mrs. Hankinson puts in long hours because she takes great pride in her work. I am honored to have the privilege to say she is the Montgomery County R-2 FACS teacher. The students and I are thankful everyday that we can call her ours.

Delores Miller Posted over a year ago

I have the privilege of serving with Jan on the Foods and Crafts committee for our local Montgomery County Fair. Jan is the chairperson for the Foods section and I am the chairperson for the Crafts section. Jan starts early in the summer preparing for this Mid-July event. She has this event very organized when participants bring in the various foods to be judged. She is a pleasure to work with!

Linda Dowling Posted over a year ago

In today's busy world it is hard to find someone that invest time in the lives of others, but Jan has continued to do this year after year. Not only is she an amazing leader as a teacher, but even more importantly, she is a role model for her students and others because they get to see her show love and respect for her husband, as well as everyone else she comes in contact with. It would be a blessing to see her receive recognition for all that she does, but even if she doesn't, she will be doing the same thing with a new group of kids when school starts because that is who she is.

Janet Heim Posted over a year ago

Jan is truly making a great difference in her students' lives. Her students are taking leadership roles beyond the classroom and will mature to be productive and responsible citizens.

Cherie Smith Posted over a year ago

I am a parent of a second year FCCLA student. I originally wanted my somewhat shy son to compete in FCCLA just so he could learn to speak in front of people. I have volunteered for field trips, in school, and state conferences with Mrs. Hankinson. She is teaching them so much more than just speaking during their project. She has high expectations for all the children when they are representing our school and community. The same expectations we have at our own home. I have volunteered for other activities, this is not always the case. Their behavior, dress, and manners are always closely monitored, so that they always make it good impression. Mrs. Hankinson also teaches the children about community service through their projects. She spends many hours of her free time volunteering to help FCCLA competitors raise money to insure every qualifier has the opportunity to experience state and national activities. Last of all she is genually so proud of her students. My family recently attended an school board meeting where our FCCLA program and winners were recognized. I watched Mrs Hankinson speak about those things with such pride and excitement, proving just how much she cares about our, school, our students, and our programs.

Lori Sainz Posted over a year ago

Jan I one of a kind ! She is amazing woman!! Love her

Janice Haralson Posted over a year ago

Jan is a wonderful teacher, wife and family person. She spends hours and hours working for the Montgomery City Middle School. She is a winner every year with her creativeness in the classroom and sponsorship of FCCLA. She has had students win multiple awards nationally, state wide and regional. In her 28 years teaching in different schools she has always been a leader. She inspires students to do their very best by giving them a strong and fair guidance. And she is from a family that supports her high endeavors. She is very deserving of this award.