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Priscilla Cordova

Position: Administrative Assistant
School: Pojoaque Valley Middle School
School District: Pojoaque Valley School District
City, State: Santa Fe, NM

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Priscilla Cordova was nominated by her principal, Vera Trujillo.

Ms. Priscilla, as she is referred to by staff and students, has been working for the Pojoaque Valley Schools for several years.  She started as a bilingual tester and moved her way up to the bookkeeper and then the administrative assistant to the Principal.  

"The words I would use to describe Ms. Priscilla would of course include energetic, bubbly, super orgranized, friendly, compassionate, pro student, creative, appreciative and kind. When you enter the building and go to the front office, you will hear Ms. Priscilla busily getting a substitute situated or anwswering a phone call or talking to a parent at the counter," Trujillo said. "Never in the 5 years that we have worked together has she illuminated anything but genuine positive energy."  

Ms. Priscilla's positivity is contagious. She starts each day off on a good note and greets students and staff memebrs with a friendly "good morning" when they walk in. Her evaluations are always exemplary and she treats everyone she meets with compassion and warmth. She maintains a genuine and professional demeanor with the students, parents and community at large.

"This will be my last year in administration and she has become the little sister I never had.  Whomever takes my position will be in great hands," Trujillo said.

Comments (15)

Susan Gallegos Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pris P-Presioca R-Real I-Intelligent S-Sensational C-Caring L-Lovable L-Lively A-Amor por todos That is our Mrs Pris, I appreciate all you have dome for our school and myself. I hold you dearly in my ?

Susan Gallegos Posted over a year ago

My Beautiful Pris! YOU are am amazing woman and an inspiration to make difference in eveyones life. I wiil always cherish our friend ship

Andrea D. Maestas Posted over a year ago

Not only is Priscilla my aunt she is an awesome co-worker. She always makes you smile, she always makes sure that every teacher and staff have everything they need for the day. In the mornings she comes with a smile no matter what.... In my opinion she one of a kind and is one of the many that that holds our school up. My aunt has worked for the Pojoaque Valley Middle School since I've worked there and is a great value to us.... She works hard to make sure both our students and staff have what they need for their educational needs....

Deanna Posted over a year ago

You know someone is super special when your daughter leaves middle school and says " I miss Priscilla" and you respond "I do too!" Having the comfort that someone special is at your child's school and will be a support without asking is absolutely a lifetime treasure. We love you Priscilla! ??

Andrea D. Maestas Posted over a year ago

I have worked with my aunt for several years. She goes above and beyond the call of duty..... She always makes sure every teacher and staff member has what they need to do their daily duties.... She is a wondeful co worker and makes all of laugh....

Laura Klose Posted over a year ago

Miss Priscilla is a remarkably positive ray of sunshine and hope for everyone who comes into contact with her . She made me feel welcome and part of the family at PVMS .

Donna Herrera Posted over a year ago

Ms. Priscilla, you are a huge reason why every morning I look forward to coming to work, you are a light that all want to be around. Thank you for making me feel happy even when all can be so dark sometimes. How lucky are we to call you our coworker, but more important I am glad to call you Friend.

Isabel Becker-Hudson Posted over a year ago

This Life Changer of the Year nomination is truly deserved! I have worked with many administrative assistants in my many years of teaching and cannot think of a nicer, more positive and organized person in this position than Priscilla. She is always smiling, energetic and welcoming to everyone she meets and works with. No matter how busy she is (and she is very busy), she has time to answer your questions or help with your needs. We are one lucky staff to have Priscilla as our administrative assistant!

mabel specht Posted over a year ago

No better a person than Priscilla to be nominated for this special award. I have had the opportunity to work with Priscilla going on three years. Priscilla is genuine, dedicated, happy, energenic, and I have never seen her in a bad mood. She is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. When we need a consoler she is always there to listen. Priscilla always treats staff, students and parents with the utmost respecht. She is the postive center of our school. I have enjoyed knowing her and working with her. She truly deserves this award for all her dedication to Pojoaque Valley School District. Thank you, Priscilla.

Jennifer Lopez de Martinez Posted over a year ago

Priscilla is as genuine and loving as they come. She keeps me in line and is always there to be supportive, comforting, and helpful. Whenever an emergency arises she is there to take the lead and lend a helping hand. If you need a straight answer, you will get it. She is always very good at reprimands, gentle or true. She is truly my first go to. Her compassion and love for those she works with is evident. I especially enjoy the music in her office, I usually land up singing or dancing to and we laugh our hearts out, being silly. I am eternally grateful for all she has done for me these past 4 years.

Laura Escalanti Posted over a year ago

Mi Comadre, We always referred to each other in so many ways that not matter how we greeted each other it meant more than a word of acknowledgment, it was respect. She has always been my go to girl and her ability to be flexible, spontaneous and creative has always been admired. She is the one who takes all our pain, tears and disappointments and turns them into hope, peace and love. I have always found her ability to be compassionate and humble at all times and it is good medicine. You are #1 in my book and I am forever grateful for your LOVE. Kuudahwohhah, Muchas Gracias

Connie Garcia Posted over a year ago

Ms. Priscilla is one of the most generous people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She genuinely cares about everyone she is around. She is especially protective of us here in the office but on a personal note, she is like a sister to me as well. She goes above and beyond for everyone in the school and she does it with the patience of an angel. I personally look forward to her coming in and saying "Good morning, darling." We are all very lucky to have her here with us. I do not know what we would do without her.

Elaine Archuleta Posted over a year ago

I concur with everything that Mrs.Trujillo says about our beloved Priscilla. She is definitely bubbly and energetic, but I see her as authentic and inspiring. I love you and miss you, Priscilla!

Winnona Moore Posted over a year ago

Ms Priscilla was the first person to greet me on the day I walked in to organize my classroom to start my first year of teaching at Pojoaque Middle School. Her warmth, friendly smile, and expertise on the "ins and outs" of the school were a welcoming reassurance to a very nervous first-year teacher. Over the next 7 years, she continues to be my "go to" person for anything I need whether it is a new stapler, a form, or a hug after a hard day of teaching. Priscilla is a truly genuine human being who emulates nothing but love for all who know her. Two years ago, I experienced a health scare which took me out of the classroom for over a week. Priscilla personally called me almost everyday at home to check on me and offer assistance to me and my family. Her kindness and thoughtfulness touch me deeply and I am forever grateful to her. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with her and our school is truly blessed to have her. Love you, Priscilla!!!??????

Richard Stupka Posted over a year ago

I couldn't agree more with this statement! Priscilla is always a joy to talk to and work with. Never is she not in a hilarious mood and is always good for a joke to cheer me up!