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Debbie Moore

Position: Advanced Marketing Teacher/Internship Coordinator
School: Mountain Ridge High School
School District: Deer Valley Unified School District
City, State: Glendale, AZ

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Debbie Moore was nominated by an anonymous student.

Mrs. Moore is loved by all students because she touches their lives and understands their struggles. She connects with students daily and creates a welcoming environment that allows students to express themselves freely. She is well respected for her accomplishments in the business world and inspires other students to strive for their best.

"Mrs. Moore is more than a teacher, she is a life mentor and coach," the nominator said. "She sticks with her students beyond their high school career and guides them in their new aspiring field. She holds morals so close to her and makes it clear she believes in them.

Mrs. Moore has been quoted as saying, "if everyone held a common moral of truth and respect, there should be no need to create endless rules." When it comes to her colleagues, she goes beyond the code of excellence because she always brings an uplifting attitude that inspires others to stay positive.

"Mrs. Moore is absolutely a LifeChanger and brings light to all those around her," the nominator said. "She truly is the most uplifting and posative figure in our lives."

Comments (49)

Marco A Moreno Posted over a year ago

Deb has been a shining light and excellent mentor to learn from. Her guidance and expert tutelage have been instrumental in my development as teaching and business professional. Thank you Deb for bringing out the best in me.

Ruben Posted over a year ago

I have been an educator for over forty years and can truly say that Ms. Moore is the most impressive teacher/life changer I've ever encountered. Her energy, optimism, enthusiasm and generosity are contagious. She consistently changes lives by encouraging others to achieve more than they thought possible, by preparing them for success, and by guiding them along the way. Ms. Moore's strong ethics and commitment to excellence attract students from all levels of accomplishment to strive to become healthy contributors to society. She is the epitome of your "Do good. Be good. Make good" stated values.

Madison Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Moore is such an amazing person. She has inspired me to do so much! She has always supported me in and out of school! She is just such an inspiration!

Yadira Posted over a year ago

Ridge gives back was fun for being at school

Joseph Augello Posted over a year ago

Ridge gives back was a great experience, had a blast!

Kyleigh McClure Posted over a year ago

Ridge gives day is awesome being able to help the school

Jovan Posted over a year ago

Mrs Moore is the most wonderful teacher that I have ever met

Lauren Slavick Posted over a year ago

She’s so nice and caring! Everyone on our campus loves her and she makes our day so much better!

Trystan Carpenter Posted over a year ago

Ms. Moore is a life changer!!!

Theresa Moore Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Moore was my volleyball coach for a year and she pushed me to be the best I could be. She always went out of her way to make my volleyball career go farther. She gave our team endless support, confidence, and positivity. That was the best year of volleyball for me because of her and all she did.

Brittany Johnson Posted over a year ago

When I think of a LifeChanger, Mrs. Moore comes to mind. She taught me in high school over 15 years ago and continues to guide and support my my endeavors to this day. Her concern for the success of her students extends well beyond the classroom. Her passion and commitment to her students is unparalleled.

Casey King Posted over a year ago

Debbie is an amazing asset to our campus to students and staff alike. She is constantly thinking of what's best for our students, is innovative and unafraid to take risks. More importantly, she is tireless in her efforts and in her contagious positive attitude (seriously, she has the energy of at least two people). She inspires me!

Michelle Martin Posted over a year ago

I can think of no better person to earn the title of LifeChanger. Debbie always has a positive attitude, and can find a way to change any negative situation into a positive one. At Mountain Ridge, she serves as both a teacher and an administrator. In both roles, she always puts students and what is in their best interests first. She effectively balances holding students accountable for their actions with kindness and empathy. Debbie's desire to help students achieve their ideas and goals results in her working long hours and weekends so that she can provide them with the opportunities to realize their dreams. As our lead community outreach person, Debbie has made many connections that result in more opportunities for the students, parents and teachers at our school. Debbie More is by far the best choice to receive the LifeChanger of the year recognition.

Wendi Matthews Posted over a year ago

Debbie Moore is a true inspiration as a teacher an administrator. She inspires me to do my job to the best of my ability. Her enthusiasm and energy is endless and I truly admire her!

Sharon Coffee Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Moore should most definitively be nominated the Life Changer of the year because she is a remarkable leader who creates energy where ever she is. It does not appear that she ever rests nor stops when it comes to helping out EVERYONE. She is uplifting, positive, and supportive to all students, staff, and everyone she meets. Debbie Moore does not know a stranger and treats everyone with upmost respect. " It's just better here," because of her leadership. She is approachable and helpful and we can count on her to always have a smile and a willingness to help.

Mikayla Keys Posted over a year ago

I have had the best thing happen to me in these last few months, her name is Mrs. Moore. I am a freshman at Ridge and she is the most happy, uplifting person I have ever met. If the term Life Changer of the Year was in the dictionary it wou;d have her picture and a list of her endless descriptors. She has a large impact on making the ststement “ It’s just better here” more than valid. I can see the impact she has on endless amounts of sutdents. We appreciate you, Mrs. Moore!

Eva Esposito Posted over a year ago

Debbie Moore makes a huge difference to the students and staff at MRHS. She has boundless energy and ideas. Debbie is always looking for opportunities for students to better themselves. She deserves this recognition!!

Aditi Galande Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Moore for four years now. Since freshman year, she has not only been a teacher and mentor, but a friend and motherly figure in my life. I know on campus, I have at least one person that truly cares about my academic and personal wellbeing. She inspires me to be the best I can be everyday and pushes me outside of my comfort zones. Mrs. Moore is adored by countless other students on campus. From her charismatic attitude to her dynamic classroom, those who meet Mrs. Moore will never forget her. She is a role model for me and has changed my life and those of countless others.

Junior Michael Posted over a year ago

Debbie Moore is one of the most inspiring leaders I have ever met. She is constantly focused on important work for the betterment of our school, and more importantly, our student body. I am not sure how she does it, but she is always working on multiple projects with many student groups on our campus, while performing at a high level as a school leader. She never ceases to amaze me, and we are all lucky to have her in our lives.

Noah j Posted over a year ago

She is very nice

Sid Uppuluri Posted over a year ago

Ms. Moore has been one of the most inspirational and thoughtful people I know. She will fight for whatever she thinks is right and helps a lot of people with whatever problems they have.

Stephen Gunn Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Moore was one of my high school teachers 17 years ago at Sunrise Mountain . I think all of us can say that time of our lives we are all trying to figure out what our journey and purpose is in life. I can honestly say Mrs. Moore is one of a few teachers I had who believed in me, inspired me, and truly had a positive impact on my life. She is a incredible educator and an even more amazing role model. I don’t know if she will ever know the impact she had on me but she is a life changer and would be a great recipent to receive this honor. Thank you Mrs. Moore

Jason Posted over a year ago

She is a super cool ap here on campus!

Breanne Cole Posted over a year ago

Debbie Moore, in my time working with her, has certainly made an impact on my life. She lives for giving opportunity for kids and making life easier on those around her and she does this through her enthusiasm and genuine care for everyone. Debbie says yes to everything she can and is so knowledgeable in everything she does that it makes the items she says yes to, that much better. She always has a smile and works to make everyone's smile bigger. It is easy to see why she was nominated for this and for those that know her know that she is truly someone who embodies changing lives in a positive way. Thank you for all you do, Debbie!

Shona Miranda Posted over a year ago

A LifeChanger creates the conditions for students to achieve and succeed beyond their own perceived ability levels; Ms. Moore does this every day. A LifeChanger has a growth mindset, sees challenges as opportunities, and works to create equity for all: Ms. Moore does all of that every, single day. A LifeChanger overtly changes the trajectory of a person's (in Ms. Moore's case, countless peoples') life - in profound and positive ways; Ms. Moore is indeed a LifeChanger. Debbie Moore is a vital influence for students, her peers, and our profession. She works tirelessly to create opportunities for everyone she knows. She truly connects with people, identifies their strengths and moves them in the direction of their dreams. Anyone and everyone who know her understand her selfless desire to help. She is a doer. She leads by example. She loves with her whole heart. She is exponentially improving the future, one student, one person, one day at a time. She is a consistent source of inspiration and encouragement. She is a breath of fresh air. She is a LifeChanger! As her principal, I am proud of her each day. As her friend, I feel blessed beyond measure.

Mindy Sheahan Posted over a year ago

Debbie Moore, this individual has incredible energy!! She lives, eats, and breathes for the kids, and simply never stops. I find watching her, how incredible she interacts with the kids, in a firm, but fair way, and it simply inspires them to achieve more and more. Debbie takes on so much work, and seems to have energy for that and so much more. Her Marketing class that she teaches is a life changing class for the students, getting them ready to step out into the world and make decisions on their own, which she prepares them in such a positive fashion, they are now set up for success. Thank you Debbie for doing what you do!!

Joanne Kaye Posted over a year ago

She is a tireless advocate for her students and the school in general!

Andrew Lang Posted over a year ago

Talk about an amazing person! Her incredibly tireless work for Mountain Ridge is overwhelming. She is always thinking about other people and is constantly lending a hand, no matter how extremely busy she is. It is an honor to work alongside Deb Moore.

Alexis LaDuca Posted over a year ago

Debbie Moore is an amazing teacher who inspires not only her students, but her peers. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she oozes kindness at all times. She is thoughtful and innovative, and in her classroom she is always serving students and working to bring real-life opportunities to all who cross her path. We are lucky to have her at Ridge, she is a true Life Changer.

Ryan Rushing Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Moore is a Life changer for sure! Mrs. Moore, is a person that is always happy and always has a smile on her face. Mrs. Moore, is a person if i need anything or another student needs anything she was the one we go too if we need anything. Mrs. Moore is a life changing person for more reasons then this, Mrs. Moore, is a Life Changing person for sure. Thank you for teaching us Mrs. Moore

Bill Oaks Posted over a year ago

Debbie Moore is a Life Changer! Someone who gives of her time, talents, and personal resources to help others. She has made it her life’s work both professionally as an Arizona High School Teacher/Mentor and personally in her community helping with countless causes. She makes it her personal mission to reach out to her students and truly engage them in creative ways. She has made impacts on the lives of many of these students and guided them to useful careers and beyond the High School years into College. Her efforts help these students understand the value of a strong work ethic, a commitment to what you believe in, and sense of self-worth. There are plenty of teachers and many are very high caliber people, what sets Mrs. Moore apart from the rest is her leadership. True leaders inspire the people around them to action, her business is the business of changing lives. She doesn’t just “talk” a good game, make inspirational speeches, she leads by example a trait she inherited from our father. Yes, I am her Brother! She inspires me and gives me something to work for, because of her I hope to finish My M.S. Cyber Security in the very near future. Don’t take my word for it do the math, follow-up on the hundreds of students she has mentored and cared for, see how many have great jobs, went on to attended College, or have gone on to be the next generation of life changers. Love you Sis! Bill

Nithin Ravi Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Moore changed my life! Even though I’m a 1000 miles away and in college, I still think about the impact she had on my high school career. Without her, I wouldn’t even be able to talk to people, let alone be presented with the opportunities I have. Thank you Mrs. Moore!

Gabriel Yap Posted over a year ago

This wonderful lady taught me how to tie a tie. Little things like that make her the best advisor anyone could ask for. Little things like that make her more than an advisor, but a true Life Changer.

Liam Nelson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Moore is truly a life changer! During my freshman year at Mountain Ridge, I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do. Mrs. Moore introduced me to DECA, and during that year I was able to travel across the country and become close friends with the people in my DECA chapter and ones across the nation. Mrs. Moore is also such a great teacher and has an amazing personality. She is always fun, enthusiastic and inspiring. She is compassionate and empathetic. Most importantly, she is very honest. Mrs. Moore changed my life by introducing me to DECA, and her words and inspiration will always have an effect on my life and others!

Bethany Horton Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Moore is the perfect person to be named Life Changer of the Year. She is an amazing teacher and coach to all of her students and athletes. She is always encouraging and energetic in every situation. Mrs. Moore is a life changer in every way and deserves to be recognized for it.

Catherine Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Moore is for sure a life changer! No matter how long you are around her she leaves an unforgettable impact! After meeting Mrs. Moore a year ago my life has never been the same. She motivates you to take advantage of any and every opportunity that comes your way, which is why she is a life changer!

AJ Stein Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Moore is a great teacher, influencer and person. She is a great leader and teaches not only business classes but life lessons. She incorporates life lessons and strategies to become a better person in all of her speeches. She helps kids grow and start businesses and is consistent with loving and caring for her students.

Lauren Kathrins Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Moore is an amazing teacher. She treats her students like the adults we are and respects everyone. She supports me with my struggles in life and with my health and it's hard to find a teacher that truly supports someone like me. I respect Mrs. Moore immensely and she deserves life changer of the year and she deserves it every year to come.

Taylor Lopez Posted over a year ago

Coach Moore is definitely a life changer!!! I had her as my volleyball coach in 8th grade and she taught me so many lessons about volleyball that associated with real life as well. One example was when we were down about 13 points in a game, she took a time out and said “We can bring it back. We just have to put the past behind us and we can win this game.” We ended up going on a point spree and ended up catching up to the other team on the score board. This game and Coach Moore’s words taught me a lot. I learned that things may look bad but you can always come back from hard times.

Andy Copeland Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Moore is the true definition of life changer! Mrs. Moore introduced me to DECA 7 years ago in high school, and I had no idea that within one year, I would be traveling across country and meeting an incredible group of people that I remain in contact with today. She opened my eyes to the marketing industry which pushed me to pursue a degree in marketing & tourism. This has resulted in me landing a job in digital marketing/SEO with one of the top hotel brands in the world. Even though I am no longer her student, I know that Mrs. Moore will always be there to provide guidance. Mrs. Moore always pushed me to try new things and step outside of my comfort zone. She has a true passion for helping people and changing lives in everyone!

Jade Quinn Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Moore truly changes people’s lives and continually pushes everyone to do their best every day. At the beginning of my sophomore year I was scared to go past my comfort zone, but throughout the year she presented us with so many opportunities to grow as leaders in our school and community. Her love and determination for people is truly inspiring and there is no doubt in my mind that she is a Life Changer.

Jacob Edwards Posted over a year ago

Ms. Moore has changed my life in so many ways. I came into my high school not knowing what to expect being very scared and shy. She quickly picked up on this and introduced me to DECA from their I had no idea what I got myself into. I traveled across the country meeting some of the most amazing people. Ms. Moore even introduced me to the person who would later assist me in getting hire by the worlds largest hotel chain. I would not be the person I am today is it was not for her. This award is well deserved!

Jacob Edwards Posted over a year ago

Ms. Moore has changed my life in so many ways. I came into my high school not knowing what to expect being very scared and shy. She quickly picked up on this and introduced me to DECA from their I had no idea what I got myself into. I traveled across the country meeting some of the most amazing people. Ms. Moore even introduced me to the person who would later assist me in getting hire by the worlds largest hotel chain. I would not be the person I am today is it was not for her. This award is well deserved!

Frank Pauls Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Moore is the most deserving of this award :) She touches the lives of those around her and inspires others to achieve excellence. Being in her marketing course I deeply understand the morals she holds and have come to respect and honor them so much. Mrs. Moore is not the ordinary teacher, she can be very honest with a student if she doesn’t like something but students respect her soo much that we corrrect our mistake right away. She continues changing the lives of people around her and inspire us to continue striving for the best :)

Andee Anderson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Moore changed my life in the best way. Before I met her, I was on the road to study accounting in college. She knew right away my passion wasn’t in accounting and helped me figure out what I was not only good at, but was passionate about, event planning. She helped my mom and I find UNLV and their Event Management program. I’m now a Meeting Floor Supervisor at Bellagio and love every bit of my job! Mrs. Moore deserves this award because she not only cares about her students and what they do in the classroom, but what they will do in the real world. She inspires, encourages, and drives her students to find their passion, and make a good difference in the world.

Bethany Horton Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Moore was the first person I met at my new school when she toured me around the campus. Mrs. Moore's energetic, out going, bubbly personality makes being her student and athlete an amazing experience! She is always welcoming and open to new students and adventures. As a student who moved across the country over Christmas break she helped to make the transition smooth and easy. Mrs. Moore deserves this award because she does the most for her students and any one she can help! Mrs. Moore is the perfect person to be awarded as a Life Changer!

Lori beth horton Posted over a year ago

Our family was a corporate transfer to Az from Ga in January 2018. Prior to our relocation, we made a trip to interview at 8 high schools within reasonable proximity of my husband’s job. Hands down Mrs. Moore made Mountain Ridge so appealing that we told the realtor we would buy in the Ridge zone. I wanted my kids involved in anything Mrs. Moore was involved with. She has shown kindness, inclusion, offered advice, introduced friends, and exposed my kids to new opportunities they never expected! Our twin daughters made the unimaginable move across the country in the middle of their sophomore year; Debbie Moore IS the unimaginable! She has dared my girls to dream big and seize the opportunities they find before them. Not only does she inspire dreamscape, but she follows her striving students along the path of discovery . Striving to make a dream come true is a journey. Mrs. Moore teaches that the success is found during the journey.

Danell Posted over a year ago

This is so well written and completely true! Mrs. Moore is the kind of person you always want to be around because her energy is so beautiful and inspiring!! Well deserved!

Heidi Moya Posted over a year ago

Debbie is an amazing woman and inspiring educator. She helps students excel in all that they do and supports the entire MRHS community. She is always willing to help her colleagues with anything and everything and does so with determination. She is very deserving of this award!