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Tammy Short

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Echo School District
School District: Echo School District
City, State: Echo, OR

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Tammy Short was nominated by a friend, Lora Jenkins.

Ms. Short is one of the most hard working people Jenkins has ever met. She goes above and beyond for her kindergarteners every day.

"I have never seen someone so selfless and devoted to teaching! I believe Tammy deserves this nomination because of her proven leadership and commitment," Jenkins said.

While she was teaching, Ms. Short also went to school to get her Masters' degree to better educate herself and her students. The countless hours she has spent developing herself are paying off. 

"I have not directly seen the effects of Tammy in the classroom, but I know in the conversations that I have with her that she really cares for her kinders and wants them to excel. Tammy does not share details about her students outside of the classroom and takes great care to uphold the highest moral standards," Jenkins said.

Comments (12)

Jillian Short Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Short is an exceptional educator. She goes above and beyond for each and everyone of her Students. She keeps their individual needs in mind and she adapts to each students way of learning. Mrs. Short spends hours upon hours at night and on the weekends working on lesson plans and finding fun ways to keep her students engaged and to make learning fun. She welcomes each student with a warm hand and many of her students leave her class more than ready for first grade.

Jocelyn caswell Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Short is an “above and beyond” teacher. It is her passion and shows in everything she does in the classroom. She spends hours upon hours at night and on weekends working on lessons, organizing projects, and making fun things to add to her engaging learning environment. Mrs. Short believes that kindergarteners can achieve high levels of academic success and many of her students move on to first grade ahead of the curve. She differentiates her instruction to meet the needs of all learners in her classroom. Her students know that she believes in them and cares deeply for them. Mrs. Short is a quiet worker. She puts her head down and works hard to ensure all things in her classroom run smoothly and that her curriculum has rigor. She doesn’t want or seek attention for her efforts. She is so deserving of this award. Thank you for all you do for these children!

Paula Fagan Posted over a year ago

Tammy Short is absolutely amazing! She taught both my children and I loved her the moment I met her! She loves what she does and cares about each and every child that comes through her classroom. She goes above and beyond to give each child the best education she can give them. She not only is a fantastic teacher, but someone I now consider a friend. My kids are now in 4th and 5th grade I and I pop into her class after school whenever I get a chance! She's a wonderful person and teacher. I am proud to know her! She definitely deserves this nomination! Way to go Tammy!

Janna Frazier Posted over a year ago

Mrs Short is an amazing teacher and co-worker! Love that I get to work with her and she has taught my daughter!

Maureen Statelen Posted over a year ago

She is such a wonderful teacher so patient and loveing to the children you don’t find teachers any better then her

Monique Sweet Posted over a year ago

Tammy is one of the most hard working and kind teachers ever. We are so blessed to have a woman like her working with today’s youth. I have Personally worked along side her and can attest to her diligence and work ethic. She is truly one of a kind. She truly deserves this award.

Billie Parker Posted over a year ago

Well deserved for sure! She makes their first year a warm, fun, and safe learning environment. She creates a family culture that is a foundation to their K-12 success. Her students leave kinder with a passion and a love for learning. As a friend and coworker I am inspired. She has an abundance of love for her “littles” and it shows in their academic, social, and emotional growth each year. Congratulations Tammy Tamara Short you are a life changer ??

Joy Caswell Posted over a year ago

Miss Short believes that every kindergartener matters and worth investing in making sure they are learning at all levels. I believe her dedication is changing lives one kinder at a time. Whatever Miss Short is doing she brings to it ability, character and discrimination. Miss Short you are making a difference??

Vickie Shaver Posted over a year ago

Tammy serves as a teacher with sacrifice, commitment and intentionality! Her dedication to her students is unmatched as she advocates for their future. She’s so deserving of this honor!

Jordan Posted over a year ago

Tammy Short is fantastic! She goes the extra mile with all of her students. I’ve never known another teacher to sacrifice so much of their own time and resources to enhance students learning and fulfillment.

Kara MacKenzie Posted over a year ago

Tammy is the most loving and caring educator. She takes extra time to build and create classroom expereinces that her students will remember for the rest of their lives. I’m so glad I have such a wonderful friend who shows me what being a teacher is all about!

Maureen statelen Posted over a year ago

You nailed it right on the head Laura I have never seen a teacher put in the hrs she does she is a one in a million