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Meredith Compton

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Gammon Elementary School
School District: USD 259 Wichita Public Schools
City, State: Wichita, KS

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Merideth Compton was nominated by her principal, Mendie Vicin.

Ms. Compton takes the most vulnerable children at her school and transforms them. Although she has only been teaching for three years, she has a true talent. She takes children who have never been in a school setting, students with behavior or learning disabilities, and students who do not know the English language and works her magic. She embraces them, creates a predictable, calm and loving environment in which she has high expectations for her students, and support them all along the way.

"I have witnessed her charmed touch transform many students in the last three years I have had the pleasure of working with her. Her students adore her, want nothing more than to please her and thoroughly enjoy being in her classroom," Vicin said.

Ms. Compton is a leader within her school and district. She serves on the building leadership team, and on the Lighthouse Team (a team that leads the Leader in Me grant). She leads with professionalism, a high degree of knowledge, and a passion for students. Ms. Compton is recognized by her colleagues as an expert in working with students with special needs and behavior issues, and they seek her input in strategies for working with students.

Ms. Compton has positive connections with staff from all grade levels and from all areas, including teachers, aides, custodians, and volunteers. She works skillfully with paraprofessionals in her classroom in order to provide the best support and environment for her students. She is professional and kind to all. Ms. Compton is a quiet voice that people listen to because she is knowledgeable and understanding.

She constantly self-reflects to ensure that she is acting to the highest degree of moral and ethical character. She helps lead and grow those around her to ensure that they, too, are doing what is best for students. Ms. Compton leads her team with elegance and grace.

Vicin recalled one example of a student who came to the school with extreme behaviors. He had not had a successful Pre-K year and he arrived at Gammon with a host of challenges which prevented him from learning. Through Ms. Compton’s consistent, calm and caring presence, this child made miraculous growth. By the end of the year, which happened to be Ms. Compton’s first year of teaching, he was able to stay in the classroom all day. He not only learned how to control his impulses, but he learned to trust and love Ms. Compton, as well. His family moved to another state, but they routinely send updates to let Ms. Compton letting her know how well he is doing as a result of her impact in his life. She was truly instrumental in changing his life and helping put him on a path for success.

"I feel so honored to be able to work alongside Meredith as she continues to change lives and provide an environment where children can thrive and learn. She is a LifeChanger!" Vicin said.

Comments (15)

Melissa Dickinson Posted over a year ago

Meredith is truly an amazing and dedicated teacher. I have been so fortunate to work with Meredith in my building, through graduate courses, and on the Lighthouse Team. Meredith brings knowledge and positivity to our building. I always enjoy and learn a lot from observing Meredith in her classroom as she teaches. It is very evident that her students admire and respect her. Her classroom is structured in a way that makes learning engaging and attainable for all. Our students and staff are very fortunate to have Meredith, as she truly is a life changer!

Shannon Antone Posted over a year ago

Meredith certainly has a gentle way about her. She is kind and caring and the kids are very receptive to that. They want to please her, because she gives them respect and they respect her. She is professional, supportive and fun. We are so lucky to have her on our team!

Amy Small Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Compton in a variety of settings over the last 5 years. She was one of my students at Wichita State University, has been my teaching partner at Gammon Elementary for the last 3 years, and last year, was my son’s Kindergarten Teacher. As a student seeking her Master of Arts in Teaching, she exceeded expectations every step of the way. The quality of work she produced made clear her passion and desire to work with children and always reflected the extremely high expectations that she requires of herself. Those high expectations and the leadership skills she consistently and seamlessly instills into her students in her classroom is inspiring. It has truly been my honor to watch as Ms. Compton motivates, even the most challenging students, to believe in themselves, apply themselves to difficult tasks and finds innovative and creative ways to allow each child to work to his/her highest potential. There is one child in particular that I struggled to reach. Instead of trying to fit this child into the mold of a typical student, Ms. Compton thought outside the box and created an environment inside her classroom for him that built on his individual strengths in order to minimize those areas in which he struggled. This child literally bloomed, began forming closer and more healthy relationships not only with her, and with me, but with the other children in his classroom. By the end of his Kindergarten year, he had made such progress and was also a successful First Grader the following year. Still, every day, this same child is allowed, by his new teacher, to give Ms. Compton a hug in the morning and in the afternoon before going to his bus. To see his face light up when he sees her, to see the love she has for him and to know the patience, dedication and extra work she took on to allow him to meet his full potential...that is life changing. I could not have been more blessed for my son to have had Ms. Compton for his Kindergarten teacher. She is truly gifted at setting and maintaining high expectations for every child while also getting to know, accept and build upon their individual strengths and needs. I watched my son excel academically while building leadership skills that he applies at school and at home. I looked on as Mrs. Compton taught him to use his strengths to help others and to look for the things that other children are good at. Instead of bragging that he is very good at whistling, she encouraged him to help another child learn to whistle… and he tried. Working with her constantly challenges me to become a better educator, take risks and try new things that will allow my students to be more successful . I have seen from so many different lenses and angles how Meredith Compton is more than just a gifted teacher, she is a person who touches, inspires and changes the lives of those around her.

Pam Bush Posted over a year ago

Meredith is an amazing kindergarten teacher. She looks at each child individually to determine how to best meet their needs. I have worked with her over the past 2 years and have been extremely impressed on how she structures her classroom and sets up any needed visual supports. I see growth in her students both academically and socially. We are lucky to have her on the Gammon team!

Brenda Chandler Posted over a year ago

Meredith's teaching is amazing to watch. Whenever we do walk-throughs I enjoy going in to her classroom. I always find something that she does that I want to copy and use in my own classroom! Every time I encounter Meredith, she is always positive in her attitude and has a smile on her face, which I love being around. The kindergarten kiddos are lucky to have her for their teacher - she is definitely a life-changer!

Lori A Patton Posted over a year ago

Ms. Compton was my glam-son's kindergarten teacher this year. She made learning so much fun for Evan and he wanted to go to school even when he was sick. My glamson is reading and loves to read to anyone who is willing to listen to him, which of course, I am always willing to do. He also loves books and requests at least three books before going to bed each night. Ms. Compton instilled a love of learning and was so incredibly kind and patient with all her students that when I asked my glamson if Ms. Compton had a favorite student, he replied "we all are her favorite students Glam-ma!" I look forward to having my glamdaughter in her kindergarten class. Our family loves Ms. Compton and will always appreciate her tender heart! The saying, Everything I needed to know, I learned in Kindergarten, applies to Ms. Compton!

Shannan Grilliot Posted over a year ago

Ms. Compton is an amazing teacher. She helps our kindergarteners learn not only their numbers and letters, but how to succeed in the classroom. Those skills help them throughout their lives. She also builds positive relationships with her students while maintaining structure and enforcing classroom rules and expectations. We are lucky to have her!

Jessica Goodpasture Posted over a year ago

I was lucky enough to meet Meredith through our Master's program. As a PreK teacher at Gammon, I am always excited to know that my students will be moving on to an extremely structured classroom and to an awesome kindergarten teacher. She works hard to provide a safe learning environment for her students with helps to ensure student success. Meredith is a hard worker and always puts her students first. I am proud to watch her develop as a teacher and proud to call her my friend and co-worker.

Megan Carney Posted over a year ago

I am blessed to work along side Meredith. I have seen the changes she makes in, not only those in her classroom, but those in our entire building. This past year she had a boy from a structured learning class start joining her classroom for a little time, but by the end of the year he told his teacher, "no I stay with Ms. Compton." The environment she establishes in her classroom is one I as an educator strive for and look up to her to help me achieve.

Kelli Nelson Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege of knowing Meredith Compton for many years. She has a a passion for her career that you only see when someone has found their true calling. I believe that her previous experience working with special needs children with such unconditional care and compassion has contributed to her ability to understand the best way to communicate with each of her students. She also has such a calming and incusive demeanor that makes her an ideal leader. She is truly an inspiration and I feel incredibly lucky to know her.

Sarah Ingle Posted over a year ago

Meredith played a large role in my education! I was able to work with her while student teaching with one of her colleagues. I was able to watch Meredith change many students lives! She goes above and beyond to help every student she comes into contact with, even if they are not in her class. She even changed my life by showing me how to create an environment for student success and how to build a personal relationship with every student. She taught me so much in the time I was able to work with her. She is truly a life changer!

Elyse Patton Posted over a year ago

As with any parent who has the privilege of watching their child reach such a distinct milestone as entering kindergarten, the joy felt is so often accompanied by a pull of an anxious heart. Couple that with the timid disposition of a tenderhearted 5 year old with a speech delay created in me such trepidation for what was to come. It takes a strong person to choose a career in education but it takes a remarkable heart to embody the patience and encouragement that Ms. Compton was able to instill into my son day to day. Ms. Compton created an environment in her classroom that not only fostered the development of my sons speech but even more importantly created a leader and student that loved to learn. The transformation apparent in my son by the end of the school year was made possible by her dedication to learning and by the time she gave to knowing each and everyone of her students and the intricacy that made them so special. The difference in my son was felt daily, but it was only during some of our final interactions with Ms. Compton that solidified that not only did she give of her time but the care and compassion she felt for her profession was given from her heart fully. It was the summation of my son's kindergarten year that I could reflect back and know that my son was exactly where he needed to be. Ms. Compton has set the bar high and will without a doubt be a person that has shaped my son and us included.

Genia LeRoy Posted over a year ago

I was privileged to work in Meredith's classroom last year. She is a wonderful teacher who values each and every one of her students. She takes the time to know her students and their needs and provides for those needs. She truly cares for her students. She also works wonderfully with her coworkers. I have worked with quite a few teachers in my 16 years as a paraeducator and I can honestly say Meredith is one of the best! I have learned a lot from Meredith.

Linda Dunham Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Meredith in a special education setting and know her well. She is a warm and caring individual that is able to show love and attention to her students while providing the structure and consistency required to learn and be successful. She is also a very brilliant young lady with amazing common sense skills. I am not at all surprised that she is nominated for this award.

Kim McDowell Posted over a year ago

Meredith is truly a gifted teacher who values learning and strives to do all she can to facilitate learning in her students!!