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Caryn Skiles

Position: Language Arts Teacher
School: Giant City Elementary School
School District: Giant City School District 130
City, State: Carbondale , IL

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Caryn Skiles was nominated by her superintendent, Belinda Hill.
A few years ago, Giant City School District was lucky enough to hire Caryn Skiles as a classroom reduction teacher. In the years that followed, Mrs. Skiles was reassigned to be a half-time Jr. High/ half-time RtI teacher for her small district. Her contribution in these roles has been immeasurable.

"Mrs. Skiles is the go to person for students, staff, and myself as an administrator. Her positive energy and ability to handle multiple goals at once is fantastic. If any teacher has a student who is falling behind or does not have support at home to finish their homework, she is on it," Hill said. "She also provides interventions to Jr. High and primary students to help lift their skills."

She consistently calls and hunts down parents to facilitate staff/parent meetings, where they can both develop an understanding of, and plan for, student success.

"During the 2017-18 school year, GCS had only one student with failing grades. That is the beauty of Mrs. Skiles. Her teamwork and leadership help us build a culture that doesn’t allow for failure," Hill said.

Mrs. Skiles serves on several committees and has volunteered to be a trainer for her building as it becomes a trauma-informed school this year.  She regularly attends evening events to encourage parents and children alike.

"Caryn Skiles is like a positive Tasmanian devil that spins as a centrally connective force within our building. Our school wouldnt be the same without her!" Hill said.