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Bailey Brammeier

Position: Special Education/Life Skills Teacher
School: Jacksonville High School
School District: Jacksonville School District 117
City, State: Jacksonville, IL

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Bailey Brammeier was nominated by her previous supervisor, Mekelle Neathery.

Mrs. Brammeier, known affectionately as "Mrs. B," is an educator who truly demonstrates her love for her students on a daily basis. It is her life's mission to support students with special needs within the Jacksonville learning community. She has been a key team member in reviewing and examining how programs can be adjusted to ensure they're preparing students for the future.

"She is always seeking new ways to teach the necessary skills for students to be successful in their next stage in life," Neathery said. "This includes being involved as a team member of District Leadership Committees, as well as an active participant in the Special Education PTO. She has been instrumental in developing parent information sessions to assist with connecting community resources for parents/guardians as her students transition into adulthood." 

Mrs. B supports her colleagues with the same passion with which she supports her students.

"She is always willing to support others as they try to achieve what is best for the students we serve," Neathery said. "Not only is this observed within her classroom, but within the larger community as well."

Mrs. Brammeier developed an annual dance for young adults in the community that has become quite popular with students and their parents. She also helps organize a homecoming event each Spring to celebrate her students.  

"Mrs. B is truly one of a kind. It has been a pleasure to see her flourish throughout her career.  I am proud of all that she has accomplished and blessed to have been able to support her in her endeavors during my time as her supervisor," Neathery said. "She is one of a kind and someone that truly embodies the spirit of what we all try to achieve each day for our students: the absolute best!"

Comments (16)

Valisha Zimmer Posted over a year ago

Bailey, Mrs. B, always has a smile on her face! She is always ready to listen to a collegue and help brainstorm solutions to help our students or our school. She is always looking for ways her students can integrate into the school community in positive ways. In addition to her regular teaching duties, she has assisted with the Special Education Parent-Teacher Organization committee. She organizes a special dance every year for students and helps plan transition fairs for families. Bailey is a support to other teachers as well as a positive influence in her own classroom! Thanks for being awesome!

Joe O'Neil Posted over a year ago

Bailey is the consummate professional. she always has the best intentions of the kids in mind and has taken a program that worked for students into something so much more. Her ability to differentiate materials and instruction is what her population needs and important to giving these students the best opportunities at life after high school. Bailey is a spark to all that she surrounds herself, and makes me a better department chair because of her personality and commitment to the education program.

Amanda McEvers Posted over a year ago

Oh my goodness, where do I even start with this woman?!?! Mrs. B has been my daughter's teacher the last three years and from the very beginning at freshman orientation, she showed that she had done her homework and already knew my daughter and was telling ME things about my own child and she had yet to even meet her! She promised all of the parents in that room that she would not only be there for our children but for us as well. I had been so nervous about my daughter going into high school and at that moment, I knew Piper was in good hands. She has kept that promise time and time again through all the ups and downs of a teenagers life - she is truly a momma bear for all of her students and is very quick to contact us about anything going on which in turn has made us feel comfortable enough to let her know anything significant happening on the homefront. She celebrates the victories no matter how big or small and mourns the difficulties that our kiddos face as well. I truly appreciate her realistic approach to teaching and my daughter has grown leaps and bounds these last few years because of it! I could honestly go on and on about all of her positive qualities, but I think her students are really the proof of what a "lifechanger" she is! Mrs. B, win or lose, you have changed our lives forever and I am SO glad our daughter hadls you on her team!! We love you and Congratulations on your nomination!!

Charlene Anderson Posted over a year ago

I have known Bailey since she was a student in the jr. high where I taught. Her bubbly personality and kindness was evident then and has just continued to blossom. Bailey is an incredible special needs teacher. The prom she organizes for her students is just one example of the ways she goes above and beyond for her “kids.” In addition, Bailey reaches out to students beyond her classroom walls. My high school senior daughter admires Bailey. Bailey has taken the time to get to know her and encourages her to reach for her dreams. I am so thankful Bailey is a role model for her and every student she encounters. We are lucky to have Bailey not only as a teacher at JHS, but as a member or our community. I am so proud of her!

Raelene Lawless Posted over a year ago

I have been one who had the pleasure of having Bailey as a student athlete and now have enjoyed watching her develop into a wonderful teacher. Mrs. B we are so lucky to have you!!

Sherry Earles Posted over a year ago

I have the pleasure to be Bailey's classroom aide. She enjoys her job so much it rubs off on all of us. Even when student and staff needs pull her in many direction, she always has a smile and a kind word. Our room is known as the "happy room" at our school. Staff members often stop by when they are having a bad day.

Tiffany Warmowski Posted over a year ago

Bailey is one of the most up-beat & positive people I have ever met. The support she shows her students is amazing. The community appreciates all she does.

Paul Tollefson Posted over a year ago

Though I am generally not at liberty to be within the classroom with Mrs. B, I can stand as a strong witness that what others mention about her she spreads outside the classroom as well Having worked for years as a colleague in the same building, there is not a day that goes by without seeing her bubbly, full-of-energy personality. She always passes by as a ray of sunshine, and even more, her students pass by in the hall, exceptionally well mannered and friendly, and clearly excited to be here. As each of those friendly students are seen, a reflection of Mrs. B's outstanding atmosphere is witnessed.

Lauren Range Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! How very exciting! So happy for you!

Andrea Lee Posted over a year ago

Bailey is one of the most patient and caring educators I have met. Her upbeat and positive attitude is contagious. Our kids are blessed to have her.

Shannon Folker Posted over a year ago

I am a school psychologist in Bailey’s school district. Bailey is an amazing human being! She is not only an amazing educator but she is an amazing mother, wife and friend! She supports her friends, family, students and students’ families however she can. She has a phenomenal sense of humor and is a light in my life! She is so deserving of this! I am honored to work with her but even more honored to call her my friend!

Lois Kording Posted over a year ago

You’ve always been a Very Special Specialist for children with Special needs! (And an exceptional singer as well!)

Tricia Hallock Posted over a year ago

My grandson has special needs and goes to school at JSD. I am beyond grateful for teachers like Bailey who go far beyond what is expected to support all students with special needs.

Arika Upchurch Posted over a year ago

You are more than deserving of this title and honor. Thank you so much for loving and caring for our daughter. You are truly an amazing teacher and we are beyond grateful to have you in our lives.

Cindy Randolph Posted over a year ago

Mrs B is a wonderful educator and she really has a passion for what she does , she loves all of her students.

Barbie Davidsmeyer Posted over a year ago

Mrs. B is truly a one of a kind teacher. She goes above and beyond for everyone around her, students and co-workers alike. She gives 110% with everything she does. Our students know that Mrs. B will support them with their every move, love them when they are at their hardest moment to love and will always be there for them...even years after they leave her program. Mrs. Brammeier never takes off her "special education hat". She is constantly coming up with inventive ideas of how to help her students and improve their daily lives. She is a bright sunny light in our school. Although she is already a "Lifechanger" in our eyes, we would love to see her receive an award for everything she does...she truly deserves it (even though she would just say she's doing what she loves; no acknowledgement needed). We are so proud of you Mrs. B and are definitely lucky to have you teaching our students!!