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Stephanie Cesaroni

Position: Music Teacher/PAC Manager
School: Lemont High School
School District: Lemont High School District 210
City, State: Lemont, IL

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Stephanie Cesaroni was nominated by an anonymous student.

Mrs. Cesaroni is the first and only choir teacher the nominator has ever had. Her passion for the arts— music as well as theatre— carry through to her students. In the past three years that Mrs. Cesaroni has been at Lemont High School, she has been actively involved as director of drama club, assistant director, and now the tech director.

"She adapts to change and settles in with grace as she navigates what most people take years to learn," the nominator said. "Her main position in Lemont is choir teacher, but she also directs acappella choir as well. Even though we are all at different levels and skills, she has accommodated every new member and made them feel at ease when the material is tough."

Mrs. Cesaroni uses techniques that are both helpful and simple in order for students to comprehend what she teaches. Her door is always open for students who need a little extra help, and she doesn’t give up easily. “Miss Chez,” as her students call her, is a go getter who always reaches for success.

"We are proud that she has such faith in us to succeed," the nominator said. "She’s fun to have as a teacher, but serious when necessary. This balance is a great skill, especially for someone who teaches high schoolers. We know she loves us, and she shows it in her dedication to educating and enlightening us in the areas she teaches in. By the end of each lesson, we’re as excited and passionate as she is."

"We thank her for her patience, kindness, and for adapting to what we need her for," the nominator concluded. "Our choir and theatre programs would not be where they are today without her. As someone who takes part in the arts, I am thankful she came to LHS in 2015."

Comments (16)

Laura Jost Posted over a year ago

This young woman is a truly amazing and extraordinary teacher, musician, performer, and person. She inspires everyone around her, especially her students, to not only excel within her classroom; moreover within their lives. I have witnessed her teaching through some rehearsals and many performances. Her infectious spirit to dream your dream and live your passion, while not only doing well; but doing good for yourself and others. In the past few years her choirs have exponentially grown within their numbers, passion, musicality, drive, and representation within state performances and competitions. She is a humble, gentle advocate for our teens souls as she truly reflects the quote; "Tread softly because you tread on my dreams." Stephanie ignites the flame of each student's desire to be the best that they can be every day in whichever way they so choose. If our world of education was filled with teachers/people like Stephanie, we would be living in a world filled with peace, happiness and love for the world and all those within it!

Arielle Lyon Posted over a year ago

Miss Cesaroni is the most talented teacher I have ever had. I am so honored to have the opportunity to learn under her guidance. She genuinely cares about enriching our understanding and appreciation of music. Miss "Chez" is one of the few teachers whom i trust enough to talk to on a variety of matters. She is definitely a life changer.

R Posted over a year ago

Miss. Cesaroni is one of the greatest teachers I have had in many years of being in school! I've had Miss. Cesaroni for three years now and she hasn't failed to teach me something new and show she cares about me as a student. She is always making jokes and being funny to keep the room alive and happy. She never fails to amaze her students what she is capable of! Whether that be by singing for us, teaching us a new skill, or just being her fun self! Throughout high school, I have always felt comfortable to talk to Miss. Cesaroni whenever I need it and for me trusting a teacher that much isn't very often. I am very passionate about the arts, music, and singing. Miss. Cesaroni has always supported what I love by helping me get better and stronger as a performer which I will never be able to thank her enough for. Miss. Cesaroni deserves this award more than anyone only because she not only has changed MY life, but the staff, students, and people she meets on a daily basis in such a positive and influential way.

Elyse jost Posted over a year ago

Stephanie is one of the most positive, fun, motivated and caring people I have ever met. When she first met me, I was overwhelmed and emotional- she could have easily been closed off of quiet. Instead, she was comforting and engaged, giving me motivation and positive feedback. She is logical and successful, but always puts her heart first. She is such an astounding person, and I can’t even imagine how many lives she’s touched by being her marvelous self!

Paul jost Posted over a year ago

I have known STEPHANIE for five years. I know she is a very dedicated choir director and always Willing to go the extra mile for her students. I agree with the nomination and I hope this vote helps.

Justyn Jost Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms. Cesaroni for over half a decade. In that time, she has demonstrated the qualities of not only a master teacher, but of a master lifechanger. Her down-to-earthness combined with her fun and enthusiastic personality gives her the ability to see the best in people and then convince them to work to achieve that. She has a wonderful rapport with her students, and her care for her students is matched only by her care for the work that she does for them. It is such a privelage to see her change the lives of everyone that she comes in contact with! I am very proud of all the hard work she has done, and the obstacles she has overcome to get to where she is now! She truly is a LifeChanger!

Deb Finnegan Posted over a year ago

Stephanie is an awesome teacher and Auditorium Manager. I enjoy working with her and watching how she connects with the students as well as working with the outside groups that rent our auditorium throughout the year. She is a hard worker and I am very proud to be one of her co-workers.

Jan and George Yingst Posted over a year ago

Stephanie possesses many character traits that would make her a perfect choice for this award. She is a talented vocalist and a passionate choir director who is imparting life long skills to her students. She leads by example with her strong moral character. Her sense of teamwork, enthusiasm and perseverance are traits that will serve her students well throughout their lives. As an outstanding educator, she is most deserving of this award.

Eve Winiarski Posted over a year ago

Congrats on being nominated Stephanie!

Julie & Pete Cesaroni Posted over a year ago

Ms. Cesaroni has been a life changer since she was born. Since she was able to walk and talk, she was always singing, dancing, and dressing up in costumes. Music has always been an intregal part of her life. She started playing piano at age 7, flute lessons in 4th grade, was involved with the church choir from 4th-8th grade, high school choir, band, and theater productions. As a teacher, she sacrifices much of her free time choosing music for the upcoming performances, communicating with parents and students, attending meetings, planning curriculum, etc. Although she works at a smaller high school, she has been able to keep her music and theater programs growing. She volunteers her time two times a week for a a cappella choir she started as a way for students to express themselves through singing when not able to fit chorus into their regular academic schedule. While she has earned her masters degree in vocal performance, she did not want to pursue a career in performing; and when asked why she chose this path her response is "I completed that degree in order to help myself vocally, but more importantly to help my students grow as musicians through what I obtained." Although she is absolutely grateful and honored for being nominated for this award, she hopes, if she does win that the recognition be given towards the student(s) who nominated her as proof to stand up for what you truly believe in. Ms. Cesaroni enjoys working with students past and present. Many have voluntarily come to her aid, whether it be in the music or theater programs, in order in ensure knowledge is being passed down from year to year. They have also reached out to her requesting her attendance at their college performances.

Sally Chiordi Posted over a year ago

Ms. Cesaroni knows how to get people interested in music and theater arts. She has excellent social skills and works well, not just with her students, but with anyone she comes into contact with. She is a beautiful person inside and out, with a great sense of humor. She is also very considerate to other people. God bless her!

Linda Kelm Posted over a year ago

Ms. Cesaroni has always been high energy and hard working. Her passion for music started in grade school and continues to grow. She makes directing choirs look easy. Anyone in the audience can tell she loves her job; and that her students respect and like her. When she first started at Lemont High School her position was part-time. She worked way past those hours with no complaints. Ms. Cesaroni loved building up membership in her choirs and going the extra mile for her school. Her position is now full-time and she has not slowed down. She pushes her students to excel and that is evident during her concerts. That passion that she has for music is contagious and can be a life changer.

Tom Incrocci Posted over a year ago

Stephanie is adored by her students. I attended one of the school's recent musical plays and in numerous student actor bios (self-written) there was nothing but praise for Stephanie for her enthusiasm, support, and technical skills to inspire the students to perform to the best of their capabilities. Stephanie teaches piano and has inspired many young students. Her enthusiastic and outgoing personality allows her to relate instantly to anyone around her. Obviously, the student who nominated her sees these same traits. A very special young woman who would be very deserving of the honor.

Mrs. Simms Posted over a year ago

I was Stephanies’s piano teacher for years. She always strived to achieve in the most positive manner. Her spirit and joy for the art of music is infectious and her personality of caring for others in seeing them succeed is beyond words. Proud of her!

Sandy Doebert Posted over a year ago

Stephanie handles the huge responsibility of managing the Performing Arts Center with grace and dedication. She makes it look easy when it is anything but. She puts in long hours of hard work yet stays positive and encouraging with all of her students. She’s a great role model while developing student talent on and off the stage!

Grace Lilek Posted over a year ago

Ms. Cesaroni is a dear friend, and an incredible teacher. Her dedication to her students is truly remarkable. Way to go!